How Good Are Noma Dehumidifiers? Is Noma Dehumidifier Support Good?

In trying to keep your indoor air clean, safe and comfortable, you’re often exposed to hundreds of products offering one solution or the other. Excess humidity is one of those problems that homeowners like you have to contend with and, more often, they turn to dehumidifiers.

However, with the hundreds of brands out there, it can be quite a task to filter through the noise and find that one product that truly takes care of excess moisture in your room’s air.

Noma is one of those brands out there seeking your attention and patronage. While it is a known brand in the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe for holiday lights, not as many people know about its line of dehumidifiers.

If you’ve ever come across any of its dehumidifiers and wondered whether it is a truly functional brand or just a number on the list, here’s a chance to find out. We’ll give you all the details you need, including whether or not Noma is a good brand, as well as some of the features that make it stand out.

Who Makes Noma Dehumidifiers? [Evolution of Noma Dehumidifiers]

NOMA, which stands for National Outfit Manufacturer’s Association, was formed in 1925 as a trade group consisting of about 15 members who needed to pull resources together to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Incorporated in 1926 as NOMA Electric Corporation, they combined their manufacturing, marketing and distribution capabilities and began the sale of NOMA-branded lights by 1927. In the UK, NOMA Lights was founded in 1939 and is today the oldest in that category.

After years of several changes and modifications, including filing for bankruptcy in 1965, take-overs and new ownership, the company managed to stay in business and has continued to diversify into several other home products including dehumidifiers.

Today, NOMA has a range of dehumidifiers of different sizes and capacities for homeowners across the world. It is distributed in Canada by Canadian Tire, a respected brand in the country and is also available in the U.S. through various online stores.

You’ll find NOMA Dehumidifiers today in several stores and online platforms, ranging from its 35-pint Energy-Star LED dehumidifier to its line of 50-pint models.

The company promises their units will help to regulate moisture levels in your home, preventing musty odors, seasonal allergies and even mold.

Best Noma Dehumidifiers and Suitability [Considering All Noma Dehumidifier Reviews]

Dehumidifier ModelBest Suitable For
50-Pint Energy Star DehumidifierVery large spaces, such as living rooms, whole apartments and lobbies. Can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens.
50-Pint LED Dehumidifier with PumpSelf-draining, suitable for homes without constant monitoring as long as a drain hose is installed. Also suitable for large spaces.
35-Pint Energy Star LED DehumidifierCan cover medium to large spaces, up to 700 sq. ft. This includes bedrooms, standard kitchens and offices.
42-Pint Energy Star DehumidifierEffective for preventing mold and bacteria. Good for medium rooms and spaces.
28-Pint Energy Star DehumidifierEffective for smaller rooms like dorm rooms and small bedrooms.

How Good Are Noma Dehumidifiers?

For starters, NOMA is a UK brand. It is also a brand with a long heritage, starting operations as far back as the 1920s and 30s.

Those who have used any of its units often attest to its ease of operation, convenience, especially with many of its units having castor wheels for easy mobility, a reusable filter and several other amazing features that make it a worthwhile brand.

It is safe to say that Noma is a good brand for dehumidifiers because users have also rated them highly, with each of its units getting at least 4.0 stars out of 5.

Noma is also a technologically-progressive brand, with many of its newer models taking on more digital features for enhanced convenience.

There is also a diverse list of options for homeowners to choose from. Perhaps, the only complaint would be that it does not exactly have a budget unit, as many of its units are above the $300 mark.

1. Included Bucket

For a dehumidifier, a bucket is needed to store water collected as moisture from the air. This prevents flooding or damages caused by water. Almost every Noma dehumidifier has a bucket for this purpose, so you don’t have to worry about how to store moisture pulled in from the air.

2. Direct Drainage

Asides from having a bucket, many of its units are also designed to have direct and easy drainage. This is a simple connect and drain system that only requires a hose.

For some units, you may decide to connect a garden hose directly without using a collection bucket, but the hose is usually not included in the package.

3. Detachable Washable Filter

Here’s another valuable feature that’s worth mentioning. Once dirty, as indicated by a filter monitor, you can easily detach it from the unit, clean it and reinstall it easily. This process can be repeated on several occasions for a long part of the unit’s lifespan before replacement may be required.

4. Filter Monitor

Just as we mentioned above, the washable filter is monitored by a feature that tells you when it’s time to get it cleaned out or checked out. Whatever needs to be done, this feature helps to keep your dehumidifier working at an optimum level.

5. Auto Restart

Most Noma dehumidifiers also have an auto-restart feature that ensures no time is lost removing excess humidity in your home.

In the event of a power surge or temporary interruption- for whatever reason- this feature is triggered which keeps your unit working without the need to get up or press a button.

6. Auto-Switch Off

This is a feature that manufacturers at Noma included in their models to prevent damage or accidents. For instance, the unit automatically shuts down when the bucket is full or when a malfunction occurs. This helps to keep everything in shape, prevents a flood and maintains the lifespan of your unit.

7. 24-hr Timer

Next is a timer. When you need your dehumidifier to work for a specified period of time, say 4 hours, in your absence, you can use the timer. The unit automatically goes off after 4 hours of operation whether you’re present or not.

8. Digital LED Display

Again, this attribute says a lot about Noma’s technological path. The display acts as a monitor to show you readings, temperature, fan settings, and many other functionalities of the unit.

9. Castor Wheels

This is to ease mobility and is a common feature on larger units.

Problems Reported from Noma Dehumidifier Reviews

  • Not the cheapest brand in its category.
  • Some units are not as quiet as others.

Best Usage of Noma Dehumidifiers

Like most other HVAC systems, Noma dehumidifiers are best used indoors. This is primarily used for the controlled ventilation which keeps the indoor climate relatively stable for a while.

That is, the humidity will not change drastically if a room is properly sealed and there is no indoor activity that will reduce or increase the humidity level. It is easier in such cases to put your dehumidifier to work and monitor its effectiveness.

Outdoors, humidity is not controlled and a dehumidifier (even a Noma appliance) will not be able to do much. Furthermore, Noma dehumidifiers have a PPD (Pints Per Day) range of between 30 and 60 PPD.

This makes them perfect for average to large spaces and environments. Their water tanks are also quite large, ranging from 7 to 10 liters, depending on the unit. This means they can be deployed for long periods and in places that don’t require constant monitoring for a few hours.

Highlights of Noma Dehumidifier Specification

1. Adjustable fan speeds

There are two fan speeds on most Noma dehumidifiers; High and Low. This is to provide users the liberty to use the appliance as needed at every point. It is also a power-saving measure to keep things in check.

2. Multiple Modes

There are also an average of 3 humidify modes on Noma dehumidifiers. These are Manual Set, Continuous and Auto Dry. You’re at liberty to pick the mode best suits your situation at the time. This ensures your humidity level can be kept in check at all times.

3. Easy-access Water Tank

The water tank, usually around 8.8 liters on most units, is also easily accessible. Bringing it out and slotting it back in is quite easy and without hassles.

4. Humidity Range

Many of its units have a humidity range between 30 and 80%.

5. Dual Draining Options

Although not included, a garden hose is also an option for draining the water collected by the unit, rather than emptying the bucket personally.

6. Coverage

Before you buy a dehumidifier, make sure you check its coverage information and compare that with the size of the room that needs dehumidifying. Noma dehumidifiers have a coverage range between 600 sq. ft and 1,600 sq. ft.

7. Power Source

They are powered by electricity, connected through a cord to a wall socket.

8. Control Type

Many of Noma’s dehumidifier models are digitally controlled, indicating the company’s adoption of technology.


In terms of Air Flow Capacity, Noma dehumidifiers are within the range of 120 and 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Its 50-pint Energy Star Dehumidifier, for example, has an airflow rate of 176 CFM.

10. Operating Temperature

The operating temperature for many Noma dehumidifiers also often fall within the range of 3.30º C and 32.20ºC or 37.94ºF and 89.96ºF.

11. Noise Level

Noise level is another technical highlight that is certainly worthy of note. On average, you’ll get operational noise of 40 to 50dB on most units.

12. Moisture Removal Rate

In terms of moisture removal capacity, many Noma dehumidifiers post impressive figures, having an average of 0.80L/hour (0.21gal/hour) to 1.1L/hour (0.30gal/hour).

13. Wattage

Depending on the size and capacity of the unit, Noma’s dehumidifiers have industry-standard wattage. While the 35-pint unit runs on about 345W, the 50-pint unit draws as much as 493 watts in full operation.

How Much Area Do Noma Dehumidifiers Cover? [Coverage]

Noma dehumidifiers have pretty good coverage, especially when you consider that most standard rooms are between 100 sq. ft and 400 sq. ft in size.

Larger spaces and living rooms can go higher, while an entire small apartment may not even go beyond 1,200 sq. ft in total size.

For a brand with units beginning at 650 sq. ft and ending at 1,500 sq, ft, it is quite competitive. Although, there are brands with units that cover as much as 3,500 sq. ft.

How Long Do Noma Dehumidifiers Last?

There is no information about how long Noma dehumidifiers last anywhere in the product descriptions or company website.

However, many of the units have a warranty of 2 years on average. Also, dehumidifiers typically have a lifespan of 4 to 6 years.

Therefore, we can expect that Noma dehumidifiers will last for at least 5 years, if properly used. Running it for 24 hours every day will definitely put a strain on your unit and reduce its lifespan.

Noma Dehumidifier Customer Service and Support

One great advantage of Noma dehumidifiers is having Canadian Tire as a distributor.

This doesn’t merely expand its scope and reach, but also makes it easy to reach out to customers.

Canadian Tire has two separate customer support lines; 1-866-746-7287 (for online customer support) and 1-800-387-8803 for corporate customer support.

You can also contact Noma directly by filling the form here.

Noma Dehumidifiers Price

This is where it gets interesting, as it is the most important information for many homeowners.

On average, you’ll get a Noma dehumidifier for between $300 and $400.

This ranges from the $300 35-pint unit and $350 42-pint unit to the $380 50-pint unit.

This is quite competitive if you consider other brands in its category like the Midea 50-pint Wi-Fi dehumidifier that sells for between $320 and $350 and the Honeywell 50-pint Smart unit that goes for around $450.

Running Cost of Noma Dehumidifiers

To calculate the cost of running Noma dehumidifiers, it is important to consider those things that attract recurrent costs as you use the appliance.

These often include electricity, filter replacement and maintenance, where necessary.

Although Noma dehumidifiers have a washable filter, it is unlikely the filter will last the entire lifespan of the appliance. Perhaps, you may need to replace it once or twice for between $50 and $100 throughout the dehumidifier’s lifetime.

As for maintenance, Noma will cover insurable damages and replace parts or the entire unit if there’s a need to do so in the first two years of purchase.

It is also impossible to quantify or evaluate what kind of damage may occur afterwards and how much will be required to fix it. What is, however, certain is the cost of electricity.

To calculate, identify the unit’s wattage and the cost of electricity per hour in your region. We’ll use the 345W Noma 35-pint dehumidifier as an example here.

Let’s also put the U.S. electricity tariff average at $0.13 per kW/hour.

To get the wattage in kilowatts, we must divide the figure by 1,000

345/1,000 = 0.345

Therefore, 0.345 x 0.13 = $0.045 per hour

If you run the appliance for 9 hours daily, that will amount to $0.404 per day, $12.11 per month and $145.3 per year. You can use the same formula to calculate the electricity cost on any of the units you use.

Final Words:

For Noma, the goal is simple; continue to help homeowners across the world keep their indoor humidity at recommended levels.

Using their line of dehumidifiers, they’ve been able to do this quite effectively over the years. If you desire an effective and durable dehumidifier for your home or office, Noma is likely to have what you’re looking for.

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