Is The Water from A Dehumidifier Distilled? How Clean Is It?

Is the water from a dehumidifier distilled?

Has it ever crossed your mind to recycle water from a dehumidifier? Every day, you empty an average of 1-1.5 liters of water, but have you ever thought about using it for something else?

Terms like sustainability, recycling and going green have continued to dominate global conversations, but can water from a dehumidifier be used?

This post will address the question, “Is water from a dehumidifier distilled?”. For quick understanding about distilled water, it is similar to the steam that gathered from boiling water, cooled and then returned to its original liquid state.

Some people believe distilled water is the cleanest for drinking because there are claims that more than 99.9% of its impurities and minerals. Can we then say that water collected by a dehumidifier is distilled water?

Well, the water is not exactly boiled and collected, but vaporized water in the air is also pretty clean because it is believed to have left its minerals and impurities behind.

So, this water is drawn in by the dehumidifier and attaches to the coils for condensation before dripping into the tank. However, whether or not the water remains clean depends on how clean your coils and dehumidifier tank are.

How Clean Is the Water from A Dehumidifier?

Some people say the water from a dehumidifier is clean enough for drinking provided your coils and tank are clean. We’d say that’s a bit far-fetched. There are so many other things that come into play here.

For instance, if the room from where the vapor is collected into the dehumidifier is contaminated with dust and mold, you may want to apply caution.

The mechanism of the dehumidifier is also an important factor. If the unit is built with a filter that traps dirt and moisture and the moisture drops into the same tank, this is a red flag.

Basically, we can say water from a dehumidifier is as clean as the coils and the tank. This also depends on whether all water collected are through the coils and straight into the tank.

If water drips through other components which may be dirty, this can contaminate the water as well. We’ll advise you don’t take chances by drinking the water, but there are so many other things you can use the water for, rather than just disposing of it.

Does Water from A Dehumidifier Have Minerals?

The answer is No, The Water from a dehumidifier does not contain minerals. The science involved in this process seems to suggest that floating vapor does not have the capacity to hold minerals, so they are free from it.

This water then goes into the dehumidifier and is collected by the coils as condensate without minerals.

This is, perhaps, the biggest reason it is often compared to distilled water. This makes it largely non-toxic, even though it is not boiled or steamed.

Is Water from A Dehumidifier Safe for Plants?

Certainly, even though water from a dehumidifier may not be good for drinking based on certain circumstances, it is safe for plants. Whether it’s your indoor plants or your garden, dehumidifier water can be a useful addition.

In fact, it is recommended for hydroponic gardens. The reason is simple; tap water tends to contain certain chemicals like chlorine which can harm your plants in a hydroponic garden.

Therefore, you should use water from a dehumidifier that is largely free from such chemicals. Just be sure that you’re adding sufficient nutrients to the water, and always check the PH level.

Talking about nutrients, water from a dehumidifier does not contain minerals like magnesium and calcium which your plants need for healthy growth.

This is why you should not use them alone in your outdoor garden or on your indoor plants. It is best to mix things up and use it along with tap water, so you get a good amount of needed minerals.

Just to emphasize, plants need minerals to survive and grow well, so you should not use only water from a dehumidifier, but mix them up with tap water.

As for hydroponic plants, tap water may affect them in the long run, so adding nutrients to water from a dehumidifier and using it should do. If you do notice your plants aren’t responding well to this, you should stop usage immediately.

Can Water from A Dehumidifier Be Used in A CPAP Machine?

No, we do not recommend using water from a dehumidifier in a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. This is because we cannot really vouch for the purity of the water you’re collecting from your unit.

Although we’ve established that, under the right circumstances, water from a dehumidifier is free from minerals and harmful toxins.

However, we cannot assure you that it is free from particles as this is dependent on the condition of your indoor air, the mechanism of your dehumidifier, and the cleanliness or otherwise of your unit’s coils, tank, and other components.

A CPAP machine is meant to help you breathe properly while you sleep. It is recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea.

Many of them have an integrated heated humidifier which helps to add needed moisture to the machine and prevent irritation which may affect the nasal passage.

Manufacturers of CPAP and health practitioners recommend that CPAP users only use distilled water in the integrated humidifier.

There have been cases of people suffering severe lung diseases and complications because they chose to use water from other sources. Just to be safe, do not use water from a dehumidifier.

Can Water from A Dehumidifier Be Used for Anything?

We already talked about using water from a dehumidifier for plants, but this is not the only thing you can use it for.

Some people use this water for maintenance purposes. You can use the condensate water to clean your unit or some other washable appliances in your home.

This is good because it doesn’t contain minerals that may form residue eventually. You can also use this water in a steam iron as long as it’s visibly clean. With this, you won’t have to bother about mineral color stains in your steam iron water tank.

Other things you can use condensate water from your dehumidifier include flushing your toilets, cleaning your windows, floors, decor and walls, painting and washing your brushes and other items.

You can be creative and use them for many household chores that do not include ingesting it.

Can Dehumidifier Water Be Filtered?

Yes, just like any other water, dehumidifier water can be filtered. No dehumidifier manufacturer will tell you to drink water from your unit’s tank.

They’re certainly not ready to take a hit for anything that may happen, should the water be contaminated. That said, the first thing is to make sure your dehumidifier coils and tank are thoroughly cleaned.

Then you can filter water from your dehumidifier by boiling at 165F for up to 20 minutes. This will ensure that any existing pathogens, bacteria or pollutants will be removed.

If it’s only dust and other particles you’re concerned about, you should boil for the same amount of time and then run it through a disposable paper coffee filter and you should be fine.

What Happens If You Drink Dehumidifier Water?

Again, we do not think you should drink water from your dehumidifier, and there are many reasons for our stance.

First, the water may run through dehumidifier components and collect particles like lead and metal residues on their way into the tank.

Also, these particles may fall on their own into the tank, depending on the build material and mechanism of your unit’s component parts.

Add this to regular dirt from unclean components and you’ll see why it is not such a good idea to drink water from your dehumidifier.

Furthermore, questions around how long the water stays in the tank before you harvest it is also a factor. If the water stays too long in the tank, it can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, which can be really harmful to your health.

Final Words:

So, is the water from a dehumidifier distilled? Literally, we’d say No because it doesn’t follow the actual process of distillation.

However, the science of vaporization and condensation tend to make dehumidifier water similar to distilled water because they are both free from minerals and certain toxins.

Now you know you can put all that water from your dehumidifier to good use rather than emptying it down the drain.

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