Are Refurbished Dehumidifiers Good? Where To Buy Refurbished Dehumidifiers?

Are refurbished dehumidifiers good?

Are you currently at a crossroads because your budget isn’t anywhere near the cost of the brand-new dehumidifier you want? Perhaps, you’ve been told to try the less expensive “refurbished” option and you’re wondering if it’s worth it.

Let’s set the records straight. When we say refurbished dehumidifiers, we’re referring to dehumidifiers that have been subjected to repairs, parts replacement and tests and then reoffered for sale.

These items have most likely been used in the past and have been lightly damaged. Then they are taken back to the factory and the damaged parts replaced.

Other parts or components that show wear may also be replaced (but not always) to make them look as good as new. This is why they are called “new to you” dehumidifiers.

While this can save you some money as they offer a better price deal than brand new options, you’re often left to wonder if the price cut is worth losing all the benefits that a brand new product offers. Is it truly as good as new?

Are Refurbished Dehumidifiers Good?

This is a double-edged question. On one hand, refurbished dehumidifiers are considered good for the following reasons;

  • They are less expensive than brand new ones.
  • They offer you the opportunity of using a top brand without paying the cost of a brand new product.
  • They usually come with a brand new motor which is the most important part of the unit.

Overall, a refurbished dehumidifier may work as well as a brand new unit for the first few years if you get a good product.

However, you’re likely to find visible dents on the unit or watch it wear out faster because some of the other components and parts are not brand new.

The external look of the refurbished dehumidifier is one of the reasons why people may be discouraged. Most of them are left with the existing external casing which may have visible dents and wear or even scuff marks.

Imagine moving into a new home, with new furniture and appliances, freshly-painted walls and everything else, only to take delivery of a dehumidifier that’s dented on the front.

Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished Dehumidifier?

At the price you’re paying, it’s probably a sensible idea to buy a refurbished dehumidifier if you’re buying from a trusted brand. So, it may be worth it.

But be sure of the deal you’re getting, go through the perks and conditions properly before you make that purchase. You should also compare the warranty with that of a new product and see if it is worth it over time.

Don’t be afraid to ask what the warranty covers if it’s not specifically stated. Depending on the components that were replaced, those may be the only items that a warranty covers on a refurbished dehumidifier.

On the other hand, where a brand new unit may last for 7 years, a refurbished unit may last as long as 4 years.

If you find one that’s good enough with a new engine, functional fans and good internal working mechanism at half the price of a new one, you should go for it. You’re likely to get two-thirds the expected lifespan of a brand new one, and that’s a good deal.

Where To Buy Refurbished Dehumidifiers?

Refurbished dehumidifiers are available on request for many brands. Brands like Danby, LG, GE, h0melabs, and many more offer refurbished units in their stores.

Some others offer them as replacement units. However, if you want to buy a refurbished dehumidifier, the first place to check is your local store.

See if they have a product you may like and the perks that come with it. You should also check online stores like amazon, appliances direct,, back market, ebay refurbished, etc.

What To Look for While Purchasing A Refurbished Dehumidifier?

While a refurbished dehumidifier may seem like a good deal for its price, there are certain things you must consider before you make that purchase and afterward.

Things To Check Before Purchasing a Refurbished Dehumidifier

What to check before purchasing a refurbished dehumidifier?

1. Warranty

You need to find out if there’s anything left of the warranty or if the refurbished product has any warranty at all. If you get up to 1 year on vital parts, that sounds like a good deal.

While your neighborhood store may not have any warranty to offer, you should try and get some verbal or written commitments from the seller, check the date of original purchase, manufacturing date, etc.

2. Return Policy

A return policy is another factor you must look out for. Stores like amazon have a return policy that doesn’t exceed 30 days, and that gives you enough time to properly inspect the product and return it if you do not like what you see.

3. Brand Reputation

It’s always best to buy from a brand with a reputation to uphold. Such brands have a lot to lose, so they try as much as possible to offer quality products. And when you receive a bad product from such a brand, they’re more likely to respond quickly and do something about it.

4. Exterior Look

Whether you’re buying at a nearby store or online, ensure you take a good look at the product or its pictures.

Some online stores may be deceitful with the packaging and that will be a good reason to return it if you get something different from what you saw. The exterior look is usually an indication of how long the product was used and the extent of wear.

Things To Check After Purchasing a Refurbished Dehumidifier

This is assuming there’s a return policy. You should check the following;

What to check before purchasing a refurbished dehumidifier?

1. Packaging

The kind of packaging it comes in and the package’s condition can tell if it’s been tampered with or roughly handled. This also refers to the unit’s outer casing.

2. Filter

The filter is one of the most important parts of a dehumidifier. You should remove it and check to see if it’s clean and in perfect shape. If you notice wear or damage, you may call in to complain or ask for a refund.

3. Moving Parts

You should also check the moving parts to be sure that they actually move. Check the castor wheels to see if they still move as well as the water tank to be sure it still slides in neatly. Also, check to see if the filter comes out nicely and can be put back in without much hassle.

4. Odor

Old dehumidifiers are likely to give off a bad odor when you turn them on. The stronger the smell, the older the unit is likely to be. This is possibly an indication of the presence of mold in the unit and should be a source of concern.

5. Noise

Very old dehumidifiers are also quite rickety and will produce a lot of noise during operation. If it’s beyond what you can bear, you may consider sending it back for a replacement or refund.

Final Words:

Back to the question, are refurbished dehumidifiers good? Well, it depends on the condition of the product, the brand and the seller. The temptation to purchase a refurbished dehumidifier is always there.

But you must also recognize that while it is cheaper to buy, the operational cost is more likely to be higher than that of a brand new unit.

Also, it is likely to be an older model which may not have some of the features that modern units have. But, if you do find a good model, and everything seems okay, then you may have just gotten yourself a great deal and it may be worth it.

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