Best Space Heater for Enclosed Porch | Top 5 Picks & Comparison

space heater for enclosed porch

While most of the time you might want to enjoy the cozy indoors in winter, sometimes you need to get outside and soak the sunlight. It is one of the reasons why some people build enclosed porches.

An enclosed porch lets you enjoy the outdoors without actually getting you out in the open. However, to fully enjoy your enclosed porch in winter, you must heat it adequately.

We have brought you a list of the five best space heaters for the enclosed porch. Yet, let’s first have a look at the factors you should keep in mind before buying a space heater for your porch. 

List of Top 5 Enclosed Porch Space Heaters

#Space HeaterSpecialty
1Muskoka Sunwave Ultra Quartz InfraredBest Coverage
2R.W.FLAME Electric Patio HeaterFree Standing
3Dr. Infrared Heater DR998Portable
4Dr. Infrared Heater DR-238Value for Money
5Surjuny Patioboss Patio HeaterBest Price

Best Space Heater for Enclosed Porch – Top 5 Picks

1. Muskoka Sunwave Ultra Quartz Infrared

Large Coverage

If you have a big enclosed porch, get your hands on the Muskoka Sunwave Ultra Quartz Infrared space heater.  When you are looking for a space heater for your porch, you look for ones that have high coverage.

However, most of the high coverage ones turn out to be propane heaters. In the case of an enclosed porch, propane heaters are hazardous. It is where this heater is perfect.

The heater offers propane heater-like heating without emitting propane heater like exhaust fumes. This is what makes it perfect for an enclosed porch. 

It is a wall-mounted space heater that is enough to keep a 300 square feet enclosed porch toasty. It takes very little time to start emitting heat. It just takes a few seconds for it to start heating the space.

The aluminum housing of the heater is designed to work as a heat sink and dissipate heat evenly. Even heat dissipation will make sure that all the areas of your porch are equally warm.  

The heater features patented gold-coated ultra quartz high heat elements. The element maximizes heat output without producing a harsh glare. It is also ip65 resistant which makes it suitable if you want to use it outdoor as well.

The heater is the most powerful infrared heater you can get your hands on. One downside to this heater is that the price is on the higher side. However, it is worth every penny. So if you have the budget and the need go for it! 


  • Large Coverage
  • Energy efficient 
  • Very fast 
  • Gold-coated ultra quartz heating element 


  • Expensive

2. R.W.FLAME Electric Patio Heater

Free Standing

The RW flame electric patio heater is an infrared heater that makes it perfect for use in an Enclosed Porch. It offers good coverage without releasing any toxic emissions.

The heater can operate on multiple power levels. The maximum operating power is 1500 watts but it can also work at 500 and 1000 watts power.

So, this heater is the perfect option when you are looking for a heater to heat your entire porch but at the same time work as a table heater when you need it for the same.

The heater is ETL certified which makes it safe to use indoors. When operating high-power heaters in an enclosed space we are often worried about their safety features.

Yet, the ETL certification means that the heater has been tested in a certified safety lab for long hours. So, you do not have to worry about using it on an enclosed porch. 

This is a free-standing heater. It is mounted on a stand that can be adjusted. This makes the heater extremely versatile. On the lowest power and the lowest height, the heater can function as a personal heater.

At middle height and power,m the heater can work as a table heater. At the highest height and the maxim power, it can work as a heater for the entire enclosed porch.

The heater can also be used outdoors because it is weather and dust-proof. Yet, infrared heaters work the best in enclosed spaces that is why we recommend these for enclosed porch more than open porch.


  • Extremely versatile 
  • Instant and effective heat
  • Multiple heating power 


  • Nothing noticeable

3. Dr. Infrared Heater DR998


Enclosed porch space heaters are seldom as portable as DR998. The heater is perfect when you need portability and good power at the same time. The heater has wheels attached to its chassis.

It makes sure that the size of the heater is not compromised while making it portable. It is the perfect option for enclosed garages because it is an infrared-based heater.

Like all heaters on our list, this one also does not emit any fume. Heaters that are safe to use in an enclosed space are seldom powerful. Yet, this is what makes this heater best for enclosed spaces.

It provides you with the power you need for the entire porch along with all the safety standards. The heater comes with a tip-over and overheating protection, 

The heater is very efficient. It features a dual heating system: Infrared Quartz tube and PTC. Ptc is a new technology that makes the heater efficient, and it starts heating within a second of turning on.

The heater also doubles as a humidifier. You can ruin the heater with or without a humidifier. The heater comes with an electric thermostat that can be set to the desired temperature of the room.

The heater is also free-standing. We have not mentioned this in the best free-standing category because its height is unadjustable. 


  • Easy to move around 
  • Good price
  • Thermostat
  • Efficient 
  • Humidifier


  • Height cannot be adjusted 

4. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-238

Value for Money

You might have noticed by now that when it comes to space heaters for enclosed porches, Dr. Infrared is our favorite. The reason for this is that Dr. Heater is a brand that focuses on infrared heaters.

Their infrared technology is one of the best in the market, and this is specifically what we need for our enclosed porch. The Dr. Infrared Dr-238 is a good choice for heating your enclosed porch because it is safe to use and does not have any emissions.

The heater operates at the maximum power of 1500 watts. However, the power is adjustable. so, you can change it according to the size of your enclosed porch. The power output can be adjusted to 900, 1200, and 1500 watts. 

It is a wall-mounted heater, but it can also be mounted on a tripod. It comes with a wall mounting bracket. It is the best value for money because it gives you infrared heating without compromising on the overall quality of the heater.

The aluminum is weather-resistant, but it does not come with any IP rating. So, we would only recommend this for enclosed porch use. The heater is ETL listed and features overheat protection. 


  • Best value for money 
  • Adjustable power output 
  • ETL listed 


  • No IP certifications

5. Surjuny Patioboss Patio Heater

Best Price

When we talk about space heaters for enclosed spaces, you will be hard-pressed to find a good quality one that’s cheaper than this. Since our porches are usually larger than rooms, we need at least 1500 watts of power.

Since we are talking about the enclosed porch, we need an infrared heater. The Surjuny PatioBoss heater offers both of these features at an unbeatable price. It produces a maximum power output of 1500 watts. It is enough to toast a 150 square feet area. 

The heater is also IP34 rated. It means that the heater can be used outdoors as well. It takes 3 seconds to warm up. The heater also has an ETL certification that makes it very safe to use indoors on an enclosed porch.

The heating element of the heater is a carbon fiber tube that has a life of 5000 to 5500 hours. The heater is wall-mounted, and it is easy to install. It also comes with a remote that can be used to time it.

The only thing lacking in this heater is that it cannot be moved around because it is wall mounted. 


  • Best valuer for money 
  • Ip 34 rated 
  • ETL certification 


  • Difficult to move around 

Factors to Consider to Select the Best Space Heater for Enclosed Porch

1. Heating mechanism

Most of the space heaters designed to heat patio or porch are not suitable for an enclosed porch. The main reason for this is that they work on propane.

Propane-based heaters provide a good source of heating for the outdoor, but they are a fire hazard indoors. It is because they emit exhaust fumes that are a remedy for disaster in unventilated areas. An enclosed porch does not have the suitable ventilation required for a propane heater. 

The best choice for an enclosed porch heater would be an infrared-based heater. While ceramic-based heaters may be used for an enclosed porch, they are inefficient for large spaces.

A porch is usually larger than a standard room, so a ceramic heater will not heat it efficiently. Infrared heaters, on either hand, are more efficient and save energy. 

2. Design of the heater 

When it comes to enclosed porch heaters, there are many designs that you can consider, below are some of the popular designs you can explore.

a. Wall-Mounted heaters

It is the most common design. These can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. Most of the infrared heaters come in this design.

The advantage of this design is that it fixes the heater at one spot, and the chances of it falling are very slim. Wall-mounted heaters will almost always come with wall brackets for installation.

b. Table-Top patio heaters

Table-top heaters are similar to the personal space heaters that you might use indoors. They are more suited if you will only be using them to heat the patio

c. Freestanding heaters

Freestanding heaters do not require any installation. They might be able to stand on their own or come with a stand. It is easy to set them up and running. You can also move them around your porch according to your convenience. 

d. Hanging patio heaters

Hanging patio heaters are hung against the wall or roof. They are easy to install and get started. However, since these heaters are hanging, there is a good chance that they may fall. 

While the list above mentions the most common types of designs of space heaters for porch, it is not exhaustive. There are many more designs, and a new one comes on the market every day.

However, we believe that free-standing and wall-mounted heaters are best suited for an enclosed porch. It is because they are generally more efficient and high-powered.

When you are looking to heat your porch, you really cannot ignore coverage and power because it is considerably larger than a room.

While on some occasions you may want to enjoy the porch alone most of the time you will be accompanied by your friends and family. It is for this reason that we do not recommend personal space heaters for an enclosed porch. 

3. Power

You would want the best power out of your enclosed space porch heater. As mentioned earlier, you are more likely to enjoy the porch with several people.

So, it makes sense that the entire porch is heated. We recommend getting at least 1500 watts heater for your enclosed porch. 

4. Portability 

You might want to move around the heater on your enclosed porch. The size of the porch is considerably larger than of a room, so you might need the heater to be close to you.

A portable heater for an enclosed porch will have wheels on the bottom. It makes the heater portable without compromising the size heater. 

Comparison of Above Listed Top 5 Space Heaters for Enclosed Porch

Max power Design IP certification ETL listed Dimensions (Inches)
Muskoka Sunwave Ultra Quartz3000Wall IP 65Yes39 x 6 x 8
R.W.FLAME Electric Patio Heater1000Free StandIP 65Yes42 x 16.2 x 6.6
Dr. Infrared Heater DR9981500Free Stand None No 16 x 11 x 16
Dr. Infrared Heater DR-2381500Mounted + Free standNoneYes35 x 8 x 4
Surjuny Patioboss Patio Heater1500MountedIP 34Yes25.6 x 5.71 x 9.25

Final words:

Your choice of the heater for your enclosed porch depends on several factors. If you have a large porch, you will want to go for a very powerful heater. However, the one thing that you cannot compromise on is the type of heating.

For an enclosed porch, the heating mechanism has to be infrared. It is because infrared is the safest and most efficient heating mechanism for enclosed spaces.

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