Are Infrared Space Heaters Good? Are they Energy-Efficient?

Are infrared space heaters good

Space heaters are beginning to warm their way into the hearts and homes of users across the world. This is due to their practicability and usefulness. You can deploy them in specific places and get the extra heating you need in the most-used spots in your home.

Among the most popular types are infrared space heaters. There are lots of reasons for this, but there has also been a lot of controversy in recent times regarding their usage and safety.

This post attempts to answer the most salient questions that consumers desiring heating appliances often ask. Are infrared space heaters any good? Are they safe for use?

We’ll find out as we move on, as well as provide options to some of the best infrared space heaters on the market.

Are Infrared Space Heaters Safe?

If we’re to give a short and simple answer, we’ll say that Infrared space heaters are safe to use.

The reason is simple; rather than heat up the air and affect its natural state, Infrared space heaters emit safe infrared radiation which warms up people and objects it comes in contact with.

There is no movement of large air around the room and these space heaters do not contaminate the air in the room and leave it fresh. What it does is heat up the objects and people, which then produce the heated space required.

However, safety concerns may come up when one considers how this heated radiation is produced. The coils of the appliance heat up significantly and this can pose some danger to kids and pets in your home.

Apart from that, infrared heaters are completely natural a safe in the way they work. They do not dry out the air in your home nor move dust or dirt particles around by blowing large amounts of warm air around the home.

Are Infrared Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

This is a big Yes. In fact, it is one of the major advantages of infrared space heaters. Infrared Heaters are way more energy efficient than many others for several reasons.

First of all, infrared space heaters utilize all of the heat they produce and nothing is allowed to go to waste. So, in the end, lower energy is required to zone heat where it is needed. Let’s explain this further.

A typical infrared heater uses around 1,500 Watts. By using 7 watts for every square foot, an infrared heater will use up 2,310 Watts for a typical room of 330 square feet.

This is way more efficient than other types of heaters which use approximately 10 Watts per square foot. In comparison, such heaters will use up 3,300 Watts for an average room of 330 square feet.

It is safe to say that you’ll save between 30 and 40% in energy cost using an infrared space heater.

Infrared heaters come in different forms. Some are engineered as portable wheeled units, while others are constructed as compact heaters or infrared fireplaces.

Whatever the case, you’re going to save more energy on these units. You’ll get the same level of comfort as you would if you use portable electric heaters.

Though they operate differently and produce heat in different ways, they are very effective in terms of energy efficiency.

  • If you use an infrared space heater in a bedroom of roughly 132 square feet, it’ll use 594 Watts versus 849 Watts that a convection heater will use. This is based on the estimated infrared heater wattage for a bedroom which is 4.5 Watts per square foot.
  • In a 160 square foot bathroom, an infrared space heater will use 1,490 Watts while a convection heater will use 2,129 Watts. Infrared heater Wattage for bathrooms stand at 9.3 Watts per square foot at the moment.

Another important factor to consider is that an infrared space heater can be used in an open outdoor patio.

Although it will use up electricity in excess of 8,000 Watts for a 288 square foot area, other convection heaters cannot be used outdoors because warm air cannot heat up Outdoor areas, but hot objects may have a chance.

Are Infrared Space Heaters Good?

Infrared space heaters are actually pretty good for warming up your rooms and specific spots. It also has a natural feel to it.

Rather than be in a room with warm air, it feels more like sitting out in the sun during the peak of the summer.

But don’t worry, you won’t be getting sunburns or any sort of reaction. There are so many other benefits associated with using an infrared space heater.

Some of them include:

1. Low energy cost

As already explained earlier, an infrared space heater is about 30% more energy-efficient than conventional heaters.

2. Outdoor usage

This is another great benefit of infrared heaters as they are able to work well in outdoor patios. This is because it simply needs to heat up the objects and people in the area.

3. Safe and natural

As a result of the method of heating, infrared space heaters are very safe to use. You don’t have to worry about air contamination or allergies. The heating is natural.

Where does the usage of Infrared space heaters most effective and efficient?

Infrared space heaters are most effective in smaller and closed spaces. This is because they are designed for specific spaces even if some of them can heat up entire rooms.

Also, an infrared heater is more efficient in indoor spaces, because outdoor air undergoes multiple exchanges which can quickly cool the heated objects.

Top 3 Infrared Heaters with Best Lifespan

1. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater [Best Price]

Nobody wants an appliance that packs up after a few weeks.

Imagine watching your heater break down in the thick of the winter. That can’t be a pleasant experience.

This portable appliance uses the Radiant heating method that heats up objects and bodies in the room.

The unit has a low and high-level setting, auto energy-saving function, an overheat protection feature as well as a tip-over auto protection system. All of these safety features give the unit its durability for an impressive lifespan.

There is also a 12-hour shut-off timer that keeps it in a state of rest when not needed. It is equipped with remote control for easy manipulation, and a 50 to 85 degree range thermostat.

You’re sure to enjoy this heater for a very long time to come also because of its lifetime filter. Depending on how you use it, this heater can last as long as 10 to 15 years before a replacement is needed. It is durable and can be cleaned easily for continuous use.

2. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Infrared Space Heater [Value for Money]

AirNmore is slowly but steadily making a name for itself in the air conditioning market.

This comfort deluxe appliance is ETL listed for quality a standard.

With 1,500 Watt requirement, this infrared space heater is a genuine addition to your home’s air conditioning system.

For desired warm air, this unit is designed with Copper PTC. It is an efficient element heating technology that does not require bulbs.

This means no bulb replacement and low maintenance cost. Built with top-quality components, you have this space heater by your side for many years to come.

The manufacturer offers as much as 2 years warranty, but you can enjoy its amazing benefits for many more years. So, you have nothing to worry about.

For your convenience, the unit features an auto-reboot memory function, tip-over sensor and protection against overheating. There is also an accompanying remote control to enhance ease of use and convenience.

3. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater [Best Features]

For its sleek and portable build, this product deserves a lot of mention.

But beyond that, it is packed with lots of amazing features that make it a best seller on the market.

You can easily place this infrared heater on a small table in a corner of the room.

The Heat Storm Infrared Heater comes with 1,500 Watts of power, and is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, and even smaller spaces due to its portable size.

This unit is built with sturdy materials for long-lasting use, as well as a washable filter that can last the entire life of the heater.

You’re sure to enjoy this unit for a pretty long time. On average, the life expectancy is about 5 years and beyond. For a neat installation, you can put the cord inside the heater to make it invisible.

Not to worry, the unit and the wall remain cool during operation. It is also safe to touch the grill and other parts. For comfort, it is WiFi Enabled, making it possible to control it with your phone or other handheld devices anytime.

Final Words:

We hope we’ve been able to put the controversy to rest and unravel all the mysteries surrounding infrared space heaters. For the record, they are a safe and natural option for anyone seeking an extra heating system in their home or office.

We have also made things a lot easier for you by providing three of the best products on the market for you to choose from. Whether you make a choice for comfort, affordability or value, these products are sure to give you good heating for many years to come.

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