How Long Do Space Heaters Last? [Tips to Improve the Lifespan]

How long do space heaters last

There’s literally no appliance that lasts forever, and this is the case with Space heaters. As a useful and highly important device for heating dorms, single rooms and small spaces, space heaters are popular for their energy efficiency, specificity, and affordability.

However, when the subject pops up, people often want to know how much value they can get and just how long a space heater would last after installation. We’ll give you answers as we go on.

How long do space heaters last?

A typical space heater can last for between 15 and 20 years, depending on a number of factors. This is simply a general rate, but how long you use your own heater depends on a lot of variables.

Whatever the case, you should know that purchasing a space heater is a great investment. What you’re getting is low-energy, alternative heating for as long as 20 years.

But to enjoy these benefits, you must be vigilant before making a purchase, so you don’t fall victim to inferior products or swindlers.

First things first; how long the heater is run daily can determine how long you enjoy it. The level at which it runs is another factor. This is important because the coil temperature, for instance, has a lot to do with the lifespan of the space heater.

Keeping the temperature at levels between 750 and 900 F can go a long way to keep it going for as long as 20 years. But we’ll get all these in more detail shortly.

Key Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Space Heaters

Don’t be surprised that the same space heater you use for 10 years is used by another person for about 20 years. It all boils down to a number of factors, including;

1. Quality of the appliance

Next to brand superiority is quality. This may be obvious in the material used, energy efficiency, Mode of operation, customer rating, etc. You should also be sure to read through the product description and all that it offers before you buy.

2. Maintenance (or the lack of it)

There’s no man-made machine or appliance that can last forever (not yet anyway). The space heater is not an exception. What often makes the difference is maintenance.

A frequent and adequate maintenance routine is extremely important if you want to get the best out of your space heater.

Minor issues like loosening screws, clogged vents, etc, can be fixed during maintenance before they become worse and more damaging. Also, merely cleaning the appliance can prevent dust and early corrosion.

3. Operational temperature level

As we mentioned earlier, you need to keep the coil temperature in check. We recommend you keep it at 750 to 900 F. This will help to keep the coil in good shape and keep the appliance working effectively.

However, going beyond that temperature bracket will weaken your appliance over time and cause it to fail. Also, it may lead to overheating and cause a fire, if not kept in check.

4. Duration of daily use

It is also important to consider how much you use the heater daily. A space heater used partially, and only for a few hours daily will certainly last longer than a space heater used daily for an excess of 16 hours.

If you want your space heater to last long, use it alongside the main heating system within a controlled space (probably by the bed or a corner of the room).

5. Power supply stability

One major enemy of electric space heaters is a power surge. A surge can have very damaging effects on your appliance, so it’s best you avoid it.

If your home’s power supply is stable or you installed a surge protector, your space heater has a good chance of an extended lifespan, in excess of 15 years.

6. Brand

Think about it; why does a typical American stick to an American brand rather than a fairly cheaper Chinese brand? It’s basically the assurance of performance for most people.

A brand’s reputation is often fuelled by its durability, performance and efficiency. In the same vein, there are space heater brands that will last long and several others that aren’t your money’s worth.

It is important to stick to a trusted brand if you want to enjoy the benefits of a space heater for a long time to come.

Top 3 Space Heaters with Best Lifespan

1. Portable Electric Space Heater [Value for Money]

This top-rated electric space heater comes highly recommended within the home heating industry.

With a 1,500/750 wattage, the appliance has the capacity to cover an area of up to 200 Square feet.

That is quite impressive for a space heater.

However, the most impressive features of this product are its long-lasting design and safety features. It is compact and powerful, reinforced with upgraded ABS material for added flame resistance and durability.

This means you can deploy this super product continuously for as long as 15 years or more.

To get the Best Value, be sure to install it properly, maintain it accordingly, and use it wisely. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about fire accidents because of its flame-retardant materials and auto-safety shut off during overheating.

Heating is pretty fast as heat circulates in a 200 square ft area in a matter of seconds. It is also quiet, with noise levels staying below 45 decibels. You’ll certainly be making a wise investment by purchasing this unit.

2. Andily Electric Space Heater [Best Price]

This heater comes with a thermostat and a wattage range between 750 and 1,500. It is a portable appliance that uses the convection heating method.

The Andily space heater has an adjustable thermostat so you can easily set the temperature at controllable levels for the ideal warmth in your home, as well as for longevity.

The ceramic heater elements give this product added durability and flame resistance, ensuring it is way more durable and long-lasting than regular products.

There’s also an overheat system auto-shutoff to prevent fire, as well as a tip-over switch to prevent damage and give it an enhanced lifespan.

If properly used, you should get at least upwards of 15 years on this unit for your space heating needs. It is also a very affordable product, making it a great supplementary heater for your home or office.

3. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Infrared Space Heater [Best Features]

Talk about advanced, high-end features and this product comes to mind. AirNmore certainly puts a lot into this one to ensure you get a long-lasting heating experience.

This will cost you quite a lot of money, but it is worth every penny.

The product is ETL listed and meets all safety and quality standards.

It also doesn’t use any bulbs but comes with the new Copper PTC heating technology. This means there’s no need to replace heater bulbs which also means less maintenance costs. The AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Space Heater works on 1,500 Watts.

What’s more, it uses Infrared technology and remote control for added convenience. It is designed with the best quality materials for added durability and has a long lifespan.

No wonder the manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty. If you’re in the market for a space heater and you want to try out an infrared option, we’ll urge you to give this a try. Its great features will make it an easy one to operate, and you’ll enjoy good value for your money.

Important tips to extend the lifespan of Space Heater

1. Take care of your vents

If you truly want to extend the lifespan of your space heater, you’d need to pay close attention to the heating vents. It is important there’s nothing obstructing or restricting airflow.

You should also be sure that there’s nothing clogging the vents, as well as ensure that the wall and floor registers have enough space to breathe.

2. Programme your thermostat

You can also maximize your space heater’s lifespan by adjusting the thermostat of the appliance. You should lower the temperature so that you’ll reduce the demand for your heater.

So, you can turn down the temperature when there’s no one at home or even at night when it may not be all needed.

3. Mind your filter

The filters in your space heater also require your care. You should clean it frequently to ensure optimum performance.

This will also protect the appliance against damages that may arise from clogged or dirty filters. And when due, you should replace your filters. Most of them are really wimpy and will need replacing like every two months.

4. Allow ventilation

Filters need sufficient room and ventilation to function properly. Clutter around your heater can cause a fire outbreak and also put the heater under immense pressure, increase the workload and reduce its lifespan.

5. Maintain regularly

If you’re handy with electrical appliances, maintaining your space heater won’t be a problem. It’s mostly about cleaning, dusting, and replacing parts that are failing.

Final Words

Space heaters have proven to be a very useful appliance for providing that extra heating that main heating systems can’t just seem to handle. And nobody really wants to replace their heater after a short while, that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the product you’re thinking about buying.

We have provided three of the best space heaters on the market based on their lifespan. With any of these, you should be able to enjoy your heater for at least 15 years, as long as you pay attention to the tips provided above.

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