Are Solar Air Heaters Worth It? Do They Work in The Night & Winter?

Are Solar Air Heaters Worth it?

When winter comes, finding the right heating appliances becomes a top priority. This is where space heaters become relevant. But, have you ever considered solar air heaters? Maybe you have and you’re wondering if they’re any good. All we can say is, solar air heaters are in the same category as space heaters, but with some unique differences that make them stand out.

So, are solar air heaters worth it? Certainly! We believe they do. Solar air heaters have emerged in recent years as a top choice for homeowners seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to heat up their rooms.

It is highly economical as it uses energy from the sun, saving you a lot on electricity costs. If you intend to find out why solar air heaters are worth it, you need to stay with us as we take you through all the details, so that you can be better informed to make up your mind.

Where Do You Use Solar Air Heaters?

The best applications for solar air heaters are in space heating, small-room heating, dehumidifying, and even crop drying.

They are built to offer warm, dry air when deployed by collecting cool air from the room using the fan and then heating up the air when they pass through a solar thermal collector, and back into the room as warm air.

Due to their dispersal capacity and size, they are built to serve small spaces, just like space heaters and should not be used as central heaters.

This is why it will be unwise to use a solar air heater as a whole-house appliance. The food industry also greatly benefits from using solar air collectors because they are effective at helping to dry and store foods, removing the moisture content that could cause spoilage in certain foods like seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

However, solar air heaters are very well suited to providing alternative heat in your home or office. So you can either combine it with central heating or use it as a space heating alternative to save cost on central heating.

What Are the Advantages of a Solar Air Heater?

Solar air heaters come with a lot of advantages, and you can already tell the most obvious of them all.

1. Cost-saving renewable energy

Solar power is renewable energy and it is a free gift of nature that can be harnessed by anyone. As long as you’re getting sufficient amounts of sunlight daily, a solar air heater will provide the heating you need at little or no cost at all.

As long as you’ve purchased and installed the solar panels and other components, you don’t have to worry about energy bills, and this can save you up to $300 yearly or even more.

2. Low maintenance cost

If you’ve ever used a solar-powered appliance, you can already tell that they don’t require that much maintenance. This is due to the fact that solar panels are extremely durable, especially if you purchase a good product from a reputable brand.

3. Clean energy source

Solar power is non-depletable and provides a clean source of energy to keep the earth safe. As the world moves towards more sustainable sources of energy, solar air heaters provide that option as against grid electricity, fossil fuel, and other sources.

4. Used for different situations

Solar air heaters are used for different situations beyond just providing warm air in your home or office. They can be applied in laundry rooms, food storage facilities, and for dehumidifying as well.

5. Zero carbon emissions

There’s no room for carbon emissions because no fossil fuels are used in solar heating. So you don’t have to worry about poisoning or respiratory diseases.

6. Portable and simple to use

Solar air heaters are not complicated and are easy to use. As long as the panels can be effectively installed and the other components are well placed, you won’t have any trouble manipulating them.

Other advantages include the absence of corrosion, especially because the unit doesn’t work with liquids. In the same vein, freezing of liquids is not a concern here because it doesn’t exist.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using A Solar Air Heater?


This is one of the most popular downsides to solar air heaters. They rely on solar power and may not work so well at night or during seasons where sunlight is minimal. This affects the performance of the unit all year round.

Location Restriction

Another disadvantage is that solar air heaters may not perform the same way in all situations and places. For instance, in places where sunlight is much, like the desert regions of the middle east, a solar air heater will perform well. However, when you take that same unit to the Pacific Northwest, not much will be achieved.

Overall, it is difficult to rely on a solar air heater because performance is not guaranteed for all seasons. This can be a discouraging factor, but if you’re sure of good sunlight in your area, a solar air heater is certainly a good choice.

Do Solar Air Heaters Work at Night?

Do Solar Air Heaters work in the night and winter?

This depends on the type of solar air heater you buy. Older models of solar air heaters do not work at night. The reason is simple; they are not built to store solar power for later.

These solar air heaters work directly with the solar power received from the sun. It is probably the same way an appliance works when connected to an electric outlet but stops working as soon as it is disconnected.

As soon as the sun sets or just stops radiating its energy, such solar air heater stops working. Therefore, they do not work at night. They will also stop working when it gets cloudy.

However, there are newer, more technologically-advanced solar air heaters that come with battery features or some other provision for energy storage.

Such compartments can save up power and keep the unit running at night or even when it’s cloudy. Some others come with thermal heat storage systems. If you desire to use your solar heater at night, you should look out for such models.

Do Solar Air Heaters Work in Winter?

Solar air heaters will work in winter, but they may not offer the same kind of results you’ll get in the summer. Think about it, isn’t the winter season one of the reasons you need a heater in the first place?

The fact is, the sun also rises and sets during the winter season, but much of its visibility is disrupted by the falling snow.

That doesn’t mean the sun isn’t up there, and it certainly doesn’t stop it from giving its power. However, the rays of the sun which often carry its energy are partially disrupted by the snow and the clouds, which limits the performance of the heater.

Therefore, your solar air heater works in winter and in summer as well, helping to provide the space heating you need, when you need it.

Are Solar Air Heaters Worth It?

Solar air heaters are certainly worth it when you consider their economic advantage, free energy source, safety, and renewable nature. The fact that you can save hundreds of dollars every year by using a solar-powered air heater makes it a very attractive option.

In fact, they offer a lot of value for the cost of buying them. Solar air heaters are also not toxic, removing the risk of air poisoning, pollution, fire hazard, or electrocution, making them suitable for homes, offices and small factories.

However, not all solar air heaters will give you the heat you need at night. This is because some of them do not work after sunset. But, there are some models out there that are built for day and night use and you should look out for them.

Final Comments:

Addressing this important question depends on where you stand and for what purpose you’re buying a solar air heater. For most people, it’s a no-brainer because you don’t have to pay huge electricity bills every other month.

ll you need is good sunlight, and if you get yourself a durable, strong and high-valued brand, you’ll surely enjoy the heating and dehumidifying benefits that solar air heaters offer.

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