How Long Should You Keep the Dehumidifier On? Can you keep it on all the time?

How long should you keep the dehumidifier on

Summer is here again and if we’re to go by what we’ve seen so far, this could just be one of the hottest summers we’ve seen in the last decade. With summer comes heat, and heat has a way of raising the humidity.

Prescribed indoor humidity should be between 30% and 60%. Anything beyond 60% can cause great discomfort and support the growth of spores and some microorganisms.

As we have shared in previous posts, dehumidifiers are one of the most effective ways to reduce moisture in indoor air and bring humidity to prescribed levels between 30% and 60%.

But there are so many questions associated with using a dehumidifier. For many people, it is a challenge deciding how long they should leave their dehumidifier on. We’ll answer that question and many more in this post.

How long should you keep the dehumidifier on?

We would normally advise that you run your dehumidifier all day, for 24 hours, but some units do not have the durability to withstand such pressure.

As a general rule of thumb, a dehumidifier should be kept on for between 12 and 16 hours each day.

This also largely depends on the humidity level (wetness) in your home and how much of that you need to reduce. If you’re battling with extreme humidity, you’ll need to use the unit longer than that.

Also, it is not energy efficient to leave a dehumidifier on all day. It will cost you a lot of money in energy bills, as well as increase the rate of wear and tear. This is why you must pay great attention.

Be sure the dehumidifier is of top quality to withstand long hours of use, but one that can also collect large amounts of moisture quicker, so you don’t have to leave it on all day.

To recap, leaving your dehumidifier on for 12 to 16 hours a day should take care of that excess humidity in your home.

What is the best time of day to run a dehumidifier?

This is a very sensitive question. We would normally say it is best to run your dehumidifier when humidity in your home has gone beyond the 60% limit.

This means you have to always monitor and measure indoor humidity, using a humidistat.

If you do not have one, there are other ways to detect excess humidity, including Musty odors and the smell of mildew as a result of moisture buildup, foggy windows, clammy skin, dense, warm atmosphere, and general discomfort in the air.

Whenever you spot some or any of the signs above, that is the best time to run your unit.

If you lack an eye or nose for these signs and you’re convinced humidity in your home has risen beyond comfortable levels, you should run your dehumidifier from mid-day to midnight when it’s likely to be warmer and more humid.

If you work during the day or you’d rather be awake when it’s time to turn off the unit, consider running it from 6 p.m to around 8 a.m the next day.

It is a common trend for heat and humidity generated during the day to settle properly in the evening and at night.

If you live in a coastal area or by a lake or river, you’re more likely to experience warmer and very humid nights.

This is because the water bodies absorb the heat from the sun in the day and then release it at night, finding its way into your home along with warm steam and Vapor.

If you find yourself in such environments, using your dehumidifier from 6 p.m to about mid-day the next day will be a good way to fight excess humidity.

What happens if you leave dehumidifier on all the time?

Let’s begin with a simpler question; should your dehumidifier run continuously, all the time? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, because there is usually no limit to how long you can run most dehumidifiers.

The only concern would be electricity bills, wear and tear, lack of draining mechanism, leakage and overheating which may even cause a fire. As long as you’re paying attention to the condition of your unit, you’re not likely to have a problem.

On the flip side, it is mostly unnecessary to run your dehumidifier 24/7. The job of the dehumidifier is to reduce indoor moisture to recommended levels.

As soon as relative humidity in your home drops below 60%, you should turn off your unit. This will save you a lot of money on energy costs, maintenance and several other things.

To emphasize, there are possible consequences of leaving your dehumidifier on all the time. These include:

1. Water Hazard

If your unit doesn’t have an auto pump or a hose to direct condensed water outside the house or into a sink, you’d need to check in from time to time in order to empty the unit’s water tank. Failure to do this will lead to an overflow of water which may cause some damage in your home.

2. Fire Outbreak

Leaving your dehumidifier on all the time may also lead to overheating, especially if the product is of inferior quality. While this is very rare, it is a possibility. Unattended overheating may result in a fire, and this can be very devastating.

3. Damage

Continuous use of any appliance increases the rate of wear and tear; this is a fact. Where maintenance is not carried out as and when due, damage can occur.

4. Increased Maintenance Cost

The higher the rate and frequency of usage, the higher the need for maintenance. It’s just like your car- if you use it continuously every day, maintenance will certainly be required more frequently.

5. Excess dryness

Continuous use of a dehumidifier can also cause humidity to drop below required levels. This is why it is important to monitor the relative humidity in real-time, using the included humidistat on the device or a standalone device.

Top 3 Dehumidifiers with Best Durability

1. Waykar Dehumidifier for Home and Basements [Value for Money]

This is a product for the 21st century. It is strong, reliable and extremely smart to cater to all your dehumidification needs.

This unit has a daily moisture removal capacity of 34 pints and can take care of homes, offices or basements up to 2,000 sq feet.

This Waykar dehumidifier has 360 degrees rotatable wheels which make movement easy.

You can simply roll it from one room to another without any hassles. The modern design means it is ergonomic, with lift-up handles to help with movement and carry.

The Waykar dehumidifier is also energy efficient and comes with adjustable fan speeds and a 24-hour timer for auto control.

The appliance is easy to use and has a smart humidity auto control feature that reduces moisture to desired levels and automatically shuts down the unit after that is achieved.

2. Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier [Best Features]

This energy star-rated dehumidifier is another great product in the top dehumidifier category.

It has the capacity to remove 22 pints of moisture each day and can do this with very minimal energy consumption.

The sleek exterior design is great to look at, and the appliance is equipped with ergonomic handles and wheels for easy movement.

This unit is not just built for performance, but also for convenience. It has an auto shut-off feature that shuts the system off after continuous 24-hour use, so that you can empty the 3-liter tank.

That’s not all, the dehumidifier has a drain hose outlet through which water draining can be done continuously. However, you’ll need to get a hose as it is not included in the package.

All of these coupled with the turbo mode, memory feature, auto defrost, visible water level monitor, adjustable levels and washable filters, make the Vremi 22-pint dehumidifier a truly remarkable product.

3. AIRPLUS 30 Pints Dehumidifier [Best Price]

Known as the perfect silent moisture absorber, this product offers so much at a very competitive price.

Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, basement, RV or even closet, here’s one appliance that can help reduce moisture content in the air and make your space more comfortable and safe for living.

The easy-to-use, portable dehumidifier has 4 different operational modes; Sleep, Standard, Raining and Drying. This simply means you can set it however you want.

Like most modern dehumidifiers, the unit shuts down when its 1.5 liter water tank is full and doesn’t come back on until you empty it.

And, if you desire more convenience, you can use a dehumidifier hose for continuous draining and avoid the stress of manually emptying the tank.

Final Words:

When it comes to humidity, there are basically two extremes; excess humidity (when levels go beyond 60% and excess dryness (when the moisture content is below 30%).

Using a dehumidifier can help you keep the relative humidity in check, especially during the hot and wet seasons. With any of the products reviewed above, you can get the indoor comfort you desire and prevent the growth of mildew and other microbes which can cause illnesses.

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