Do You Have to Change the Filter in Your Dehumidifier? [How Often?]

Do you have to change the filter in the dehumidifier

While we enjoy all the great benefits of pure, clean air, we shouldn’t forget the facilities that work tirelessly to ensure the quality of air remains top-notch.

Dehumidifiers are responsible for removing moisture from the air through a pulling mechanism in which it sucks air in and releases dry, breathable air. 

However, during the process of dehumidifiers sucking out the moisture, it can pull in all sorts of dirt; from bacteria and mildew to microscopic debris and mold. This means your dehumidifier can become very gross pretty quickly, with the air filters in the device bearing the brunt of the dirt.

Experts advise that proper maintenance of your dehumidifier is important to ensure that the same appliance you use to promote health and wellness doesn’t become the dispenser of disease-causing microorganisms.

In this post, we will cover a number of things relating to cleaning and changing the filters in your dehumidifier.

Do you have to change the filter in your dehumidifier?

The answer is Yes and No. Let’s explain. Most people rely on duration as one of the major determinants of whether to completely change a dehumidifier filter, or simply clean it.

Over time, air filters in dehumidifiers can accumulate debris in the form of dust, mold, mildew, etc, and must be maintained in order to prevent these harmful substances from being reintroduced into the air.

Maintenance of these air filters is absolutely paramount, depending on the type of filter used.

Generally, air filters are of two types; replaceable filters and washable filters. As their name implies, washable filters are filters that you can easily wash when they get dirty, instead of outrightly replacing them.

These kinds of filters have more economic value and can be easily maintained by either washing them with soap and water or by vacuuming them. You may also need to disinfect them in order to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

Conversely, replaceable filters are outrightly thrown out when they accumulate dirt over time, and new ones are installed to continue helping with the job of air dehumidification and cleaning.

Although each new filter won’t cost you a lot of money, it might be a little inconvenient if you need to change the filter but haven’t yet purchased a new one.

How often should you change the filter in a dehumidifier?

Most durable dehumidifiers use filters that can last for at least three months before a replacement is required. It is important to ensure that your dehumidifiers are not running on dirty, clogged filters.

As a rule of thumb, you must ensure you check the filters every month to determine if it needs to be thrown out and a new one installed in its place.

Also, changing a filter is dependent on the nature of the environment, and how frequently the dehumidifier is used.

For very dusty environments where the dehumidifier is constantly running, the filter should be changed more frequently than usual, perhaps once every two to three months.

While the filters in dehumidifiers used in relatively less humid regions could be changed once every 6 to 12 months.

Can you wash dehumidifier filters?

Yes! You absolutely can. Washable filters are more economical than disposable ones. They are easy to reuse filters and with some disinfectants, can arguably be a more reliable option than disposable ones.

To maintain washable filters, wash them properly with water from a hose, and soap.

After you’re done, shake carefully to remove as much moisture as you can before leaving the filter to dry out in the air. If you need the filter instantly, you can use a blower to pull out the moisture.

Ensuring your dehumidifier is clean while the filter is drying is very important. It will help your device save more energy, perform at an optimum level, and help it last longer.

If you do not want your device to develop unnecessary faults, you must always clean and maintain it at least once every two or three months, depending on how quickly your filter and unit gets dirty.

Tips to increase the lifespan of dehumidifier filter

Generally, the best way to get the best out of your dehumidifier filter is to use it in areas that are not very windy and dusty. This will greatly reduce the amount of dirt trapped in the filter, and also reduce the frequency of replacing the filter, or washing it.

However, there are a few measures you can also inculcate that will help your unit to continue working at an optimum level for a longer time.

  • You must constantly inspect the filters monthly to prevent running your dehumidifier on a damaged filter, or a filter with discoloration. You shouldn’t wait so long before inspecting the filters, and in the case of clogging or accumulation of dirt, either wash the filter properly, or replace it.
  • You must also ensure to detach the individual parts of the dehumidifier including the filters when not in use.
  • Ensure you do not use your dehumidifier filter for another purpose, or in another device. This can cause damage to the filter and cause its lifespan to be shortened.
  • Dehumidifiers work best when the humidity level is high, so avoid using your dehumidifier when it is not needed.

Top 3 Dehumidifier Brands with Long Filter Lifespan

1. Waykar 130 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier [Value for Money]

This dehumidifier doesn’t just make you more comfortable, each and every part of the unit is made with quality materials, giving the overall device a durable and long-lasting feature that you won’t get just anywhere else.

The engineers at Waykar have attempted perfection with each part of this device, including the filters.

The filters are made to be as durable as possible in order to increase their overall lifespan. It is a washable filter, and as long as you wash it properly and frequently, you can use the filter for upwards of 2 to 3 years.

Additionally, it comes with a money-back guarantee period of 30 days in case you’re not at all satisfied with the product. There is also a one year warranty on all parts of the dehumidifier, which can then be extended to two years.

For any difficulty operating your device or to ensure the continued quality of your device, lifetime tech support is available at your beck and call with a response time of about 12 hours.

2. Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier [Best Features]

You already know that the damage caused by high air humidity can lead to severe allergic reactions and illnesses.

Its consequence isn’t just uncomfortable smells and stale air, high humidity levels can also cause mildew and mold which is as unpleasant as it is unhealthy.

Luckily, this dehumidifier comes with a long-lasting air filter that will keep your air dry and breathable, but also fresh and pleasant. It comes with reusable filters that are very easy to clean and maintain.

There’s a filter cleaning alert that ensures you clean the filter when it’s due, ensuring you enjoy prolonged use for as long as 3 years.

The manufacturers advise that for this filter to last for at least a year, you must take precautions towards fire and shock hazards, as fire hazards can damage the filters and other important parts of the dehumidifier.

Before you begin cleaning the filter, ensure the entire unit is unplugged. This dehumidifier also includes varying fan speeds, to determine the low and high settings of the entire dehumidifier.

Running the dehumidifier on a low setting may actually increase its lifespan and that of its individual parts.

3. Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home [Best Price]

This compact and portable device is the solution to humid air in small, crowded rooms.

This dehumidifier is perfectly is suitable for rooms spanning 107 ft² to 480 ft².

Just install it in an area with unlimited access to the rest of the room, and say goodbye to excess moisture.

It also runs on quiet mode, which means that this dehumidifier can work almost noiselessly. One of the best options for a piano room.

Overall, it emits a noise level lesser than 40db, and also employs a unique design with a one-button switch for control. It also comes with a long-lasting filter that can protect you from impurities in the air for at least 6 months before replacement is ever required.

Final Comments:

Going through the months of high humidity should no longer pose a problem as these dehumidifiers with the long lifespan of their filters. It is also important to follow the few tips given on how to keep them working for a long time.

Do not forget that the nature of air present in the area where your home is located, and the frequency of usage may determine how frequently you will put the filter to good use. In the end, you must be concerned about the total maintenance of the entire unit before you can get an elongated lifespan on any of its parts.

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