Why Do Pets (Cats & Dogs) Like Space Heaters? [Top 3 Pet Safe Heaters]

Why do Pets (Cats and Dogs) like space heaters

Ever wondered why your pets (dogs or cats) always find a way to sit or lay beside a heating source? You’d think with all the fur they have, they wouldn’t be able to stand the heat, but the opposite is usually the case.

Pets like the heat. This is a good explanation for why they like to sit on your laps, cuddle in your bed or on the couch, lay close to radiators, and Yes, space heaters.

A temperature that may seem fairly normal to you may not be warm enough for your pet, and this is because they have a naturally higher body temperature than humans.

Does the above then explain why they like space heaters? We’ll find out in a bit.

Top 3 Pet Safe Space Heaters

Before we get into the details, if you are in hurry to find out pet-safe space heaters, please check the below options.

Why Do Cats Like Space Heaters?

Space heaters are a heating device that provides concentrated heat to particular spots in a home or office.

If you’ve ever seen your cat veering towards your heater or craving the heat it produces, you may have wondered why at some point. Here’s a bit of science to provide a perspective.

Cats have a higher average body temperature than humans. They are warmer mammals. A typical short-haired cat will have a basal body temperature between 100° F and 103° F.

This can be slightly higher in breeds like Balinese and Persian because they have longer hair, so we can put the temperature for those at between 101° F and 104° F.

Humans, on the other hand, have an average body temperature of 97.6° F to 99.6° F. So, when the temperature drops, especially in winter, you’ll find cats moving towards your space heater if you have one, in a bid to try and maintain a stable body temperature.

Their higher body temperature is also closely linked to a faster metabolism. This means cats, like most other mammals, produce energy faster, produce heat faster and dissipate the heat way faster than humans.

This gives cats a bit more endurance and liking for heat than humans, hence, the love for space heaters.

Are Space Heaters Safe for Cats?

When it comes to felines, the safety of space heaters must be looked at in two different ways. If you look at it from the point of producing heat for cats, a space heater is very safe.

The heat produced can be controlled and regulated to suit the needs of humans and cats in your home. On the other hand, a cat’s proximity to a space heater must be monitored at all times.

Although cats are pretty smart animals and would usually not go close to danger, be sure to keep them away from heaters with exposed heating elements.

Your cat’s fur can get caught by heated metal elements, which may make them turn toasty brown or in rare cases, start a fire. It is important to keep such space heaters out of the reach of your cats.

Cats with very thick fur may not feel the heat coming out of a space heater early enough until they’re too close, which can lead to burns or other severe complications.

To emphasize, space heaters are generally safe for cats unless a cat comes in contact with an exposed heating element.

Why Do Dogs Like Space Heaters?

Just like cats, dogs are also known to be fond of heating appliances like a space heater. If you’ve ever lived in a cold region or closely observed your canines in winter, you’d have noticed that they love to huddle up to heat sources when the cold is fierce outside.

They know the signs, they’ve learned them, and have marked the best positions to be when the central or space heaters are turned on.

Notice how much your dog shivers whenever you both return from a walk outside in the winter- that can be energy-sapping, and with a space heater, can be addressed.

But why do dogs like space heaters? Just like humans, dogs are mammals and they are warm-blooded creatures. So, making the environment they live in warm enough is an energy-efficient way to keep them warm.

A dog’s basal body temperature is fairly higher than that of humans. It is measured at 102° F compared to a human’s 98.6° F.

This makes their need for, and endurance towards, heat way higher than that of humans. So, while you may want to set your heater at 67 F in the winter, your dog will require something higher (say between 74 F and 80 F) if you can handle it.

Just like cats, a dog’s metabolism is way higher than that of a human. Their breathing, blood pump and maturity are way faster than that of humans. They need the heat and energy to work faster and harder than humans.

Are Space Heaters Safe for Dogs?

Some heaters are considered generally safer for pets. Ceramic space heaters are a good example because they do not heat up exposed elements and parts.

Generally, it is important to purchase a space heater with pet-friendly features, place the heater in a safe spot, and supervise your dogs when your heater is turned on.

Features like over-heat protection, tip-over protection, GFCI plug and other safety certifications are things to look out for. If you do find the right heater without the burn hazard, your dog shouldn’t have any troubles with it.

Find below a few precautions you must take as a pet owner when using space heaters.

Important Precautions for Pet Owners While Using Space Heaters

1. Placement

Once you’ve found the right space heater with pet-friendly features, the next thing to consider is placement. This is such an important factor because it can determine the safety of your household and the heater.

You must try to keep the heater beyond the reach of your pet. However, if you own a cat, a tabletop is not a good spot because cats love to jump on tabletops and other elevated spots.

2. 3-foot Buffer Rule

As a rule, endeavor to put in place a 3-foot buffer zone around the heater to prevent contact with your pet. Depending on how your home is designed, you can work around this the best way possible to prevent accidents and injuries.

3. Keep Cords Away

Asides from the body of the appliance, you should also be cautious of the cord. Leaving them lying around can cause trips.

Also, when a surge occurs, wires lying around can electrocute your pets. You must be sure to keep them hidden and not in the path of your dogs or cats.

4. Stay Close

It’s also extremely important to keep a watchful eye on your pets when you turn on the space heater. If you have it in the sitting room, sit close by to monitor your pet’s movement and be sure they do not go too close to it.

Top 3 Pet Safe (Dogs and Cats) Space Heaters 

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Value for Money

If you’re looking out for a pet-friendly space heater, the first thing to consider is the material. More often than not, manufacturers of pet-friendly space heaters use ceramics.

It doesn’t heat up like other materials such as metal and will remove the dangers of burns. This Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater ticks all the boxes as far as pet safety is concerned.

It is a standalone appliance with a built-in timer, oscillation and safety features including overheat protection and cool-touch housing. Towering slightly above 22 inches in height, this fully assembled device is suitable for your bedroom, living room and even study.

This heater can heat up a space up to 300 square feet at a maximum heating power of 1.5 kW. It is a durable, versatile and advanced piece of heating technology with remote control for convenience and a thermostat for easy temperature regulation.

There are also two heat settings at 900 Watts and 1,500 Watts respectively, so you can choose what temperature you desire at every point of the day.

2. GAIATOP Space Heater

Best Price

What if you can get a space heater that isn’t just efficient and powerful, but also extremely pleasant to look at? Well, you don’t have to look any further. GAIATOP Space Heater provides the perfect interior decor whether in use or not.

It is a PTC electric space heating appliance renowned for its fireproof structure. This is enabled by the V-0 Flame-resistant material.

This ensures the body doesn’t heat up or cause it to hurt your pets or kids. This is one way the brand is ensuring that you use your heater without any worries.

We particularly love the base of the heater- styled as a wooden tripod. This gives it stability and elegance.

Nonetheless, if your pet does find its way to it and knocks it over, there’s a tip-over safety feature that automatically turns it off once it goes over 45 degrees sideways.

This is a small but powerful device that provides good, quick heating in a very quiet manner. It is not just a safe space heater for Pet owners, but also very efficient and effective at providing heat in small spaces.

3. PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower 1500W Indoor Space Heater

Best Features

For your heating pleasure, you need a space heater that offers you limitless freedom and advanced functionality. However, you also need a space heater that is safe for pets.

With the PELONIS Ceramic Tower Indoor Space Heater, you can be sure that you have one of the most advanced heating appliances in your home.

Ceramic provides not just the right insulation for heat, but also prevents the surface from heating up making it a safe device for touch.

So your pets are safe around it. It is a 1,500 watt heater with so much power for spaces up to 160 Square feet. It is also equipped with 70 degree oscillation for good heat circulation.

What’s more, the body is designed with the ABS UL94 V0 flame-resistant material to prevent fire hazards.

Beyond that, the unit has an overheat protection feature, a 30 degree tip-over switch just in case your pet or dog knocks it over, a programmable thermostat and 8-hour timer.

This heater also comes with a carry handle for easy movement and can create as much as 70° of heat in as little as 3 seconds. Asides from a functional remote control, the unit has a touch control panel at the top, making it one of the most advanced units you’ll find on the market.

Final Comments:

This post has been able to show you why pets (dogs and cats) like space heaters. They are warm-blooded mammals with a relatively higher body temperature, so they need more heat than humans do.

And to help you make the best choice of space heater for your pets, we have provided a review of three of the top pet-friendly space heaters on the market. These units have non-heat surfaces, tip-over protection and overheat protection to prevent accidents and injuries.

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