Diesel Space Heaters | Are they Good? Can they be Used Indoors?

Diesel Space Heaters – Usage Guide

In choosing the right space heater for your home or office, there is a need to consider its nature, pros and cons. Diesel space heaters are one of the space heating appliances that have attracted a lot of attention over the years due to their peculiar design and mode of operation.

There have also been concerns about where they can be deployed, how much space is required and if they are completely safe for use. In this post, we’ll provide answers to these questions and more.

Are Diesel Heaters Good?

If you’re asking whether diesel heaters are good for heating spaces, the answer is Yes.

They are actually very effective at providing the needed heat in places where the central heating system cannot reach or where extra heating is required.

In fact, diesel space heaters are known to be very efficient and can heat up large spaces in very little time. Many brands provide very energy-efficient units for use in commercial centers, warehouses or other large spaces.

Another very important factor to note is that diesel space heaters are more than 90% heat efficient, quite portable and affordable and also installation is simple. In fact, some of them require no installation at all.

Can diesel space heaters be used indoors?

Diesel Space heaters can be used indoors but not in a home. You can use it in spaces like commercial buildings, warehouses, and other large spaces with lots of ventilation.

This is because diesel space heaters emit carbon monoxide which is harmful to humans.

Imagine having one of these in your air-tight apartment with kids and other family members; and you have such harmful fumes being released into the air which may not be safe to the health of you and your loved ones.

To be candid, there’s no law or regulation that says you can’t use it indoors, but it is important you apply discretion in deploying this unit.

All diesel exhaust gases contain between 2% and 12% of carbon monoxide, and in the United States alone, there are at least 50,000 emergency room visits every year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Globally, it is a leading cause of death by poisoning. By building up in the bloodstream, carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in replaces oxygen in red blood cells, preventing oxygen from making its way to your organs and tissues.

Asides the poisonous fume of carbon monoxide, diesel space heaters may also produce a lot of noise, which can make its use indoors very disturbing.

Does a diesel space heater need ventilation?

Yes, it does. In fact, a diesel space heater should not be used with proper ventilation.

Providing adequate ventilation will ensure the fumes are released outside the building and pose less harm to residents.

Exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, weakness, drowsiness, clumsiness, blurred vision, nausea or vomiting, and so many other complications.

It is best to leave some windows open, to ensure only the fume is released, but the heat stays in.

What can a diesel space heater run on?

Paraffin Kerosene and diesel are very similar fuels, and this is why they can often be used together in some engines.

A diesel space heater can run on red diesel (the 32 sec heating diesel) or paraffin Kerosene (the 28 sec heating oil). Both will work fine in your diesel space heaters, but there are some tips you need to pay close attention to.

  • Paraffin Kerosene will help your diesel space heater burn cleaner and hotter, while diesel burns a bit cooler.
  • The wick will likely build carbon quicker when you use diesel.
  • Diesel fuel is a bit more contaminated than Kerosene.
  • For smaller diesel space heaters, Kerosene is better due to the thick viscosity of diesel.
  • Larger industrial heaters exceeding 100,000 BTU can use either Kerosene or diesel.

How long do diesel space heaters last?

Typically, and speaking theoretically, a diesel space heater is more or less like other space heaters on the market. The lifespan of the heater is dependent on a number of factors.

Experts say leaving the coil temperature at between 750 F and 1,000 F will ensure the heater lasts as long as 16 to 20 years- but that’s assuming every other thing remains constant.

Some factors that can affect the lifespan of your diesel space heater include:

1. Operational Temperature

Just as we stated earlier, you should leave the operational temperature at between 750 F and 1,000 F. Burning it hotter than that will cause your heater to deteriorate faster.

2. On-and-off Cycling

It is also important that you give some respite to your space heater for recovery between the time you turn it off or when you turn it back on. Leaving it for at least years hour should do.

3. Corrosion/Mechanical Damage

Corrosion and mechanical damage due to mishandling or lack of proper maintenance can also cause your diesel space heater to give out sooner than the expected lifetime.

4. Harsh Weather

If you leave your heater running continuously in a bid to fight harsh weather, you’re slowly wearing it down and its lifespan will be shortened.

Where are diesel space heaters best used?

The best places to use diesel space heaters are in industrial environments. These include factories, workshops and warehouses.

Apart from having lots of space and openings for ventilation, these places are also likely to have face masks for workers to avoid poisoning.

The noise will also not be a problem to them, because industrial environments are noisy in the first place.

Top 3 Diesel Space Heaters

1. Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU Forced Air Heater [Value for Money]

This diesel space heater is a Kerosene-powered unit with an industrial capacity of 125,000 BTU.

It has a sturdy and convenient build and design for movement and operation.

The force air heating method ensures heated air can go several meters from the location of the unit, with a coverage capacity of 3,125 Square feet.

And thanks to the 8.5 gallon fuel tank, you’re sure to get as much as 15 hours of non-stop heat (if you so desire). The thermostat is adjustable, so you can set it on high or low heat, depending on your needs at the time.

This high-output fan provides great heat without flames, so you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. It also comes with an overheat safety sensor that makes sure the unit shuts off automatically in the event of too much operational heat.

The Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU diesel space heater has a power indicator light for easy control.

It also comes with a cord storage compartment, as well as large tires for easy and smooth transport. What’s more, the manufacturers have put a 1-year warranty on the product for some level of assurance.

2. Happybuy 5KW Diesel Air Heater [Best Price]

This product isn’t called HappyBuy for the fun of it, it is actually an amazing buy when you consider its heating power versus the price.

This 5 KW heater has a 10-liter diesel tank for several hours of ON time.

It is extremely effective in harsh winter environments to heat up your vehicles, RV Vans, garages, boats, and so on.

The unit consists of a cool air collection vent, controller, combustion air fan, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and a hot air release vent.

The Happybuy diesel heater is a truly high-tech brand, equipped with an energy-saving oil pump and complete installation and accessory kit, such as rings, bolts, screws, cords and diesel supply hose.

Built with aluminum with an aluminum casting base, the unit has a working temperature of -40°C ~ +50°C. It also features a digital LCD switch and a remote controller for easy operation.

If you want an affordable diesel space heating appliance that truly works, this is a product you should take a good look at.

3. VEVOR 8KW Diesel Air Heater [Best Features]

This is another impressive diesel space heater that is useful for both domestic and industrial purposes.

The product is known for its efficiency and impressive functionality.

It is an 8 KW appliance with an LCD switch and impressive remote control.

When you purchase this product, you don’t have to worry about installation kits or accessories because it comes fully kitted. The VEVOR 8KW diesel heater is an all-in-one 12V unit that can be muted for noiseless operation or simply set on low noise for comfort.

This product guarantees rapid heating, but also ensures adequate power and fuel saving. It is constructed with quality aluminum which enhances uniform heat dissipation, anti-aging and fast-heating characteristics.

The ECU is an optimized frequency converter that accurately controls the oil pump’s injection frequency for oil efficiency. The unit is extremely easy to operate and allows very low emissions.

Final Words:

If you ever had misconceptions about the diesel heater, we hope this post has been able to put your mind at ease. Our biggest reward is that you’re able to make the right choice when you set out to purchase appliances such as a diesel space heater.

Our top three products are the result of practical research and market studies, and we’re sure you’ll get really good value for your investment.

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