Natural Gas Space Heaters | Are they Safe? Are they Good? Are they Worth?

Natural gas space heaters

We’re slowly approaching the final quarter of the year. And as we get ready for all the festivities and merriment that the ensuing months hold, we should equally be getting ready for the cold and frostbite that may come around.

One very common way of dealing with the terrifying cold is by employing the use of heaters in your home. Homeowners are becoming increasingly familiar with natural gas space heaters.

But the question on everyone’s mind remains, are these natural gas space heaters safe? Are you and your family in any form of imminent danger when you install this heater in your home?

In this post, we will go through a detailed analysis of the safety level of using these heaters in your home,  the best location to install them, and the top 3 natural gas space heaters on the market.

But first, we’ll answer the most important question and address the elephant in the room.

Are natural gas space heaters safe?

Generally speaking, the answer is Yes. But to be able to answer this question more adequately, we must address a few things.

The topic of safety is one you must deliberate on quite thoroughly before purchasing any item, especially one that can be as dangerous as a heater.

In and of themselves, these heaters are not as dangerous as they may have been made to seem, but as a result of carelessness and negligence, these heaters could become a direct health hazard.

These gas heaters can be safe when properly maintained and used according to the directions of the manufacturer’s manual, or according to the instructions of your fire safety officials.

Major gas heater brands produce quality heaters that are not dangerous to your health if you follow the directions of use that they give.

Also, it is important to service your space heaters at least once every two years. This is to ensure that there are no gas leakages, malfunctioning or any other hazardous situations.

Are natural gas space heaters good?

For the most part, natural gas space heaters are good in the same way that a good space heater is very effective in keeping you warm all through the cold months.

All you need to do is to have your heater properly installed by a professional and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Space heaters supply heat evenly to different parts of the room, especially to the areas you need it the most.

Additionally, many people utilize high-quality brand heaters in rooms or living areas that have been tagged “the coldest room” or “hard to warm” areas such as the basement or utility room.

Can natural gas space heaters be used indoors?

The answer is Yes. You can utilize natural gas space heaters indoors to warm your home when the temperature is awfully low outside.

However, it is absolutely crucial that you only utilize indoor space heaters indoors, and outdoor space heaters outside. Natural gas heaters exist in two main forms; indoor and outdoor gas heaters.

Your home is not properly suited to accommodate outdoor gas heaters. It could lead to an uncontrolled release of dangerous carbon monoxide and, in some cases, a fire accident.

It really doesn’t matter the amount of ventilation your home has, the carbon monoxide released by an outdoor heater can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning within a short period of time.

Do natural gas space heaters need a vent?

Utilizing a natural gas space heater without a vent is a breach of your safety and that of your family.

A ventless space heater means that the area that is being heated does not have a chimney vent or any other type of vent for that matter.

As you may very well have guessed, this is not 100% safe as natural gas space heaters do require vents to guarantee your safety. Why is this not safe?

Quite simply, the products of combustion are released into the living space which increases the risk of you inhaling these harmful substances.

Over time, the quality of air indoors may become unbearable as a result of the accumulation of these combustion products filling the air.

How long do natural gas space heaters last?

An average gas space heater, like most other types of space heaters, has a lifespan of at least 15 years, if proper maintenance routines and careful usage are applied.

The unit will steadily supply heat during that period (of course this is dependent on the heating settings used).

While this is a standard, the duration in which this device will work for you effectively without developing any faults or leakages depends largely on how well you use the appliance, and how frequently you maintained the device.

Some factors that affect the lifespan of your natural gas space heater include:

1. Quality of your natural gas space heater

The quality of the gas heater purchased will go a long way to determining its overall lifespan. High-grade heaters generally last longer as they are produced with superior materials compared to cheaper, low-grade heaters.

2. Frequency of maintenance

By now, it is no secret that the key to a long-lasting gas space heater lies in how frequently it is serviced by an expert engineer. Failure to do this will lead to the slow but certain degradation of its individual parts.

3. Proper installation of gas space heater

In most homes where space gas heaters do not last long before developing faults, the problem can be traced back to improper installation. This is why it is advised for installation to be carried out by a licensed professional.

4. Indoor air quality

This also plays a huge role in the longevity of your gas space heater. Poor indoor air quality could result in the malfunctioning of the appliance over a period of time.

Where are natural gas space heaters best used?

The truth is that these natural gas space heaters do not have any specific place to be used for it to have the most effect.

The rule of thumb is, to use the natural gas heater in very cold rooms, and rooms that have access to other rooms so as to serve as a central heating system.

You must, however, ensure that these rooms are properly ventilated in order to avoid degradation of the room’s air quality.

These natural gas space heaters are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are best used in rooms that cool very easily and warm very slowly.

Most homeowners prefer using these natural gas space heaters in rooms like the basement or bedroom that are always the last to heat up.

Top 3 Natural Gas Space Heaters

1. Mr. Heater Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater [Best Price]

There are many things to love about this indoor gas space heater.

If you constantly suffer from intense cold even while indoors, then this appliance is the one for you.

This heater does not require external power, and as a result, is great for heating even in the midst of a power outage.

Even if you’re out in the woods, in a cabin with no electricity supply, you can still use this device to heat up your room and make it as cozy as possible.

That’s not all. With this appliance, you can now target cold rooms or rooms that are generally more difficult to heat with overheating other parts of your home. This device comes with two installation options for you to choose from.

Either you install it on the floor with the “legs” that it comes with, or you can install it on the wall with the use of brackets.

This appliance is very easy and straightforward to use. It is equipped with an electronic, battery-powered ignition which makes starting the appliance very seamless.

2. Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater [Best Features]

Take your comfort and convenience to the highest level with this heater which is equipped with accessories that will help it fit into your home effortlessly.

To heat, it utilizes blue flame technology which essentially works by transmitting heat in order to heat the air in your home, quite similar in operation to a central heating system.

The product is natural gas enabled, which means that no electricity or external source of power is required to effectively run this appliance.

The manufacturers of this appliance also included the option for an additional fan that is sold separately. This can be added for extra circulation in rooms as large as 1000 sq. ft.

This appliance utilizes a manual system of operation in which you have to rotate a knob on the appliance to change the temperature of the heater to 3 adjustable settings.

If you do want the appliance installed high on the wall, you can purchase legs that are attached to the lower part of the heater so that it can be installed and planted on the floor.

3. Ashley Hearth DVAG11N Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater [Value for Money]

This heater is your final bus stop for the heating of very specific cold rooms in your home that just simply won’t get warm.

This direct vent gas heater is safe for use in your home.

Only clean and breathable air is allowed to circulate in your room.

You do not have to worry about the air quality declining at an expedited rate, as this appliance eliminates all the unwanted combustion products through the vents.

If you have a small apartment, or you do not want your heater to take up much space in your room, you can employ space-saving options like mounting the heater to an exterior wall.

Final Words:

While these appliances are generally considered safe, you may want to reconsider using them throughout the night, especially if there is no proper ventilation.

This could spell devastating consequences for your health. Even though you claim not to be a deep sleeper, one that can easily jolt back to consciousness in the presence of any slight disturbance, running this heater overnight could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real and ever-present danger with ventless heaters. This is because a perfectly functioning gas heater produces trace amounts of carbon monoxide which is not harmful as long as there is proper ventilation. Without this ventilation in place, you could be exposed to several fatal consequences.

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