How Long Does a Commercial Dehumidifier Last? What Affects Lifespan?

How long does a commercial dehumidifier last

Think about the last time you felt uncomfortable and uneasy at work or at home as a result of the high humidity levels. Do you remember how sweaty and hot it made you?

Then you found out a commercial dehumidifier was the solution that could make all that go away and you purchased the most suitable one for your needs.

Now imagine that appliance not lasting very long, and you find yourself slipping back into the uncomfortable life you despise. I know, you probably think you would just get another one.

But, wouldn’t you rather know how long it was supposed to last, why this one did not last, and how you can make any commercial dehumidifier you buy in the future last for a long time?

In this article, we will explore all the aspects related to that. It’s not enough that you find the perfect match for your home or business, with no knowledge on how to make the experience last for as long as it should, and more. We’re here to fix that.

How Long Does a Commercial Dehumidifier Last?

Top-quality commercial dehumidifiers will last at least 5 years or more before a replacement of major repair is required. On average, most dehumidifiers in the commercial range last between 4 and 8 years.

These units are a great investment for your business or home use.

As a result of these appliances being pricey, manufacturers have attempted to ensure they are around for a long time when you purchase them by making them durable, sturdy and suitable for rough conditions.

The average commercial dehumidifier will give you at least 5 years of great value when properly used and maintained.

Recommended Commercial Dehumidifiers with Best Lifespan

Factors That Affect the Lifespan Of Commercial Dehumidifiers

There are several unique factors that can affect just how long your commercial dehumidifier will last. They include;

1. Brand

As you may already know, the better quality a particular brand produces, the longer its lifespan.

Although it may not be the biggest factor, the type of brand and their approach to manufacturing commercial dehumidifiers might just be the difference in the performance and lifespan of your commercial dehumidifier.

Cheap brands may produce mediocre appliances while more expensive brands utilize high-grade materials in order to improve the design or quality.

2. Usage

There is a strong connection between how frequently you use your appliance and how long it’ll last. For appliances used every single day for long hours, the lifespan might not last very long as a result of constant wear and rust.

3. Size

Smaller-sized commercial dehumidifiers can fit more conveniently in your home or business and as such are great options.

But apart from being portable, another advantage of smaller or average-sized commercial dehumidifiers is, they are easier to guarantee longevity if the appliance is designed smaller and more compact. Bulky devices run the risk of being easy targets to harm or malfunction.

4. Relative humidity and temperature

Most commercial dehumidifiers are more effective with temperatures above 65°F. Constant use with lower temperatures may damage the compressor, and makes it to last much shorter than normal.

Top 3 Commercial Dehumidifiers with Best Lifespan

1. COLZER Commercial Dehumidifiers [Value for Money]

The durable and sturdy structure of this commercial dehumidifier is the first indication of its longevity.

One very obvious disadvantage of most commercial dehumidifiers is the inability to easily move them from one location to another.

Oftentimes, in the process of doing so, they may be banged against the wall or into other equipment, resulting in malfunction after a short period.

This will never be a problem with this dehumidifier. It is equipped with strong wheels that help in the safe transportation of this appliance.

This appliance is able to function effectively in the roughest of places. Its framework will prevent unnecessary damages as a result of minor collisions with other objects.

2. ALORAIR Storm DP Single-Voltage Commercial Dehumidifier [Best Features]

The folks at ALORAIR are pulling all the stops to ensure their flagship products are produced with the best design model on the market.

The materials used in production are of high grade and of high quality.

This is why this dehumidifier is a step ahead of the rest when it comes to longevity.

With proper maintenance, this device can last a long time without showing any faults or malfunction. It also comes with other cool features like Wi-fi enabled function, noiselessness, simple user controls, and many others.

This appliance has all you need in order to last a lifetime. Still, there is a five-year warranty if the device somehow develops manufacturer faults.

3. Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier [Best Price]

This dehumidifier comes equipped with intelligent control and although this may not sound like much to you, it is important to its longevity.

A common reason why most dehumidifiers do not last is because of poor operation and negligence during operation.

Many commercial dehumidifier owners do not remember to check on their device while it is running and so it could lead to spillage of water, or overheating of the device.

However, with this appliance’s intelligent control, you can automatically set the device to on/off depending on what you need.

Its drainage system also includes a continuous system just so you can avoid using manual drainage if you are unable to watch out for your dehumidifier when the time comes.

Additionally, it comes with an initial 30 days return clause if for some reason you are not satisfied with the service. There is also a 1 year and 2-year warranty for this device.

Important Tips to Extend the Lifespan Of Commercial Dehumidifiers

1. Know the best location most suitable to use your dehumidifier

Instead of just using your commercial dehumidifier just anywhere, it is important you place it where it will function maximally. Where ever that turns out to be, ensure the air leaving and entering the device isn’t obstructed in any way.

2. Ensure the dehumidifier is clean

Constant cleaning and maintenance will ensure your dehumidifier works perfectly for a very long time. Ensure you remove the mold, bacteria, dust etc that accumulates over time to prevent your dehumidifier from developing faults.

3. Set the dehumidifier accurately

The dehumidifier setting is very important if you want to extend its lifespan. It is important you do not use all its features on maximum mode. This is to prevent the dehumidifier unit from being overworked and shortening its lifespan.

4. Replace the filter periodically

It is important to ensure that the filters in your commercial dehumidifier do not remain for too long.

Your dehumidifier constantly attracts all manner of debris and dust, and in order to prevent that debris from spreading to other parts of the unit from the filter, it is important to clean and replace the filter after some time.

5. Inspect the unit for ice buildup

If you stay in an area with cool temperatures, once in a while you have to inspect the condenser for ice formation, so as to avoid any complications. This is especially important if your dehumidifier is not equipped with the anti-frost feature.

6. Never switch on the dehumidifier immediately after it was turned off

This might cause your dehumidifier unit pressure to build up, overheat the appliance and ultimately ruin the compressor. Wait for a minimum of 10 minutes after it goes off before putting it on again.

Final Comments:

Without the benefits of commercial dehumidifiers, it is impossible to enjoy clean, breathable air if you live in a very humid region. This is why you must keep your dehumidifier safe by following all the tips listed above.

Also, if at the office you work with several heat-producing machines, you must ensure they are kept far away from the dehumidifier so as to avoid overheating of the unit.

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