Are Commercial Dehumidifiers Worth It? [Commercial Vs Residential]

Are commercial dehumidifiers worth it - commercial dehumidifier vs residential dehumidifier

Running a company or factory is never easy. Especially when you have to factor in the need to create a conducive and “work-friendly” environment for your workers. The work environment must be friendly and completely free from problems resulting from excess humidity.

It will inevitably lead to low productivity and health challenges among the workers. In order to solve this problem, you must invest in a commercial dehumidifier.

It will aid in providing your business area with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere that will not only guarantee an amazing work experience, but will also help you prevent damage to your walls, equipment and furniture as a result of mold.

However, a question that often pops up in different circles as a result of the cost of commercial dehumidifiers is whether they’re worth it altogether. Does it make sense to spend in excess of $1,500 on a unit or just deal with the humidity some other way?

What Are Commercial Dehumidifiers Used For?

In simple terms, they are heavy-duty appliances that pack up a lot of power, can cover large spaces in excess of 3,000 square feet, and collect hundreds of pints of humidity per time.

When we refer to commercial dehumidifiers, the image that takes center stage in our minds is that of heavy-duty machines that are manufactured with much higher specifications than we are used to with residential dehumidifiers.

Commercial dehumidifiers are manufactured with a durable and efficient exterior often made from reliable materials like steel or hardened plastic in order for them to be able to withstand rough environments.

As a result, they have a much longer lifespan on average than residential dehumidifiers.

Although most commercial dehumidifiers do not have a very aesthetically pleasing appearance that will add beauty or elegance to your office like residential dehumidifiers, they are still a necessity. What they lack in attractive appearances.

As we have explained, these appliances are very durable as a result of the unique choices in their design. This makes them ideal for use in larger and rougher areas.

Top 5 Commercial Dehumidifiers: By Best Performing Feature

If you are in hurry, please check the below listed top commercial dehumidifiers with the comparison of key specifications.

Commercial Vs Residential Dehumidifiers

A major differentiating factor between these two types of dehumidifiers is the amount of moisture they can eliminate from the atmosphere.

For commercial dehumidifiers, the moisture removal is usually around and beyond 160 pints of water on average, while residential dehumidifiers may go as far as 70 pints of moisture.

Although there are some commercial dehumidifiers that remove as little as 60 pints of water, which is less than an average residential dehumidifier, they are still used industrially as a result of their heavy-duty nature and durability.

Here are some ways in which commercial dehumidifiers differ from residential dehumidifiers;

1. Size

Commercial dehumidifiers are often larger than residential dehumidifiers. This, however, doesn’t imply that they can’t be easily moved or are too bulky to be used in your home.

Depending on your preferences, you can select your preferred commercial dehumidifier based on your size requirement. As for residential dehumidifiers, they are generally smaller than commercial ones.

They are also lighter and easier to move around, depending on the brand and model. They are designed specifically for smaller and more enclosed spaces and as such are not so large in size. They are usually stylish and great for complimenting your interior decor.

2. Water storage

This is often regarded as the most significant difference between the two types of dehumidifiers. Commercial dehumidifiers are equipped with hoses that help in ridding the machine of excess water by pumping it to an external reservoir before it is ultimately disposed of.

As for residential dehumidifiers, they are equipped with internal storage which holds water for some time and must be emptied when it reaches its limit.

This is another reason why commercial dehumidifiers run more efficiently. They are capable of running smoothly without requiring you to empty their water storage.

Although many residential dehumidifier owners ultimately attach a hose to their dehumidifier to eliminate this problem, opting for a commercial appliance from the start would have saved you from that extra stress.

3. Quiet

Residential dehumidifiers are generally quieter than commercial ones because they have smaller motors with lesser noise. They are usually designed for homes and as a result, the decibel level has to be low enough to avoid it becoming a source of discomfort.

4. Capacity

As you may rightly guess, commercial dehumidifiers are designed with a larger capacity than residential units. When you are purchasing either of these dehumidifiers, you may be drawn to the method of measuring their capacity.

It depends largely on the amount of water the dehumidifier can eliminate in 24 hours. For example, a dehumidifier with 70 PPD capacity can eliminate 70 pints of water from a room in 24 hours.

Averagely, residential dehumidifiers have capacities ranging from 40 to 70 PPD. Commercial dehumidifiers can have as much as 290PPD, depending on the model and brand.

Are Commercial Dehumidifiers Worth It?

Yes, they are. If you are not a stickler for aesthetically pleasing appliances, then this dehumidifier is definitely worth purchasing.

We must also add that some manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to exterior beauty in the design of commercial dehumidifiers.

Note that commercial dehumidifiers are good for eliminating large amounts of moisture over a shorter period of time in larger spaces.

No matter how humid the climate gets, commercial dehumidifiers are up to the task in providing you with breathable and comfortable air.

There are commercial dehumidifier units that are manufactured for specific locations, either in your home or company, such as pool areas, crawlspaces, storage areas, basements, bedrooms and garages.

Commercial dehumidifiers will effectively prevent the growth of mold, condensation in windows and pipes, and completely eradicate musty and unpleasant smells.

Similar to the residential dehumidifier, commercial dehumidifiers are chosen based on your immediate needs.

Be sure to carefully go through the description aspect of the appliance before purchasing as some of these commercial dehumidifiers require unique outlets or higher voltage to function.

How to Choose a Suitable Commercial Dehumidifier?

Before you select any appliance, you must be sure it perfectly suits what you need at that exact time, in terms of features, space, coverage area, etc.

This is why there are a few things you must look out for when purchasing a commercial dehumidifier. They include;

1. Coverage area

What good is a commercial dehumidifier if it cannot cover the area you intend for it to?

In order to avoid this, ensure you carefully assess the description section of the appliance you intend to buy to ensure the coverage area the appliance can cover is compatible with your home or business area.

2. Size/Portability

Not everyone wants an overly large device in their home or work area. To avoid this, measure the length and width of your home and ensure the specifications of the appliance you want to buy are suitable for the room you intend to place it in.

3. Noise level

You most certainly do not want a loud appliance that will become a nuisance in the long run in your home or office.

Ensure the decibel level of the dehumidifier you intend to buy is suitable for the room or office area it will be placed in so as not to cause distractions or discomfort.

4. Capacity

Ensure you select an appliance that is capable of eliminating high amounts of moisture per day as this will provide comfort and convenience much faster.

Capacity is also largely determined or affected by external factors like relative humidity, openings in the area, number of people occupying the space and so on.

Top 5 Best Commercial Dehumidifiers

1. COLZER 164 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers

Value for Money

I know you are already sold on the need for a dehumidifier, but imagine one that is done easily, no muss no fuss. This dehumidifier is equipped with an automatic humidistat that regulates the humidity level automatically without needing any special intervention.

The drainage options of this appliance are also seamless and convenient. A 6.56 ft drain hose is attached to the appliance which helps with the constant draining of the appliance to avoid an overflow.

This appliance is easily mobile and can be transported from one location to another for use. With its anti corrosion feature, your appliance is protected during transportation, and is guaranteed a long lifespan.


  • Equipped with automatic humidistat.
  • Mobile.
  • Fast drying feature.


  • May not be very energy efficient.

2. ALORAIR Crawlspace, Basement Dehumidifier

Best in features

This energy-efficient dehumidifier is all you need on your journey to a “moistureless” environment. You also do not have to be worried about your dehumidifier being out of place in your home as the manufacturers have pulled all stops in the design of this appliance.

It’s modern, the aesthetically pleasing design also comes in handy when you use it in unique situations like in crawl spaces, for commercial applications in basements, garages, storage areas, for auto defrosting systems, for low-temperature operation etc.,

This dehumidifier is capable of packing a lot of power despite its compact design. It is capable of eliminating at 55 PPD capacity and at 113PPD when saturated.

This commercial unit can reduce moisture in a space as large as 1,200 sq ft. It also includes a sophisticated piece of technology that is used to reduce corrosion and leakage of freon.

The modern technology in this device also protects the coils in the appliance, and a result extends the lifespan of the coils.


  • Protected against internal corrosion.
  • Possesses a defrosting system.
  • Efficient for crawl spaces and basements


  • Capacity may not be sufficient for very large rooms.

3. BlueDri BD-BD-130-BL Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier

Best in Size

When you consider the fact that this dehumidifier is able to eliminate 225 pints of water per day, you are immediately in awe. But that’s not all. There are other attractive features that will make you select this appliance above all else.

In addition to its impressive capacity, it also offers several convenience features that help you dehumidify your entire home with the push of a few buttons.

Some of these include; digital panel, automatic water pump, hour counter, auto restart and accessible electrical controls, RH and temperature sensors.

From your storage room to your attic, this dehumidifier can provide complete water restoration. Restore your entire house now within a short time with this modern commercial dehumidifier.


  • Can withstand rough places with being damaged.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Impressive warranty.
  • High performance.


  • Pricey.

4. Waykar 130 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

Best Price

Portability is not often a term that is used to describe commercial dehumidifiers. This is particularly what makes this dehumidifier special. It doesn’t take up so much space and can be used for very large rooms and spaces.

Drainage is also done seamlessly. All you have to do is connect the hose, select your desired humidity and the appliance does the rest. It will auto off when it has reduced the humidity to your requirement.

Its intelligent control will detect any spike in humid levels and proceed to address it, depending on your previously set humid settings.

It also includes a fan switch to select fan speeds depending on the humid levels. With a capacity of 130 PPD and its modern look, this dehumidifier is great for homes and offices.


  • Varying fan speeds.
  • Sufficient warranty package and support plan.
  • Quiet.


  • May not be suitable to be used in large industries.

5. DOROSIN Commercial Dehumidifier

Best in PPD Capacity

The first thing you will notice when you take a good look at this dehumidifier is the fact that it is sturdy and built with a modern and efficient design.

The wheels attached to all four legs of the dehumidifier help it with efficient mobility. You can use this powerful appliance in any room in your home, in large warehouses, garages, in your office, etc.

With an impressive capacity of eliminating about 170 pints of water per day, this appliance is your last stop for humidity problems.

It is also effective in musty and moist rooms, constantly removing unpleasant and stubborn odors as a result of the excess moisture in the room.

This commercial dehumidifier has two main ways of draining water from its reservoir and the room. The first is with its hose measuring about 40″.

The hose drains the water efficiently to an outside source without any spillage. The second is with a 15.8 pint bucket. Gravity drains the water into this bucket which you then have to empty after several hours of dehumidifying.


  • Equipped with 4 smart modes.
  • Noiseless.
  • Intelligent auto on or off feature.
  • Portable and efficient design.


  • Drain bucket may cause water spillage.

Comparison of Above Listed Commercial Dehumidifiers

 Capacity (pints)Dimensions (inches)Coverage Area (sq ft)Weight
COLZER 164 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers  164 Pints21.6 x 19.6 x 32.5 inches7,000 sq ft88 Pounds
ALORAIR Crawlspace, Basement Dehumidifier  113 Pints19.2 x 12.2 x 13.3 inches1,200 sq. ft57.3 Pounds
BlueDri BD-BD-130-BL Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier  225 pints20 x 21 x 32.5 inches4000 sq ft103.8 pounds
Waykar 130 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier  130 Pints13.4 x 14.6 x 24 inches6000 Sq. Ft67.2 pounds
DOROSIN Commercial Dehumidifier  170 pints14.37 x 15.59 x 25.59 inches1300 Sq ft48.9 pounds

Final Words:

Purchasing an efficient commercial dehumidifier for your home or work area is a trusted way to ensure that the humidity level is maintained at a healthy range.

This will not only keep you healthy but will also improve your productivity and efficiency. Not to mention the protection from the proliferation of mold and other moist-related disasters.

Like many appliances that improve health, you constantly have to maintain your commercial dehumidifier over time. This means constant cleaning and replacement of damaged parts. Ensure you check the filter at least once every 2 months in order to avoid filter clogging.

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