Levoit Vs Coway Air Purifiers [Comparison & Recommendations]

Levoit vs Coway Air Purifiers

Levoit has managed to warm its way into our homes and offices with products that help us to live healthy and better lives. The most popular are the brand’s air purifiers. From the smallest unit to the largest, there’s usually something for everyone and every situation.

Then there’s Coway; air treatment powerhouse and makers of Coway and CowayMega air purifiers. Established in 1989, the brand has grown to be a market leader in Asia and other parts of the world.

If you’re asked to pick between these two brands, which would you go for? How can you tell what brand suits you and which is best for your home or office?

This is what this post is about; to help you make sense of it all, investigate the differences and help you decide whether to buy a Levoit air purifier or it’s a Coway appliance that’s best for you.

Levoit Vs Coway Air Purifiers [Comparison Summary]

S. NoFeatureWinnerRecommended Products
1FiltersTieLEVOIT Air Purifier Core 300
Coway Airmega AP-1512HH
2DurabilityCowayCoway Airmega 300
3Design & PortabilityTieLEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier
Coway Airmega 150(P) True HEPA Air Purifier
4Controls & FunctionsLevoitLevoit Core 400S Air Purifier
5Ease of UseLevoitLevoit Core 300S Air Purifier
Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier
6PriceLevoitLevoit Core 200S Air Purifier
7User ReviewsTieLevoit Core P300s Air Purifier
Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier

Levoit Vs Coway Air Purifiers [Detail Comparison of Important Features]

1. Levoit Air Filters Vs Coway Air Filters

Levoit Air Purifier FiltersCoway Air Purifier Filters
For most Levoit air purifiers, you’ll find a triple filtration system, comprising a pre-filter, the H13 True HEPA, and an Activated Carbon filter.  

To give your home that sweet fragrance, some units feature an extra aromatherapy pad. This pad, when laced with essential oils releases the fragrance into the room to make it smell better.
Just like Levoit air purifiers, Coway air purifiers also use True HEPA filters which have the capacity to capture 99.97% of all air contaminants, including dust, pollen, mold, and even smoke in the air as little as 0.3 microns in size.

Like Levoit, Coway units also have pre-filters, except that theirs are washable and may last for a lifetime. The main HEPA filters last for about 12 months.   Some units also have an ionizer.

Levoit has a slight edge with the addition of aromatherapy pads in some of their units. This does not only remove particles, but also give you that pleasant fragrance you’ll love.

But we must also mention the lifetime pre-filter of Coway air purifiers and how that helps to save money for users. This is why we don’t have a clear winner in this category.

Winner: Tie

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Filter: LEVOIT Air Purifier Core 300
Coway Air Purifier with Best Filter: Coway Airmega AP-1512HH

2. Durability [Which Air Purifiers Lasts Long – Levoit or Coway?]

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Thick plastic build material makes them sturdy and able to withstand a certain degree of impact. Some units have anti-scratch finishes.  

Levoit air purifiers have filters that last for as long as 6 months, on average.    

Their units have a warranty of 2 years.
Coway air purifiers are durable, and this has been verified by experts and even users. The units are made of tough plastic and have tough resilience.  

Units have long-lasting pre-filters which increases their value, compared to Levoit air purifiers.   The units have a warranty of 1-5 years on parts, excluding filters.

The table above shows how durable both brands are. From the build and sturdy materials to the strength and lifespan of the units and their filters, there’s a reason both brands have become so popular among homeowners across the world.

For this category, our top pick is Coway. That extra filter strength gives its purifiers an extra edge over Levoit and most other air purifier brands on the market.

Winner: Coway

Most durable Coway Air Purifier: Coway Airmega 300

3. Design and Portability [Levoit Vs Coway]

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
8 out of every 10 Levoit air purifier models are curved and geometric in shape. When you view such models from the top, what you see is a circle. Their filters and vents have a 360° design with access to every part of the room. This means air comes in on every side and goes out on every side as well.  

This innovative concept gives Levoit an advantage over many other brands that have a flat, rectangular design and filter. Only a few Levoit units have the flat, square design.  

Portability is another important feature of most Levoit air purifiers. This makes them fit in well in most rooms and moving them is pretty easy. However, the brand has some bulky units.
Coway has different designs for its units. These include the 4-legged units, the rectangular boxes and several others.

This flexibility allows homeowners to choose what design they want in relation to what fits their interior decor.      

They’re also quite portable and most of its units are lightweight, all falling under 30 pounds in weight.      

Some of them will require some space in your office or room, but can conveniently complement your interior decor.

In their own ways, both Levoit and Coway have very good designs, which make them pretty good pieces of interior decor. They are also designed in a way that makes it easy to assemble, install and remove filters without requiring technical assistance.

Even though both brands do not exactly use castor wheels for mobility, it is quite easy to carry them and move them from one room to another when necessary.

Winner: Tie

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Design: LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier with Best Design: Coway Airmega 150(P) True HEPA Air Purifier

4. Controls and Functions

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Touch Control is the main Control option in Levoit air purifiers. There are buttons on these units to control components like ON/OFF, fan speed, timer, and so on. There are also some units where several functionalities can be carried out with single-button touch control.  

Levoit is also a highly technological brand and some models feature app control which enables users to control their units using their smartphone.
A large number of Coway air purifiers (more than 70%) are touch-only controlled. They have buttons for easy product manipulation.

The rest have a combination of Touch and App Control.

As we have seen, Touch Control is a default feature with the two brands. However, there are more Levoit units with remote (app and smartphone) control than Coway.

This includes Alexa Voice Control and offers more convenience and an exciting user experience than you’ll get using Coway air purifiers. This is why Levoit is our clear winner in this category, with a great combination of Touch and App control systems.

Winner: Levoit

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Controls:  Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier

5. Ease of Use [Which Air Purifier is Easy to Use – Levoit or Coway?]

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Levoit units are rated highly for ease of assembly and use. They come with a manual and their buttons are clear and easy to understand. Also, Voice Control for compatible units is simply activated by connecting to the Alexa App.    

In terms of Assembly, Levoit units fall within the easy to mid-difficulty range making them quite convenient for users.
Like Levoit units, Coway air purifiers are also quite easy to use, with many of them rated above 4.4 stars out of 5. A few units combine manual touch control with app control and this option gives users the freedom to use smart remote technology and control their units from anywhere.  

Issues like assembly, filter installation and filter replacement are also pretty easy to handle, and there are not many technicalities involved.

Both Levoit and Coway are pretty easy to use, and both brands have an ease of use rating between 4.5 and 4.9 stars across its units. For this reason, we don’t have a clear winner here.

Winner: Tie

Easy to Use Levoit Air Purifier:  Levoit Core 300S Air Purifier

Easy to Use Coway Air Purifier:  Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

6. Price [What is the Cheapest Air Purifier – Levoit or Coway?]

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Levoit is a budget brand, especially when compared with other brands like Coway. They probably have the cheapest air purifiers on the market, with the smallest units going for about $50 and the largest for around $350.  

As for running costs, Levoit air purifiers will take up an average of $200 to $350 for electricity charges over a period of 5 years, and $150 to $250 for filter replacement over the same period.
On the other hand, Coway air purifiers cost higher in initial investment. Buying a small Coway unit will cost around $150 while its largest units will cost as much as $650 to $700, on average.  

However, Coway air purifiers have a lower running cost than Levoit units. Electricity charges over a period of 5 years cost between $150 and $220, depending on the unit. Filter replacement, on the other hand, takes up between $160 and $250 over a period of 5 years.

Even with the slightly cheaper electricity running cost, Coway air purifiers are still generally more expensive overall. Purchasing a Coway unit in the same category as a Levoit unit will generally cost more.

This is why Levoit takes the prize in this category as the most cost-effective unit between the two brands.

Winner: Levoit

Cheapest Levoit Air Purifier: Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier

7. User Reviews

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Levoit air purifiers have as much as 150,000 reviews from verified buyers for all its products listed on the leading online marketplace. These are have rated an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

This is a really impressive stat from the brand and is based on factors like assembly, ease of use, durability, sleep mode, and noise level, etc.
Coway, on the other hand, has lesser reviews, currently at about 20,000 verified reviews on the leading online marketplace. These reviews have an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Although positive, it is slightly lower than that of Levoit. But, just like Levoit, this rating shows great customer satisfaction on issues like ease of use, durability and value for money, etc.

Both brands have shown class and leadership as far as air treatment is concerned. This is evident in the very impressive reviews and ratings across several blogs and online stores.

They are effective, quite efficient, easy to use, durable and with considerable elegance too. It would be unfair to pick one brand over the other, so both brands are winners in this category.

Winner: Tie

Top Levoit Air Purifier with Best User Reviews: Levoit Core P300s Air Purifier

Top Coway Air Purifier with Best User Reviews: Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier

8. Customer Service and Support [Levoit Vs Coway]

Levoit Air PurifiersCoway Air Purifiers
Every Levoit air purifier comes with a warranty of 1 to 2 years. This can be extended when you register the product on their website.  

For complaints, concerns or questions, you can reach the Levoit team via live chat, telephone or email. You’ll also find FAQs on the company’s online Support Page for answers to any questions you may possibly have.
Coway’s customer service and support system is pretty comprehensive, beginning with a 1 to 5 year warranty on its products, depending on the model.  

Then comes systems like Registration, Order Tracking, Returns and Exchange, and General Customer Support through their email, info@cowaymega.com. Like Levoit, you’ll find FAQs and a dedicated phone number to reach out to the customer support team.

Levoit comes tops in this category by a mile. Although Coway has a more comprehensive customer support system, we noticed some inconsistencies and clauses that were not publicly stated.

All you have to do is consider all the systems put in place by Coway to collect such feedback and address them. However, in terms of actually honoring policies like Warranty and customer support, Levoit tends to do better than Coway as evident in the comments by verified users.

Winner: Levoit

Other Comparative Features Between Levoit and Coway Air Purifiers

Auto TimerYes, on most unitsYes, on most units.
Filter IndicatorYesYes
Adjustable Fan SpeedYesYes
Air Quality MonitorYes, automatically adjusts fan speeds.Yes, automatically adjusts fan speed.
Child LockNot a common featureNot a common feature
Tip-over Auto OffNot available in most unitsNot a common feature
Sleep ModeYesYes

Final Words:

This post has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of both Levoir and Coway air purifiers, so that you can make a choice between the two brands.

One thing is obvious, both brands have proven to be quite credible over the years, showing commitment to customer satisfaction and value. By going through the different sections of the post, you can easily decide which brand best suits your needs, and why.

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