Is Winix Air Purifier Good? Which Winix Air Purifier Is the Best?

Air quality is such an important subject in everyday conversations, and with the constant need to rid our indoor air of pollutants, it is easy to fall victim to the confusion that goes into picking the right air purifier.

The ideal air purifier is one that is able to capture at least 99.9% of all air particles down to 0.1 microns, remove odor and smoke and clean up the air for safe breathing. If you’ve ever been on the market for an air purifier, it is very likely you’ve come across Winix air purifiers.

Originally a South Korean brand, Winix has subsidiaries in the United States, Asia and Europe. It is focused on delivering superior innovation, style and performance.

It offers a range of purifiers suited for small, medium and large spaces, including homes, offices, basements, and business environments.

If you’re wondering if this is the brand for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive post to tell you all there is to know about Winix air purifiers and whether or not any of its units is worth your investment.

Evolution of Winix Air Purifiers

Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane to understand how far Winix air purifiers have come. It was in 1973 that the Winix brand first came on board in South Korea.

Chaired by Yoon Hee-Jong, the company has been in the business of producing air treatment solutions, such as air purifiers, for many years.

Winix is today a world leader in air purifiers tailored to meeting the air quality needs of homeowners across the world. Almost all its models come with multiple filters; three, four and five level-filter systems.

Growing through cutting-edge technology and superior innovation, Winix air purifiers have been remodeled through a long-term evolutionary phase.

From the humble beginnings of simple designs to today’s blend of Wi-Fi and trademarked PlasmaWave technology, Winix has maintained one character over the years- that is a consistent penchant for efficiency, effectiveness and top-quality air purifiers for millions of homes across the world.

Best Winix Air Purifiers and Suitability [Considering all Winix Air Purifier Reviews]

Air Purifier ModelBest Suitable For
Winix 5500-2Effective for smoke, odors and particles; medium rooms and offices.
Winix 5300-2Effective for odors, pollen and pet dander; medium rooms and offices.
Winix HR900Great for pet owners, kitchens and medium rooms.
Winix A231Classrooms, nursery, small offices, small rooms; effective for odors.
Winix A230Small rooms, nurseries, and crawlspaces; effective for particles and odors.
Winix AM90Medium to large rooms, kitchens; great for chemical vapors, odors, pollen and particles.
Winix AM80Odor control, VOCs, cooking gases and odors in medium to large rooms and spaces.
Winix 6300-2Large rooms and spaces; for allergens and odors.

How Good Are Winix Brand Air Purifiers?

The simple answer is Yes, Winix is a good brand. If you won’t take it from us, all you have to do is read through reviews and comments of verified buyers and users and you’ll be convinced.

Most Winix air purifiers are rated above 4 stars out of 5, hovering between 4.3 and 5, and also received excellent user reviews.

This is a clear testament to the quality, performance and customer-centric character of the brand. Not only does it have affordable products, it also has its own replacement parts available for users.

Another way to measure whether Winix is a good brand or not is to consider other factors like its ease of use, institutional certifications and licenses, including those issued by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), California Air Resources Board (CARB), among many others.

The brand is also UL listed and has the Energy Star. Winix air purifiers also come with 2 to 5-year limited warranty and, oftentimes, 1-year free filter supply.

1. Auto Mode

An air purifier should be a complete and dependable robot. That means having the intelligence to monitor the air, detect air quality at every point, and control the operation of the appliance based on reports of its sensors.

Levoit is the other brand that competes with Winix in the category of the controls of air purifier devices.

Winix air purifiers are equipped with Smart Sensors which gauge the air and automatically adjust the unit’s fan to filter just as required per time.

2. Air Quality Indicator

You will find a very good sensor in Winix Air purifiers to detect and an indicator to tell the result of that detection. That’s the easiest way to explain the air quality indicator.

It is what tells you how clean or dirty your indoor air is at every point, so you know whether or not to leave your unit ON, adjust the fan or turn it OFF.

3. PlasmaWave Technology

PlasmaWave is a trademark of Winix air purifiers. It is Winix’s secret ingredient that makes their purifiers tick. This technology is ozone-free and attacks contaminants even down to the tiny unseen molecules, including bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, and all manner of harmful gases.

4. Multiple Filtration

Some of the biggest brands within the air purifier industry have institutionalized the idea of having multiple filter types in a single unit. Winix is not an exception.

The logic behind this decision is to provide several layers of protection, so even when certain particles are not trapped by the prefilter, the HEPA or Activated Carbon filter should do the job. With Winix, you’re likely to get a prefilter, a True HEPA filter, a carbon filter and the trademark PlasmaWave.

5. Low-Noise

Relatively speaking, Winix air purifiers are not as noisy as many brands on the market. On average, their products have a noise level between 20dB and 55dB, which is more or less what you may call white noise.

6. Remote Control

This is another very popular feature of Winix air purifiers. Most of their units are remote controlled which makes them very convenient and gives that comfort that advanced technology offers. This is what Winix stands for.

Some high-end units feature Wi-Fi compatibility for ease of use, allowing you to operate the unit remotely using your phone or other devices.

Issues Reported from Winix Air Purifiers Reviews

  • Filters are quite expensive.
  • There are concerns in some quarters about PlasmaWave producing ozone, even though the manufacturers say it is ozone-free.
  • Some products attract high running cost.

Where To Use Winix Air Purifiers for Best Results?

Winix air purifiers are mostly household and office units. This means they offer a variety of applications in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, basement, and other crawlspaces.

Winix air purifiers can also be used in places like restaurants and other business areas. It is important to use them in places with little moisture in the air.

If you have troubles with air particles like dust, pet dander and mold spores, or harmful gases and smoke, it is a good time to deploy a Winix air purifier with multiple filter types.

Furthermore, Winix air purifiers are most effective indoors. Using them outdoors or even in patios may not give you the required results due to the continuous movement of air.

Technical Highlights and Specifications of Winix Air Purifiers


This refers to Clean Air Delivery Rate. It means the number of times an air purifier is able to deliver clean air or change a room’s air within an hour. The CADR for Winix air purifiers is determined mostly by the appliance’s capacity.

From the smallest units, such as the A230 4-Stage appliance which posts around 150 CFM to the largest units like the XQ 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier which has a CADR up to 420 CFM, this information is provided by Winix to help potential buyers make a choice.

2. Coverage

Coverage is also another very important factor to consider when shopping for an air purifier. With Winix air purifiers, you get units that cover areas ranging from as little as 160 sq ft to areas as large as 1,000 sq ft.

There are several products in their lineup covering 200 sq ft, 260 sq ft, 360 sq ft, 400 sq ft and so on.  

3. Wattage

The wattage of Winix air purifiers is similar to industry standard, ranging from 25W to about 65W.

4. Power Source

All Winix air purifiers are powered by electricity and are corded for easy connectivity. The cords are designed properly to withstand the burden of the voltage, but you must also be sure to only connect it directly to a wall socket, and not an extension.

5. Auto Timer

The auto timer feature is another important component of Winix units. The auto timer helps you set your air purifier to run for some hours; two, four, six, eight, etc., and then shut off automatically. This makes the unit convenient for night use.

Winix Air Purifiers Coverage Area

Winix air purifiers have different coverage capacities, ranging from around 160 sq ft per 15 mins to around 420 sq ft per 15 mins.

Note that the same unit, such as the A230 4-stage air purifier, that covers 230 sq ft in 15 mins can also cover 555 sq ft in 30 mins. In the same vein, the 5300-2 model with a coverage capacity of 360 sq ft in 15 mins can also cover up to 800 sq ft in 30 minutes.

How Long Do Winix Air Purifiers Last?

At least 5 years. Although not indicated by the manufacturer, 5 years is the lifespan benchmark for top products.

Also, it is possible to infer from the warranty information how confident the manufacturer of a product is.

Typically, Winix air purifiers have a limited warranty of 2 to 5 years, depending on the model. So, you should get as much as 5 to 10 years in a quality unit.

Winix Customer Service and Technical Support

With the warranty on their products, Winix will replace or fix any air purifier qualifying issue that comes up within the warranty period.

Their customer service with physical presence in the United States, South Korea, China, the Netherlands and Australia will ensure you will be quickly attended to no matter the nature of your problem.

Winix also has replacement filters for their products so you don’t have to worry about availability or compatibility issues.

Winix Air Purifiers Price Range

Generally, their purifiers cost between $90 and $350.

Winix is one of those brands that has a purifier for everyone; those with small rooms looking to spend under $100, those with medium to large spaces who can spend around $200, and those with extra-large spaces who can let go of a few hundred dollars.

For instance, you can purchase the A230 and A231 for between $90 and $100 each.

On the other hand, you’d need as much as $210 to $250 for each of the HR900 or AM90 Wi-Fi unit.

Running Cost of Winix Air Purifiers

Like most other electric air purifier brands, the main components that make up the running cost of Winix units are electricity charges and filter replacements, not minding other unforeseen circumstances. Let’s consider them both.

Energy cost to Run Winix Air Purifiers

To ascertain how much you’ll be paying on electric bills for your Winix air purifier, you need to know the wattage of the appliance and your city’s cost of electricity per kWh.

The average cost per kWh in the U.S. is $0.13. If we take the 65-watt Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier, your hourly cost will be;

$0.13 x 65/1,000 (to ascertain kilowatt) = Cost per hour

$0.13 x 0.065 = $0.00845 per hour.

If you use the appliance for 12 hours each day, you’ll be spending $0.1014 per day, $3.042 per month and $36.504 per year.

To get your own cost, replace “65” with your unit’s wattage.

Winix Air Purifier Filter cost

Most Winix replacement filters cost $40 to $50, while those compatible with the brand’s units cost between $20 and $45. The Genuine Winix 115115 Replacement Filter which costs around $40 is designed for units like the C535, 5300-2, P300 and 5300.

It includes a True HEPA filter and 4 carbon prefilters. While the HEPA filter should be replaced every 12 months, the Carbon prefilter has a 3-month lifespan. This means the product is meant for one year’s use, as it contains 4 carbon prefilters.

If you use a 65-watt Winix air purifier that uses the filters above and your unit lasts for 5 years, you’d have spent $182.52 on electricity and $200 on a replacement filter. That amounts to $382.52 on running costs for 5 years.

Top Winix Air Purifiers with Excellent Reviews

Considering all the Winix Air Purifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air purifiers for your convenience.

Final Words:

Winix has been able to establish itself as a reputable brand in the air purifier industry. For better penetration, Winix has all through the years produced a blend of units suitable for different situations, budgets and purposes.

Using innovative and groundbreaking technology such as the PlasmaWave feature, Winix has won the hearts of many homeowners as a trusted partner in the fight against air pollution across the world.

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