Two Small Air Purifiers Vs One Large | Should You Buy 2 Small OR 1 Big?

Two small air purifiers Vs One large

Air quality is one aspect of life that should never be taken for granted. As our respiratory system scrambles for oxygen to take in, it is important that the oxygen that goes in is as free from pollutants as possible. Otherwise, we’d be putting our lungs and other parts of the system at great risk.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), lung and heart disease can be triggered and aggravated by air pollutants like particulate matter and ozone. This means care must be taken to rid the indoor air of such pollutants as best as possible.

Over the years, air purifiers have become the choice appliance for homeowners across the globe. But, beyond getting the right product, it is also important to size the unit properly so that it fits your space and needs.

In cases where pollution is intense or very large spaces need to be cleaned, you may be faced with the decision of choosing between two small air purifiers or one large unit.

Will it be better to have two small 300 sq ft air purifiers or one large 600 sq ft purifier? The answer lies in the details and we’ll tell you all about it shortly.

The point to make is that you must understand the uniqueness of your home, office or space where the air purifier is needed.

You must also understand if there are consequences for picking one choice over the other, the cost implications, effectiveness, efficiency, and many other factors that need to be considered. If you’re reading this, you’re one step closer to making the right choice. Just stay with us.

Is It Better to Have Two Smaller Air Purifiers Or One Big One?

It’s not possible to provide an answer to this question without considering certain factors. The truth is, the only time to ponder on the possibility of using two units is when you think one won’t be enough.

However, there are larger units as well that can do the job. But how do you get the best results? Let’s consider the factors.

1. Air Circulation

1. Air Circulation

Air Circulation is very important when dealing with air purifiers.

You need the right amount and direction of airflow to be able to trap dust and other particles.

If air circulation in your room is poor, or the room has a complex shape (maybe an L), then you may need to have two air purifiers positioned at the two different points.

This will do better than one large unit which may not have the capacity to get air through corners or curves.

2. Noise

2. Noise

Noise is one very important factor to consider when you’re shopping for air purifiers. Truth is, no one wants to be in a home where appliances make an annoying sound throughout the day.

Generally, two small air purifiers are likely to give off more noise than a single large air purifier.

Also, larger units tend to pay a lot of attention to noise reduction. Take the 463 sq ft Living Enrichment Air Purifier, for instance, has a 26db rating.

Also, on a general basis, a single large unit gives off lesser noise than two smaller units.

For example, the 1095 sq ft AROEVE Air Purifier comes with a 25 dB noise level. On the other hand, the 538 sq ft Levoit LV-H133 unit gives off the same 25 dB of noise.

So, if you have a 1,095 sq ft room, using two of that Levoit units will combine to give off 50 dB, whereas the single AROEVE unit will only give off 25 dB.

3. Filter Lifespan

3. Filter Lifespan

The lifespan of the filters should also be a source of concern. The longer the filter is able to last, the better it is.

In this case, large air purifiers often have more durable filters which can last for as long as 9 to 18 months on average.

On the other hand, smaller units can only manage filters with a Lifespan between 3 and 9 months on average.

Furthermore, while you may purchase a large filter for around $25 to $40, you’ll get those for smaller units for between $15 and $30.

You’ll end up spending more on filters for the two air purifiers than you would on a single large unit.

4. Cost

4. Cost

For most people, the deciding factor is cost. Does it cost more to have two smaller units than one large one or vice versa? This has to be looked at in terms of initial cost and maintenance cost.

For instance, a 547 sq ft Levoit unit costs around $100 to purchase, while a 260 sq ft Levoit unit costs around $90.

This raises a lot of questions because it means you’d spend close to $180 for two smaller units when you can get one large unit for just around $100, without paying attention to other features of course.

Another cost consideration is that of running and maintenance. Will it cost more to run a large unit than it would to run two smaller units? You’d need to consider the wattage of the units before you make a choice.

Largely, air purifiers have a wattage between 8 Watts and 120 Watts, with an average of around 40 to 60 Watts. If using one large unit will cost more to run than two small units (every other factor considered), then you may want to go for the two small units, and vice versa.

5. Extent of Pollution

5. Extent of Pollution

The level of pollution in the room or home is another very important factor to consider.

Small units lack the durability and capacity to pull and push large airflow around the room.

Many of them have very weak fans and filters as well.

So, rather than deploy such small units in a densely populated room or space, it is better to deploy one large, durable unit.

You must always consider the capacity and performance of the units you’re considering.

6. Space Complexity

6. Space Complexity

We’ve already talked about the shape of the room as a factor, but we must also mention that the content of the space, its size, and the distance between rooms to be covered are other factors to consider.

If you want to cleanse the air in an entire home, especially with different rooms and floors, it’s certainly best to have multiple small air purifiers in different rooms than having one large one for the entire house.

Final Words:

At the end of the day, it all depends on the details and your specific needs and situation. Whether it’s two units you settle with or one large air purifier, be sure to buy products that are durable and rated to perform highly.

You must check the initial cost, running cost, space to be covered, noise, the extent of pollution, and filter Lifespan before you make a decision. In the end, what you want is a solution that works and gives you the best air quality that you desire.

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