How Good Are Medify Air Purifiers? Which Medify Air Purifier Is Best?

How good are Medify air purifiers

Brands that have focused their energies, efforts and resources on specific needs have often proven to be in the elitist category as far as that niche is concerned. If there’s one brand that has attained that status within the air purifier market, it is probably Medify.

Known across the globe for their attention to detail, superior filtration systems and advanced operational technology, Medify air purifiers have been widely recommended for places such as schools, businesses, hospitals and homes.

That’s not all, a study by Intertek showed that some models of Medify are 99.95% effective at removing airborne COVID-19 particles.

Medify knows how important air purifiers are in ensuring the air we breathe is safe and clean, and by subjecting their products to intensive scrutiny and only the toughest kinds of tests, they ensure only the best is released into the market.

No wonder the brand is trusted by renowned organizations including Boston Public Schools, University of Minnesota, and Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County. Let’s explore more details to understand how good are Medify air purifiers.

Evolution Of Medify Air Purifiers

Medify Air was founded by a visionary engineer known as J Henry Scott in January 2019.

As a fairly new brand in the air purifier industry, Medify broke into the market with an intent to maintain uncompromising filtration quality, often stressing the use of HEPA H13 or True HEPA filters in their models.

Emerging as a disruptive brand, Medify has evolved over the years with a variety of models and series, beginning with the 80 sq ft MA-CAR model, through the all the MA series to the 2,500 sq ft/30 mins MA-112.

The goal for Medify Air has always been to help the world defeat indoor air pollution by removing all its components including mold, dust, pet dander, viruses, smoke, odor and other seen or unseen particles that make breathing difficult.

Allergy sufferers are another important group that engineers at Medify focus on; offering products that help to remove symptoms of their year-round or seasonal troubles.

Today, it ranks high in the midst of the big brands and has proven to be truly helpful as far as air purification is concerned.

Best Medify Air Purifiers & Suitability [Considering All Medify Air Purifier Reviews]

Air Purifier ModelBest Suitable For
MA-40Extra-large rooms, effective for smoke, dust, odors and pet dander.
MA-25Night use, medium to large rooms, for dust, odors and pet dander.
MA-15Small to medium rooms, good during sleep, for particulate pollutants and odors.
MA-14Small rooms, night-time usage, dust and pet dander.
MA-18Office, bedrooms, baby nurseries, small to medium rooms, table-top use.
MA-35Wall-mounted, office and medium to large rooms, also good around children and pets.
MA-50Extra-large spaces, restaurants, and also for night use.
MA-22Small to medium spaces, good for night-time use.
MA-112Great for entire home, large offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc. effective against particles, viruses, smoke and odor.

Are Medify Air Purifiers Good?

For all intents and purposes, Medify is a super brand when viewed on an overall basis.

From its ability to remove 99.9% of all particles, even those as tiny as 0.1 micron and the 30-day home trial, to free shipping and returns and lifetime warranty offers, there’s no reason why Medify shouldn’t be ranked up there with the best.

Its exterior designs and housing are a masterpiece to behold and with each new model comes something truly extraordinary.

What’s more, safety is a non-negotiable element within the operations of Medify Air. Not only is adequate attention given to durability, wattage power and overheating concerns,

Medify air purifiers are completely and totally ozone-free. In terms of affordability, all its products are priced under $600. In fact, its smallest models are put under the $100 mark even with its amazing quality, performance and design.

1. True HEPA H13 Filter

The HEPA H13 filtration system is the higher grade of HEPA filters, able to capture tinier particles as little as 0.1 microns. While most air purifiers use the HEPA H11 (which can only capture as little as 0.3 microns), Medify purifiers use the True HEPA H13 filter for more effective cleaning of dust and viruses.

2. Tailored Designs/Sizes

Another amazing feature of Medify air purifiers is the flexibility with which every unit is built. Each product is tailored to a particular need and segment of the market.

Small units for small rooms; medium units for medium to large rooms and large units for extra-large rooms and whole-house purification. Each also has a specific coverage that suits the purpose.

3. Easy Filter Replacement

Across the board, Medify air purifiers are also very popular for the ease in replacing their filters.

Whether it’s the prefilter or HEPA H13 filter, you simply need to open the side of the housing and bring out the filter for replacement. No need to call a professional and no time wasted.

4. Child Lock

The Child Lock feature is one that most other brands ignore or brush aside. Oftentimes, a child gets to tamper with your purifier settings thereby messing up the purification progress.

With the Child-Lock feature in Medify air purifiers, your kids and pets won’t be able to interrupt the operation of your appliance.

5. Sleep Mode

This is another popular feature you’d find on a Medify air purifier. It helps to sustain the unit in a manner that keeps it going all night long, with little or no noise and without any risk of overheating. This ensures you can leave your purifier on all night long without any worries.

6. Timer

Then there’s the timer. With a timer, you’re able to set your unit to automatically shut off at a specific time even if you’re away from home or sleeping.

This is a very important feature Medify air purifiers offer because it sustains the lifespan of the air purifier and its filters. So, you could set your air purifier at 6 hours and go to bed, knowing that your unit will go off after 6 hours.

7. Filter Indicator

A filter indicator is another smart feature that Medify offers. With this, you don’t have to open up your unit to check the state of your filter every time.

All you have to do is spot the filter indicator light to see if your filter is in good condition or not. This also gives you a clue when it is time to replace your filter.

Issues Reported in Medify Air Purifiers Reviews

  • Large units are quite heavy, sometimes exceeding 25 pounds.
  • May not be as effective with VOCs and formaldehyde, especially those that simply feature prefilters and HEPA filters.
  • Most Medify air purifier filters are not washable and require replacement every 3-4 months.
  • Most users have a problem with the fact that many of its products are assembled in China.
  • High running cost

Where Are Medify Air Purifiers Used for The Best Results? (Usage)

It all depends on the model. Some models are designed for small rooms and spaces, others for large rooms and some for whole-house or business use.

The MA-112 is a large unit and can cover areas up to 2,500 sq ft with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 950 Cubic meters per Hour. Such an appliance can be used for whole-house air purification, classrooms, staff offices, hospitals, living rooms, restaurants, etc.

On the other hand, the MA-CAR is a wall-mounted or back-seat mounted unit which can cover an area up to 80 sq ft in 30 minutes. This unit is best used in dorm rooms, cars, RVs, and small crawlspaces.

Generally, Medify air purifiers are most effective indoors for particulate pollutants, odor and in some cases, smoke.

Highlights Of Medify Air Purifiers Technical Specifications

1. Power Source

In terms of power source, Medify air purifiers are mostly electric, each featuring a cord.


Medify has the record of having the air purifier with the largest CADR (at 950 CM/hour) on amazon.

CADR refers to how much clean air is released into the room per hour or minute (in some cases). Medify has a very impressive CADR across most of its units, ranging from 20 CM/hour to as high as 950 CM/hour.

3. Wattage

The wattage of Medify air purifiers is also very impressive, with many of them running on as low as 15 watts, with the largest unit still under 100W. Where the brand fails in washable filters, it makes up for in electricity charges.

4. Coverage

Coverage is another very important factor that determines whether a unit is bought or not. Medify has a steady progression of coverage through its series, beginning from 80 sq ft and terminating in 2,500 sq ft per 30 minutes.

5. Filtration

A Multiple filtration system is what Medify adopts, with prefilters, HEPA filter and either Activated Carbon filters or Ionizers completing the combination. This makes for enhanced effectiveness.

The other company that gives tight competition to Medify in terms of filtration is Levoit.

6. Noise Level

Medify air purifiers are not so noisy, especially those with the Sleep Mode feature. On average, even the largest models have a noise level of 70 dB.

7. Fan Control

This determines the adjustability of fan speed. For Medify, users are able to choose between 3-4 fan speeds for convenience.

8. Operation

Most Medify air purifiers are operated through Touch Control. Many of the units do not have remote control systems.

How Much Area Do Medify Purifiers Cover?

Medify air purifiers cover a wide range of 80 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft. These air purifiers are of different sizes and capacities and are available to suit specific space needs. The best way to answer this is to provide a brief list with different coverage, from smallest to largest.

  • Medify MA-CAR Air Purifier – 80 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-14 – 200 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-15 – 330 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-25 – 500 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-35 – 640 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-40 – 840 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-50 – 1,100 sq ft.
  • Medify MA-112 – 2,500 sq ft.

How Long Do Medify Air Purifiers Last?

An average of 5 to 10 years. It is difficult to tell the exact lifespan of any air purifier because that depends on a number of factors including usage, maintenance, air quality, and length of usage, among others.

However, we can also deduce a hint from the manufacturer.

Each Medify air purifier has a lifetime warranty and if properly used, will last at least 5 years before a replacement is needed.

How Is Medify Air Purifiers Support and Customer Service?

The lifetime warranty is already a pointer to the customer-centric nature of Medify Air.

What this means is a warranty on the product and its parts, except filters, for repairs or replacement.

There is also a return policy on each unit. Apart from that, Medify has a responsive customer service page on its website for questions, complaints and concerns.

Medify Air Purifiers Price Range

Medify air purifiers have a cost range between $70 and $500, depending on the unit.

The smallest, which is the 80 sq ft MA-CAR unit, costs between $80 and $95. This can cover only about 80 sq ft an is great for car use.

There is also the small 200 sq ft MA-14 unit that costs about $70 to $90. Large units, such as the MA-40 and MA-50, cost between $180 and $260, depending on the retailer.

Then there’s the largest of them all, the 2,500 sq ft MA-112, that goes for $400 to $500.

Cost Of Running Medify Air Purifiers

Running your Medify air purifier means you’re using up energy and you should also be ready to replace its filter every 3-4 months. For electricity, the wattage of your unit and the electric cost per kWh in your area are the two most important details to ascertain how much you’ll be spending.

If we go by the national electricity average of $0.13 per hour and you have the 35W MA-18 air purifier, it means you’ll be spending $0.00455 per hour on electricity.

If you use the unit for 16 hours every day, that amounts to $0.0728 per day, $2.184 per month and $26.208 per year. The size of the room and air quality may also be a factor in many cases.

As for filters, a typical Medify H13 HEPA filter costs between $30 and $70, depending on the unit.

For instance, the MA-112 3-in-1 replacement filter (consisting of the Pre-filter, H13 HEPA and Activated Carbon filters) goes for between $120 and $140, depending on the retailer.

The filters are to be changed every 4-5 months, meaning about 3 times every year. That will amount to around $390 a year and more than $1,900 in 5 years.

Top Medify Air Purifiers with Excellent Reviews

Considering all the Medify Air Purifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air purifiers for your convenience.

Final Words:

There is no way air purifiers can be talked about without a mention of Medify. It has established itself as popular brand around the world and has built a reputation for itself in just a few years.

One good thing about the brand is that it has a model for everyone; whether it’s a budget unit for a dorm room, a $200 unit for an extra-large room or even a $500 unit for an entire house or business area, Medify has got you covered.

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