How Good Are Alen Air Purifiers? Which Is the Best Alen Air Purifier to Buy?

How Good Are Alen Air Purifiers?

It is winter season in many parts of the world, especially the West, and there is a tendency to seal up our homes to keep the cold out and sustain the warmth we’ve created in our homes. Without proper ventilation, indoor air pollution becomes a huge problem due to our activities.

So, whether you’re repainting this season, you have an allergenic dog or cat, you smoke indoors or engage in other activities that pollute the air, you need an air purifier to help keep your air clean and safe for breathing.

Alen Corp. understands this need and has been in the forefront of producing air purifiers with an aim to bridge the gap in the market. Like many brands on the market, Alen has been able to carve a niche for itself in the battle to make the air we breathe healthier and cleaner.

As a brand, Alen has a long list of air purifiers for different purposes and consumers. But if you’ve ever come across the brand, there’s one question you must’ve asked at some point; are good are Alen air purifiers?

Evolution of Alen Air Purifiers

Alen was established in 2006 by Peter Mann. The story of Alen air purifiers is one that has reverberated the HVAC industry in the United States and beyond. It started from a personal need; the charismatic engineer simply wanted to find respiratory relief for a son.

His asthmatic son found it difficult to breathe due to air pollution and his desire was to give him relief. As they say, the best businesses are those set out to fulfil a need. It was already clear that a gap existed in the industry.

From that humble beginning, Alen Corp. has grown to become one of the United States’ fastest growing air purification brands. It is known for its innovation and a simple vision; which is to help people live better lives, just like the founder, Mann helped his son.

The mission for Alen was straightforward; to merge quality and affordability by designing products that reduce landfill waste, are ecologically friendly, and attractive. So, after 18 months of intense research, Alen launched their first air purifier- Paralda in 2006.

The product was a disruptive statement in the industry at the time filled with brands that said one thing and did something entirely different. Those that managed to offer some quality had high price tags.

With the Paralda, Alen Corp. introduced high performance, rich design features, innovation and affordability. Although a U.S. company based in Austin, Alen has a major Asia corporate office in China.

Today, there is a myriad of air purifier models and series manufactured and produced by Alen to help people breathe and live better.

Best Alen Air Purifiers and Suitability [Considering All Alen Air Purifier Reviews]

Air Purifier ModelBest Suitable For
Alen T500Medium to large rooms, offices and business spaces. Effective for mold, dust, allergens, bacteria and odors.
BreatheSmart FLEXGreat for nursery, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, small classrooms, small basements, dens and bathrooms. Best for cooking and smoke odors.
BreatheSmart 45iEffective for allergens, dust, pet odors and heavy smoke from cigarette and VOC fumes. Suitable for large spaces.
BreatheSmart FIT50Best suited for removing bacteria and mold. Great for large rooms, basements and damp spaces.
BreatheSmart ClassicExtra-large rooms and spaces, indoor business environments; effective for particles, dust and allergens. Also effective for aerosolized viruses.
BreatheSmart 75iExtra-large rooms, whole-house cleaning for small apartments, classrooms, seminar rooms. Effective for particles and heavy smoke from wildfires and cigarettes, etc.

Are Alen Air Purifiers Good?

The mission of Alen Corp., according to a statement on their website, is to improve lives through healthy, safe and worry-free air. This suggests a brand that is focused on the needs of its consumers.

In fact, the brand says their innovations and operations are centered on customer feedback. With this, we can say that Alen is a good brand. A quick look at its ratings on online stores like amazon reveals thousands of 5-star reviews by verified buyers and users.

Alen is also highly respected among experts and HVAC professionals. If we’re to highlight a few values which have proven the relevance of Alen air purifiers in the industry, we would mention innovation, lifetime warranty, customer-centrism, affordability, sustainability and inclusivity.

On a more specific note, we’ll look at some of the key features of Alen air purifiers that make them popular.

1. True HEPA Filter

Alen air purifiers are equipped with True HEPA filters, especially the high-quality H13 HEPA filter. This ensures maximum purification of your indoor air for healthier breathing and comfortable living.

2. Aesthetic Value

If you’ve ever used an Alen air purifier, especially the BreatheSmart series, you must’ve received numerous compliments from visitors regarding not just the quality of your indoor air, but the pleasant look of your appliance. This also enhances your indoor décor.

3. Air Quality Sensor

This is one feature you’d find in high-end air purifier brands. Alen adds this feature to their air purifiers to help you monitor air quality continuously. By knowing how clean or polluted the room’s air is, the unit automatically adjusts its fan and operation.

4. Auto Mode

This is another very crucial feature because it allows your Allen air purifier to run automatically. It moves into sleep mode at night and adjusts the fan as needed at every point in time.

5. Large Coverage

It’s hard to find an Alen air purifier with a coverage capacity of less than 400 sq ft. That is the size of a medium room. Many of their units are within the 500 sq ft to 1,500 sq. ft. This means they are suitable for medium, large and extra-large spaces.

Problems Reported from Alen Air Purifiers Reviews

  • Built for Large Spaces: There are really no units designed for small spaces. This means you’re likely not to get something around $100 to $150 for your 100 sq. ft. dorm room.
  • No Units under $200: There are no units under $200, because Alen do not produce units for very small rooms.
  • Many Alen air purifiers possess the ionizer feature which creates concerns of ozone.

Where To Use Alen Air Purifiers for Best Results?

Generally speaking, Alen air purifiers are effective in homes, offices, business places and areas with controlled ventilation.

It is also important to note that if you want a unit for a 120 sq. ft. space, it’ll make more economic sense to go for a brand that offers such small units.

Alen air purifiers are powerhouses, so its best to utilize them adequately. Although, the T500 is often used for small spaces with remarkable results.

If you want to enjoy the best value from Alen air purifiers, you should be sure you’re getting the unit that best suits your need. Alen has different product categories and units for different purposes and you must pay close attention.

For instance, some units like the Alen 45i air purifier are great air particle removers with the Medical-grade H13 HEPA filter. However, the unit lacks a fresh carbon filter and won’t do so well in removing stale tobacco smoke or certain odors.

There are other units that are spectacular for tobacco smoke and other VOCs and harmful gases, as well as particulate contaminants.

Technical Highlights and Specifications of Alen Air Purifiers


For all air purifiers, CADR refers to Clean Air Delivery Rate and determines how much air cleaning the unit can do per minute or hour.

It is usually measured in cubic feet per minute or hour. Alen air purifiers have a CADR beginning from 200 CFM to as much as 400 CFM, depending on the unit.

2. Coverage

Coverage is another factor that determines the effectiveness of an air purifier. For Alen, air purifiers cover areas based on their inherent filtration capacity.

The smallest units like the T500 and 45i cover between 300 and 800 sq. ft., while larger units like the 75i cover between 700 sq ft. and 1,500 sq. ft.

3. Wattage

Wattage is a crucial consideration because it determines the running costs to a large extent. This is why Alen has ensured its products are energy efficient as all of them run on electricity between 1.8 and 60 watts.

This means most of its units consume less than a regular light bulb needs to run and makes Alen a truly sustainable brand.

4. Filtration

Alen air purifiers are known for using H13 HEPA filters across their product lines, but each also has specialized filters depending on what the product is designed for.

For instance, the 700 sq. ft. FLEX unit has a B4-FRESH Filter which has activated carbon for removing toxic smells and smoke along with a HEPA filter. On the other hand, the 75i model features the B7-MP-PET Filter that’s effective for pet dander, bacteria and fungi.

5. Validated SleepScore

This is a feature present in some Alen air purifier models to help users sleep comfortably at night without much noise. All it generates is a pink noise that helps you enjoy improved sleep quality and better rest, while the unit fights off allergies and contaminants.

6. Touch Control

Most Alen units are touch-controlled as they do not have remote controls.

Alen Air Purifiers Coverage Area

We’ve already talked about the coverage of some units already. Largely, Alen air purifiers have a broad coverage range between 300 and 1,300 sq. ft. every 30 minutes.

This makes them suitable for many different situations and spaces, from small to large.

For example, the BreatheSmart Fit50 covers 900 sq. ft. while the BreatheSmart Classic covers 1,100 sq. ft. on the flip side, the FLEX covers 700 sq. ft. while the T500 covers around 500 sq. ft.

How Long Do Alen Air Purifiers Last?

Alen air purifiers have an estimated lifespan between 5 and 10 years. If used under the right conditions, some units may last longer than 10 years.

The manufacturers are so sure of the quality and durability of their products that each of them comes with a lifetime warranty. There are very few, if any, brands that offer more than 5 years in warranty.

Alen Air Purifiers Customer Service and Technical Support

From the warranty, to the standby, responsive customer service and 24-hour customer line, Alen has shown genuine concern for customer satisfaction.

The customer service team can be reached by email or call the hotline number provided on contact us page of Alen website. Just be sure to register the product on the Alen website.

The warranty structure has 2 plans; a 1-year warranty that comes standard with your product and a lifetime warranty that requires you to register the product on the website and have an active filter subscription.

Alen Air Purifiers Price Range

The price range of Alen air purifiers is between $200 and $800.

This covers a range of products of varying sizes, capacities, technologies, features and efficiency.

One of the cheapest is the T500 which costs around $210 while the 75i is one of the most expensive at between $720 and $750.

Running Cost of Alen Air Purifiers

It is one thing to buy an air and yet another to run it continuously and enjoy its true value and benefits.

For Alen air purifiers, that means ensuring filters are in good shape and replaced as and when due, as well as paying up energy bills.

Let’s consider the two components for an idea of how much a typical Alen air purifier will cost to run.

Alen Air Purifier Filter cost

The HEPA filter which Alen air purifiers use should be replaced at least once every 6 months. Depending on usage and the quantity of particles in the air, some homeowners may have to replace the filter every 3-4 months.

For the sake of this post, we’ll leave it at 6 months. Replacement filter for most Alen air purifiers cost around $60 to $140.

If you use the 75i unit, the replacement filter which goes for around $140 has a lifespan of 12 months. The Alen BF35-Silver Carbon air purifier, on the other hand, costs around $80 and also lasts about 12 months.

For the 75i unit, you’d be spending about $700 for a period of 5 years on filter replacement, as long as prices do not change. For smaller units like the 45i, you’d be spending about $350 over a 5-year period.

Energy Cost to Run Alen Air Purifiers

In calculating the cost of running your air purifier, electricity is also very important.

Let’s calculate the energy charge of the BreathSmart FLEX model using the U.S. hourly electricity tariff average of $0.13 per kWh.

The BreatheSmart FLEX runs on 36 watts, which equals 0.036 kW. Therefore, to get the electricity charge per hour, you need to calculate using the following formula;

Wattage x Electricity Cost/hr = Cost of Running Unit/hour

0.036 x 0.13 = $0.00468 (Per hour)

If you run the unit for 16 hours daily, this amounts to $0.075 per day, $2.25 per month, and $27 per year. For other units, replace the wattage appropriately.

Top Alen Air Purifiers with Excellent Reviews

Considering all the Alen Air Purifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air purifiers for your convenience.

Final Words:

If you ever had doubts about Alen air purifiers, we hope this post provides some clarity. As a product founded in 2006, the last 15 years have been a journey of growth and innovation.

Alen is today, one of the most trusted brands when it comes to air purifiers and filters. If you want relief from allergens, dust, bacteria, mold, smoke and VOCs, this is one brand you can trust. Plus, there’s a model for everyone.

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