Self Evaporating Air Conditioners – A Complete Guide [Top 3 Picks]

Self Evaporating Window Air Conditioners

One of the hassles of using an air conditioner is finding a way to let the condensed water out of the unit and outside the house. Where buckets are used, you need to constantly empty them. When the AC is not properly installed, you may have water leaking into your home.

To prevent such hassles, manufacturers invented what is known as self-evaporating air conditioners.

Over the years, we’ve seen the rise of self-evaporating units and you may be wondering what they mean and how they work.

Do they truly self evaporate? What does the term even mean? You’ll get all the answers as you read on.

What is a self-evaporating air conditioner?

Window air conditioners are not only more efficient than portable air conditioners, they are the most common type of air conditioners used today. A common type of window AC is a Self-evaporative air conditioner.

Self-evaporative air conditioners are AC units that not only circulate cool air but also remove the warm air from your home.

These air conditioning units can either be portable or window-type. However, window self-evaporative air conditioners are more preferred.

Self-evaporative air conditioners are usually single-unit air conditioners that are installed on walls and window spaces.

Unlike other air conditioning types, self-evaporative air conditioners have filters that trap contaminants and ensure that clean filtered air is circulated within the room.

Self-evaporative air conditioners have buttons and remote controls that you can use to control them in a particular setting.

How does a self-evaporating air conditioner work?

Older air conditioning units work by collecting hot air which is condensed inside the conditioning unit. After a while, the water collected in the air conditioner unit gets filled and will need to be drained.

This is important so that the device continues to work efficiently. However, this is a very tedious task, as there is the risk of the water overflowing or spilling, making a mess. This led to the creation of self-evaporating air conditioners.

Just as the name implies, these units collect warm air from the room (which goes through the process of condensation as it enters the unit) and then evaporates the condensed water out of the unit through the vents. There are two main types of self-evaporating air conditioners.

  • Non-refrigerant Self-evaporating Air Conditioner: The non-refrigerant type works in a typical way. It collects the moisture extracted from the room and cools it in a container known as Evaporative Cooler before disposing it out through the vents of the conditioning units.
  • Refrigerant Self-evaporating Air Conditioner: The refrigerant self-evaporating air conditioner evaporates the condensed water directly through the vent outside the air conditioning unit. There is no cooler in the refrigerant self-evaporating air conditioner. This automatic evaporation uses internal cooling coils and a misting system to re-evaporate the liquid before expulsion.

It should be noted that this process of condensation and re-evaporation only happens when heat and humidity levels are higher than normal.

High humidity levels will cause an increase in moisture beyond the air conditioner’s ability to evaporate and expel the air out of the room. Many self-evaporative air conditioners have indicators that tell you when to change or clean the filter of your air conditioners.

Pros and Cons of a Self-evaporative Air Conditioners

Benefits of Self-evaporative Air Conditioners

The benefits of self-evaporating air conditioners cannot be over-emphasized. A basic advantage is that many self-evaporating ACs are smaller than traditional air conditioners and take up less space within the home.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost: They are cost-effective and more efficient in operations.
  • Ease: They are easy to install and maintain.
  • Smart design: They can work with smart technology; you can operate your conditioning units using a smartphone with a connected app.
  • No leaks: It prevents the mess caused by water leaks.
  • Auto drain: You do not have to dismantle parts of the air conditioner during water drainage.
  • Durability: There is no need for your air conditioning unit shutting off or breaking down.

Drawbacks in Self-evaporative Air Conditioners

like most other appliances, there are some disadvantages of self-evaporating air conditioners. Let’s see them.

  • Noise: Many self-evaporating air conditioners are noisy. Some of these ACs that have silent operation become noisy after continued use.
  • Electricity is required: They are electrically powered and must be installed in proximity to an electric power source.
  • Limited Use: They are used for cooling single spaces.

Top 3 Best Self-Evaporating Air Conditioners

Self-evaporating air conditioners sometimes recycle condensed moisture and usually are made to be portable. This means that they can be used as stand-alone units. You can also modify your space to use these portable air conditioners as window units.

There are a number of self-evaporating air conditioners in the market, with ergonomic designs and affordable prices. Here, We brought you our top 3 picks.

1. Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner [Value for Money]

The Whynter ARC-14SH portable air conditioner and dehumidifier is made with the end-user in mind in terms of design and use.

This product uses 14,000 BTU conditioning capacity with a dual hose that makes it cool spaces that measure up to 500-square feet.

The Whynter ARC-14SH also has 3 fans for dehumidifying.

Apart from air conditioning and dehumidifying, this product can also circulate hot air (working as a heater). You do not have to worry about leaks because there is an automatic draining function that ensures that condensates are expelled from the room automatically.

The thermostat uses a digital readout with a 24-hour timer. You can use this product in fan mode with a washable pre-filter that ensures that fresh air is circulated at all times. All of these come in an easy-to-read installation manual.

There is also a window kit in case you want to set up your air conditioner as a window unit. This product operates silently and is eco-friendly. The best part? It is quite affordable.

The disadvantage of this product is that you might have to drain the cooler frequently when using this air conditioner in heat mode.

2. SereneLife SLPAC8 Portable Electric Air Conditioner Unit [Best Price]

If you want to buy a self-evaporating air conditioner that is highly affordable, the SereneLife SLPAC8 is your best choice.

This product works using 8000 BTU cooling capacity and can switch between 3 modes; fan, cooling and dehumidifier.

The cooling mode switches automatically when you turn the air conditioner on.

This product can cool spaces up to 250-square feet. The SereneLife portable air conditioner has a sleek, lightweight design with roller wheels for easy movement.

There is a window mounting kit if you want to modify your living space to set up this product as a window unit. The noise level of this product is quite low during operation, just about 57 decibels. You can also operate this product with a remote control that is battery-powered.

The SereneLife SLPCA8 is one of the most affordable air conditioners on the market, but you just may not get the amount of cooling your desire because it is a budget product. It may also fall short on efficiency after some years.

3. De’Longhi 12500 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner [Best Features]

One thing you will love about the De’Longhi Smart Portable Air Conditioner is the technology with which it was built.

This portable air conditioner is compatible with WiFi and can also work with smart speakers, making it easy to convert your space into a very comfortable zone.

You can control this air conditioner with your phone or tablet using the De’Longhi PAC App. This product can also work in 4 modes; cooling, dehumidifier, heater and fan to circulate cool air and hot air when necessary.

The 12,500 BTU cooling capacity ensures that this air conditioner works with high efficiency, cooling up to 500-square feet.

The ergonomic design of this air conditioner makes it easy to move around, as it has caster wheels underneath and handles on the side for easy lifting and movement between rooms.

It does not matter if you use Apple or Google devices as the De’Longhi Smart air conditioner is compatible with both operating systems.

You can also use voice control to operate this device. However, you can only enjoy these amazing features if you’re willing to part with the pricey tag.

Final Words:

With Self-evaporating window units, you can be sure of portability and convenience. They may not be the most powerful or efficient air conditioners, but they are very compact and will provide the much-needed cooling your room or home desires.

This post provides a review of three of the best self-evaporating ACs you’ll find on the market. It is okay if you find other products that suit your taste. Ensure that you look up reviews of products that you want to purchase.

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