Are Vornado Fans Good? Worth It? Where To Buy Vornado Fans?

Are Vornado Fans good?

For centuries it was easier to address the problem of being too cold than being too hot. People simply built a fire to create warmth and make their environments comfortable. However, dealing with heat in the summer was almost impossible to deal with.

The hand fan was great, but it required continuous human effort and would normally only cater to a single individual. People started to get used to it until 1886 when a certain Dr Schuyler Skaats invented the electric fan.

That pioneering two-blade invention changed the course of history in no small measure, as it effectively drove air towards people, even though it was dangerous to use.

Fast forward to 130 years later and there are different kinds of fans on the market, each with a different design, functionality and performance belonging to different brands. If you’ve never heard of Vornado, now’s the chance to enter into a whole new world of fan technologies.

While the ceiling, standing and wall or desk-top fans are the most known across the globe, newer brands with a focus on the ever-evolving markets are beginning to introduce more convenient, stylish and effective Fans. Vornado Fans are a great example of this, but are they good?

Where Are Vornado Fans Made? When Were Vornado Fans Introduced? [Evolution Of Vornado Fans]

Vornado Air is an electric appliance firm currently headquartered in Kansas. The American company was originally founded by Ralph K. Odor and Ottis A. Sutton in 1945 and named O. A. Sutton Corporation. Its main products are Fans and other air circulation appliances for household use.

The company began marketing its Vornado Fans (a combination of the two words Vortex and Tornado) after the Second World War ended. The Fans followed the design of airplane propellers, in cylindrical housing and meant for table-top use. A good example is the 1945 12D1 Bakelite Blade Model.

By 1959, Store Chain Two Guys purchased O. A. Sutton Corp, leading to the renaming of the consolidated company, Vornado Inc. Since then, it’s been one change after another and an increasingly expanding portfolio of products and offerings.

The V6, with its spiral grill and innovative design, is still one of the most iconic models ever produced by the company.

The company sold most of its assets to a private firm in 2006, with three latter forming the company, Vornado, LLC and setting up in a neighboring suburban community called Andova in Kansas.

The Energy Smart Line, which was introduced in 2017, represents one of the company’s latest series with claims of its Direct Current (DC) motors being produced in the United States.

They have infinitely-variable speed controls, manual and digital push-button control panels and several other modern features that make them truly ergonomic and user friendly.

Best Vornado Fans and Suitability [Considering the Vornado Fans Reviews]

Vornado Fan ModelBest Used For
Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator FanPersonal use in very small spaces. Perfect for places like a study, office desks, and other private places.
Vornado 460 Small Whole Room Air Circulator FanCan be used in small rooms by a single individual or a few people. Great for the summer heat.
Vornado VFAN Mini Classic Personal Vintage Air Circulator FanAnother personal unit, meant for individual use, especially in private spaces.
Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator FanGreat for small rooms also. Can be used by a small group of people in indoor meetings, camping, etc.
Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator FanFor very small spaces, including a study or vehicles. Great for individual use and for spot cooling.
Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator FanCan be used in entire small rooms, bedrooms and for a small number of people.
Vornado 683 Medium Pedestal Whole Room Air Circulator FanCan also be used in small rooms, as well as for personal use. Can be deployed in kitchens and small offices as well.
Vornado 293 Large Heavy Duty Air Circulator Shop FanQuite large in terms of coverage and airflow, suitable for small to medium spaces, including a study and offices.

How Good Are Vornado Fans?

Vornado is one of the pioneering brands of modern table-top fan designs. With an 80-year history and track record of reinventing itself to suit the needs of homeowners, Vornado has truly established itself as a trusted brand among hundreds of thousands of households across the globe.

The reputation of being an American brand, even though many of its units are produced abroad, also speaks to its popularity. The innovativeness of the brand also speaks volumes of is expressed in the many designs available out there.

Whatever look, capacity, color or flexibility you desire, Vornado has a product for you.

This range of windows, compact fan panel, pedestal or even reclinable stand Fans are available at different prices and sizes so homeowners can choose what works for them at prices they can afford.

Vornado Fans are also considered quite durable often earning an average of 4.6 stars on average ad far as durability is concerned.

While the brand has hit some obstacles with regards to heaters, its Fans have enjoyed pretty smooth sailing and have even become design inspiration for other brands.

1. Spiral Grill

The spiral grill is an intentional feature on most Vornado fans. It isn’t just a pleasant grill to look at in terms of exterior beauty, but also adds an engineering element to the products.

Known as the airtensity effect, the design ensures air travels throughout the entire room by creating a spiral effect.

2. Simple Manual Controls

As you’d find with most Vornado fans, the controls are mostly manual and simple, making them very easy to understand and manipulate.

For instance, you’d often find knobs and small levers to control airflow speeds. The grills are also detachable to aid access to the blades when you need to clean them.

3. Vortex Technology

While the spiral airflow exemplifies the Tornado component of Vornado’s Fans, there’s a Vortex component that sums up its innovative engineering. The Vortex circulation further aids complete cool, fast and constant air movement in the room for optimum comfort.

4. Enclosed Air Duct

The Fans have blades that are enclosed in a cylindrical duct, which helps to sculpt air into what we like to call a high-velocity column- powering through cold and hot zones and releasing forced air into every part of the room. This helps to also keep the air locked in until released in large amounts.

5. Deep-pitched Blades

The blades locked in the cylindrical duct are heavily contoured so that as the high-powered motor continues to turn repeatedly, the contoured blades can move large amounts of air. This enhances airflow and the general cooling effect.

6. Fluid Designs

You only need to go through the company’s products page or its page on amazon and see the variety of designs on display. The impressive craftsmanship is put together to ensure ergonomic satisfaction, user-friendliness, Compactness, Portability and functionality.

7. Inlet Air Accelerator

This is a simple but sophisticated design feature that helps to direct large amounts of air to the blades’ most efficient parts in a bid to increase airflow. The entire objective of Vornado is to ensure maximum airflow and efficiency.

8. Easy to Clean

Cleaning Vornado fans is very easy. You can clean these fans using regular household items, and also it won’t take much time.

Where Should a Vornado Fan Be Placed for Best Results?

Vornado fans are very versatile and their application is wide and almost limitless. You can use a typical Vornado fan in your room, kitchen, or office. You can also deploy them in RVs, patios and in some outdoor situations.

That’s the good thing about such Fans; they can be used indoors and outdoors as long as there’s a power source and outlet.

If you live in arid and hot regions, a Vornado fan can be your personal comfort appliance in your bedroom or study. They are great for dedicated spaces as well.

Due to their mobility, they can be used in place of central cooling units when cooling is only required in specific places and not the entire house.

They may not do so much in very large rooms and spaces in hot regions as you’ll need to get something bigger with more cooling capacity, but when in dedicated spaces, these units are extremely effective.

Highlights Of Vornado Fan Specifications

1. Power Cord

Vornado Fans are powered by electricity and they usually come with a power cord that has an average length of 6-8 feet. This gives enough room for locating your fan some distance away from the power outlet.

2. Speed Settings

Vornado Fans have multiple airflow speed settings which range from 2 to 3-speed levels, depending on the model. This provides freedom to control the amount of airflow that is released into the room at every point in time.

3. Voltage

The voltage seems to be uniform among most of its units, hovering around 120V. This is compatible with most regions across the world and most power outlets as well. So, you won’t have to worry about a surge or low voltage.

4. Coverage

Although they are mostly small fans, Vornado has units that can cover as much as 120 sq. ft. Overall, their coverage range is from 60 sq. ft to 120 sq. ft on average.

The 3-pin grounded 293 Large Heavy Duty Air Circulator is an example of a large Vornado fan, covering spaces between 90 sq. ft and 120 sq. ft.

5. Multi-directional Airflow

The strength and efficiency of a fan rely partly on its airflow pattern. Most Vornado fans feature multi-directional airflow as a result of their fan design and structure.

6. CFM

This is where the power of Vornado Fans really comes into play. The airflow is quite powerful across all models. They have an airflow range of between 260 to 600 cubic feet per minute. This is even more powerful than most other cooling appliances out there.

7. Airflow Head

The movement of the airflow head is also another important component of a fan. For Vornado, the airflow heads are often tilting, nesting and adjustable, depending on the unit you have. For instance, the 723 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is both tilting and nestable.

How Long Do Vornado Fans Last?

Vornado fans can last for a very long time, usually between 8 and 12 years. Some can even last up to 15 years or more, depending on how properly they are used.

For a brand that offers as much as 5 years in warranty, accompanied by a Return and Refund Policy, you can be sure that you’ll use it for a very long time to come.

This is due to their build quality, design pattern, output, and other qualities. From the fans and exterior body to the US-built motor, there are so many reasons why Vornado units are sturdy and long-lasting.

On average, the industry standard for fan lifespan is 6 to 10 years, and very good Fans can go on for way more than that. This means Vornado Fans can last longer than the average brand on the market.

Vornado Customer Service and Technical Support

Vornado is a well-respected company and they do all they can to maintain that reputation they’ve built over the years. This begins with releasing products that have been tested and deemed effective and durable enough for consumption.

But it doesn’t end there; there are also a lot of provisions to ensure you enjoy the product and get help when needed.

This is why the company has a very good customer support system in place, and this begins with its return and refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with their product within a limited period.

There’s also a product registration section on the company’s website where buyers can get their products registered and be qualified for perks and guarantees. You’ll also find FAQs for answers to questions you may have.

And if you need help, there’s a contact phone number to speak directly with their customer service reps and even an email address to send your questions and complaints.

Vornado Fans Price

Typically, you’ll get a Vornado fan for between $20 and about $200, depending on the size, model, capacity and airflow power of the fan.

The color, material and exterior design of the unit may also determine the price.

For instance, the Vornado 783DC Energy Smart Full-Size Air Circulator Fan costs as much as $180 to $200 while the small Vornado EXO5 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan can be bought for around $60, while the Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan will go for around $20-$30.

Other units can be bought for prices between that range.

How Much Does It Cost to Run A Vornado Fan?

As far as running cost is concerned, you truly do not have a problem. The only factor to consider is Energy cost, and even that is quite insignificant, compared to the average fan.

On average, you’ll spend between 2 watts and 60 watts per hour on most Vornado fans.

This brings the Energy bill to affordable levels ranging between $0.00026 per hour to about $0.0078 per hour.

That amounts to $0.00624 to $0.19 per day (if you run it for 24 hours); $0.19 to $5.62 per month, and $2.25 to $67.44 per year on electricity charges.

There’s unlikely going to be any other cost incurred as you use your Vornado Fans, so it’s safe to say these units are cheap to run.

Where To Buy Vornado Fans?

You can buy Vornado Fans through any of the below-listed options:

Considering All the Vornado Fan reviews and ratings on amazon, we selected the popular fans for your convenience.

Top Vornado Fans with Excellent Reviews

Final Words:

Vornado is one of the most trusted brands out there as far as Fans are concerned. Their fans are not just durable and efficient, but are also very stylish as well, and able to sufficiently complement your interior.

The designs range from classical and antique to medieval and futuristic as well. So, are Vornado fans good? Yes, they certainly are.

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