Taotronics Vs Pure Guardian Humidifiers [Comparison & Recommendation]

Taotronics vs Pure Guardian Humidifiers

In the height of winter, the air can get pretty dry, bringing along all sorts of complications, discomfort, illnesses and diseases. Dust, allergen and other irritants like dander and pollen tend to thrive in dry air.

You’ll also experience a bleeding nose, cracked lips, splitting wooden furniture and so on when indoor air is excessively dry. To address this, a humidifier is one of the best remedies to deploy. But with the hundreds of competing brands out there, it is often a really tough task to make a choice.

This post has zeroed your options down to two popular brands; Taotronics and Pure Guardian in a bid to confirm or refute the manufacturers’ claims.

While there are numerous similarities between the two brands, there are also many features that make each brand’s humidifiers unique. Let’s take a look at this comparative review of both brands to help you make a choice.

Taotronics Vs Pure Guardian Humidifiers [Detail Comparison of Important Features]

1. Different Types of Humidifiers from Pure Guardian and Taotronics

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Taotronics are known for their Cool Mist, Ultrasonic, BPA-free and even Diffuser-type Humidifiers. They are available in different forms, shapes and sizes, meant for small to large rooms.  

Many of them are table-top units, while others can be placed on the floor.   Most of their units are meant for domestic uses, and there are some which can also be used in offices.
For Pure Guardian, they are mostly ultrasonic humidifiers, Cool Mist and Warm and Cool Mist units. Salt lamps are also available. Some units are evaporative in design and operation as well.    

They also have table-top and floor units. Portable units are available.   All Pure Guardian units are domestic and should only be used indoors; at home or in your office.

Based on types, we can see that both brands have done a great job in ensuring they have different models for different users.

The major difference is that Taotronics do not have salt lamps in their catalog, but have a lot of aromatherapy-diffuser-type humidifiers which make the home smell nicer and better. However, both brands have shown great flexibility in their offerings and deserve recommendations.

Winner: Tie

2. Humidifier filters [Taotronics Vs Pure Guardian]

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Most Taotronics humidifiers are not built with filters. This may be due to the addition of essential oils which may clog or cause rot to the filter.  

A few of them have microscopic cartridges which help to keep microorganisms away from the water and prevent them from going into your room. This cartridge should be cleaned at least once every month.
Just like Taotronics, Pure Guardian humidifiers do not have filters. They also do not feature wicking filters or evaporating pads.  

For Pure Guardian, there is Anti-mold or mildew protection to keep moisture clean and free from contamination and microorganisms. There is no filter or cartridge for cleaning.

Both brands do not feature purifying filters but have some elements that can help to keep the unit and moisturized air clean. Most of their models also have treated tanks to keep the water clean and prevent damage to the body of the tanks.

Winner: Tie

Taotronics Humidifier with Best Filter: TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier 001

Pure Guardian Humidifier with Best Filter: The PureGuardian H1510 ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

3. Durability [What is the long lasting humidifier – Taotronics or Pure Guardian?]

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Taotronics humidifiers have a pretty good reputation on the market and their durability is rated between 4.0 and 4.3 stars in most cases.  

There are no filters, but the tanks on units that use aromatherapy essential oils are treated to withstand damage. On average, their units last 3 to 6 years, depending on the model. They have a 12-month warranty on their humidifiers.
Pure Guardian, on the other hand, has fairly durable humidifiers, built with plastic in most cases, with a durability rating often surpassing 4.2 stars.  

They have anti-mold technology to protect units from damage and keep them running for long. By comparison, Pure Guardian units have an average lifespan of 5 to 10 years. Some models do not last as long.   An average of 1-3 year warranty on its units.

When we probed to understand why Taotronics was banned on amazon in June 2021, we found that the company was in violation of Amazon customer review policies.

Nonetheless, the brand has shown some strength over the years, but it’s not just as impressive as Pure Guardian. This is why the latter is our clear winner in this category, with a longer lifespan and better warranty.

Winner: Pure Guardian

Longest Lasting Pure Guardian Humidifier: Pure Guardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

4. Humidifier Water Tank Capacity [Taotronics Vs Pure Guardian]

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Taotronics are largely small. It has Humidifiers with a tank capacity of 0.3 liters to about 6 liters. That’s about 0.07 gallons to about 1.6 gallons.Meanwhile, Pure Guardian Humidifiers have larger units with corresponding tank capacities. They range from 0.5 gallons to 2 gallons in water capacity.

Pure Guardian comes tops in this category as well. Large water tanks often equal extended humidification time in your home. What it means is that while a Pure Guardian unit may run for 12 hours without requiring a refill, a Taotronics unit may not have that capacity.

Winner: Pure Guardian

Pure Guardian Humidifier with Large Tank Capacity: Pure Guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

5. Coverage Area [How much area do Taotronics and Pure Guardian humidifiers cover?]

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
They are generally meant for small to medium and large spaces, with a capacity to cover areas between 80 sq. ft and 700 sq. ft on average.  

This means you can deploy their models in dorm rooms, small bedrooms, living rooms, small offices and even small hotel rooms, where necessary.
As for Pure Guardian Humidifiers, coverage is not their strongest quality. They can cover between 170 sq. ft and as much as 650 sq. ft on average.  

Their units are suitable for spaces like a dorm room, storeroom, office, small bedroom, large bedroom, living room, and several other indoor spaces not exceeding 650 sq. ft.

These two brands are not the largest in terms of coverage, but we must acknowledge the availability of many options for different room sizes.

As far as coverage is concerned, Taotronics and Pure Guardian are at par, with their largest units only able to cover spaces as large as 650 to 750 sq. ft.

Winner: Tie

Pure Guardian Humidifier with Best Coverage Area: Pure Guardian H4750AR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Taotronics Humidifier with Best Coverage Area: Taotronics 6L Humidifiers Warm and Cool Mist Large Capacity Ultrasonic Humidifier

6. Ease of Use/Design

Taotronic HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Taotronics humidifiers are quite easy to use. There are buttons, LED Display controls and even remote and app control features on their units for physical and remote operation.  

They are also ergonomic, especially with the top-fill humidifier design and wide opening which makes refilling easy for many models.   Adding essential oil is also very easy to do.
All Pure Guardian units use Touch Control, with LED Display and electronic control features. They have buttons, knobs and levers for easy manipulation. Only a few of them combine this touch control with remote control, but you’ll find this feature on only a few Pure Guardian units.      

Most units have an easily removable, transparent water tank for easy monitoring of water level, as well as easy-to-refill design.

Both brands are highly rated for ease of use, with each attracting an average of 4.4 stars out of 5. Although Taotronics tends to tilt more towards remote control, Pure Guardian offers seamless ease of use as well and deserves a lot of commendation.

Winner: Tie

Easy to Use Pure Guardian Humidifier: Guardian Technologies Pure Guardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Easy to Use Taotronics Humidifier: Cool Mist Humidifier, Top Fill 1.8L Smart WiFi Humidifier Diffuser

7. Price [What is the cheapest humidifier – Taotronics or Pure Guardian?]

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
The price range for Taotronics humidifiers is between $30 and $110 for the brand’s smallest to its largest units.   Filters aren’t a major element, so you won’t be needing replacement filters for most of the units.  

Replacement cartridges go for between $10 and $18, depending on the unit.   Aromatherapy pads and essential oils are sold for $10-$30, depending on the product, amount and type.
Pure Guardian humidifiers are also quite affordable and you’ll find some budget units in its catalog. The products range from about $25 to around $160, beginning with the smallest and peaking with the most expensive units.  

There are no filters, so this won’t be a price factor. Most of its units also feature aromatherapy pads and essential oils, which cost between $10 and $30, depending on how much you need.

Both brands seem to possess that price advantage that many homeowners look out for. It’s amazing that you’ll find a humidifier for as low as $25-$30 among the two brands.

Therefore, we’re recommending Taotronics and Pure Guardian as two of the most affordable humidifiers brands out there.

Winner: Tie

Cheapest Pure Guardian Humidifier: Pure Guardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Cheapest Taotronics Personal Humidifier: 300ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier

8. User Reviews

Taotronics HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Taotronics humidifiers are not available on amazon. However, on the brand’s sales page and other platforms like Walmart, there are about 3,500-5,000 verified user reviews.    

These reviews have a rating of about 4.5 stars on average, an indication of very impressive user experience and customer satisfaction.
On the other hand, Pure Guardian humidifiers have more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon alone.

There are several other reviews on platforms like Walmart, covering areas like ease of use, noise level, durability, etc.   The units have also earned an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

These two brands are quite loved by homeowners, especially those who use them. This is evident in how many reviews they have garnered over the years.

Considering Pure Guardian has almost thrice the number of reviews we found on Taotronics, we consider it as the winner in this category.

Winner: Pure Guardian

Top Pure Guardian Humidifier with Best User Reviews: Pure Guardian H965AR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

9. Customer Service and Support

Taotronic HumidifiersPure Guardian Humidifiers
Apart from its warranty policy which offers one-year coverage on its humidifiers, Taotronics also has a fairly responsive customer service and support system.  

There’s a 30-day refund policy on most products, a series of phone numbers on its website to directly speak to its customer service agents, as well as an email address, support@taotronics.com to send in complaints and inquiries.
As for Pure Guardian humidifiers, there’s an average 2-year warranty on its units. This covers its parts and repairs for two years. Many of them also come with a 30-day Return Policy.  

You can also take advantage of post-sale resources like instruction manuals, FAQs, Customer Service Contact Information, a phone number and an email address, support@guardiantechnologies.com for inquiries, questions and complaints.

As far as customer service is concerned, we’ll give it to Pure Guardian because of its more comprehensive support system, which includes self-service and resources for self-help, such as manuals and FAQs.

Other Comparative Features of Taotronics and Pure Guardian

 TaotronicsPure Guardian
Essential OilsYes, in most units.Yes, in some units.
Fan SettingsYesYes
Water Indicator LightYes, in most unitsYes, in most units
Night LightYes, in most unitsYes, in most units
Sleep ModeYes, in most unitsYes, in most units

Final Comments:

If you’ve ever been in the market for a humidifier, chances are that you’ve come across Taotronics and Pure Guardian.

And if you’ve ever wondered which one is better, this detailed comparison should’ve taken care of it. You can choose any of the units which best suits your needs and you’re sure to get just the right amount of air moisture in your home or office.

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