Are Aprilaire Humidifiers Good? Where To Buy Aprilaire Humidifiers?

Are Aprilaire Humidifiers good?

Whether you’re looking to increase the air moisture level in your home to prevent the spread of allergens, dust mites, sore throat, and even fight off asthma; or you’re simply trying to fight off excess dryness that may cause your skin, lips, and underfoot to crack and break due to humidity issues.

Popular brands like Aprilaire have humidifiers said to be able to help achieve indoor humidity balance and promote your health.

While it is true that humidifiers can help address excess indoor dryness, you may be confused as to just how effective Aprilaire is and whether or not its units will work.

The brand seems to have gained some awareness and reputation across several platforms with an impressive customer base as well, but does that mean its humidifiers work? Are aprilaire humidifiers good? That’s the million-dollar question and you’ll get all your answers in this post.

Who Makes Aprilaire Humidifiers? [Evolution Of Aprilaire Humidifiers]

Aprilaire parades a myriad of whole-house humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other air treatment appliances. They pride themselves in research and innovation and have done so for many years.

However, not many are aware that their journey began as far back as 1938, almost a century ago, when its parent company, Research Products Corporation was established.

The journey began in Wisconsin with former employees of the Burgess Battery Company acquiring some patents and property from their former employer. Their aim was to specialize in water conditioning products and building materials.

Then in 1954, about 16 years later, the company introduced its first whole-home humidifier after years of developing technologies and perfecting its designs.

This move was especially driven and inspired by the harsh seasons in Wisconsin and the effects of extremely dry winter air which was a problem even for employees of Research Products.

The introduction of humidifiers was widely accepted, leading to further expansion of the company and investing in technologies for newer and more improved models as the years rolled by. Those first humidifiers were branded with the Aprilaire name.

Aprilaire then went on to introduce the industry’s first auto humidifier control in 1989, which led to the production of modern humidistats. By the year 2000, the company decided to give the name Aprilaire to all its air quality products.

Still operating from Maddison, Wisconsin, the company has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, introducing a whole range of whole-home humidifiers which can be applied to different situations.

Are Aprilaire Humidifiers Worth It?

Aprilaire is one of the pioneering humidifier brands across the globe. Through hard work, consistency and continued innovation, the brand has remained relevant to date and continues to push for expansion.

The fact that they are dedicated to whole-home humidification also makes Aprilaire a good choice for many homeowners. Most of their units are fan-powered furnace engineered, with the capacity to cover entire homes, as large as 4,000 sq. ft and beyond.

They are also very well rated on Amazon and other platforms, with thousands of reviews leaving an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

One great thing about the units is that warm air is pulled directly from your home’s furnace and through the humidifier which has a water panel and releases warm, wet air into your home until you achieve the recommended levels of between 35% to at least 50%.

Best Aprilaire Humidifiers and Suitability [Considering All Aprilaire Humidifier Reviews]

Humidifier ModelBest Suitable For
Aprilaire 500M Whole Home HumidifierBest for whole-home usage, especially in small houses. Should be attached to the home’s furnace.
Aprilaire 600M Whole Home HumidifierAlso suitable for whole-home, whole business area and large office use. Should also be attached directly to the furnace.
Aprilaire 400M Whole Home HumidifierMeant for medium to large houses and offices. Also suitable for places where water might be a slight challenge.
Aprilaire 700 Whole Home HumidifierSuitable for whole homes that are quite large, designed to be used in homes with a furnace heating system.

1. Built-in Fan

Aprilaire humidifiers are powered by built-in powerful fans in the units. This is the component that blows pulled air through the water panel and into the room to give it that moisture content you desire.

2. Manual Control

Most Aprilaire units have manual control which often comes as a separate box to be installed on the wall or attached to the unit one way or another. Whatever the case, they offer you convenience in getting your humidifier to do what you want it to do. The units are also easy to manipulate.

3. Water Panel

The water panel is what holds the moisture that is blown into the room along with warm air pulled in from the home’s furnace system. In fact, most Aprilaire humidifiers come with a replaceable water panel for each unit you buy.

4. Manual/Automatic Humidifier

There are some units within the Aprilaire humidifier line that come with a manual humidifier, while others have an automatic humidifier system. This is what features the sensor that monitors indoor relative humidity and responds based on just how much moisture the home needs.

Automatic humidifiers measure this against outdoor temperature and automatically trigger a response, while the manual type requires you to manually set the Humidistat based on the result of monitoring.

5. Sensor

The sensor here is what we’ve mentioned above. It is how the unit gets the data it needs from your home in order to tell how much humidity is required.

6. Electric Cord

As already assumed, Aprilaire humidifiers are powered by electricity and they come with a power cord, often surpassing 6 inches in length. This cord is also durable and built to withstand fluctuating currents and power surges.

Aprilaire Humidifier Problems Reported In Reviews

Due to their attention to detail, we expect your humidifier to run seamlessly once installed and connected to a water inlet and the furnace. However, it is possible for certain issues to come up over time as you continue to use your unit.

Although these issues are not related to the design or caused by factory defects, they are also easy to fix (by yourself or by calling an HVAC professional). Here are some problems that may come up as a result of wear or faulty installation.

1. Humidifier may stop getting water

This may be due to a clogged or defective water inlet valve, responsible for allowing water into the unit. Test the inlet valve for continuity. If it has continuity and is receiving power, it is possibly clogged.

If it doesn’t have continuity, you may need to replace it. The problem may also be due to a clogged saddle valve caused by calcium deposits or sediments. You may clean it and get it running again, but since it costs next to nothing, we advise you simply replace it.

2. Fan not working

This may either be a problem with the fan itself or the blower motor. Test blower fan by spinning to be sure it’s not stuck. If this works, the problem is likely with the motor.

This is not a common problem but it may occur. The blower motor may either not be getting power or is also stuck. Another possible reason why this may happen is if the Humidistat stops sending power to the unit.

3. Humidifier not draining

This is possible when one of two things happen; it’s either the water panel is clogged causing it to fill to the top and overflow outside the water tray, or there is a clogged or broken water line, which may cause it to prevent water draining or water leaking from the line itself.

Where Are the Aprilaire Humidifiers Most Effective? (Usage)

Aprilaire Humidifiers are best suited for whole-home use, apartments, workplace with central furnace systems, and even large rooms. However, they must be used indoors or in reasonably closed spaces with controlled humidity changes.

It is also important to note that you’ll get the best results from Aprilaire humidifiers if they are attached to a home’s furnace system rather than installed to work on their own.

So, they should be used as long as your HVAC system is running but only if indoor relative humidity has fallen below your humidistat’s setpoint.

So, you’ll simply be wasting energy if you use your unit where humidity is at the right amount, especially if the Humidistat is set.

Highlights Of Aprilaire Humidifier Specifications

1. Coverage

Aprilaire humidifiers are whole-home units and as such have very impressive coverage. Their models can cover areas between 2,000 and 4,500 sq. ft starting with the smallest to the largest units.

2. Daily Water Capacity

This has to do with how much water the unit is able to release into the home per day. On average, Aprilaire humidifiers have a water capacity of between 12 and 18 gallons per day.

This is sufficient to bring a substantial amount of moisture into the air and raise the humidity level significantly.

3. Airflow Capacity

Airflow Capacity for HVAC systems is usually measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Aprilaire humidifiers have an airflow capacity range between 200 to about 300 CFM. This is an impressive rate that ensures speedy moisture flow into the home.

4. Digital Control Display

Another technical component of Aprilaire humidifiers is the digital LED Display controls on the units’ body or control box. This helps you monitor the operation of the unit, especially the humidity level in your home at every point in time.

5. Bypass Design

The Bypass Design is an innovative way the manufacturer ensures the units can be connected to your home’s furnace using a Bypass component.

The Bypass damper is built-in and is labeled for both winter and summer settings. With this in place, you’re able to properly get air from the furnace.

6. Blower Activation Switch

This switch can be found on the units and triggers the blower to get to work when the Humidistat detects low humidity.

How Long Do Aprilaire Humidifiers Last?

Aprilaire humidifiers are considered very durable. This makes them long-lasting. On average, an Aprilaire humidifier can last up to 8-15 years, depending on how well you use it.

As a whole-home brand, there’s also the factor of material build quality and minimal physical touch as everything is pre-installed to work continuously unless the water pad needs replacing. This connotes a pretty sturdy brand and offers a lot of value for investment.

On the other hand, the water panel in most humidifiers can last up to 3-6months, depending on how they are used, the quality of the water, and the air quality in the area.

Aprilaire Customer Service and Support

Aprilaire humidifiers have a 5-year limited warranty on their parts. This warranty comes into effect from the date the unit is installed, but only if installed by an HVAC professional. Also, this warranty is solidified if the product is registered on the company’s website after purchase.

Besides that, there is a return and refund policy that lasts for around 30 days after purchase in case you’re not satisfied with the condition of the product you receive.

Aprilaire goes beyond such incentives to also guide you through the years, answering questions you may have attending to concerns and helping to fix problems that may come up.

You can reach their customer support team by calling the phone number on the company’s website, filling out the live form, or sending a message to them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other platforms.

Aprilaire Humidifiers Price

As whole-home units, it is very unlikely that you’ll find a product under $120. As for Aprilaire Humidifiers, there’s a price range of $140 to $300, depending on the size and capacity of the unit.

This is a pretty competitive price, especially when you compare it to other brands within its range. Also, their packages come with pre-installed electrical cords, valves, humidifier control and other accessories that you wouldn’t have to purchase separately.

The products are graded and labeled according to their size and capacity which determine prices.

For instance, one of its largest units is the 700M Whole-Home Humidifier which goes for $250-$280, while its smallest units include the 500Mz which can be bought for between $130 and $160.

Running Cost of Aprilaire Humidifiers

Running an Aprilaire humidifier involves running on electricity and water panels. The replacement water panel filter goes for around $18 to $40, depending on the type and should be replaced every 3-6 months.

If you use your unit for 10 years, you’d have spent an average of $600 to $1,000 on replacement water panels within the period. This is an average of $60 to $100 annually.

As for electricity charges, it all depends on wattage and the average energy cost per kWh in your area. Let’s take the 500Mz whole-home humidifier as an example. The product has a wattage of 120W per hour. Using the average US energy cost per kWh of $0.13, we can get our energy cost by doing the following;

Convert the product’s wattage to kilowatts

120÷1,000 = 0.12

Multiply the result by the cost of electricity per hour

0.12 x 0.13 = $0.0156 per hour

If you run the unit for an average of 12 hours daily, you’d be spending $0.187 per day, $5.62 per month, and as much as $67.4 annually. That amounts to around $674 over a period of 10 years.

When you add the cost of electricity for that product to the cost of water pad replacement for a period of 10 years, you’d be spending an average of $1,500.

Where To Buy Aprilaire Humidifiers?

You can buy Aprilaire Humidifiers through any of the below-listed options:

  • One option is to buy Aprilaire dehumidifiers directly from Aprilaire website.
  • You can also purchase from Aprilaire Partners by searching near by you.
  • You can also purchase Aprilaire humidifiers from the popular retailers like Walmart,  Amazon, Homedepot, eBay etc.,

Considering all the Aprilaire Humidifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular dehumidifiers for your convenience.

Top Aprilaire Humidifiers with Excellent Reviews

S.NoHumidifier Model
1Aprilaire 500M Whole Home Humidifier
2Aprilaire 600M Whole Home Humidifier
3Aprilaire 400M Whole Home Humidifier
4Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

Final Words:

For almost 70 years, aprilaire has been in the business of providing humidifier solutions to address the problems of excess indoor air dryness, especially in winter.

Building on decades of experience, the company is still at the forefront of ensuring problems like allergies, asthma, sinuses and bleeding nose can be contained and reduced as much as possible.

They have used cutting-edge technology and simple but proactive innovations and continue to introduce humidifiers that are not only effective but also quite easy to use. No wonder we can confidently say that aprilaire humidifiers are good.

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