How do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work? [Cool Mist Vs Ultrasonic Humidifier]

How do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work?

Have you found it hard to maintain the humidity levels in your home? Sometimes, the dry periods can be uncomfortable, with dry air and low moisture levels. Thanks to humidifiers, you can correct low moisture levels, improve the nature of air in your rooms, and make your home more comfortable, even in the drought of winter.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have ultrasonic humidifiers that are more energy-efficient than other humidifiers, while adding the necessary moisture to the air.

This article will provide all relevant information about ultrasonic humidifiers, why you should one, and the best humidifiers for your home.

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Humidifier

A ton of reasons exist for you to use an ultrasonic humidifier. It improves conditions like dry skin, sore throat, and dry sinuses. It also elongates the life span of your home’s wood. Let’s take a look at some other advantages.

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers can come in small and compact sizes, making them appropriate for people in small spaces and easy movement. Your ultrasonic humidifier’s size will depend on how big or small you would want your water reservoir to be.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers have simple humidifying mechanisms that work at a more powerful pace than other humidifiers. Their vibration is almost inaudible, and the humming sound they emit is also comfortable.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers use very little energy to create a lot of moisture for your room. They are so good at moisturizing the air that you would need a thermostat to monitor the moisture so it doesn’t get too much. 
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t boil water to create vapor, which means that they don’t generate heat. This nature sets them ahead of steam humidifiers and makes them great for children’s room.
  • You don’t ever have to replace filters or wicks when using an ultrasonic humidifier like you would with an evaporative humidifier.

How do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work?

Ultrasonic humidifiers produce mist and add moisture to the air with the help of a ceramic or metal diaphragm that vibrates at a high frequency inside a pool of water and sends moisture into the air with that vibration. 

While the diaphragm vibrates, it produces microscopic water droplets that are no larger than one micron in diameter.

As the humidifier near-silently produces the water molecules, and the vibration sends these droplets out into your atmosphere where they eventually evaporate and increase the humidity in the air.

The entire job of producing moisture by the ultrasonic humidifier takes place at the piezoelectric transducer. The piezoelectric transducer is the device responsible for converting electrical energy to high-frequency vibrations.

Cool mist Vs Ultrasonic Humidifiers

An ultrasonic humidifier is an appliance that uses ultrasonic frequency to break water into microscopic droplets and send them into the air to provide moisture, especially in a dry room.

A cool mist humidifier, on the other hand, is an appliance that uses an internal wick filter to absorb water from a reservoir and send tiny water droplets into the air using a fan.

There are several differences between cools mist and ultrasonic humidifiers. Let us begin by studying the advantages and disadvantages of both before placing them side by side for further comparison.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

QuietPossible build-up of white dust
No risk of burnsRisk of germs and bacteria
Low maintenanceExpensive

Benefits of ultrasonic humidifiers  

  • Little or no sound, as ultrasonic vibrations are silent and the ceramic diaphragm isn’t noisy when sending droplets into the air
  • Little or no maintenance as there’s no wick to be changed, and little or no cleaning is necessary.
  • No possibility of burns because the water doesn’t boil. It remains at cool temperature or room temperature.

Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

  • It is on the expensive end, compared to most humidifiers
  • High germ and bacteria risk, unless the reservoir gets cleaned frequently.
  • Old models of the humidifier can emit white dust when distilled water isn’t used. However, new models come with filters to remove the dust and prevent the irritations it could cause.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Cool mist Humidifier

Variety of modelsRequires lots of maintenance
No chance of burnsCan decrease room temperature
Less electricity consumptionOften noisy

Benefits of Cool mist Humidifiers

  • Only releases cool mist, taking away any possibility of burns.
  • Available in multiple models 
  • Consumes less electricity than many humidifiers

Disadvantages of Cool mist Humidifiers

  • Often noisy when the fan rotates rapidly to collect water from the filter
  • Can reduce room temperature because it is always cool
  • Average or high maintenance, with frequent cleaning

From our analysis of both the ultrasonic humidifier and cool mist humidifier, we see that they have their strengths and weaknesses, as with any other humidifier in the market.

Hence, we cannot conclude that one humidifier is right while the other is wrong, because they are both functional and unique in their methods. So, it is up to you to pick either of the humidifiers based on the features that stand out to you most, your budget, and your needs.

Regardless of what you choose, the goal remains to add moisture to the air in your home, and both humidifiers do that well.

Top 3 Popular Ultrasonic Humidifiers 

Shopping for an ultrasonic humidifier can be confusing because there are so many brands and products out there. It is even more confusing for first-time buyers who have a hard time deciding on the products.

To help you enjoy an easier shopping process, we have put together a list of three popular ultrasonic humidifiers you can shop on Amazon for your room or home.

1. Pohl schmitt ultrasonic humidifier [Value for Money]

This ultrasonic humidifier has a stylish design, a strong and compact 1.5 Litre water tank, and can operate for up to 16 hours at a time without going off.

The Pohl Schmitt humidifier works at both low and high speeds and has an adjustable mist.

The product is nearly silent and only produces a whisper as it works to keep you moisturized. 

This product comes with very convenient features, including an indicator that tells you when the water tank needs a refill, an automatic shut-off mechanism that turns the unit off once the water level in your tank is too low, and a product design also makes it easy to clean the humidifier without stress

Pohl Schmitt offers great quality assurance as it comes with a 2-year warranty, assuring you of the best functions and great satisfaction.

2. Levoit ultrasonic humidifiers [Best Features]

Levoit ultrasonic humidifier is a customer and Amazon favorite for many reasons.

The Warm and Cool Mist humidifier provides you with both cool and warm mist depending on your preference, making it perfect for year-round use.

This humidifier has an auto setting and an in-built humidity sensor that monitors your room’s humidity level and adjusts the mist to suit that level.

All you have to do is set the humidity level you want, and the automatic setting will adjust things based on your instructions. When your tank runs out of water, the humidifier turns off until you fill it up.

Levoit is the perfect appliance for a large room because it has a 500 ml/hr mist output, 1.5 gal/6 L capacity that supports 60 hours of use on low mist, and an LV600 HH that can cater to large spaces like 753 ft2 / 70 m2.

The humidifier comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the setting while sitting on your chair or lying in bed. You can even set a timer on the remove ranging from 1 to 12 hours.

As usual with ultrasonic humidifiers, the Levoit humidifier is near silent, easy to clean, and manage.

3. Aquaoasis ultrasonic humidifier [Best Price]

This ultrasonic humidifier comes with multiple settings and a 360% rotating nozzle that sends the mist throughout your room in different directions. 

A 2.2 extra-large water tank that is filter-free and comes with a lifetime warranty is just the tip of the iceberg.

You also get a lifetime replacement whenever you’re not pleased with the product. 

It comes with a simple control dial that you can tweak to whatever direction you want the mist to flow towards.

It also has an automatic shut-off setting so that you don’t need to sit around and watch the moisture or water levels. You can simply update your settings and let it work.

Comparison of above listed Ultrasonic Humidifiers

BrandTypeTankPriceBest feature
Pohl schmittAdjustable mist1.5 litre$29.47Slow/fast mist
LevoitCool/warm6 litre$89.99Auto mode/remote
AquaoasisCool2.2 litre$29.97Lifetime warranty

Final Words:

Ultrasonic humidifiers are an absolutely great addition to your home. They keep the air humid and moisturized and also help you feel comfortable at all times. They are energy-saving, mostly compact, and easy to maintain and manage.

Now that we have looked at how humidifiers work, their benefits, and also considered 3 popular options for you, this is the best time to decide on the best ultrasound humidifier that suits your needs.

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