Are Frigidaire Air Conditioners Good? How Much Is a Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

Are Frigidaire Air Conditioners Good?

Ever wondered what the world would look like without air conditioners? That would mean people living in warm coastal areas or at the fringes of the Sahara; in extreme heat and humidity; will have no way of protecting themselves or making their indoor weather comfortable.

Over the years, we’ve often relied on air conditioners for heating during the chilly nights of the winter and cooling when summer comes around. In all, these units have made life a lot easier for everyone.

When we talk about air conditioners and brands that have withstood the test of time, Frigidaire easily comes to mind. It is not uncommon to visit your grandma’s and find a window or wall unit that has been used for more than three decades.

With the plethora of brands that have sprung up in the last 20 years, it is easy to get confused and find it difficult to choose a brand. So, you may ask; “are Frigidaire air conditioners good? Well, you don’t need to go too far because you’ll find all the answers you need here.

Be sure to read this guide to the end before you make a decision. As they say, knowledge is power.

Evolution of Frigidaire Air Conditioners [Who makes Frigidaire air conditioners?]

At the dawn of the 20th century, there was a lot of technological rush among inventors as each scrambled to create something and contribute to the age of invention. It was within this time, specifically in 1913 that a man known as Fred Wolf of Fort Wayne invented the first home refrigerator.

While several other inventors worked on and improved on his invention, it was in 1916 that Alfred Mellowes added a compressor to the base of the refrigerator cabinet and built the first self-contained refrigerator.

That idea was then bought over by W. C. Durant in 1918, giving birth to the company “Frigidaire”.

Leaning on the successes of several other firsts, Frigidaire would go on to invent the first commercially successful air conditioner in the form of a “room cooler” in 1929. This gave a new meaning to the word ‘comfort’, even within one’s own house.

Over the years, the company continued to reinvent itself and has today become a powerhouse in HVAC systems manufacturing and engineering. It has a rich history in air conditioning spanning almost 100 years. Still, it leads with the same quality and elegance.

By 1979, the company was acquired by the White Sewing Machine Company and then resold in 1986 to Electrolux, its present parent company.

The brand has come to be associated with reliability and performance over the years. And, along with their need to make you live comfortably indoors, is the need to preserve their reputation.

Today, they offer a wide range of air conditioners that do not merely suit your needs, but also maintain the highest quality standards. What else would you expect from an all-American company with roots in Indiana, United States?

Best Frigidaire Air Conditioners and Suitability [Considering All Frigidaire Air Conditioner Reviews]

Air Conditioner ModelBest Suitable For
Frigidaire 5,000 BTU Window MountedSuitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Also good for places with polluted air; unit is able to trap dust.
Frigidaire 6,000 BTU 115V Mini CompactBedrooms and offices can also get dehumidified when used in damp places or humid regions.
Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 10,000 BTU ACHot and humid rooms, hotels, etc. Best suited for summer.
FFRS1022R1 115V Air ConditionerMedium to large rooms, offices and hotel rooms and lobbies.
FFRE123WAE 12,000 BTU ACLarge rooms, elderly homes due to restart feature after power outage. Great for night use.
FHPC082AB1 Portable ACSmall to medium rooms, offices, RVs, etc.
FGPC1044U1 Cool Connect Smart Portable ACSmall to medium rooms, offices and RVs. Also great for transitional homes.
FFRE0833S1 8,000 BTU Mini CompactSmall to medium rooms, suitable for areas with unstable temperatures.

Is Frigidaire a Good Brand for Air Conditioners?

Like most of its other models, Frigidaire puts together a truly powerful and effective air conditioner that cools efficiently and quickly. When you also compare it to other units of similar standard and quality, it costs less while offering comparable performance.

But that is just one in a long list of models that the company has produced for almost a century.

After establishing a name for itself in the window air conditioner market as, perhaps, the strongest brand, Frigidaire moved into the Split AC market effortlessly and has continued to support the health and comfort needs of homeowners across the world.

Before any unit is released into the market, the company ensures they are checked and double-checked by its quality team to ensure standards are maintained.

Another outstanding policy to note is the 10-Year Comfort Quality Pledge. This puts a 10-year warranty on its unit’s heat exchanger and guarantees registered users a replacement if there is damage within the period.

1. Durability

If there’s anything the ordinary user knows about Frigidaire air conditioners, it is their durability.

They are built with high-quality materials and top-engineering for improved performance and unbeatable value. This is one of the reasons they have remained a top HVAC brand in almost a century.

2. Programmable Timer

The 24-hour programmable timer is another very popular feature of Frigidaire air conditioners. This feature makes it possible to pre-set the unit for a certain number of hours; four, six, eight, and up to 24 hours.

After the set time, the unit automatically shuts off. With the timer, you can set your unit and go to sleep, knowing that it would go OFF on its own.

3. Multi-Speed Fan

Having an adjustable fan in an air conditioner is non-negotiable. It is important to have a fan in your AC unit whose speed you can adjust based on the need of the moment.

If low cooling is needed, the fan is set at low speed and when the heat worsens, the fan is set at high speed.

4. Remote Control

With remote control, Frigidaire makes their air conditioners for total comfort. You do not have to leave the bed or couch to control your unit’s operation. With the device in your palms, you’re good to go.

5. Sleep Mode

It is also important that you’re able to leave your AC on overnight and not be disturbed by an annoying sound coming from the unit. With Frigidaire air conditioners, the Sleep Mode feature ensures you get the sleep you deserve while keeping your home’s temperature comfortable.

6. Energy Saver

At the fore of their mission is to ensure users get maximum value without having to break the bank. Their ACs are energy-saving devices that keep running costs low so you don’t have to eat deep into your finances running your air conditioner.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Problems from User Reviews

  • Fan can be noisy in some units.
  • Many of its units are subtle and simplistic.

Best Usage of Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Frigidaire air conditioners are generally most effective indoors; homes and offices. They are available in three different forms; window-mounted air conditioners, built-in air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Your needs, the size of your room or space, and several other factors will determine which you should go for. Window-mounted air conditioners are the traditional type, ranging in capacity from 5,000 BTU to 30,000 BTU.

You can select a small unit if you have a small room or office or a larger unit for large rooms or whole-house needs.

The Frigidaire FFRE063WAE 6,000 BTU unit is a small appliance for cooling small spaces. This makes them suitable for hotel rooms, standard bedrooms, and standard offices.

On the other hand, you can use the larger Frigidaire FHWC282WB2 28,000-BTU unit in larger rooms, living rooms, and so on. There are also built-in air conditioners for stores and other spaces. If you require heating, there are units that offer supplemental heat as well.

Highlights of Frigidaire Air Conditioners Specification

1. BTU

Just as wattage is with other appliances like air purifiers, the British Thermal Unit is the standard measurement gauge for air conditioners.

It defines the level of temperature of an air conditioner and how much power the unit is able to give off during operation. For Frigidaire, BTUs are measured from 5,000 BTU and 30,000 BTU. There’s something for everyone.

2. Multi-Directional Airflow

It is also important to get cool or warm air around the room as quickly as possible. This is what Frigidaire’s AC’s multi-directional airflow does. If you can get your room feeling cool quickly, you may not need to run your unit for so long.

3. Washable Filters

MostFrigidaire air conditioners also have washable filters, meaning you can use them repeatedly, over and over again as long as you clean them frequently. This also reduces your running cost as you wouldn’t need to replace your unit’s filter whenever it is clogged by dirt.

4. Eco Mode

This mode helps the unit to be responsive. In this setting, your AC automatically comes ON when required and shuts OFF when not needed. This is energy-saving, sustainable and cost-effective.

5. Square Footage

Coverage is another technical information you need to have. For HVAC systems, this is measured in square footage.

Frigidaire air conditioners cover areas ranging from 250 sq. ft. for small units like the 6,000 BTU Window-mounted AC to about 1,500 sq. ft to 2,000 sq. ft. for larger units.

6. Remote Operation

Being able to control your AC remotely is also a feature you should desire. Frigidaire offers you so much control with remote control and Wi-Fi capabilities so you can carry out operations in the comfort of your bed or couch.

Frigidaire Air Conditioners Range & Coverage

Frigidaire air conditioners have a reasonably good coverage considering the fact that they have units for different room sizes.

Whether it’s the 250 sq. ft to 550 sq. ft range for small to medium units or the 600 sq. ft to 1,100 sq. ft for medium to large units, or the units for extra-large spaces ranging from 1,000 sq. ft to 2,000 sq. ft, Frigidaire ACs are practically designed to suit individual needs.

Here’s a list of some units and their square footage;

  • Frigidaire FHWC282WB2 – 1,900 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire FHWE252WA2 – 1,600 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire FHWE182WA2 – 1,050 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire FHWW153WBE – 850 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire FFRA122WAE – 550 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire GHWQ103WC1 – 450 sq. ft
  • Frigidaire GHWQ083WC1 – 350 sq. ft

How Long Do Frigidaire Air Conditioners Last?

Frigidaire prides itself in being a durable brand. Its air conditioners usually last as long as 15 years if well maintained. An average air conditioner from a quality brand has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

However, Frigidaire ACs have often hit the 15-year mark and even surpassed it in some cases.

This is also supported by the fact that Frigidaire offers a 10-year warranty on compressors. This is simply an expression of their confidence in their products.

Frigidaire Air Conditioners Customer Service and Technical Support

Frigidaire has a pretty reliable post-sale customer support. This is enshrined in the Contact Us and Service & Repair pages of their website.

Their customer service is available from Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

You can reach them through Frigidaire air conditioner customer service phone number (1-800-374-4432) for all your customer post-sale needs.

There’s also a Use & Care Guide to help you with basic user issues for maximum value and satisfaction.

How Much Is a Frigidaire Air Conditioner? [Frigidaire Air Conditioners Price Range]

Depending on the type of unit you’re buying, Frigidaire air conditioners have a price tag between $300 and $1,000. This is mostly for window-mounted units which are their most popular units.

You may find portable AC units for between $200 and $350 as well. Also, there are just a handful of high-end units that may be sold for above $1,000. Frigidaire air conditioners give a very tough fight to LG air conditioners in terms of price.

These prices are also based on capacity, performance, energy efficiency, coverage and BTU rating.

For example, a 5,000 BTU unit manufactured by Frigidaire costs between $300 and $400, while a 12,000 BTU model may cost as much as $370 to $550. This also depends largely on several other features.

Running Cost of Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Again, like many other HVAC appliances, the two major components for determining the running cost of an air conditioner are energy cost and filter replacement.

However, there is also the subject of maintenance that should be done occasionally, depending on the climate of your region and how dirty the environment is.

It may also be impossible to approximate the cost of repairs that may be carried out during the lifespan of the unit. For ACs, you also need gas.

Energy Cost

Since air conditioners are measured in BTU, you’d need to convert your AC’s BTU to watts to know how much it consumes. It takes 3.41 BTU/h to get 1 watt.

That means, 1 watt equals 3.41 BTU. If you have a 10,000 BTU Frigidaire AC, for instance, you’d need to divide 10,000 by 3.41 to get the wattage, and that equals 2,932.6 watts.

To illustrate that in electricity charges, we also need to convert it to Kilowatts. 1,000 watts = 1 kilowatts. That means, 2,932.6 watts equals 2.9 kW. Using the U.S. electricity charge average of $0.13 per kWh, we can solve for the cost of electricity per hour;

           0.13 x 2.9 = $0.38 per hour

This means a 10,000 BTU Frigidaire air conditioner will cost $0.39 to run per hour. If you use it for 16 hours every day, that’ll amount to $6.03 per day, $180.96 per month and $2,171.52 per year.

Whatever the size of your unit, simply input the BTU figure and calculate as we have done above.

Note that factors like severe heat, room size and wear may also affect the final cost of electricity, but the above is a good approximation. Some units also have their wattage stated. That should also help you determine electricity cost per hour.

Filter Cost

HVAC pros often advise you change your AC filter every 30-90 days. Specifically, 45 days if you suffer allergies and up to 3 months if you do not.

Thankfully, many Frigidaire air conditioners have washable filters, so you may go on to use them for up to 3-5 years before a replacement is required.

And if you don’t have one of those units with washable filters, you should be ready to part with around $10 to $20 for a replacement filter at least every 3 months.


There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how often your air conditioner should be maintained. However, you need to be observant.

If you notice your unit begins to run low or doesn’t cool as much as it used to, you may need to call your HVAC maintenance guy.

Generally, we recommend you get your AC checked out at least once every year for general cleaning and maintenance. This may cost around $150 each time.


The reason we’ve put gas last is that you may not need to refill the gas in your AC throughout its lifetime as long as there is no leak. Only a leakage and subsequent repair should make you add refrigerant to your unit.

Top Frigidaire Air Conditioners with Excellent Reviews

Considering all the Frigidaire Air Conditioner reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air conditioners for your convenience.

Final Words:

If you ever had doubts about the quality and performance of Frigidaire, we hope this guide has been able to put all that to rest. In design, energy efficiency, affordability, performance and innovation, Frigidaire has proven to be a trusted brand.

So, if you have to ask, are Frigidaire air conditioners good? The simple answer is Yes, and we have been able to prove it to you. But you don’t have to take our word for it; a look through their products on Amazon and other stores will reveal very positive ratings by verified buyers.

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