Are Personal Air Purifiers Allowed on Planes? [Best Way to Carry]

Are Personal Air Purifiers allowed on Planes

We already know how effective air purifiers can be for our homes, offices, stores, dorm rooms, basements and even vehicles. But have you ever considered flying with an air Purifier? Let’s not even get ahead of ourselves.

Is it possible to be exposed to polluted air on a plane? Can you use an air purifier if that happens? Are air purifiers allowed in airplanes? What products can you use? There must be much more questions running through your head right now, and we’ll provide answers to all of them.

Are Personal Air Purifiers allowed on Planes?

The simple answer is Yes, with some exceptions.

Before we explain that, it is important to note that there are specific pollutants you can find onboard a plane. On land, the major contaminants come from microorganisms as well as waste materials in the form of fine particles, dust and exhaust gas.

However, when you are above ground level, you will be more concerned with the risk of contracting certain air-borne diseases that are higher in closed spaces with many people.

Age is also something to consider as babies and senior citizens are at a higher risk of illnesses due to their level of immunity.

Add that to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus globally and you may want to carry a personal air purifier during a flight.

Federal Aviation Authorities of many countries do not have rules that prohibit carrying air purifiers on a flight. However, some individual air carriers might restrict their use for a number of reasons.

American Airlines, for instance, in September 2020 banned the use of “too much personal protective equipment” on their airplanes, including air purifiers that emit ozone.

Below are general reasons why airlines may restrict its use:

  • Some air purifiers produce ozone instead of negative ions. Ozone is effective at eliminating pollutants, but it can also irritate the respiratory tract as well.
  • Some air purifiers are portable, but still big enough to disturb other passengers on a flight. Air purifiers also produce sounds while in use which can be quite inconvenient.
  • Many new airplane models are produced with the same filters that are used in most air purifiers. These filters are known as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter.

It might be a good idea not to carry a personal air purifier if:

  • It produces noise while in use, even if it is a low hum.
  • It is bigger than palm size and cannot fit in a carry-on bag.
  • It needs to be plugged into a seat socket to be powered on. It might not be safe to use an in-seat powered air purifier.
  • It is listed on the “restricted items list” by an airline.

Just know that you may not be able to carry a personal air purifier on an airplane because most officials are more likely to be extra cautious with devices allowed onboard an airplane.

How to carry an air purifier in a plane?

This must have been the next question on your mind. I need to reiterate that many planes use Particulate Air filters which ensure that the air circulating in them is purified as often as possible.

Knowing this, there are things you should take note of if you want to carry a personal air purifier on that trip with you;

The air purifier you take along should be extremely portable and lightweight. Some air purifiers are made like necklaces, enabling you to wear them around your neck or as a mask.

If the air purifier you have is not that small, ensure that it is still portable enough to be used in crowded places, like an airplane.

Using an air purifier means that you value your health and convenience. This means that you should also value the convenience of the people around you.

Noise is a huge factor here and you must ensure you do not constitute a nuisance using the device. You should not make other people uncomfortable because you’re trying to get comfortable.

Many portable air purifiers are made to emit sound at low decibels. Some of these air purifiers produce a hum.

The type of filter in your air purifier is also very important. The major types of filters used include High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, Carbon filters and UV light filters.

Carbon and UV Light filters are not often a good choice of filters in use because they need to be replaced frequently. HEPA filters are the filters of choice because of their efficiency.

If you want to take a personal air purifier along with you on a flight and you are not sure if the air carrier will allow that; simply put a call across to confirm.

If you do not get a response, check the list of items that the airline considers restricted. If all these do not show you whether you can use the air purifier on a flight, ensure that you indicate it during check-in and ask an airline official.

This is very important if you will need to power your air purifier during the flight using a seat socket.

The safest, easiest and permitted method of carrying an air purifier is to wear it as a necklace; if you wear it as a mask, you may have to take it off whenever you feel inconvenient.

Top 3 Most Suitable Personal Air Purifiers to Carry on a Plane

The choice of suitable personal air purifiers to carry on a plane is a very tasking one if you do not have a guide. Some of my top picks for personal air purifiers are included here.

1. AirTamer A310PMB Personal Air Purifier [Best Features]

The AirTamer A310PMB Personal Air Purifier is a mix of sleek technology and efficiency.

This is why it is one of the most sought-after Personal Air Purifiers on the market.

Rather than produce ozone, this product emits negative ions which repel contaminants away from your breathing space.

The AirTamer A310PMB purifies an area as wide as 3 feet, creating a shield of protection when you’re on a plane. It also works silently, so you do not have to worry about disturbing others around you when you use it.

The electrostatic filter of this Air Purifier is made with high boost technology that produces air that is over 500% cleaner, filtering a lot more contaminants than other products.

This product is slim and lightweight, making it very portable and easy to carry even on planes.

You do not have to worry about carrying it around as it comes with a lanyard with which you can wear this product like a necklace for more efficiency (as the product works in higher proximity to your nose and respiratory tract).

There is also a break-away connector for safety. This product is rechargeable but can run up to 150 hours without charge. You only need to ensure that the battery does not die abruptly to ensure seamless operation. You’ll need to pay more for this because this air purifier is pricey.

2. Wein Minimate AS150MM Personal Air Purifier [Best Price]

The Wein Minimate AS150MM Personal Air Purifier is one of the most affordable travel purifier products on the market.

Once you see the product, you immediately know that you should wear it as a necklace.

It uses ion wind output to repel air contaminants and circulate clean air into your personal space.

The ion wind design output uses plasma discharge that works with an electroplated gold grid that is coated with a platinum emitter.

You may think that the ion wind output operation of this will be noisy. This is not so, as this product operates without a fan or filter and is quite noiseless too.

The Wein Minimate is also lightweight and compact; it comes with a lanyard that makes it wearable and can be used easily onboard a plane.

There is also a breakaway connector for better safety as you use it on the go. This product is battery-powered, though, so you will have to turn it off to change batteries if need be.

3. AirTamer A302 Portable Air Purifier [Value for Money]

The AirTamer A302 Personal Air Purifier is designed to be your favorite air purifier in terms of design, features and price.

The design of the AirTamer A302 is sleek and extremely lightweight.

The air purifier is packed in a compact travel case, protecting the product even as it purifies the air you breathe. The AirTamer A302 filter is made with power boost technology that filters at least 875% more contaminants than other products.

This filter uses electrostatic technology to release negative ions up to a radius of 3-foot. Plus, all of these happen silently.

This product can be used anywhere, even during air travel. It also comes with a strap that can be worn over the neck and a break-away connector that allows you to clip the product to a belt or your top.

All these come at an affordable price. This product is powered by 2 Lithium-ion cell batteries which will be changed as often as they run down.

Final Words:

Personal air purifiers ensure that the air around you is clean and germ-free. Purchasing one will be a great idea. However, before you go ahead and make that purchase, be sure to check that it meets your criteria.

You can play safe and pick any of the products on this list, just be sure to check with your air carrier before taking any of them on a plane.

Confirm with airline officials if you can use a personal air purifier aboard the flight. If you can’t, do not get discouraged as there will be other opportunities to use your personal air purifier.

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