How Much Does a Diffuser Cost? How Much Does It Take to Run a Diffuser?

How much does a diffuser cost?

There are many appliances that make a home comfortable and appealing. However, not all of them are necessities. One necessity needed in every home in order to ensure a clean, healthy aroma in the air is the trusted diffuser.

Diffusers have been around for a long while now, ever since the evolution of aromatherapy. If you are one of those looking to do away with the old-fashioned scented candles and delve into the world of diffusers, how much they cost is most likely your first point of inquiry.

In this post, we will give you a complete breakdown of the costs of diffusers to help your transition smoother.

How Much Do Diffusers Cost?

Just like many other home appliances for comfort, not all diffusers are priced the same.

Depending on the type of diffuser, and features offered, the cost of a diffuser varies from $25 to $300.

It is important that you are well informed on the different types of diffusers on the market, and the price range on them before you purchase anyone.

That way, you will select one that is customized to your needs and in your price range.

Cost of Diffusers Based on Type of Diffuser

Different essential oil diffusers come with different price ranges. Not all diffusers are equipped with equal features and so they do not all have equal prices.

Their prices largely depend on a number of factors like benefits, area of coverage and how well they work. Here are the different types of diffusers and their cost range.

1. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers Cost

When we think of ultrasonic diffusers, we think of a device capable of dispensing sweet-smelling essential oils simply by creating a mist and distributing it around the room.

The effect of the ultrasonic vibrations is responsible for the breaking down of the essential oil into minute particles. Ultimately, these particles mix with steam creating a mist that is dispersed into the air.

Most homeowners take advantage of this diffuser’s ability to work with just water, using it as a humidifier.

This is a huge advantage to these diffusers over its alternatives. You no longer have to suffer dry air as a result of the weather, you can simply add moisture to the atmosphere without any difficulty, thereby increasing its convenience.

As a result of the mechanism in which an ultrasonic diffuser releases its mixture of essential oils and water into the air, it would be unwise to use citrus oils in your ultrasonic diffuser as the acid in citrus oil will erode your diffuser over time.

Cost range of Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

On average, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers cost anywhere from $25 to $70.

This may largely depend on the capacity of the diffuser to cover a large surface area, its features and design or the manufacturers of the product.

Most diffusers in this category are usually given a sleek and sophisticated exterior in order to ensure it blends in perfectly in a modern setting.

Below are Few Top Rated Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers:

2. Heat Essential Oil Diffusers Cost

It is easy to mistake an evaporative diffuser for a heat diffuser. Mainly because they work quite similarly. In a heat diffuser, heat is applied to essential oils to the point where they begin to evaporate and the mixture is released into the atmosphere.

Most homeowners that opt for essential oils with a thicker consistency like sandalwood are advised to utilize this kind of diffuser. 

There are many advantages of using a heat diffuser for your essential oils, however, there is one disadvantage that stands out which is the possibility of getting an even stronger scent as a result of the change in the chemical composition of the oil during heating.

During the process of this conversion, the heat can alter the chemical composition, therefore, causing some of the benefits you may have gotten from inhaling the evaporated mixture to be lost.

Cost Range of Heat Essential Oil Diffusers

These diffusers often vary in price as a result of the individual features they are equipped with. For instance, heat essential oil diffusers equipped with the noiseless feature would generally cost more than one that is seemingly noisy.

Also, heat essential oil diffusers come in different forms like electric heat diffusers or diffusers with candle heat.

However, irrespective of whichever type of heat diffuser you decide to buy, the end game is the same; evaporation of the mixture into a sweet-smelling aroma. In selecting the best product, its price is not the most significant factor to look out for.

It is important you analyze the benefits you hope to get from your diffuser and purchase one that meets those needs.

On average, the cost of these heat essential oils diffusers varies from $70 to $150.

A great example is Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser For Essentials Oils Ceramic.

3. Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers Cost

As we have stated, evaporative diffusers are quite similar to heat essential oil diffusers in that they are able to distribute the oils evenly throughout your room by evaporating the oil particles.

However, unlike heat essential oil diffusers, evaporative diffusers utilize a fan in the process of evaporation. For this to happen, the essential oil is soaked by an absorbent material like a lining or a pad.

The wind generated from the spinning action of the fan then causes the oil to enter the air as particles or tiny droplets.

Cost Range of Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers

Design, capacity and length of time for performance are some major aspects that determine the price of these evaporative essential oil diffusers.

On average, evaporative diffusers are priced anywhere from $30 to $70.

Below are Few Top Rated Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers:

4. Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffusers Cost

Nebulizers are pretty different from other diffusers in that they do not apply water or heat in the process of aromatherapy like other common diffusers.

They distribute scent by breaking down the molecules of the oils into atoms thereby producing a pure and concentrated flow of these aroma oils.

A vacuum is also formed by blowing air through a tube channel, causing the oil to cover the surface. The oil is then released into the atmosphere as a thin mist.

The form of dispersal of this diffuser is regarded as pure, and so it is advised that you use a timer in order to get the most benefits from your essential oils.

If you also decide to utilize essential oils with natural ingredients, and you desire to get the most out of the experience, then a nebulizing diffuser is the perfect option.

Cost Range of Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers

The most common factor that affects the price of nebulizers is the size of the room in which they can work effectively.

The price of a nebulizing essential oil diffuser suitable for small to medium-sized rooms would be anywhere from $90 to $300.

A great example is Bloomy Lotus Bamboo Nebulizing Diffuser.

While a nebulizer to be used in a large room, and one that is also equipped with several features, you are charged anywhere from $280 to $700.

An example is AromaTech AroMini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser.

More advanced industrial units sell anywhere from $700 to $1,200.

5. Natural Wood Essential Oil Diffusers Cost

Essential oils do not always just come as oils that you can easily diffuse into the air. Occasionally, you may need to utilize natural wood in the dispensation of the oil in order to get that pure, sweet-smelling goodness.

Wood diffusers are often referred to as the most natural way to aromatherapy and have been the most common method of dispersing oils into the air for a long time.

All you need to do is add a few drops of the essential oil you want to disperse on the cypress wood diffuser. After doing that, the wood naturally releases your scent into the atmosphere. 

Cost Range of Natural Wood Essential Oil Diffusers

You can purchase the natural wood essential oil diffuser anywhere from $39 to $70.

Below are Few Top Rated Natural Wood Essential Oil Diffusers:

How Much Does It Take to Run a Diffuser?

Energy consumption is the most important factor to consider when contemplating the cost of running your diffuser. If you seldomly run your device, you may not be moved by its input in your electric bill.

However, if you decide to constantly run your diffuser all day and all might be ready to whip out the big bucks when the electricity bill comes. There are other factors that might influence the cost of running your diffuser constantly throughout the month.

1. Size of the room

Utilizing your diffuser in a larger room will require it to work for a longer time and produce twice its output before the entire room can be saturated with its aroma.

You must however note that small rooms may still consume much electricity, it all depends on your desired saturation level. A 360ml diffuser will do pretty well in a 500 sq ft room.

This should cost around 20 watts (0.02 kWh) per hour. Using the U.S. national electricity average of $0.13 per hour, you’d be spending $0.0026 per hour, $0.0312 per day (if you run it for 12 hours), and $0.936 per month.

The cost of running a larger device is bound to be higher.

2. Energy efficiency of the device

Utilizing a device that is not energy efficient will result in higher electricity costs at the end of the month. If you do not want to pay so high, we strongly advise you to select an energy-efficient appliance, to begin with.

3. Frequency of usage

If you’re one that is fond of letting your appliances run overnight, you are directly increasing the electricity bill at the end of the month. To save costs, use your diffuser at intervals and ensure you use one that is best suited to your room size.

Final Words:

Before buying that diffuser that has caught your eye, it is important that you weigh your options. Ensure you decide on what you are looking for if it’s all-natural, cordless, or non-heat.

You should also be sure to stay within your budget and lookout for the best product within the range. Regardless of your preference, diffusing will benefit you one way or another. You can then relish not only the pleasant smell but also the purified air.

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