How Good Are Dyson Air Coolers? Where To Buy Dyson Fans and Coolers?

How good are Dyson Air Coolers and Fans?

When summer comes with its scorching heat and uncomfortably humid air in many regions of the world, homeowners scramble through their stores, searching for cooling appliances they put away in winter.

Without air cooling, it can be almost impossible to live through the season unscathed. There are many appliances that help in this situation and one of them is the Air Cooler. If you’re one of those looking to purchase one, you may have come across the Dyson brand at some point.

Whether it’s a multiplier tower fan or cooling fan, Dyson air coolers are a known name in the industry. With their disruptive design and cooling technology- a fan without a visible fan- they have positioned themselves as a brand for the elegant, classy population.

Another major selling point of Dyson air coolers are their compact and portable build, which makes it easy for people to use them anywhere; at workstations, office desks, home offices, room floors, and many other uses.

But the essence of an air cooler is its ability to actually cool the air; that is top on the needs of homeowners when battling with the peak of summer. So, are Dyson air coolers any good? Do they cool the air? More importantly, should you buy it?

We’d simply say Yes to all these questions, but we’ve taken the pains to go deeper and answer all of the other simple and technical questions that go beyond whether Dyson air coolers are good, to other factors like users’ concerns, how much it costs to run their units, and so on. We’ll begin with the basics.

Where Is Dyson Brand From? [Evolution Of Dyson Air Coolers]

Dyson is a private limited company that deals in the manufacturing of household appliances. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the United States and, more recently- Singapore, the company was established in 1991, 30 years ago in the UK.

It was known as Barleta Limited at the time. However, that name didn’t last more than three months before the owner James Dyson decided to use his last name instead. Known for its innovative style and groundbreaking technology, Dyson posted a net income of $1.9 Billion in 2020.

Like many other great brands across the globe, Dyson began as a solution to a problem. James Dyson was frustrated by a Hoover Junior Vacuum Cleaner that lost suction shortly after it was purchased. The rest they say is history.

Today, the company has a list of products in its catalog including its line of air multipliers and bladeless fans.

We’ve seen bladeless fans before, but Dyson took it to a whole new level, concealing the blades in the product’s body. Dyson began the production of its air multiplier fans in October 2009. It was announced simply as an electric fan.

The operation of the fan is quite exciting. The appliance draws ambient air in through an inlet located at the base, pushing them up the unit with great force and out through an upper ring outlet.

Because of the shape of the outlet, which is a ring, the air is able to attract and take along with its surrounding air as it exits the ring.

This airflow, according to Dyson is multiplied up to 18 times at the point of release into the room in the AM01, AM02 and AM03 series, without the kind of buffeting effect associated with conventional fans.

Dyson has gone on to produce several other models of cooling fans, similar in technology and cooling design, but with some changes in air stream and multiplier designs.

Also, some of the newer models are equipped with air purifying features, including HEPA filters to ensure the air released back into the room is clean and healthy.

Best Dyson Fans, Air Coolers and Suitability [Considering All Dyson Fan and Cooler Reviews]

Air Coolers/Fans ModelBest Suitable For
AM06 Table FanCan be used in medium spaces, like an office, bedroom, living room and dorm rooms. Best suited for indoor use.
AM07 Air Multiplier Tower FanGreat for air circulation in medium to large spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Safe for places with kids and pets.
DP04 Pure Cool Purifying FanGreat for polluted places, can cool and clean the air at the same time. Living rooms, bedrooms and offices.
HP01 Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater and FanSuitable for all seasons as it can cool and heat the air as well. Can also function well in areas where pollution is a problem. Good for medium to large spaces.
TP01 Air Refresher and FanBuilt for large spaces, including living rooms and lobbies. Equipped with HEPA filter for air cleaning as well.
HP04 Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater and FanLarge spaces and rooms; offices, polluted areas and large bedrooms.

Are Dyson Fans and Air Coolers Worth It?

Dyson is loved by many for their in-depth research and attention to detail.

They have also shown their affinity for technology and artificial intelligence over the years, offering air cooling products that do more than just cooling.

The average Dyson air multiplier is a fan, heater and air purifier. This provides more value for owners to use at different times and seasons, and for different purposes.

It is important to state that, although quite pricey, Dyson has shown effectiveness and advanced AI over time.

Dyson is a good brand for air coolers also because assembly for most of its fans is pretty easy and can be done by one person. Many of them also have a Link App where they can connect with Alexa for personal remote control. 

1. Bladeless Design

How cool is it, really? To have a fan without blades. First, this drastically reduces the noise that conventional fans produce.

Also, it offers a sense of elegance and confers a certain status on the user. Beyond that, the bulkiness associated with traditional fans is also removed.

2. Upper Ring

The upper ring feature is an iconic component of Dyson cooling fans. This design is stylish and very pleasing to look at. If you want a cooling device that compliments your décor and adds style and prestige to your home or office, this is certainly what you need.

3. Compact and Portable Build

Dyson coolers are also very portable and compact. Most of the models are desktop in nature and can sit comfortably on a desk in your home or office. But for the constant dash of air hitting your skin, it’s sometimes easy to not notice there’s an appliance on your table.

4. Multiple Air Speed Settings

From 6 to 8 and 10, Dyson air coolers offer a lot of control to users. Many of its units have 10 air speed settings, while some have slightly less than that.

Whatever the case, there is an airspeed that suits your need at every point, giving you the comfort you deserve in your home and office.

5. Automatic Shut-off

Whether it’s a tip-over or impact from pets or kids, the automatic shut-off is one of Dyson’s safety features to ensure your unit turns off at a certain forceful impact. This helps to preserve the lifespan of the unit and keep members of your household safe.

6. Remote Control

Remote control is another very useful addition to any appliance. No wonder Dyson has made remote control a very present feature in their air coolers. This enhances convenience and makes it easy to use the units.

7. Sleep Timer

The Sleep Timer in Dyson air coolers helps to ensure your unit doesn’t overrun when you leave the house without turning it off or sleep-off. You can easily set it on the number of hours you want it to run for and it will go OFF at the exact time.

8. Alexa

Alexa has become one of the world’s most popular virtual assistants for all things. With Alexa linked to your air cooler, you can operate the unit using Voice Control technology.

Are There Any Problems with Dyson Fans and Air Coolers?

  • Luxury technology often equals luxury price, but each and every Dyson air cooler has proven its worth.

Where Are the Dyson Air Coolers Most Effective? (Usage)

Dyson air coolers are most effective in small spaces. Bedrooms, living rooms and offices will benefit a lot from having Dyson air coolers.

Also, due to their multi-faceted designs, they are suitable for a wide range of climatic conditions, including summer, winter, and in-betweens.

Many people use Dyson fans for spot cooling. Picture an individual in their office with a Dyson fan on the desk blowing air directly on them; others use them for whole-room cooling.

Highlights of Dyson Fans Specifications

1. Power Source

As you guessed already, Dyson air coolers are electric in nature, which means they are powered by electricity.

However, modern designs are becoming more electronic than electric, with the various remote operational technologies synced to the units. Still, the source of power is electric and they have a cord for connection.

2. Mount Type

Dysons fans are floor mounted, in most cases. They are designed with bases that can easily sit on a flat-bedded floor, table or desk without any problems.

3. Noise

With the brand’s acoustic tuning, most of its cooling fans emit noise within the range of 35 and 47 decibels. This singular factor, along with their proven safety, is why they are often used at night and during sleep.

4. Wattage

Wattage is another important technical highlight here because it determines how much you’ll spend running the unit. Typically, Dyson cool fans that do not have heaters tend to run about 30 to 80 watts across the board.

However, those with heating components will run on around 50 to 70 watts when the fan is on, and about 2,000 watts if the heater is turned on.

5. Fan Design

Dyson fans are designed in Tower structures. They are built to stand upright, vertically, ensuring they do not take up too much space.

There are very few alternate options to Dyson fans when it comes to design. We can think of only Vornado fans with similar good designs that can be compared with Dyson fans.

How Much Area Does a Dyson Fan Cover? [Coverage]

Dyson air coolers have an impressive range of coverage, considering how portable they are.

On average, you find many of their units covering areas between 100 sq. ft and 1,000 sq. ft.

The smallest units would comfortably cover an area of about 160 sq. ft, with several other larger units taking care of larger spaces up to 950 sq. ft, and beyond.

How Long Do Dyson Air Coolers Last?

Dyson air coolers have a lifespan that often exceeds 5 years, if used properly and with care. The two-year warranty gives a form of reassurance of its durability.

Just as we often say, a brand’s warranty policy is a good way to infer its lifespan.

Many users may use them for as long as 7 years and beyond, while others may use them for less than 5 years. It all depends on how you care for the unit.

However, we’ll peg the lifespan of Dyson air coolers at 5 years.

On the other hand, those with purifying features will require filter replacement every 12 months. This is because, if used for approximately 12 hours a day, the filter can last for as long as one year or 4,000 hours, as the case may be.

Dyson Customer Service and Technical Support

Dyson has pretty comprehensive support for its customers. It is highly advised to be a registered customer on the Dyson website.

Once you registered, you’ll have access to not just its warranty, but also the many perks that come with being a registered user of Dyson products.

And if you have questions, complaints or inquiries, you can always reach their large network of customer service consultants by telephone or by contacting them on Twitter @askdyson, YouTube on and Facebook at

Business customers can also reach them via email at 

Dyson Fan Price Range

We know this is one issue you’re very interested in. No matter how good a product is, you probably wouldn’t buy it if you can’t afford it.

At face value, one would say Dyson cool fans are quite pricey, but if you consider the value you get from the unit, you’ll see why it is worth every penny.

Dyson air coolers typically cost between $400 and $800, depending on the capacity. There are also hybrid models, featuring purifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters that cost higher than $800.

Some examples include the Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan that goes for $460 to $600, depending on the color; the TP01 Air Refresher and Fan for $500 to $600; and the DP04 Pure Cool Purifying Fan for $500 to $600.

You’re sure to find something you can afford if you really want the best for your home and those who live in it.

How Much Does It Cost to Run the Dyson Air Cooler or Fan? [Running Cost]

Dyson air coolers are powered by electricity which translates to electricity bills. They also use filters with an average lifespan of 12 months.

Original Dyson fan replacement filters are also quite pricey. While there are other filters produced by other brands which share some compatibility with Dyson, it is always best to use the brand’s own filters.

A filter like that of the Pure Cool Link Tower Fan costs around $200. If you decide to go for this filter over a period of 5 years, you’d be replacing it four times at the cumulative cost of $800, assuming the price never changes.

As for electricity cost, we mentioned earlier that Dyson cool fans run on 30 to 80 watts when cooling and somewhere around 2,000 watts when heating. Using an average of 55 watts for cooling and the U.S. average tariff of $0.13 per kW-hour, we can have the following;

          55 watts in kilowatts = 0.055kW

          0.055 x 0.13 = $0.0072 per hour

For heating, you’d have 2,000 watts (2kW)

          2 x 0.13 = $0.26 per hour

If you run the fan for 12 hours each day, it means you’d spend $0.0864 per day. If it is heating you use it for, you’d spend $3.12 per day.

That amounts to $2.59 per month (for cooling) and $93.6 per month for heating; and $31.08 per year for cooling and $1,123 if you’re using it for heating throughout the year.

Where To Buy Dyson Fans and Coolers?

You can buy Dyson Fans and Air Coolers from any of the below options:

  1. You can buy directly from Dyson.
  2. You can also purchase new and refurbished dyson fans and air coolers from dyson outlets
  3. Dyson products are also available on popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Homedepot, Bestbuy etc.,

Considering all the Dyson Cooler reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular fans and coolers for your convenience.

Top Dyson Fans and Coolers with Excellent Reviews

Final Words:

Dyson has created a niche for itself in the air-cooling industry through quality, brand positioning and effective customer service.

There are very few Dyson fans you’ll get for under $500, but the brand has shown over time that its products are certainly worth the cost.

If you desire effective cooling (or heating), elegant and high-tech designs, comfort and ease, Dyson air coolers are the way to go.

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