How Good Are Yeti Coolers? Are Yeti Coolers Expensive? Are They Worth It?

How Good Are Yeti Coolers?

Keeping food and drinks cold in the hot summer months is essential. While there are many options available at home, outdoor enthusiasts need a portable cooler to stay outdoors for a longer time.

A discussion about premium coolers is incomplete without mentioning Yeti coolers! This is because Yeti offers a diverse line-up of products that is way more than any other cooler company.

Not only can you choose from their large selection of hard-sided coolers, but you also have an option of soft-sided coolers.

No matter what usage, size, and shape you are looking for, Yeti is sure to have something to suit your requirement.

Yeti coolers were founded in 2006 with a simple mission to build a cooler that could be used every day. It has been specially designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts and performs when it matters the most.

Yeti boasts not just about the quality of its products but also the image that the brand projects. The brand has carved a niche for itself as an aspirational brand.

Who Makes Yeti Coolers? [Evolution Of Yeti Coolers]

Yeti cooler is the brainchild of two brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, two sportsmen who decided to manufacture coolers for the luxury outdoor market.

They were fishing enthusiasts and knew that fishers usually stood on their coolers while casting and that the conventional coolers usually could not bear this extra weight and collapsed.

They decided they wanted a more durable and good-quality cooler for their fishing expeditions. After a lot of research and hard work, the brothers began manufacturing their cooler in 2006, with the help of a plant in the Philippines.

However, they soon found out that the cost of manufacturing these premium quality coolers was much higher than expected and meant that they would have to be sold at a premium price.

The first Sherpa coolers were far superior to any other cooler but priced ten times higher than what people paid for ordinary coolers.

The brothers had a great vision and expanded their company from coolers to insulated cups and bottles, along with products like blankets, outdoor chairs, and so on.

Initially, the company’s growth was slow, but this quickly changed over the next few years. In the year 2021, they sold the majority ownership of Yeti to Cortec Group Management Services LLC, a private equity firm.

What Are Yeti Coolers Used For? [Best Yeti Coolers and Usage]

Yeti Cooler ModelUsage
Yeti Roadie 24 CoolerPerfect for people who need a very compact, light, and mobile design for a day excursions with a flexible quick-latch. Its taller build can even accommodate a bottle of wine upright.
Yeti Tundra HaulA perfect wheeled cooler that can be conveniently carried on long camping trips. Armed with the NeverFlat wheels and StrongArm handle, it can be taken on rugged terrains.
Yeti Hopper Flip 18  Portable coolerThis model is perfect for day trips. A portable cooler that features a 100% leakproof Hydro lock zipper and a water-proof dry hide shell. Its Cold cell insulation offers superior ice retention.  
Yeti Tank Bucket CoolerPerfect for your next friends’ get-together with a capacity to keep 52 cans or a slim quarter keg. Its double haul handles make it convenient to use on ready for cookouts, family get-togethers, championship tailgates, and more.
Yeti Tundra 45 coolerWith a capacity of up to 26 cans, this bear-certified model is perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities. It has a shelf life of 5-6 days for food and can keep beverages cold (90°F) for more than 8-10 days.

Is Yeti a Good Brand for Coolers? Are Yeti’s Coolers Worth It?

What’s so great about Yeti coolers anyways? What drives people to pay hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars for something as ordinary as just a container to keep drinks cold on a hot afternoon?

The fact is that there is nothing like the Yeti line of coolers in terms of quality and durability. The coolers are significantly pricier, but they have excellent ice retention and do not break easily.

Brand Yeti has undoubtedly carved a niche by delivering the highest quality standards and a large selection of coolers, both in terms of styles and prices. Whether we talk about the available features or accessories, Yeti caters to all types of buyers.

This is why the company’s growth is phenomenal and is likely to continue its journey to the top in the years to come.

What Is So Special About A YETI Cooler? [Key Features]

Yeti coolers have built a name and reputation as highly high-quality coolers that are virtually unbreakable and keep ice for days.

1. Types and application

What are Yeti coolers used for?

Broadly speaking, the Yeti range of coolers can be classified into two types:

  • Hard-Shell Coolers: These coolers have the following comes in categories as Rotomolded construction, Permafrost Insulation and Fat Wall design.
  • Soft Coolers: Yeti soft coolers are either ColdCell Insulated or come as DryHide Shell.

2. Excellent ice retention

yeti cooler ice retention

Yeti coolers focus on durability and ice retention. They hold ice for a much longer time as compared to regular coolers. This is primarily due to the presence of thick insulation.

The lid and the walls of the cooler have 2-3 inches of insulation, while regular coolers have 0.5 – 1 inch of insulation. Moreover, Yeti coolers use polyurethane insulation which is way more effective than the Styrofoam insulation used in traditional coolers.

Ice retention also depends on many variables such as the type of ice used, outside environment and temperature, quantity of ice, etc. Yeti offers valuable advice to enhance the output of your cooler. This includes pre-chilling your cooler and ensuring that it is full.

3. Additional accessories

yeti cooler accessories

Yeti cooler may look like any ordinary cooler outside, but the real strength lies in its quality.

On closer inspection, you will find that it is packed with real-world features such as thicker than usual insulation, a freezer seal that prevents cold from escaping, and high-quality insulation that retains ice for days.

Not only this, Yeti’s trademark technology includes extra durable rope handles, tie-down sleeves for boats and trucks, a leakproof and foolproof drain system, and interlocking lid technology.

Yeti coolers come with NeverFail hinges that won’t break and a Bearfoot non-skid bottom. These features make your life much easier as you don’t have to worry about your ice melting or your cooler breaking!

So, if you just need a cooler to keep some beers, a Yeti cooler may not be worth all the money, but if you are going fishing, trekking, boating, or camping, all these features are well worth spending on.

4. Stylish design

yeti cooler design

Yeti coolers go much beyond the regular cooler. The brand itself says it all! You don’t need to know the specifications of a BMW or a Mercedes; the brand name is enough!

The same goes for Yeti coolers as well. People who purchase Yeti care less about its specs and more about what it stands for the highest standard of quality in outdoor equipment! Owning a Yeti is a matter of pride and a signal of excellence.

5. Grizzly-resistant

yeti coolers are grizzly proof

Yeti’s hard coolers undergo rigorous tests for quality and standard, including a live bear test. The Tundra is an officially-approved bear-resistant cooler that can be used in areas where grizzlies roam wild.

So, if you are planning to camp in a grizzly country, a grizzly proof yeti cooler might be just what you need.

6. Constructed for a long haul

yeti cooler build quality

Yeti brought a revolution by manufacturing solid coolers with an indestructible one-piece build. Their hard coolers are rotomolded and manufactured for consistent performance.

Yeti coolers are designed to take the beating. Household tools can easily replace parts like the handle or the T-latch that sometimes break.

For those who understand the value of paying upfront once for something you won’t have to return for years to come, Yeti is well worth every penny spent!

Are Yeti Coolers Good? (Pros & Cons of Yeti Coolers)

Known Benefits of Yeti coolers (Pros)

What’s so great about Yeti coolers that drive people to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a seemingly inexpensive product used to keep your food and beverages cold. Here are the benefits of buying a Yeti instead of other coolers that are considerably low priced.

  • Yeti coolers have been built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Yeti also offers large coolers that are a boon for serious hunters.
  • Yeti coolers bear well-thought-out and effective design.
  • Yeti coolers come with outstanding accessories.
  • The walls and lid have industrial-grade insulation that retains ice for a longer time.
  • Tougher than most of its competitors out there- no dent even if you drag, drop, or toss it.
  • Yeti brand offers a reasonable period of warranty.

Known Issues with Yeti coolers (Cons)

Yeti coolers are excellent but not perfect! Like any other product in the market, there are some issues with these coolers as well.

  • Yeti coolers are overpriced. 
  • Some Users experienced warping. 
  • Yeti coolers require pre-chilling before use. 
  • Yeti coolers are quite heavy. 
  • The drainage Spout is not attached. 
  • Yeti uses a firm rubber ball and socket latches that are pulled into position. Although suitable for ice retention, they can sometimes become too hard to use when wearing gloves.

What Is So Special About YETI Coolers?

1. Insulation ability

Yeti continues to be among the best when it comes to ice life. Their fatWall design, T-Rex lid latches, Permafrost insulation, and oversized rubber gasket make it so popular among users. 

2. Durability and Mobility

Yeti coolers are made in the USA and undergo precise manufacturing norms to maintain strict quality standards. This is why, when we talk about construction and reliability, Yeti can’t be beaten.

The notable features of the Yeti line of coolers are multiple types of handles, non-slip feet, and a high-flow drain, among others.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Yeti’s product line does not offer eye-catching curves or edges like many other brands. The designs are very traditional, to say the least. There are not many options in the base color as well.

Most of the larger sizes come in only one color – white! Smaller coolers may offer a few color choices: desert tan, ice blue, coral, and white.

4. Specialty coolers

Yeti has an impressive selection of specialty coolers with school and team logos. You can purchase Yeti coolers with your school or team logo printed on the lid. This is something that few other brands offer.

5. Warranty

Yeti offers a five-year warranty on its coolers. While five years is a long time, it cannot be compared to a lifetime warranty. Another point to be noted is that while some people are satisfied with the after-sales service, others complain of unhelpful staff.

How To Use Yeti Cooler for Best Results?

Yeti cooler is undoubtedly the best in the market with its ability to keep food and drinks cold for days and its durable molded construction.

The coolers may seem a little pricy but are worth all the money spent if you use them frequently. If you have recently purchased a Yeti cooler or plan to do so shortly, here are some tips to maximize its use.

1. Pre-chill your Yeti cooler

Always remember to pre-chill your cooler before loading it with ice, food, and drinks. If you put ice in a warm cooler, it is likely to melt quickly as most of the ice is used to chill the cooler’s internal temperature.

Alternately, if you fill the cooler with ice to pre-chill it, dump that ice and fill the cooler with fresh ice, it will remain chilled for a longer time.

2. Choose the right kind of Ice

If you want to keep the contents of your cooler chilled for an extended period, choose the right ice. The professionals at Yeti recommend filling your cooler with smaller ice cubes and blocks of ice.

The smaller the ice chills, the cooler the faster the ice blocks will melt slowly, thereby maintaining the temperature for a longer time. Experts recommend using dry ice in your cooler, if possible, for better results.

3. Clean your Cooler regularly

Clean your Yeti cooler regularly with soap and water before every use. You can also scrub your cooler with a 6:1 ratio of water to bleach or spray with a power washer between services. This will keep the cooler safe from difficult stains and powerful odors.

4. Keep your cooler in the shade

Once your Yeti is filled with ice, your goal is to keep the contents cold for as long as possible. For this, you have to keep the inside of the cooler cold too.

Try to keep the cooler in the shade as far as possible and limit the opening times. The more times you open it, the warm air will seep in. You should not drain water from the melted ice out of the cooler as it helps insulate the remaining ice and food.

5. Customize your Yeti cooler

The Yeti coolers come with various options and accessories to suit every requirement. You can customize it to maximize the output.

You can secure your Yeti with tie-down kits if you are in a boat, truck, or trailer. There are cooler cushions that can be fixed to the top of your cooler to serve both as a seat and a cooler.

Are Yeti Coolers Expensive? [Yeti Coolers Price Range]

Yeti coolers are very expensive. They start at around $200 and go up to $1000 or more. However, you do get a lot for that price. Also, there are plenty of accessories that you can add to your cooler. All said and done; Yeti can prove to be a financial burden for those on a tight budget.

The Roadie and Tank series is available at a reasonable price of $249. The Tundra range, the most popular among users, starts at $299.99 for the smallest size and goes up from there, with the largest size costing around $1399.  

Because you can get a similar cooler for $20-$50, people feel that Yeti coolers are overpriced. 

Based on the above features, you can browse through the whole range and pick the best model that suits your requirement.

What Size Do Yeti Coolers Come In?

Yeti coolers are available in various sizes to suit every requirement. Whether you want a small cooler or a big one- there’s one for every need. The capacity of yeti coolers can be measured and specified in no. of cans or pounds of ice it can store.

1. Small size

These sized coolers can store anywhere between 8 to 20 cans (10-24 pounds of ice).

Popular pick: The simple portable pick to sling over your shoulder, the Hopper Flip portable cooler is perfect. Its dryhide shell is waterproof and puncture resistant.

The Yeti Roadie 24 cooler, has a capacity of two litres and can hold eighteen cans. Its dimensions are 25.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 15.5 inches in height.

2. Mid-size

These yeti coolers models have the capacity to store about 24 to 60 cans.

Popular Pick: The Yeti Tundra 65 is a medium-sized cooler with a capacity of 45 cans. Its dimensions are 31.75 inches in length, 18.15 inches in width and 16.95 inches in height.

3. Large size

Yeti also manufactures large full-sized hard coolers that can hold 67 to 100 plus cans, making it ideal for multi-day excursions and rafting trips. 

Popular picks: The Tundra 350 cooler or Tank bucket cooler.

Point to note: The numbers on the Yeti models do not represent the actual capacity and can be quite misleading for those who are unaware of this fact. For example, a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler has a capacity of about 27 cans. Hence check the specifications carefully.

How Long Do Yeti Coolers Stay Cool?

Yeti coolers are made to last for a long time. The specific features of Yeti coolers may vary with the model, but there are certain notable features found in most of them.

No matter which model you buy, the cooler will have thick rotomolded walls dubbed FatWall design and permafrost insulation. All Yeti hard-sided coolers are equipped with a freezer-grade COLD LOCK gasket that seals the lid and the body.

The four rubber feet attached to all ice chests ensure a better grip on all surfaces. Besides making it easier to clean underneath, it also improves ice life as the cooler does not come in contact with warm surfaces.

The Yeti LIPGRIP handles, and interlock lid system is premium quality materials. These features ensure that your Yeti cooler will be at your side for many years!

How Is Post-Sales Support for Yeti Coolers?

Yeti stands behind its products with a five-year warranty on the central chest but does not cover the accessories. While there are many satisfied customers, others complain of poor customer care.

Many users complain that the customer care service cannot be contacted easily and doesn’t provide accurate information. Most reviews say that the customer care service is disappointing and very frustrating.

Top 5 Yeti Coolers Considering All Yeti Cooler Reviews

  1. Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler
  2. Yeti Tundra Haul
  3. Yeti Hopper Flip 18  Portable cooler
  4. Yeti Tank Bucket Cooler
  5. Yeti Tundra 45 cooler

Final Words:

A reliable cooler is essential for outdoor trips and excursions with family and friends as the weather warms up. After a lot of research, there is no denying that Yeti makes some of the world’s best coolers.

Yeti coolers are constantly expanding and proudly boast the largest selection of hard-sided coolers anywhere. No matter what application or size you desire, Yeti has the perfect model!

Although Yeti comes at an extremely high price, the brand symbolizes respect and reliability and will not disappoint you! Known for their unrivaled quality and durability, Yeti coolers rank among the best coolers in the market.

These coolers are over-engineered to outperform and sized for all adventures. If you are looking for a legendary, nearly unbreakable cooler, look no further!

All Yeti hard coolers can withstand the pace of a rugged life in the wild and still keep ice for days. These are worth the investment.

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