Essential Oil Burner vs Diffuser [Which is Better & When to Use]

Essential Oil Burner vs Diffuser

Aromatherapy is slowly settling in with its new trend; essential oils. While Air fresheners are great, they fall short to essential oils which have now become first choice when it comes to refreshing and deodorizing your home, office or other spaces, as well as getting some therapeutic benefits.

And it’s easy to see why. They’re free from toxic chemicals and are safe and ideal for living spaces. They possess soothing and refreshing fragrances that are more effective in aromatherapy than air fresheners.

If you’re going to opt for essential oils, the debate of the best and most effective way to distribute the fragrance of these oils in your home or office has been set up.

Do you administer it with a diffuser, or by burning it? While people evenly prefer either method, it is imperative we discuss the most effective and generally superior method of using essential oils.

What is an Essential Oil Burner?

Essential oil burners are one of the most low-tech, common and inexpensive methods of administering essential oils in your home.

They provide a fast and reliable way of distributing essential oils into the air in your home, thereby cleansing it of foul odors while taking care of setting physical and mental health issues.

All it takes is for you to ensure your burner bowl is almost full with water, and then proceed to introduce the essential oil of your choice or a blend of oils.

The next step is to carefully light the burner underneath, which will cause the fragrance to be distributed.

Most aromatherapy experts advise you to purchase a good burner that will not only add aesthetic value to the room, but will also ensure the aroma being distributed is clean and soothing.

You should ensure that you keep a little can of water close by so as to immediately refill the bowl to prevent it from running dry while the burner is lit and running.

Essential Oil Burner vs Diffuser [Which is Better?]

Different kinds of essential oils possess unique and distinct properties, with their own peculiar fragrance.

Diffusers and burners are two of the most popular methods of spreading this fragrance in your room.

The major, and most obvious, difference between a diffuser and a burner is in their mode of operation.

Diffusers distribute aromas from essential oils by breaking down the oil into very tiny droplets that can easily float and fill the atmosphere in the room with a unique fragrance.

On the other hand, Burners heat the oil slowly utilizing a candle, which then causes the oil to evaporate rather than burn, thereby filling the surrounding with aroma as a result of evaporation.

To determine which method is most suitable, we have to consider some important factors, and then evaluate the efficiency of each method under these factors.

1. Aesthetics

When considering the method of distribution of essential oils to utilize, aesthetics is one important, and largely overlooked criteria.

Ceramic burners can give your room a beautiful look and aura, especially with dim lights. However, specific diffuser types like ones with adorning glass vessels can also give your room a classy look.

2. Duration of use

Diffusers are generally the method of choice when it comes to which can be used for longer periods of time. Burners can only last as long as the lit candle lasts.

3. Safety

Most aromatherapy experts advise households with young children to opt for Diffusers as they do not involve fire, and as such remains the safer option.

4. Maintenance

In order to ensure your diffuser or burner continues to serve you for a long time, they need to be maintained. Relatively, diffusers are easier to maintain than burners.

Can you use diffuser oil in an oil burner?

The answer is Yes. Diffuser oils are mostly essential oils, and as we explained earlier, you’ll be able to administer essential oils using an oil burner even though the methods are different.

Top 3 Essential Oil Burners

1. SXCHEN Delicate Romantic Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder Oil Burner [Best Price]

This stylish essential oil burner isn’t only about aesthetics, it is very effective in the distribution of fragrance by simmering essential oil.

With the aroma of the oil coupled with the soothing ambiance the flickering flame offers, a relaxed and refreshed feeling is almost inevitable.

The manufacturers of this diffuser put a lot of thought into its structure and design, as the structure of the large ceramic dish enables the fragrance to better spread out. This is a feature that is lacking in a lot of burners in this price range.

2. Essential Oil Burner Ceramic and Iron Wax Melter [Best Features]

The first that might come to your mind when you set eyes on this oil burner is how good it will look in your home or office. Rightly so.

From the golden iron design to the fine ceramic bowl, this oil burner looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

The design of this burner allows for ample space underneath the bowl for cleaning and candle fitting.

The strong iron frame guarantees durability and longevity, with the bowl wide enough to ensure the fragrance gets to every nook and cranny of the room in less time.

3. HwaGui – Ceramic Tea Light Holder & Wax Warmer [Value for Money]

The ceramic tea light holder for this burner was made from natural soil and heated at high temperatures to give it a more solid and glossy finish.

With this burner, space is no longer an issue.

With sufficient space underneath the burner, cleaning and maintenance are much faster and more efficient.

You also no longer have to worry about the candle type to use underneath the bowl, as different types of candles can fit underneath the ceramic holder easily.

Top 3 Oil Diffusers

1. Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy [Value for Money]

Considering the benefits of this diffuser, it is understandable why one might be stunned to see how much it costs.

The design of this diffuser gives your home a modern and classy look, not to mention the soothing and relaxing feeling you are guaranteed to experience.

This diffuser comes with a porcelain cover of superior quality which ensures the device is durable and will last a long time.

It can also effectively distribute fragrance for up to 500 sqft. Also, on this device, there are two runtime settings to choose from, either the 7-hour interval setting or the 3-hour continuous setting.

2. MEDELIKE Essential Oil Ceramic Aroma Diffuser [Best Features]

This ultrasonic diffuser can be a beneficial addition to your home or office for many reasons.

Apart from excellently turning the oils to water mist for easy distribution.

It also comes equipped with a 4 timer setting, which includes the steady setting for periods when you do not want the diffuser working at full power, and 2 mist settings.

With the timer setting, you are now able to control the working time of your diffuser.

Additionally, you can now enjoy the different light effects with its 7 color light feature which helps to improve the soothing effect you get while using the diffuser.

3. Essential Oil Diffusers, ROSUMM Large Capacity [Best Price]

The manufacturers of this diffuser take the “easy to use” feature a step further in its design.

It is also very efficient in aroma distribution in shorter time periods, and so you don’t have to worry about time wastage in waiting for the aroma to saturate.

Its stylish and modern design also adds to the aesthetics of the room in general.

This diffuser is surely one to have in your home, especially when you consider the 10 essential oil sets you get when you purchase this diffuser. With that, you can constantly enjoy sweet-smelling aromas with no interruptions.

Final Words:

With several recent designs of oil burners and diffusers sweeping the market, selecting any of the methods for distributing essential oils in your home will ultimately come down to your preference, as both of these methods are not lacking in merit.

It would also depend on who lives in your home, your budget and whether or not you have kids or people who are asthmatic.

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