Can You Use a Vaporizer in An Airconditioned Room? [Precautions To Take]

Can you use a vaporizer in an airconditioned room?

If you’ve ever thought about using a vaporizer in an airconditioned room, then you’re not alone. It’s quite tough to reconcile having warm mist and cool air within the same space, but is it possible?

Using a vaporizer can be the difference between suffering the symptoms of cold and allergies or living above them. The device helps to introduce warm steam (water or herbs) into the air which is then inhaled by those in the room. These can be large or portable units, with varying capacities and CFM.

However, the question that begs an answer is, can you use a vaporizer in an air-conditioned room? This is a pretty sensitive subject and there are a lot of factors to consider if you’re wondering whether you can combine the two appliances.

Will they work well together? Will one impede on the performance of the other? There are a lot of questions we’ll answer as we move along.

Can You Run a Vaporizer in An Airconditioned Room?

It depends on a number of factors. A vaporizer in a room that’s already airconditioned may help to provide some warmth and succor to the person using it. At this point, however, the air conditioner should be turned off.

If your intention is to help alleviate the symptoms that the cold from the AC has caused, you can certainly use a vaporizer.

But you should note that the vaporizer may need a lot of time to fully take effect because it would need to withstand the cold air and gradually bring the temperature down to fully take effect.

The cold air from the AC circulating in the room can make it tough to derive benefits from your vaporizer in a short time. So, this will tell on your energy bills because you’ll need to run the vaporizer longer than you normally should.

Also, running your vaporizer longer than usual in an air conditioned room can affect the lifespan and efficiency of the unit. It may pack up sooner than expected or offer less performance because it is overstretched and works against forces like cold air in the room.

Can You Use a Vaporizer And Air Conditioner At Same Time?

It’s more a question of whether you should than whether you can. No, you shouldn’t use a vaporizer and an air conditioner at the same time. Both units are antithetical to each other in terms of output and function.

Generally, an air conditioner offers much more airflow and power, so it is bound to cloud the performance of the vaporizer.

With cold air being released by the air conditioner continuously, it’ll be difficult for the vaporizer to offer the heating you need in the same room. Hence, it will be inefficient.

There are some cases, however, when you can use a vaporizer and an air conditioner at the same time.

For instance, if you’re in a room where everyone else needs the AC on, but you need relief from cold or nasal congestion, you can simply find a corner of the room, several feet away from the AC, and use a portable vaporizer.

As long as the air from the AC is not directly interfering, you should do just fine. On the other hand, you can use a portable vape or vaping pen and an air conditioner at the same time, because the small device sends its content directly to your respiratory tract.

Special Precautions When You Use Vaporizer and Air Conditioner

1. Reduce the AC fan

Reduce the AC fan when running vaporizer in airconditioner room

This is one way to ensure the AC and the vaporizer can run together at the same time, in the same room.

The aim is to ensure the AC doesn’t douse the performance or effect of the vaporizer, while also ensuring you keep the room relatively cool.

2. Find the right spot for vaping

Find the right spot for vaping when you use vaporizer with air conditioner

It’s not just enough to turn down the fan speed, you’d also need to avoid the direct impact of cold air on the vaporizer.

Find a suitable spot in the room, far away from the position of the AC and vape conveniently.

3. Use them alternatively

Use vaporizer and air conditioner alternatively

It may be best to not use them simultaneously if everything else fails. Here, you’d run the AC for a while and then turn it off for a moment to run the vaporizer for the purpose it was purchased.

Then you can turn the AC on after that. The point is to ensure a safe humidity level is maintained so as not to worsen the condition you’re trying to resolve with the vaporizer.

4. Consider using cool mist instead

Consider using cool mist instead

If what you need is some humidity, you should consider using a humidifier instead of a vaporizer.

A humidifier offers cool mist and usually works well with an air conditioner on.

However, you can only make this substitution if the vaporizer is not needed for other specific conditions which require boiling and heating.

Final Words:

Using your vaporizer in an air-conditioned room certainly raises some concerns. Questions about whether the AC should be turned on and run simultaneously with your vaporizer have been raised and answered in this post.

Bottom line is, you may be forcing your vaporizer to do too much if you carelessly run it with an airconditioner in the same room, at the same time. If you must run them together, ensure you follow the tips included in this post and you won’t have a problem at all.

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