Can A Portable Air Conditioner be Used without a Window? [How?]

Can a portable air conditioner be used without a window

The rave about portable air conditioners in recent years stems from the fact that they provide the flexibility that regular split or window units lack while giving you much more cooling power than a small desktop unit.

They are a great piece of the appliance (in many forms and shapes) suitable for your home and office.

However, like most other units, ventilation is a major factor for good performance. If you can’t find a way to get the heat out, the operation of the AC unit will merely be counterproductive. And for most units, a window provides an avenue.

It is rare to find a home without windows, and while this makes it easy for us to use our window air conditioner units and portable ACs, there are rooms that do not have windows.

Think about storerooms, server rooms, and other parts of our homes or office that lack windows but require air conditioning.

You may ask, can a portable AC be used without a window? The answer is Yes. There are other ways to vent a portable air conditioner and we’ll tell you all about them in a bit.

Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

Before we answer this question maybe you’re asking why it is even necessary to vent a portable air conditioner or any other type for that matter.

The truth is, it is required for your AC to function properly. Not creating a vent does not mean your portable unit will not work, it will just heat up and send the heated air created during refrigeration back into the room.

This means more burden on your unit, slower cooling time, and more stress on the appliance.

Primarily, a window is the best-suited route for venting a portable air conditioner because it is an already-existing opening.

This means you don’t have to create a different opening to pass the hose out for heat disposal. However, where a window is absent, there are a few other ways to vent your portable AC.

Can a portable air conditioner be used without a window?

Just like we said earlier, you can use a portable air conditioner in a windowless room. The other options available are numerous, but we’ll take just three other ways to vent your portable Air conditioner.

1. Try the roof

Of course, this is the first other option that crosses your mind and you’re not wrong. It is all the better if what you have in the room are drop ceilings.

Although no longer the trend, some homes still have such roofing systems and these can be easily manipulated to pass your portable AC hose out through the roof and out of the house.

There are ceiling vent kits you can purchase to make this process easier. On the other hand, you may decide to go the hard route and rig the vent to suit the tile.

Whatever you decide, be sure to seal the hose properly, preferably taping it to the wall from base to roof to conceal such sights in your home.

2. Using a door

The truth about portable ACs is that warm air just has to go somewhere. It is unwise to let it remain in the room as we have explained earlier. Ideally, the best way to dispose of it is to send it outdoors.

Using a door can be an option but only if the unit is located near the entrance or exit door of a room.

It is important to note that this option may not work if the portable unit is placed in the middle of your living room, the server room or by the wall opposite the door.

The easiest way to apply this method is if you use a sliding door. There are specifically designed kits for slide doors that allow you to easily connect your hose and release heat outside.

These kits are easy to install and there are several videos on YouTube to guide you.

If you do not have a sliding door, there are ways to attach an opening to the frame area of your wooden door, if there is sufficient space for it.

You may also consider using your pet’s exit door. Just be sure it is done in a safe manner to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible, considering the situation.

3. Using your wall

This is extreme, but it can be your last resort if all other things do not work out. It is a permanent option too, so it has to be your property or you must’ve sought the necessary permission to alter the structure.

You also have to be comfortable having a large hole bored through your wall and ask yourself if it is worth it. You can get your tools and do it yourself or simply call the professionals.

If you live in a wooden home or your house is made of drywall, it may be easier to drill than if you live in a brick or stone house.

A few kits will also be required for proper installation. Measurements and shapes are also very important. Consider this DIY video for tips.

You should watch out for plumbing, wiring and studs, as well as what may be outside of the specific area of the wall you intend to cut open.

What happens if you don’t vent a portable air conditioner?

This is pretty straightforward. You won’t enjoy your air conditioner if it is not vented.

Your AC will come on, but you’ll notice that it is not able to reduce the temperature or cool your room because the heat generated in the unit is released back into the room.

Other remote consequences include overworking your unit, reducing its lifespan and increasing energy costs because you’ll leave your unit working for longer hours and at higher levels than required.

Is there a portable air conditioner that does not need to be vented?

To provide a simple answer, it would no longer be an air conditioner in the sense of it.

There are certain other appliances known as evaporative coolers, air coolers or swamp coolers. Many of them, if not all, do not require vents because they do not work the same way as standard air conditioners.

Many of them use water and even ice cubes and have fans that blow air over the water tank to produce a cool mist that goes into the room.

Condensation, Compression and Refrigeration which are the three major processes of an air conditioner do not exist with air coolers.

Can a portable air conditioner work without the hose?

As long as you’re placing the portable AC inside the room, you’ll need a hose to vent the unit.

However, some units have vents behind them, and some homeowners find a way to install the unit the same way a window unit is installed so that the heat is released without the need for a hose.

Another option is to place the portable unit outside, with the cooling vent facing the room via an opening. This may also work, considering it is properly installed.

Otherwise, you can go for a smaller unit, known as the evaporative cooler. This one can work without a hose.

Top 3 Portable Air Conditioners that work without A Hose

1. SUPALAK Portable Air Conditioner Fan [Value for Money]

This is a 3-in-1 appliance that works as an air cooler, humidifier and fan, depending on what is needed at every point.

This makes it suitable for all regions, dry, sunny, humid and arid.

You can get the cooling and humidification you need when it’s hot and dry.

And when it’s simply uncomfortable, just get the fan running to make things more comfortable in your home.

With super 90° oscillation, 3 fan modes, 3 operational modes, a timer and a functional remote controller, this is certainly worth your time and attention.

The unit doesn’t require a hose as water, ice cubes and the cooling fan are the three things that make it work. It can cover an area as much as 350 square feet, despite its size.

2. QVCQ Portable Air Conditioner Fan [Best Features]

This personal evaporative cooler is one of the most portable cooling appliances you’ll find on the market.

It does not require a hose and can be used indoors and outdoors as a cooler or fan.

Its multifunctional 3-wind modes give you the freedom to choose.

It also has a humidifier for when you need to reduce dryness. Just add water and ice cubes (optional) for the cooling effect you desire. No hose is needed and it is also very affordable.

3. AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner Fan [Best Price]

There’s a reason why this portable air conditioner is already a market choice despite being a new release.

As one of our top 3 air conditioners without a hose, this takes center stage for its amazing price, including a handle for easy carry, 3 fan speeds for flexibility, a humidifier misting fan and colorful light for visibility and looks.

The hose is not needed as this AC uses water and ice with a fan blowing over for a cooling effect. What’s more, the appliance is portable and uses only 8 watts of electricity.

Final Words:

To conclude, a window is an important resource for standard portable air conditioners, but you can also do without it if it is not available.

This post has shown you how to vent your portable AC using a door, the ceiling and even the wall. But if you’d rather get a cooling appliance that doesn’t require a hose, you can choose from the top 3 reviewed above.

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