Best Air Scrubber For Asbestos | Comparison Of Top 5 Air Scrubbers

Best Air Scrubber for asbestos

Air scrubber is essential equipment for a remodeling job, construction site, or repair worksite. Airborne pollutants such as mold spores, asbestos, dust, chemical cleaners, mildew, paint, smoke, and other irritants constitute the most pollutants we inhale. 

Eliminating these pollutants with an industry-grade HEPA filter air scrubber will give you and your family safe and healthy air. 

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral made up of fibers. These fibers are resistant to electricity, heat, and corrosion. It plays a vital role in construction, but its exposure is highly toxic. 

If you inhale asbestos dust, the fiber may be trapped in your body permanently, thereby causing scarring, inflammation, and genetic havoc. 

Frequent exposure to asbestos causes mesothelioma cancer and a lung disease called asbestosis. 

You can locate asbestos in:

  • Outdoor air and dust from the mining of asbestos-bearing rocks
  • Indoor air from disturbing building materials such as vermiculite insulation
  • Indoor air, outdoor air, and settled dust from the manufacture and disposal of products containing asbestos
  • Street dust from rocks used in construction
  • Drinking water from asbestos cement pipe and disintegration of asbestos materials conveyed by rainwater.

You can eliminate asbestos with special air scrubbers, which contain HEPA filters. Air scrubbers are different from air purifiers in that it cleans out all harmful pollutants. They eliminate airborne particles, mold, dust, asbestos, and other air pollutants. 

A high-quality air scrubber comes with a HEPA filter and an activated/optional carbon filter. This carbon filter removes odor from the air and ensures a clean and safe work environment. They remove pollutants from indoor air and construction sites to give out fresh, clean air.  

The sizes of airborne asbestos fibers fall between 0.1 and 10-microns. HEPA air filters do not have difficulties capturing these toxic fibers because they remove solid particles below and above 0.3 microns.

List Of Top 5 Air Scrubbers For Asbestos

Guide To Select The Best Air Scrubber For Asbestos   

In choosing the best air scrubber for asbestos, there are factors you must consider. The best air scrubber has good quality and operates at optimum capacity. It must be able to achieve the intent of its purchase. 

1. Filtration system

The filtration system is the most vital part of an air scrubber for asbestos. The filter traps pollutants that pass through the device to give out fresh and clean air.

So, when choosing an air scrubber for asbestos, go for the one equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber) filter. This type of filter has a high capacity to hold very tiny particles.  

Also, ensure that the air scrubber you choose has a low airflow loss. Air scrubbers come with different stages of filtration, which include 2-stage, 3-stage, and 4-stage filtration. 

2. Type of Blowers

High-quality air scrubbers have strong blowers that prevent debris from accumulating on the filters. If the filter harbors too much dirt, it will lead to airflow resistance, which affects the machine(s) efficiency. 

Most negative air machines have airfoil blowers that help overcome pressure drops due to dirty filters. Blowers of this type promote the airflow and contribute to its resilience as specks of dirt buildup on the filters.

3. Airflow Rating

Choosing an air scrubber with a suitable airflow rating depends on the type and size of the area to be covered.

Air scrubbers with an airflow rating of 500CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) are suitable for home use, while others with a higher airflow rating of up to 20,000CFM are for commercial and industrial use. It means that the higher the airflow rating, the larger the size of the air scrubber.

The most vital aspect is purchasing a model with an airflow rating equivalent to the area it is supposed to cover and the purpose of its usage.

4. Price 

Before making a purchase, it is wise to consider the features you need in your machine and how powerful it should be. It will determine the amount you should spend to buy the unit to avoid spending too much on features you don’t need. 

A 500 CFM negative air machine with a HEPA filter is enough to keep asbestos away from the air in your home.

Air scrubbers with HEPA filters and higher airflow ratings are suitable for construction sites and industrial purposes. These grades of machines come at a higher price. 

5. Durability 

Choose a machine with a durable frame that can withstand different types of usage for a long time without breaking down.

Purchasing air scrubbers at a very high price does not necessarily mean that they will be durable. Instead, go for known brands with positive reviews and referrals if you want to get the best from them.

Top 5 Best Air Scrubbers For Asbestos [Features, Pros & Cons]

1. BlueDri Airshield-550 HEPA Air Scrubber  

Best Filtration System

The BlueDri Airshield 550 features 3-stages of filtration with a carbon filter for odor elimination. The first stage is the primary filter meant for lint, dust, and pollen. The second stage is the optional carbon filter, which takes care of odors resulting from smoke, cooking, and mildew. 

The third filter is the HEPA filter, which removes asbestos, harmful pathogens, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants. Professionals and homeowners prefer it due to its powerful filtration system. 

This machine is robust and can perform for long periods without breakdown. That is why it is effective as a commercial air scrubber for construction sites. 

The BlueDri Airshield has a convenient size with a stackable design, and it is highly efficient in eliminating all particles of asbestos with its HEPA filter.

These HEPA filters remove about 99.97% of air contaminants of sizes 0.3microns and below from your surrounding air and purify them of all allergies. 

It is suitable for remodeling projects, construction, or restoration works. 


  • Airflow Rating: 250-500 CFM
  • Filtration System: 3-stage filtration
  • Power Cord Length: 25ft
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Coverage: 1500 sq ft
  • Power Rating: 2.5Amps, 115V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 45lbs


  • 3-stages of filtration with HEPA filters for asbestos 
  • Optional carbon filter for odors
  • Durable and heavy-duty machine
  • Captures small and large particles
  • It retains a large amount of dust.


  • Replacement filters are expensive
  • It makes a loud sound 

2. XPOWER X-2580 Professional 4-stage HEPA Mini Air Scrubber

Best Blower 

The XPOWER X-2580 HEPA Air Scrubber generates an airflow rating of 550CFM with its 1/2HP motor. It has 4-stages of filtration that completely removes all particles of dust, asbestos, smoke, bacteria, odor, pollen, allergens, and mold remediation.  

The first and second stages of filtration comprise nylon mesh filters, which capture up to 90% of medium to large airborne particles. These filters can be removed, washed, and reused when dirty. The unit has an indicator light to notify you when the filters are dirty. 

The third stage is the activated carbon filter, which tackles, absorbs, and neutralizes odors. The fourth stage is HEPA filter filtration.

This stage removes up to 99.97% of smaller-sized particles of 0.3 microns and other particles such as allergens, asbestos, sub-micron-sized dust, and bacteria. 

The X-2580 comes with a five-level speed control function to enable you to operate the machine at a low speed to reduce noise. The air outlet of this unit can be ducted to create pressure for channeling purified air. 

It is portable, lightweight, and easily transported. It is used at construction sites and for water damage restoration. 


  • Airflow Rating: 550CFM
  • Filtration System: 4-stage filtration
  • Power Cord Length: 13ft
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Coverage: 1500 sq ft
  • Power Rating: 2.8Amps, 115V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 23.6lbs


  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It has a 4-stage filtration system
  • Five-level speed control settings with a powerful blower
  • It comes with a filter change indicator light


  • It is a bit noisy at the highest setting

3. XPOWER AP-2000 CFM Air Scrubber

Best Airflow Rating

For industrial jobs that involve purifying large volumes of air with a portable air scrubber, the XPOWER product produces an airflow rating of up to 2000 CFM with 3-stage filtration, including HEPA filtration. 

Its enclosure is rotomolded and designed for industrial or large-scale use at construction sites, offices, arenas, gyms, schools, hospitals, conference rooms, and hotels. 

The AP-2000 features a brushless DC motor and can be operated at lower CFM levels in a confined space without causing problems. The CFM of this machine can also be turned up to the highest rate to effectively remove dust, asbestos, VOCs, mold, and other airborne particles.

The first stage of filtration is a washable pre-filter for mold and dust. The second stage is a HEPA filter for asbestos removal, and the third stage is an optional carbon filter that eliminates odor from the air. 

The XPOWER AP-2000 CFM is portable and stackable. Professionals and contractors prefer it due to its portability. 


  • Airflow Rating: 2000 CFM
  • Filtration System: 3-stages of filtration
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Coverage: 1500 sq ft
  • Power Rating: 8Amps, 115V, 60Hz  
  • Weight: 98.7lbs


  • 3-stages of filtration 
  • Portable and stackable 
  • Powerful airflow rating 
  • Durable design 


  • Filters are expensive 

4. Dri-Eaz F284 HEPA 500 Air Scrubber

Best Value for Money

The Dri-Eaz F284 is a portable air scrubber with 2-stages of filtration system. It has an airflow rating of 500 CFM and is effective in fire/water restoration, sewage remediation, and odor removal. 

The first stage of filtration is a pre-filter that captures large particles. A HEPA filter is the second stage, which removes about 99.97% of particles with sizes of 0.3 microns and below. The HEPA filter eliminates lead paint, asbestos, mold, and VOCs. 

This powerful air scrubber operates at 115V and draws about 3 Amps to cover a space of 936 sq ft. If you’re working on a commercial site, you can connect 3-units to this machine through its auxiliary power outlet.

The Dri-Eaz F284 has a solid construction made with rotomolded polyethylene, which makes it damage-resistant.       


  • Airflow Rating: 250-500 CFM
  • Filtration System: 2-stages of filtration 
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Coverage: 938 sq ft
  • Power Rating: 3 Amps, 115V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 44lbs


  • It is portable and stackable 
  • Durable body 
  • Adjustable airflow control 
  • HEPA filter change indicator 
  • It protects people allergic to pollen and dust
  • Traps particles in crawlspaces, attics, and tight corners
  • Removes odor from the air 
  • Eliminate mold and dust effectively
  • 3-units can connect to it


  • It has a loud operation 
  • It is expensive 
  • The carbon filter does not come with the machine

5. MOUNTO AF500 HEPA Air Scrubber

Best Price 

The MOUNTO AF500 has 2-stages of filtration with adjustable airflow control. The airflow regulates from 250-500 CFM for different applications. It is best for asbestos, smoke/odor control, and fire/water restoration. It is lightweight and portable.

The first stage of filtration is a pre-filter paper that captures large particles. A HEPA filter is the second stage that tackles 99.97% of the remaining particles, including mold, dust, and asbestos. 

This machine comes with a filter indicator light to signal you when the filter needs a replacement. The MOUNTO AF500 helps to generate fresh and clean air in any environment. 


  • Airflow Rating: 250 – 500 CFM
  • Filtration System: 2-stage filtration
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft 
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Coverage: 1000 sq ft
  • Power Rating: 2Amps, 115V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 40lbs


  • Affordable price
  • An efficient 2-stage filtration system 
  • Filter change indicator 
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns particles   


  • No timer switch 

Comparison Of Above Listed Top 5 Air Scrubbers For Asbestos

 AirflowFiltration SystemCoveragePowerWeight
BlueDri Airshield-550 HEPA Air Scrubber250-500 CFM3-Stages1500 sq ft288W (2.5Amps)45lbs
XPOWER X-2580 HEPA Mini Air Scrubber550 CFM4-Stages1500 sq ft322W (2.8Amps)23.6lbs
XPOWER AP-2000 CFM Air Scrubber2000 CFM3-Stages1500 sq ft920W (8Amps)98.7lbs
Dri-Eaz F284 HEPA 500 Air Scrubber250-500 CFM2-Stages938 sq ft345W (3Amps)44lbs
MOUNTO AF500 HEPA Air Scrubber250-500 CFM2-Stages1000 sq ft230W (2Amps)40lbs

Final Words:

The increasing amount of airborne asbestos fiber has brought about severe health challenges. Using a high-quality air scrubber embedded with a HEPA filter and known for robust performance is the best method of cleaning the air in your home from asbestos particles. 

This review of the best air scrubbers for asbestos is based on extensive research and users’ experience. We hope that it will guide you to choosing the most suitable air scrubber for yourself.  

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