Fireplace Tools | What Tools Do You Need for A Gas and Electric Fireplace?

Fireplace Tools

To properly manage your fireplace, there are certain tools you need in order to maintain its health. Although fireplaces have evolved over time, the main components and design have remained the same.

While there are fireplace tools that are no longer needed today, there are some that have remained relevant over the centuries, and until this day. Fireplace tools are not only needed to prevent unwanted spread but also to control it when needed.

You may choose to make a small fire bigger or a large fire smaller, depending on what your needs are. You certainly can’t do that with your hands, even with gloves on.

There are specific tools that will help you get things done without many risks. It is also important to keep the fire burning quietly and ensure very few or no particulates are produced.

Fireplace tools are also very good decorative components that can make your fireplaces beautiful. This is because they are designed with superior craftsmanship and are sometimes designed as elegant antiques.

So, whether it’s a wood stove, gas fireplace or a fireplace that’s not in use, fireplace tools can make your fireplace a very attractive centerpiece.

What Tools Are Needed for A Fireplace?

Fireplace tools are numerous and diverse. Let’s examine them.

1. Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker has a pretty intriguing design. It is also sometimes called a stoker and is one tool every fireplace owner should have. It is made of iron, fireproof rod and sometimes hooked on one end.

The purpose of poker is to prod, rake and pushrods in the fireplace in order to allow energy in and make the fire burn better. Debris and other supplies can also be moved around with poker to better stoke the fire.

Some pokers have insulated handles to make handling easier. Some are also longer than others to support larger fireplaces.

It is one tool that is not negotiable if you own a fireplace. The Rocky Mountain Goods Long Fireplace Poker is a best seller among fireplace owners and our top recommendation for you.

2. Fireplace Tongs

There’s no better way to describe a fireplace tong that a tool that puts things where they need to be. A tong has a handle on one side and usually two tongs on the other end.

When a burning log rolls off the fire and slams against the screen or all you need to do is move a log to a specific spot and your fire will burn better, fireplace tongs are just what you need.

Be sure to have a perfect grip on the log before you move it to avoid mishaps. With fireplace tongs, it’s easy to pick charred and fiery logs without the fear of getting burned.

Some tongs are designed to be very ergonomic. The scissors design employed by the manufacturers of the EPICA Fireplace Tongs makes it a very comfortable tool to handle and use.

The Sunnydaze Log Grabber Tongs is a more advanced option with a spring lever design. Whatever your choice, be sure to pick fireplace tongs that are long enough to keep you away from the fire.

3. Fireplace Spades

We can also call this a shovel. If your fireplace lacks a trap below or your ashes just can’t be pushed down there after a burnout, a spade can be a very useful tool for removing the ashes and other items in the fireplace.

A fireplace spade is essential for moving, scooping and cleaning up your fireplace. Even if you decide to use it when the fire is burning, there’s no need to worry as the long handle will help to prevent contact with fire or hot areas.

Our top recommendation is the durable Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Shovel.

4. Brooms

A traditional wood fireplace often means ash everywhere. Do you take out your vacuum and suck up all the debris? I hope not. You’d be putting your home at fire risk if you did that.

The best way to get rid of this is to go traditional; pick up a broom. Cleanup has even become a lot easier with modern fireplaces.

There’s often a debris spot where you can simply sweep ashes into. If you do not have the spot, you can use the broom and the shovel with an ash bucket close by.

You can use a long-handle fireplace broom or a short broom, depending on your preference and the size of your fireplace.

5. Fireplace Screen

This is more of an accessory than a tool. It is a very important component that can help protect your home against stray fire sparks going beyond the fireplace.

And because even tiny embers can have dire consequences when they pop into your room, you need to keep them in. There’s no better way to do that than installing a fireplace screen.

And when it’s not sparks and embers trying to get out, it’s your kids and pets trying to get in. With a screen, you can prevent such accidents from happening.

A fireplace screen is often made of cast iron or metal with a mesh to prevent objects from going through.

Some are extremely beautiful and act as decorative doors to your fireplace. Others also have provisions for storing other fireplace tools. An example is the Amagabeli Fireplace Screen.

6. Andirons

In open fireplaces, a pair of tools used to lay wood logs for burning is known as andirons. The tool comes as a pair of similar objects, with sufficient clearance at the base to allow oxygen and more efficient burning.

Andirons are often made of metal and can be hand-crafted but also found in antique shops. The simple Minuteman International Ball End Wrought Iron Fireplace Andirons is a good example.

If you want something more sophisticated, you could go with the Uniflame Black Cast Iron Cat Andirons.

7. Bellows

As the name implies, fireplace bellows are used to blow a blast of air when you intend to start or increase the intensity of a fire. They have a flexible air chamber with panels on each side, tapering off into handles.

You suck air into the chamber by pulling both handles apart and you push the air out by pushing them together. This action helps to stoke the fire and increase its intensity.

Fireplace brand Amagabeli has a good fireplace bellow available in the market. Another good option is the Kerykwan Fireplace bellows.

8. Ash/Supply Bucket

For some people, the supply bucket is one and the same as the ash bucket. Others have two separate buckets for both purposes.

Where you do not have a debris spot, you can use an ash bucket to collect the ash and other debris from a burned-out fire and dispose them off properly.

On the other hand, a supply bucket is used to carry items like logs and other materials to the fireplace. Most ash buckets are sold along with a shovel, like this Ash Bucket with Shovel set from Panacea.

9. Fireplace Hangers

This is an accessory for your fireplace tools. Some people simply keep all their tools in a supply bucket, an ash bucket, or in fireplace compartments (where available).

Others hand them on fireplace screens. However, ideal fireplace Hangers are available to properly store your poker, tongs, Spades, brooms and so on. A good recommendation is the tool storage rack from StoreYourBoard.

10. Log Holder

While it’s important to have an outdoor shed or store for logs, keeping a log holder close to the fireplace is an important addition to your collection.

Not only will it make it easier to fuel your fire, but it also helps to keep wood dry and warm. Ensure the material used on the product is durable enough to hold multiple logs without giving in.

The Amagabeli Fireplace log Holder is simple and durable. If you want something a bit fancier, DOEWORKS fireplace log rack is a good option.

Other tools may include hand gloves and face coverings.

What Tools Do You Need for A Gas Fireplace?

Even though the tools already discussed above are necessary for traditional wood-burning fireplaces, does a gas fireplace also need such tools? If not, what are the tools needed to ensure a gas fireplace runs smoothly?

We can easily identify three important tools that a gas fireplace should have. They are;

1. Safety Screen

Just like a wood fireplace, a gas fireplace also requires a safety screen. By this, we’re not referring to the glass door of the appliance.

While the custom glass door keeps the heat and flames in, a safety screen is important to prevent physical touch which can lead to burns. The glass door gets really hot and is too exposed to those in your home, so a safety screen is needed.

2. Remote Control

This is one important benefit of modern gas fireplaces; the fact that a button can do a lot of things, including controlling the temperature.

A wall-mounted thermostat or controller is likely to be hung on the wall, but a remote control can help ensure you have control over your unit without the need to get up.

3. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Well, we can’t exactly call this a fireplace tool, but since your fireplace is powered by gas, a carbon monoxide detector is required.

By human senses, you may not be able to detect carbon monoxide until it may become too late, and it is a toxic gas. A detector will help detect carbon release into your home and help prevent poisoning.

Important Tools for An Electric Fireplace

Besides electricity supply, a functioning thermostat a remote control, an electric fireplace doesn’t exactly require any tools.

However, some people like to create the ambience of a traditional fireplace and may have mock logs, log holder and some other fireplace tools for decoration. Just be sure there’s an electric wall socket that can power the appliance and you’re good to go.

Tips for choosing the right fireplace tools

1. Material:

A typical fireplace tool is made of wrought iron or steel. However, you may want to choose between the different finishes available, including bronze, copper, brass or heat-resistant painting. Some also have wooden handles.

2. Design:

This depends on suitability and convenience. For instance, some pokers have a small tip, others have a hook. While it is more difficult to poke a wood using a hooked poker, it usually has a better grip.

It is also the same for shovels; you can choose a smaller spade or a larger one depending on your preference. For tongs, you may decide to choose between the English/Dutch/Belgian tongs and the French tongs.

3. Size:

If you have a large fireplace, get long-handle poker, tongs and shovels. This will make it easier for you to perform fireplace tasks with hurting yourself.

4. Cost:

This is also very important. It depends on your budget, considered along with the quality of the product. Never compromise quality for price.

Final Comments:

Running a fireplace can be easier if you have the right help; the tools for the job. How else do you intend to move hot logs in the fire or spread them out to allow oxygen in? These fireplace tools above will ensure you get the best out of your fireplace without much hassles.

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