Best White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves [Top 5 Picks]

Best White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Fireplaces are famous for their elegant design, but they may be impractical in warming smaller rooms or when you desire flexibility in placement.

If you’re looking for the best white electric fireplace with a mantel and shelves, this guide will help you in decision-making. We review the various types of white electric fireplace mantels and shelves available, including the ones that allow more flexibility than others.

Keep reading to learn about the most important features when selecting a good white electric fireplace with a mantel and shelves.

Electric fireplaces eliminate common challenges, and their installation is simple. You’ll appreciate their sleek modern design, which complements different décor types, including traditional, contemporary, and transitional homes.

They come in various colors and look great as an accessory in your living room.

Aside from their distinctive aesthetic, they provide additional heating for confined areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms without using much floor space from other conventional heating appliances such as radiators or baseboard heaters.

These machines use electricity rather than fuel sources, so there is no need for ventilation and no hot burning fire.

A fireplace mantel and shelf is a wooden framework or fabricated material around an electric fireplace. It may be painted or covered in fabric to fit your decoration, and you don’t need to hire a professional since it requires a minor installation.

It enhances the beauty of your home and provides space for decorative items such as photographs and flowers. There are different types of electric fireplace mantels and shelves to satisfy your need in terms of function and style.

Types of Electric Fireplace Mantels and Shelves

If you want to purchase a fireplace with mantel and shelves, you must first decide on the frame design to best complement your room’s décor. There are three types of electric fireplace mantels and shelves.

1. Traditional-styled framed fireplaces

These types are well-known for their classic design and solid construction. They have brickwork or wooden-framed front panels that make them resemble a real fireplace. In certain situations, they have artificial logs, which contribute to the overall aesthetic of the appliance.

If you want a simple design with few ornamental components, this is a great choice to consider. It helps diffuse heat from the electric heater evenly.

2. Open Mantels for Fireplaces

This style features a large firebox, which allows you to view the flames easily and warms various parts of your space uniformly. They are great if you want to keep things simple and elegant without focusing too much on appearance or design.

3. Corner Electric Fireplaces with Mantels and Shelves

This one uses any available space in the corners of your home. It is an all-inclusive unit that fits into any section of your home without looking out of place.

The mantel has LED lights for added effect at night, and you can control it with the panel’s buttons. There are different colors and styles you may choose from depending on how exquisite you want it to be.

The only thing you should know is that they are for smaller homes or flats where there isn’t much space left after fixing furniture such as cabinets and sofas. Bigger mantels that add value to homes are suitable for larger houses with space.

Best White Electric Fireplaces with Mantel and Shelves: BELLEZE Electric Fireplace Mantel

It is easy to simulate the sight of a wood-burning fire with the click of a button. The glowing log set and ash bed in the BELLEZE electric fireplace create flickering flames.

The mantel creates the impression of a real fireplace, adding warmth and uniqueness to your décor and relaxing area.

It has particleboard with laminated MDF and a metal fireplace insert for a cost-effective and beautiful heater.

Its clean-lined structure in a white finish offers a modern flair, while the crown molding adds an extra texture. The fluted pillars also provide good texture and design to the appliance.

The three open shelves on both sides of the electric fireplace provide adequate storage space for gadgets or books. It contains six bookcase-style shelves for displaying and storing goods, and the mantel holds a flat panel TV up to 68.25″ wide with a base up to 40″ wide.

The white finish combines with a floral pattern for a delicate classic look. It is an excellent way to showcase your favorite décor items. It measures 70.43″ W x 15.62″ D x 39.31″ H and weighs 136.02lbs with vent-free ventilation.

It creates and releases radiant heat fast, silently, and effectively to warm areas up to 400 sq ft., and comes with remote control of a 13-foot range that regulates the thermostat, logs, timer, and realistic flames, creating a warm and comforting ambiance. 

The BELLEZE electric fireplace produces about 4,777 BTU with 1400W input power and a 120V energy-saving space heater.

With the 6-hour timer control setting, you can set the temperature to your desired level so the heater will shut off automatically to avoid overheating.

This safe and self-regulating electric fireplace comes with an insulating glass that stays cool to the touch. The appliance also saves energy and may be used even without heat.

With its excellent features, performance and affordability, the BELLEZE electric fireplace tops our list of best white electric fireplaces with a mantel and shelves.


  • Dimension: 15.62”D x 70.43″W x 39.31″H
  • Area Coverage: 400 sq ft.
  • Installation Method: Built-in
  • Material: Engineered wood, tempered glass, and metal
  • Control Mode: Remote and panel buttons
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Yes
  • Auto Shutoff: Yes
  • Ventilation Type: Vent-free
  • Flame Brightness: High/Medium/Low
  • Timer Control: 30min – 6hrs 
  • Heating Output: 4,777 BTU
  • Heat Setting: 62 – 82F
  • Power: 1400W
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Weight: 136.02lbs


  • It has large storage shelves
  • This fireplace is well-built with vent-free ventilation
  • It provides warmth to a large area up to 400 sq ft.
  • You may operate it with a remote control easily
  • The timer control feature prevents overheating
  • It is energy-efficient
  • The insulating glass panel is cool to touch and safe for children
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is heavy.

Usage Guide

Assembling the BELLEZE electric fireplace mantel and shelves is quick and easy. The package contains a mantel, the shelves, and the electric firebox insert with everything you need for your new fireplace.

First, you will need to locate a standard 120 Volt electrical outlet. Consider the amperage available on the circuit you choose, as electric fireplaces use up to 12.5 amps when operating with maximum heat.

Now you are ready to assemble the unit. Your electric fireplace will typically arrive in two separate shipments of 1-firebox and 2-cabinets. Unbox the items and follow the step-by-step assembly instructions.

In most cases, you only need a screwdriver. The sturdy wood and bolt construction make the assembly quick and easy.

Once you assemble all the parts, insert the pre-assembled firebox on the mantel, attach the shelves, plug it in, and you are ready to enjoy. The assembling can be completed in an hour if two people are involved.

You can use the included remote control or panel buttons to switch ON/OFF the unit, regulate the thermostat, logs, timer, and realistic flames, and create a warm and comforting ambiance. 

Also, be sure that the air vent is free from blockage.

Users Feedback on BELLEZE Electric Fireplace Mantel

1. Easy to assemble

Most individuals were able to put it together quickly. One buyer stated that it was easy to assemble, and it took him approximately one hour to complete.

Another customer mentioned that he spent 2 to 4 hours assembling it. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and most people were able to fix everything without difficulty.

2. It is beautiful with sturdy construction

Several users stated that this was a fantastic fireplace that looked stunning. It was also said to be a great piece of furniture.

Some customers commented that they believed the fireplace was well-built and durable. Others remarked on the quality of materials and finishing. This electric fireplace is also a beautiful piece of furniture and is excellent in appearance and structure.

3. Very efficient

Most users were pleased with the heating effect of this unit. They appreciated the heat it produced to warm a room. If you use it in a small space, it will heat it perfectly and evenly.

4. Great value

Several buyers praised the exceptional design of this fireplace. Some of them mentioned that it had a lot of storage space and great display spaces. Another user was impressed by the realistic wood tones.

4 More Top Rated Electric Fireplaces with Mantel and Shelves

1. Della Electric Faux Fireplace Mantel 

The Electric Faux logs add to the realistic appearance of this 1400W electric space heater, which will warm your living room, bedroom, and guest room.

It has particleboard with laminated MDF with a metal fireplace insert for a low-cost but elegant fireplace. It includes a mantel and six built-in shelves that provide enough space for books, portraits, vases, and other items.

This built-in installation-type heater utilizes 120V/60Hz electricity to deliver 4777 BTU. You can prevent overheating by setting the temperature to your desired level using the 30-minute to 6-hour timer feature.

While this artificial fireplace can accommodate a 68-inch TV, the overall size of the item is small. It is a centerpiece with a sleek design that fits into various places and weighs around 136.02lbs.

This vent-free ventilation fireplace is 28″ W x 7.62″ D x 23.82″ H, and the fixture is 70.43″ W x 15.62″ D x 39.31″ H. 

It is an infrared electric fireplace with classical craftsmanship that shines across the bookshelves and mantel, providing enough storage for media accessories, reading materials, or ceramics.

Its conventional style is combined with mission-inspired features to stimulate your sensations with an infrared electric fireplace. Its fan-forced crystal infrared heat spreads swiftly, silently, and uniformly to warm a space of up to 400 sq ft.

If you need a pleasant and warm ambiance, use the 13ft range remote control to set the temperature, logs, timer, and realistic flames. This self-regulating fireplace is safe to use, and its protective glass stays cool to the touch.

It also has an overheat safety feature, which will turn off the heater immediately if it overheats or reaches the desired temperature. Whatever the weather, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the fireplace with or without heat.

2. Ameriwood Home Lamont Fireplace

The Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel and Shelf electric fireplace is a perfect way to add warmth and flair to your home. It comes in several colors and finishes, such as brown and black, which are guaranteed to complement any existing home décor.

You will enjoy your living room as you curl close to this appliance. The particleboard and laminated MDF are coated in a clean white finish to upgrade its appearance. A gray-colored marble impression surrounds the central insert that contrasts with the white finish.

The exquisite 3-tier Altra Lamont mantel fireplace adds a bright and stunning appearance to your home with its marble finish.

You can store your books and valuables in the storage space on each side of the 26″ electric fireplace insert. The firebox spans 16″ wide by 11″ high, making it the ideal dimension for mounting on top of an existing mantel if necessary.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to use a mantel because a stand is also available. This item’s dimensions are 69.3″ W x 12.6″ D x 44.7″ H, and it weighs 108lbs.

With a heat output of around 4600 BTU and power of 1500W, this fireplace insert is suitable for medium to large rooms.

It employs zone-heating as an energy-efficient approach to warm-up rooms between 200 and 400 sq. ft. It is easy to install by simply connecting it to a regular 120V outlet.

It has adjustable thermal control to maintain optimum temperature and built-in reflectors to produce realistic patterns with the manufacturer’s unique AltraFlame technology, which uses LED lights that last up to 50,000 hours.

It also has a remote control that allows you to switch the appliance on or off, set a timer, and modify the temperature settings.

You can change the flame settings with the touch panel buttons or remote control, and you can use the unit even without heat while enjoying the soothing effect of the flames.

3. Hanover Classic Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a simple way to bring warmth and flair to any room in your house. If you want a multi-functional unit, then go for the Hanover Classic Electric Fireplace with dimensions of 71.70″ W x 15.90″ D x 39″ H.

The two built-in bookshelves on either side balance the center frame, which houses the fireplace insert.

You can display books and decorations on the shelves and the large mantel top. The top of the fireplace is adorned with a Gothic floral appliqué, giving it a classic and traditional appearance.

The sleek lines, crown molding, and fluted pilasters are some of the design features that add uniqueness to the frame.

It has an automated thermal safety switch and a 9-hour programmed timer to turn the device off when it reaches the desired temperature. It has dual-temperature settings and flame-only mode, and you can regulate the heat level with the remote control or panel buttons.

The mantel and shelves are wooden with a smooth MDF frame in a traditional white finish and replaceable insert displays. The upgraded log insert displays realistic flames and logs.

This electric fireplace is a built-in installation type with a conventional design and vent-free ventilation. It weighs around 96.8lbs and has 1500W power input that generates up to 5,115 BTUs of fan-forced heat to warm a 210 square foot area effectively.

It also has a fascinating flame display across the rear of the firebox, causing movement that will attract your attention. Light glaze emblazes the logs within and creates highlights to the improved log appearance. Comfort has never felt so good as it does with this classic fireplace.

4. Real Flame Calie Electric Fireplace

This fireplace has a robust appearance and is well-built. There is enough space for media, and it can easily support a large TV. It has classic lines, and its realistic flames will create a great ambiance.

The Real Flame Calie 7720E has realistic flame effects and burning logs, and there are no lighting effects or flashy colors. The flames are yellow-orange with a natural red tint. It features a fascinating ember effect that provides a progressive brightening and fading effect similar to a real fire.

The fire effects use the unique Ultra-bright vivid flame technology with adjustable brightness levels. The LEDs are highly efficient with a long life expectancy, so they don’t need replacement. 

You can activate the flame effect even without the heater. The front of the firebox has a glass panel that is always cold and safe to touch. There is no smoke or fumes to worry about with an electric fireplace.

This fireplace’s heater function is suitable for a room of about 400 square feet, but you must operate it in a closed space.

The integrated fan blows out the heated air through a vented space at the top of the firebox. This unit has a timer, programmable thermostat, and an automatic shutoff feature. It uses less energy and runs quietly.

It has a heat output of 4700 BTUs and an input power of 1400W. The fireplace comes with a plug and electric cord, and you can plug it into a regular 120V power source.

It may be operated manually using the firebox’s manual buttons or with the included infrared programmable remote control.

You can turn on and off the fireplace, program the thermostat to the desired temperature, and change the illumination of the fire effects. You may also use the flame effects without turning on the heat.

This fireplace and media system measures 67” W x 18” D x 30.5” H and weighs about 143.5lbs. The central shelf measures 27 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep, and the side cabinets measure 13.5 inches wide by 12 inches deep. It can sustain a weight of up to 100lbs.

How to Choose the Best White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves?

Choosing the best white electric fireplace with mantel and shelves may be challenging, especially when there are good alternatives.

If you are searching for a guide to help you choose one that meets your needs and fits your budget, this is it. We have put up a comprehensive buyer’s guide to ensure you have all the information you may need before buying the best white electric fireplace with a mantel and shelves.

1. Type of Installation

How to Install White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Most manufacturers choose to maintain the industry standard of a power cable and plug because they are easy to install and operate. You can plug in the connection to an electrical outlet in your home and start using it.

Some electric fireplaces, such as the built-in type, are designed as a permanent fixture in your home. So they must be hard-wired into your home’s electrical system, although they also have a plug-kit.

It enables users to stick to the fundamentals or plug it into an outlet. So, you should always confirm if the appliance is the plugged-in type or hard-wired.

The Ameriwood Home Lamont and the Real Flame fireplaces are the only plugin-type units on this list. The rest are built-in types. 

2. Considerations for Size

The size of White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Another factor to think about is the size of the mantel. Before purchasing one, consider the dimensions because there may be subtle differences between models/brands that make one preferable to the other.

Smaller mantel and shelves fireplaces can be 25′′ H to 30” H, but most bigger sizes are 31′′ H and above.

The length is vital since they range from 25′′ W for smaller units to 72′′ W and above for larger ones. The majority of fireplace mantels and shelves are between 12′′ D and 18′′ D.

However, the Real Flame Calie Electric Fireplace saves space with the smallest width of 67″ and height of 30.5″ among other fireplaces on this list.

3. Heat Output

Heat Output of a Good White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Most mantels can heat your room fast, within 30 minutes or less, but it depends on the type since some take longer than others to warm a space.

The two forms of heat output are infrared and convection heating. The flames generate heat either by radiating it outwards (convection) or downwards towards your body (infrared).

The infrared heating feels more like realistic flame-heated air, whereas the convection heating is like a space heater. So, you have to consider the amount of heat dissipated by the unit, which will be enough to warm your space effectively.

Furthermore, make sure that whatever fireplace you choose will satisfy your needs in terms of output heat.

The Hanover Classic Electric fireplace outperforms other units on this list by offering up to 5,115 BTU, although it can only cover a small area of 210 sq ft.

The Della Electric Faux and BELLEZE Electric fireplaces are the best, with an adjustable heat output of about 4,777 BTU and a large coverage area of 400 sq ft.    

4. Heating Power & Coverage Area 

Coverage Area of a White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Some electric fireplaces on this list use the power of 1400W, while others consume about 1500W. This wattage provides supplemental heat for places ranging from 200 to 400 square feet, making them suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Electric fireplaces provide additional heat in larger areas, but they may also serve as a heat source in smaller rooms. If you are warming a well-insulated space, you may be able to heat up to 400 sq ft, according to the manufacturer’s recommended square footage.

In this case, we recommend the Della Electric Faux and BELLEZE Electric fireplaces for an area of up to 400 sq ft using only about 1400W of input power. 

5. Optional Controls

White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves with best controls

The best electric fireplaces with mantels and shelves come with features that place them above others. Thermostat and remote control, brightness control, flame-only, multi-color flames, overheat protection, timer feature, and flame speed are some of them.

If you want to have the best user experience, we suggest investing in an electric fireplace mantel and shelves that incorporate these qualities.

Furthermore, not every electric fireplace heater includes a remote control. If your heater does not have one, you can use the buttons on the control panel to operate it.

While you may adjust the heat intensity, higher-end versions have more customizable choices. The high-end units feature programmable thermostats that will turn off at the desired temperature. Others may be able to manage the lighting, flame effects, and timing settings.

All the fireplaces on this list have remote control and adjustable settings, with all the special features for customization.

6. Safety

Safest White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

If you have an electric fireplace with a safety feature, don’t worry about falling asleep in front of the flame. Although the flame effect is confined, some fireplaces are self-regulating, and they have a built-in timer that turns the appliance off after some time.

We carefully selected only the safest units with an automatic shutoff feature to avoid overheating and other consequences.

7. Price

Cheapest White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Consider how much money you are ready to spend on a fireplace. The white electric fireplace mantel and shelves are highly expensive, although this varies widely based on the aesthetics, brand, and unique features.

The most costly ones are usually built with wood or manufactured using high-quality materials that are more expensive but last longer.

Furthermore, some trusted brands offer lifetime warranties, which means they will fix any issues that arise throughout the warranty period for free, so you don’t have to spend a dime. However, you can still buy something cheaper as long as they function perfectly.

The BELLEZE electric fireplace is the best value for money fireplace on this list. It has a sturdy construction, excellent features, simple installation and operation, good heating power, and coverage area, and it outperforms other units with a good users rating.

Comparison of Top 5 White Electric Fireplace with Mantel and Shelves

Electric FireplaceDimensionCoverage AreaInstallation TypeThermostatPower InputHeat OutputWeight
BELLEZE Fireplace70.43″ W x 15.62″ D x 39.31″ H400 sq ft.Built-in typeYes1400W4,777 BTU136.02lbs
Della Fireplace70.43″ W x 15.62″ D x 39.31″ H400 sq ft.Built-in typeYes1400W4,777 BTU136.02lbs
Ameriwood Fireplace69.3″ W x 12.6″ D x 44.7″ H200 sq ft. to 400 sq ft.Plugin typeYes1500W4,600 BTU108lbs
Hanover Fireplace71.70″ W x 15.90″ D x 39″ H210 sq ft.Built-in typeYes1500W5,115 BTU96.8lbs
Real Flame Fireplace67” W x 18” D x 30.5” H400 sq ft.Plugin typeYes1400W4,700 BTU143.5lbs

Final Words:

With so many options available, we concluded that our top pick, the BELLEZE electric fireplace is the best option for many users.

It has a handy remote control and provides enough warmth, comfortable flame effects, and simple installation at a reasonable price. Alternatively, the Della Electric Faux fireplace is of great value in a modern design.

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