Best Slim Electric Fireplace [Comparison of Top 5 Thin Electric Fireplaces]

Best Slim Electric Fireplace

Traditionally, the fireplace served as the heat source for hot water, cooking, and comfort. You had to cope with fuel sources like coal and wood, which necessitated the use of a chimney. Electric fireplaces came and changed the narrative completely.

Today, you can effortlessly install the slim electric fireplace without professional assistance. There is no need for a chimney, a wood supply, an ashpit, or precise installation.

With an electric fireplace, you may experience the pleasure of a real fireplace flame with a heating output of 5,000+ BTUs. The 3D LED lights reflect on a rotisserie-style silver refractor to create realistic flames.

Modern wall-mounted electric fireplaces are the elements of an interior design that may significantly raise the value of your property.

Currently, there are over 1,350 models of the electric fireplace on the market, with several sub-types such as built-in inserts, wall-mounted units, and freestanding units. So, it might not be easy to choose the best slim electric fireplace.

We examined the features that may be more relevant when selecting a slim electric fireplace, namely the brand reputation, which is likely a crucial consideration, average rating, and the affordability of the appliance.

Based on these considerations, we have compiled the best thin electric fireplaces on the market. Check out the list and, most importantly, the comparison table below.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

These models operate similarly by using electrical power input to create warmth and a flame-like effect but differ in location, type, and general installation.

This Wall-mounted electric fireplace is the thinnest among the listed fireplaces in this article, it has a depth of about 3-8 inches and is also the slimmest in terms of height (about 10-30 inches).

In this context, however, the most crucial measurement to accurately determine is the slimness of the appliance, which defines the height dimension.

You can easily understand the difference between a good and terrible electric fireplace based on essential features, just like you can with any other HVAC device. You should examine the spec sheet and see if all of the parameters make sense.

Best Slim Electric Fireplace: R.W. FLAME Electric Fireplace

The R.W. FLAME 60-inches electric fireplace features an appealing and user-friendly design, with a slender body of about 18.11-inches, a thickness of 3.85-inches, and a width of 60-inches. This is one of the best slim electric fireplaces available in the market.

It is upgraded from the previous model with adjustments on the main power and cord, making it more appealing and convenient.

Compared with the old design, where the switch is located on the side edge of the fireplace and is inconvenient when installed recessed, this new design is more user-friendly. It is easy to turn ON and OFF in both recessed and wall-mounted installations.

The power cable is durable and less likely to become worn and ripped. It is simple to install, either by the recessed installation or wall-mounting and will provide you with luxury at all times.

It offers 12-flame and 12-LED flame bed color modes, 5-flame speed modes, and 5-flame brightness levels with a flame design, a remote controller, and a touch screen for convenience. You may also set the operation period for the device with the timer feature.

For supplemental zone heating of up to 400 sq. ft, you can adjust the heating modes of 750W and 1500W to provide warmth and energy savings.

It is ETL certified for safety and includes an auto-heat kill safety feature to prevent overheating. The heat from this device keeps the natural humidity in the air without drying out the environment.


  • Area Coverage: 400 sq. feet
  • Installation Method: Wall-mounted, In-wall Recessed
  • Material: Tempered Glass (Panel), Metal
  • Dimension: 60”L x 3.85”W x 18.11”H
  • Control Mode: Remote, Touchscreen
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Yes
  • Heating Mode: 750W/1500W
  • Heating Output: 5100 BTU’s
  • Noise Level: 38dB
  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power Cable: 70-inches (170cm)
  • Auto-heat Kill Safety: Yes
  • Weight: 66.6lbs.


  • Exquisite design, touch screen, and remote control functions
  • It has a timer that runs for a certain amount of time
  • There are 12 different flame colors and LED backdrop colors to choose from
  • There are 5-flame brightness and 5-flame speed options
  • 750W low heating mode
  • 1500W high heating mode
  • It is suitable for a modest living space
  • It is safe for kids
  • Extensive customizing options
  • It comes with ETL certification.


  • The sticky plastic coating might be difficult to remove
  • The remote sensor doesn’t respond fast
  • It is a bit heavy.

Installation and Usage Guide

The R. W. FLAME 60-inches Electric Fireplace has two installation options: Wall-mounted and In-wall Recessed. It is easy to install this thin electric fireplace, and you can do it yourself.

But, always ensure that you install it at least 8-inches below any object. You can use the fireplace anywhere heat and ambiance are needed, such as the office, home, or basement. 

After mounting the unit, plug it into a 120V outlet and power ON with the main power switch.

You can control the functions with the touchscreen buttons on the front panel or the remote controller that comes with it. Such features include controlling the flame speed and adjusting the screen brightness. 

It uses a power input of 750W and 1500W to heat an area of 400 sq. ft. Always set the timer control so that your room will not be too dry. The auto-heat kill safety prevents superheating and provides a comfortable zone.

Please note:

  • To use the remote controller, you must turn ON the control panel power switch.
  • Avoid getting in contact with the heater and your bare skin to avoid burning because it is hot when in use.
  • Keep fabrics, paper, and combustible materials at least 0.9m away from the appliance.
  • The operating distance of the remote control is 8-meters.  
  • Ensure that you do not obstruct the air inlet and outlet for proper air absorption and heat circulation.

User Feedback on R.W. FLAME electric fireplace

Positive Remarks from User Reviews

  • Over 90% of the buyers admire the elegance, features, easy installation, and attractive aesthetic of this appliance.
  • Most of the customers praised the product’s affordability, even with features of the high-end models.
  • Several customers also mentioned the lightweight and quietness and that you can control the flame speed, thus making it more realistic.
  • The remote control function is also great since you can operate the appliance from a distance of 10-feet without coming in contact with the touchscreen. With the remote, you can control the flame speed, screen brightness, flame color, and bed color, and set the timer to turn OFF the unit at a specified time.  
  • Another great feature that users admire is the different color-changing options for the base and flame. It adds warmth and coziness to your home with unique and more realistic visual effects.
  • A customer specifically stated that the unit heats a larger space quickly and creates an ambiance in the room.
  • Most users commended the slim design, beautiful glass front with no sharp edges, and the crystal colors of the appliance.      

Negative Remarks from User Reviews

  • A buyer complained about the LED panel and touchscreen stopping to operate after two months.
  • Few users frowned at the weakness of the remote. You have to get closer to the unit and aim it right before responding.
  • Another buyer reacts to the heat produced by the appliance as not enough to cover up to 400 sq. ft as stated in the spec sheet.

4 More Top Rated Slim Electric Fireplaces

1. Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace

The Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace is the thinnest electric fireplace of all the fireplaces we listed in this article. It can be mounted on the wall like a picture frame, semi-recessed, or recessed. It can also stand freely on its legs.

It is 30-inches wide, with a narrow body of around 18.1-inches and thickness of 3.7-inches, yet it only weighs 26lbs. It can be mounted by a single individual following the instructions provided.

After you’ve installed it, all you have to do is attach and secure your fireplace using drywall screws, and then you can sit back and relax in the perfect ambiance.

It has Ultra-High Intensity Led lights with a big display to allow the flame to “burn” sufficiently high. The realistic flames generate from the diamond-like crystalline rock ember bed. The flames emerge from the source and rise to the peak of the fire-bed, where they sparkle.

The crystal combination, 12-LED flame bed color options, and 12-color flame modes change automatically to provide an exceptionally realistic and multicolored flame effect with shades ranging from conventional red to trendy purple, blue, or pink.

You may pick any of these stunning colors to match your mood, forthcoming party, or family event.

You can adjust the front heater blower with 750W and 1500W settings to keep you warm while saving energy. The power modes are excellent for area warming and may help you save money on your utility bill. The supplemental zone heating area is about 400 sq. ft.

The air exit is in the center, and the air inlets on either side focus the heat in one location, making it warmer.

You can modify the heating amount to your desire, turning the fireplace into a working electric heater or a no-heat fireplace. In the dead of winter, you may crank it up to keep you warm and comfortable.

When you snuggle up on a sofa, the attached remote controller enables you to control the thermostat with the press of a button.

The touch screen function and remote controller make it easier to operate all the functions such as the power switch, sleep mode function, 1-8 hour timer control, adjustable flame speed and color, and separate warming and flame switch.

Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace is CETL approved and has an overheat prevention safety cut-off system. Since it does not utilize a real flame, the unit does not emit dangerous gases, dust, or ashes, ensuring that it is eco-friendly.

Do you desire a warm winter without being cold? An electric heater will add color and warmth to your home with magnificent realistic flame effects to create a modern and convenient environment. It adds warmth and ambiance to the bedroom, living room, or workplace.

2. Tangkula Electric Fireplace

With a height of 18.11-inches, a length of 60-inches, and a width of roughly 3.86-inch, the Tangkula 60-inches electric fireplace is one of the slimmest electric fireplaces on the market and will not be conspicuous on the wall.

Tangkula Electric Fireplace features two air inlets on the front panel to ensure that nothing obstructs the intake air. The material is made of tempered glass and metal and weighs about 48.5lbs.

This slim electric fireplace can be inserted or hung on the wall for comfort without taking up much space.

It provides a sleek and luxurious touch to your bedroom, living room, or workplace, and infrared heat will sustain the relative humidity of the environment without making the area too dry.

You can adjust the two heating modes of 750W and 1500W for warmth and energy efficiency for supplemental local heating of 400 sq. ft. It has a heating power of 5100 BTUs and comes with 12-bed colors and 12-flame color options.

It also comes with a plethora of crystalline glasses, and the flame effect will enhance your visual experience.

The 5-flame speed options and 5-brightness levels allow users to control the pace and brightness of this fireplace.

You can configure the appliance to work for 1 to 8 hours with all lights turned off using the timing control and sleeping modes, while heating will provide a comfortable environment for the flame’s brightness and color to adjust automatically.

The touchscreen function and remote controller make operating the Tangkula electric fireplace simple. This heater is ETL approved and features an overheat prevention safety cut-off feature.

3. Napoleon Alluravision Electric Fireplace

The Napoleon Alluravision electric fireplace has dimensions 100.31” L x 5.81” W x 15.88” H. It can swiftly heat large areas to 800 sq. ft, with a substantial heat output of about 9000 BTUs using a heating mode of 2,800W.

The body is made of metal and weighs 130lbs. It is simple to install by hanging it on the wall and connecting to a standard 120V outlet.

The black frameless finish surrounding this linear, electric fireplace offers a minimalist style that does not compromise your décoration but promotes the portion of the fireplace.

The control buttons are equally simple to operate, glowing when required and fading to conceal when not in use. This gives you total control without detracting from the general appearance of the unit while you are resting.

The flames of this slim electric fireplace flawlessly replicate the blazing of fire, gradually rising brighter, modulating when switched ON, and fading out when turned OFF.

You can create the ideal ambiance for different purposes, such as relaxing or enhancing celebratory moods.

The colorful LED ember bed comes in six distinct color options, including White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple, to provide the ideal environment for leisure experiences.

Your experience with this thin fireplace may differ each time you use it. You can adjust the brilliance of the flames with four settings and color selections, which include lively and traditional orange, sunny and warm yellow, cold and inviting blue, and a mix of all the options.

You may also adjust the intensity of the flame to ensure that the warm light of your preferred fireplace complements your room.

Napoleon Alluravision Electric Fireplace boasts a lovely display of enormous crystal clear cubes, glittering with modern grandeur and reflecting the flame colors and cinder bed lights.

This blower will not disturb your pleasant time while providing warmth to your home. It is whisper-quiet when supplying heat to your home.

4. Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Sideline WiFi-enabled Electric Fireplace is for the recessed wall placement. Its simple black frame will add a sleek, modern touch to your office, bedroom, or living room.

It has a slim body of 19.25-inches, a width of 99.75-inches, and a depth of roughly 5.5-inches, with simple instructions to assist homeowners in installing the unit themselves.

This Sideline Elite offers 10-media color variants and 6-independent flame colors, and the thermostat works from 68-88°F, recalling the flame preferences and being switched ON by a device or light switch. It features 3-flame speeds, 5-flame variations, and 3-fire-bed intensity levels.

This slim electric fireplace can be plugged-in or wired directly, and it includes driftwood, full log-set, and crystals, as well as a simple frame surround and broad flame viewing area to emphasize the excellent fire quality.

This electronic appliance creates authentic-looking flames that mimic a real fire to recreate the pleasant atmosphere of a conventional fireplace. It features 60 color combinations and several intensity levels to provide you with a complete package in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

The flame and heat settings are controlled by a remote, and you can add a voice control feature by pairing it with an Alexa device, thus making it the smartest electric fireplace on our list.

This set contains false crystals and fire logs to create a realistic effect. It uses about 1,500W and 120V supply to cover a 400 sq. ft area. Endeavor to install it at least 8-inches below any object hanging above it or from the ceiling.

The Touchstone Sideline has two heat settings: the low and high settings, with heat vents on the upper frontal section. You can adjust the heat level of this thin electric fireplace to suit your preference, thus making it functional and efficient in the cold seasons.

How to Choose the Best Slim Electric Fireplace?

Before making a purchase, endeavor to go through this buying guide. Certain factors characterize each of these products, and it is essential to consider them.

Now, let’s head to the vital factors to look for before purchasing the slim electric fireplace.

1. Heating Power Input/Output

1. Heating Power Input and Output of slim electric fireplace

Except for merely decorative items, electric fireplaces provide heat. The quantity of heat they generate is determined by the power supplied.

The standard electric power intake of most slim electric fireplaces is around 1,500W. Some of them have two input levels: 750W (low) and 1,500W (high).

The older 1,500W models require heavy-duty cables, but the most recent electric fireplaces are plugged-in a 120V outlet. Avoid purchasing an electric fireplace with a power input below 1,000W or above 3,000W.

Units with a power input of less than 1,000W supply lesser heat with unreliable 750W heaters that may shorten its lifespan, which should be more than 10-years.

Purchasing a 3,000W electric fireplace is excessive because it could generate over 10,000 BTU/hr. However, the fan system may not uniformly distribute the heat around the room.

As a result, the 1,000W – 3,000W range is ideal for electric fireplaces.

The Napoleon Alluravision Electric Fireplace outperforms other electric heaters on this list with about 2,800W heating mode and 9000BTUs of heating output.

2. Dimensions

2. What are the dimensions of a slim electric fireplace?

A significant aspect is selecting a slim electric fireplace with adequate dimensions. Depending on where you wish to mount it, you need to consider the dimensions before deciding on a model.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are the slimmest, with heights ranging from 10 to 30 inches and depths ranging from 3 to 8 inches. Check these measurements before purchasing a thin electric fireplace because each model has its dimensions.

The Antarctic electric fireplace is the slimmest electric heater amongst other brands in this review.

3. Thermostat

3. Thermostat in a thin electric fireplace

The thermostat is a vital feature in all types of heating systems. An electric fireplace should have the function of selecting the temperature on a thermostat.

A thermostat is required for any electric fireplace to be cost-effective. Without a thermostat, a 1,500W electric fireplace will constantly operate at 1,500W and consume 1.5 kW per hour.

A 1,500W device with a thermostat, on the other hand, will use less than 1,500W. That is why electric fireplaces with built-in thermostats are preferred, not only for convenience but also for cost-effectiveness.

All the fireplaces in this review feature a thermostat for energy and cost-efficiency.

4. Brand Reputation

4. Best Slim Electric Fireplace Brands

The brand reputation of this appliance is one of the most crucial considerations. Technically, this isn’t a specification but a vital factor when buying a thin electric fireplace.

The significance of brand reputation has constantly risen in recent years due to a glut of low-quality electric fireplaces on the market.

These new brands may produce extremely low-cost units or have comparable features to top manufacturers but lack quality and durability.

Buying a non-reputable electric fireplace may be tempting due to the lesser cost, but it always ends in regrets. The difference in performance, quality, and overall appearance are undeniable.

All the brands listed here are significant and renowned electric fireplace manufacturers.

They may be inexpensive but durable for more than 5 – 10 years. They offer best-selling and higher-end aesthetic units in the marketplace.

5. Flame Options

5. Flame options in a slim electric fireplace

Aside from the heating element, the flame is an essential component of an electric fireplace. Every manufacturer’s objective is to provide the best product possible.

Electricity does not burn to produce fire. The actual fire generates by burning coal, wood, gas, ambers, and oil. The electric fireplace’s flickering flames and fires are false.

The production of flames from electricity may appear complicated, but it is simple. You only need some functional LED lights and a decent refractor.

Nevertheless, the intensity and movement of the flames, and the number of colors, provide alternatives for the nature of fire in a slim electric fireplace. You can never be wrong with these selected slim electric fireplaces that feature more realistic flame options.

If still in doubt, go with our top recommendation – R.W.FLAME Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

6. Heating-off Function

6. Heating-Off function in thin electric fireplaces

The heating mechanism is distinct from the flames mechanism. The unit may have a feature that allows you to enjoy the aesthetic attraction of the flames without turning on the heating mechanism. 

Modern units have a built-in heating-off function. This function embeds in electric fireplaces manufactured after 2014.

Before choosing an electric fireplace, always ensure it has a heating-off mechanism. A heating-off mechanism features in these carefully selected slim electric fireplaces.

7. Control Options

7. Slim electric fireplace controls

There are no two similar electric fireplaces. Aside from the features already stated, the remote controller and WiFi connectivity features distinguish them.

Furthermore, they are the elements that separate the best slim electric fireplaces from the average types in terms of convenience.

You may use a remote controller to operate the appliance from a distance rather than using the touchscreen buttons on it.

WiFi-enabled electric fireplaces provide more comfort.  You can adjust the temperature with the thermostat or change the flame settings using your Android device or iPhone.

The Touchstone Sideline Elite electric fireplace outperforms other units as the only appliance with WiFi connectivity options.

8. Price

8. Cheapest Slim Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces that are cheap and manufactured from inferior brands may be complete junk. The premium types are integrated components of an interior design rather than just for heating. The price of an electric fireplace is on the brand, the width, and the aesthetics of the appliance.

One of the most prevalent reasons individuals choose high-end electric fireplaces is that they may boost the cost of a property. It means they are more of an investment than a household item.

Comparison of Top 5 Slim Electric Fireplaces

Electric FireplaceDimensionInstallation TypeControl ModeArea CoverageHeating ModeHeating OutputWeight
R. W. FLAME60”L x 3.85”W x 18.11”HWall-mount/RecessedRemote, Touchscreen400 sq. ft750W / 1500 W5100 BTU’s66.6lbs
Antarctic Star30”L x 3.7”W x 18.1”HWall-mount, RecessedRemote, Touchscreen400 sq. ft750W/1500W5100 BTU’s26lbs
Tangkula60”L x 3.86”W x 18.11”HWall-mount / Recessed / In-wallRemote, Touchscreen400 sq. ft750W/1500W5100 BTU’s48.5lbs
Napoleon100.31”L x 5.81”W x 15.88”HWall-mountTouchscreen800 sq. ft2800W9000 BTU’s130lbs
Touchstone99.75”L x 5.5”W x 19.25”HRecessedRemote, WiFi-enabled400 sq. ft750W/1500W5000 BTU’s150lbs

Final Words:

With this review, we hope you found the best slim electric fireplace. However, before making the purchase, read this buying guide and browse our extensive collection of how to maintain the relative humidity in your home and stay dry.

Although installations are pretty simple for most of the thin electric fireplaces, we recommend learning how to install them ahead with the help of available videos or any experts. In this way, you will be ready when your fireplace arrives.

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