Aprilaire vs Alorair Dehumidifiers [Comparison & Recommendations]

Aprilaire vs Alorair Dehumidifiers

There are times when excess humidity occurs in a single part of your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen, storehouse or even your basements and crawl spaces. In such cases, a simple room dehumidifier may be all you need to reduce humidity levels and achieve air moisture balance.

However, when your entire house, workplace, factory, or business environment is excessively humid, a single room dehumidifier unit will not do so much. What you need is a whole-house, commercial or industrial dehumidifier with the capacity to reduce large amounts of moisture from the air.

Brands like Aprilaire have been in the business of making whole-house and commercial dehumidifiers for decades. Their units are not just large, but known around the world for detailed air dehumidification and cleansing.

Like Aprilaire, another brand focused on whole-house and commercial humidity problems is Alorair. In fact, Alorair promises sufficient improvement in flood water remediation and reduction of dampness where needed.

While these two brands have a proven reputation in the dehumidifier industry, what exactly distinguishes one from the other?

How can you tell what brand to choose if you’re faced with that choice? This post will break it all down and help you decide what’s best for you.

Aprilaire Vs Alorair Humidifiers [Comparison Summary]

S. NoFeatureWinner
3Controls and FunctionsTie
6Coverage AreaAprilaire
7Ease of UseTie
9User ReviewsTie

Alorair Vs Aprilaire Dehumidifiers [Detail Comparison of Important Features]

1. Diversity

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers are mostly whole-house and commercial units.      

Units can also be used as it is or attached to the home’s or office’s ductwork.   They are stand-alone, floor units.   Require electricity to function.
Alorair, on the other hand, has units specifically for entire homes, crawl spaces and basements, as well as what is known as SLGR dehumidifiers.  

Some units may be attached to the home’s or basement ductwork as well if required. They are also stand-alone, floor units. They are also electrical and need to be plugged in.

Aprilaire and Alorair dehumidifiers are very similar in structure, design and size and are built for whole-house and commercial uses.

However, Alorair seems to have a bit more diversity in their product offering with specific units for areas like basements, crawl spaces and commercial spaces. This is why we declare Alorair the winner in this category for the many choices they offer homeowners.

Winner: Alorair

2. Durability [Which Dehumidifier Lasts Long – Aprilaire or Alorair?]

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire Industrial units are very durable. The build materials are sturdy and resilient. Aprilaire dehumidifiers are built with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils which last for a long time.    

They have a lifespan of about 7-12 years, on average, if properly used and maintained.   Aprilaire whole-house dehumidifiers come with a warranty of 5 years, on average.
Aloair dehumidifiers are also very durable and strong, giving them resistance and long-lasting operation. Its coils are protected with a rare earth alloy tube evaporator which prevents leaks over time to extend the life of the units.  

Unlike Aprilaire, Alorair dehumidifiers have a lifespan of at least 10 year depending on usage and maintenance. Their warranty covers a period of 5 years as well.

Based on the above, both brands have really done a lot in terms of ensuring their dehumidifiers can withstand the test of time.

They also have similar warranty and lifespans for their products, which are actually very attractive per industry standards. Therefore, there’s no clear winner here as both brands deserve commendation.

Winner: Tie

Most Durable Aprilaire Dehumidifier: Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier

Most Durable Alorair Dehumidifier: ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

3. Controls and Functions

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers are easy to control and maneuver with included control panels attached to the units. When connected to ductwork, you don’t need to bother about airflow direction or whether it is reaching every part of the house.  

An additional wall-mounted digital control device is available as an optional accessory to control the humidity and monitor progress in your home or business environment.
Alorair units have a visible control panel on their body. This is for humidity control and other settings. Some units feature app control using a smartphone. They can also be connected to the building’s ductwork for seamless airflow to all parts of the building for uniform dehumidification.  

Alorair also has a corded remote controller as an optional accessory and can be used to control the unit’s temperature, humidity and other functionalities.

As far as control is concerned, it is hard to say there’s a better or worse brand between Aprilaire and Alorair.

Both have control panels, custom or attached, and also have accessories like a remote control which you can purchase separately. You can be sure of maximum ease and convenience when you use them.

Winner: Tie

Aprilaire Dehumidifier with Best Controls: Aprilaire E70 Pro 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Alorair Dehumidifier with Best Controls: ALORAIR 180PPD Commercial Dehumidifier

4. Dehumidifier Filters

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers have a removable filter that helps to trap particles that would otherwise get back into your rooms, adding an air-purifying benefit to them.    

Their filters are strong with an option to clean or replace at least once every year.  

To wash the filter, allow warm water to run through and over them, then leave to dry before reinstalling. They are quite easy to remove, clean and reinstall.
Also contains a filter in most units, and are primarily included to prevent dust from going into the unit to cause damage.

This adds to ensuring the air released into the home or area is clean and healthy.   Strong filters as well, but not quite as long-lasting as Aprilaire dehumidifier filters. They last only 6-12 months.  

They are not exactly washable and will require replacement once or twice annually.

In the area of filtration, Aprilaire seems to have the upper hand as a result of its cost efficiency and reusability.

This means that you can use an Aprilaire unit’s filter for almost 2-3 years before a replacement is required. This will save you a lot of money on overall running cost in the long run.

Winner: Aprilaire

Aprilaire Dehumidifier with Best Filter: Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier

5. PPD [What is the Pint Capacity of Aprilaire & Alorair Dehumidifiers?]

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers have a PPD capacity of 70-130. There are 70-pint, 80-pint, 95-pint, 100-pint and 130-pint units for home and business owners.As for Alorair, their PPD capacity range between 80 and 250 on saturation but about 50PPD to 135PPD by AHAM standards.

Based on analysis, we’ve decided to call this category a tie between Aprilaire and Alorair dehumidifiers.

Both brands have units that can remove moderate and large amounts of moisture from the room daily and with large tanks and/or direct drain technology to contain and expel the liquid continuously.

Winner: Tie

Aprilaire Dehumidifier with Good Pint Capacity: Aprilaire E130C Pro 130 Pint Dehumidifier

Alorair Dehumidifier with Good Pint Capacity: AlorAir Smart WiFi Dehumidifier, 125 PPD High Performance

6. Coverage Area

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers are commercial units and are meant for very large spaces.  Their units can cover areas ranging from 2,600 sq. ft to as much as 7,200 sq. ft.  

They are great for whole-house dehumidification and use in places like warehouses, factories, restaurants, large basements, and other sealed, large spaces.
Alorair dehumidifiers are also highly suitable for large spaces, as their design indicates.   On the other hand, this brand’s units can only cover areas between 1,500 sq. ft and 4,000 sq. ft, on average.  

They are also great for whole-house use, in basements and crawlspaces, flooded patios and even in commercial settings, due to their capacity.

In the area of coverage, Aprilaire wins it without much contest. They have units capable of covering large areas such as warehouses up to 7,000 sq. ft and above.

Winner: Aprilaire

Aprilaire Dehumidifier with Best Coverage: Aprilaire E130C Pro 130 Pint Dehumidifier

7. Ease of Use [Which Dehumidifier is Easy to Use – Aprilaire or Alorair?]

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
In terms of maneuvering, Aprilaire dehumidifiers are rated quite highly, often hovering around 4.2 and 4.5 stars on average. This has to do with its easy setup, control buttons and easy-to-use digital remote control.    

Filters are also easy to remove, wash and reinstall without any hassles. For easy mobility, larger units have four wheels to enable users push them around the house when necessary.
Just like Aprilaire units, Alorair dehumidifiers are also very easy to use and manipulate. They have a 4.3 star rating out of 5 in the area of ease of use. Asides from easy buttons and digital remote control, the app control feature on some models is an added advantage.  

Filters have a very easy slide-out and slide-in design for removal and installation. Unlike aprilaire, they do not have wheels but stand and carry handles at the top, requiring heavy lifting.

As for ease of use, both brands have great units, but Alorair has a slight edge with the app feature for easier and more convenient remote control.

However, when it comes to mobility and the ease of moving the units, Aprilaire has the advantage as a result of its featured wheels. Therefore, each brand has an impressive edge in this category.

Winner: Tie

Easy to Use Aprilaire Dehumidifier: Aprilaire E100C Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier

Easy to Use Alorair Dehumidifier: ALORAIR Smart WiFi LGR Dehumidifier with Hose

8. Price [What is the Cheapest Dehumidifier – Aprilaire or Alorair?]

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers are priced based on capacity and their units have a current price range of $1,100 to $2,000, depending on the model.  

Replacement filters cost between $35 and $55 and may only be required once every 2-3 years.
Their units are a bit cheaper than those of Aprilaire with prices from around $700 to about $2,000, depending on the model and capacity.  

Here, replacement filters cost approximately $36 to $45 and a replacement is required every 6-12 months.

While it appears Alorair dehumidifiers are cheaper to buy, you’ll spend more on replacement filters over time. However, considering the huge difference in price at low-cost dehumidifiers, we consider Alorair as the winner.

Winner: Alorair

Cheapest Alorair Dehumidifier: ALORAIR Commercial Dehumidifier 113 Pint, with drain Hose

9. User Reviews

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire dehumidifiers have a mere, combined 150 user reviews for its products on the leading online marketplace.   They also have a 4.7 star rating out of 5 on the platform.Alorair, on the other hand, has gathered as much as 1,500 reviews for its dehumidifiers on the leading online marketplace.   These units have a rating of around 4.4 stars out of 5.

As far as Amazon is concerned, Aprilaire has garnered very few reviews, but with very impressive ratings. Alorair, on the other hand, seems to have attracted more customers for its dehumidifiers in the store, but with a less impressive rating.

This is why we believe both brands deserve a share of the prize in this category.

Winner: Tie

Top Aprilaire Dehumidifier with Best User Reviews: Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier

Top Alorair Dehumidifier with Best User Reviews: ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD

10. Customer Service and Support

Aprilaire DehumidifiersAlorair Dehumidifiers
Aprilaire’s customer service is one that is worthy of commendation for its comprehensive structure towards ensuring customers enjoy the best user experience possible.  

First, a 5-year warranty is offered on products, especially if you register the product on the brand’s website.  

There are other resources like live chat, FAQs, owner’s manuals, phone numbers, a “Find a Pro” option, and so on. You can also send an email or reach the team via direct chat for complaints or concerns.  
Like Aprilaire, Alorair has the interest of customers at heart, and the team strives to ensure every buyer gets their money’s worth.    

Each dehumidifier also comes with a 5-year warranty and a proven return policy.  

But if you run into trouble with the product at any point or need help with running it, you can take advantage of the company’s FAQs, Repair Process, and Video Center.

There’s also a Help Center for direct call, installation and user guide, phone number and an email address, support@alorair.com.

Both units have put in place a very effective customer support system for enhanced user experience. This is why they both deserve commendation for it.

Other Comparative Features of Aprilaire and Alorair Dehumidifiers

Direct DrainYes, with included hoseYes
Auto DehumidifyYesYes
Auto DefrostYes, in some casesYes
Memory ProtectionNot a common featureYes
Remote ControlYesYes

Final Words:

Aprilaire and Alorair are two known brands in the air treatment industry.

Their focus on commercial and whole-house dehumidifiers put them in a unique category of manufacturers who really mean business and go all out to ensure excess humidity is dealt with in homes and commercial settings without hassles. Both brands are great, but you can pick anyone that truly meets your unique needs and preference.

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