Usage of Air Purifier [Outside, Windows Open, Summer and Winter…..]

Usage of Air Purifier Outside, Windows Open, Summer or Winter

What is the best way to use air purifiers? If you’ve ever asked this question, we’ve got the perfect answer in this post. Air purifiers have become the go-to device when it comes to improving the air quality in our homes.

There are numerous health benefits of installing these purifiers; from removing substances that might trigger an asthma attack, to preventing lung cancer by hindering the absorption of dangerous gases like radon, and so on.

Smokers also get a good deal from installing air purifiers. For smokers who want to reduce the effects of tobacco and cigarette fumes, air purifiers are able to trap these fumes, thereby reducing their adverse effects.

All these benefits are only possible if you utilize these purifiers properly. How then can you use them?

Firstly, purifiers must be placed on elevated tops, in the center of the room for them to have maximum effect. Purifiers also require ample space to be able to suck in air.

Can you use air purifiers outside?

Although it is not a very common occurrence, people often utilize indoor purifiers outside in a bid to protect them from pollutants all around them.

When you consider the mechanism of action of these purifiers, it is easy to see why using these purifiers outside might not be such a good idea.

Although it is possible for the air outside to even be cleaner than the one indoors, purifying outside air using indoor purifiers might be almost impossible and mostly a waste of time.

The amount of air in constant circulation outside may make it difficult for the air purifier to keep up with purification.

However, purifier manufacturers have begun producing air purifiers that you can use outside to protect you from allergens that are in the air. These are large, outdoor units.

Can you use an air purifier with the window open?

It is not up for debate that the best way to get the best results using purifiers is to close the windows and restrict the excess influx of air into the room.

In fact, there’s a train of thought that proves that just keeping the windows closed can prevent air pollution. However, does that mean that keeping your windows open will prevent purifiers from doing their job? Not exactly.

Your air purifier will still be functional whether your windows are kept open or shut. Keeping your windows open, however, can be a double-edged sword.

While it will prevent the accumulation of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, it can also introduce more unclean air thereby reducing the effectiveness of the air purifier, or making the device up more energy and time.

Also, when utilizing your air purifier at your office or home, another reason why you need to ensure the room is sealed and closed to the air coming from outside is because the purified air may be lost and will not get to you if you leave the doors or windows open.

The clean air will escape through the windows and all you are left with is more polluted air. This is why, after opening the windows for ventilation and supply of fresh air, you should ensure they are tightly shut when you turn on the purifier.

Precaution to improve effectiveness of air purifier with window open

We have established that leaving your window open while your air purifier is running can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

However, there are certain precautions you can take that will keep your air purifier performing at the highest level despite the windows left open.

First of all, you need to purchase a quality Purifier to ensure optimum performance. Next, you need to purchase an air purifier that is suitable for rooms larger in square footage than your room.

This means that the air purifier will come with more power that will compensate for the opened window or door.

Recommendation: Effective Air Purifier when Windows Open

If you’re looking for a Purifier with a lot of power and effectiveness, the NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier is our top recommendation for your home or office.

Can you use air purifiers in summer?

Yes, you can and you should. Summer often comes with clear sunny skies, high levels of humidity and heat. In fact, people often describe the summer weather as moist and uncomfortable.

In order to be as comfortable as possible, we utilize air conditioners and open windows to allow for proper influx and efflux of air.

To combat the pollution that develops as a result of the allergens coming in through the window, and the ones generated indoors from pet fur, dust, impure air from air conditioners, etc, we utilize quality air purifiers to protect us from the resultant allergens.

It is important to point out that air purifiers do not- in any way- affect the temperature of the room; that is where air conditioners come in. Purifiers are only concerned with purifying the air in the room and nothing more.

Precaution to use air purifier in the summer

As a result of windows and ventilators being kept open during summer to prevent the accumulation of humid air, purifiers may not be as effective. The solution?

Utilizing air purifiers that are powerful enough to purify the air in large rooms, and operating them on high settings. You also need to opt for purifiers that do not give off heat during operation, so as not to worsen the temperature levels in your room.

Another relevant factor that you must consider before using an air purifier in the summer is the constant replacement of filters when the need arises.

Filters generally are important in keeping impurities, allergens and dust far away from you.

After a while (usually between 3 and 6 months), these filters may become so saturated with the dust and impurities they are manufactured to keep away and may begin contaminating the indoor air instead of purifying it.

You should always check for when the filters need replacing or cleaning. If you can’t, seek guidance from the air purifier manual.

Recommendation: Effective Air Purifier in Summer

We highly recommend the Molekule Air Large Room Air Purifier with PECO Technology for effective air purification during the summer.

Can you use air purifiers in winter?

Certainly. Yes, you can. Health experts often refer to winter as the best season to use air purifiers. This is because the winter season comes with one of the worst air quality both indoors and outdoors.

There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from the increased burning of wood in fireplaces to increased usage of pollutant-producing heating systems.

These air purifiers work to remove harmful allergens that are often predominant in winter. They help to eliminate smog and particulate pollutants from the atmosphere.

There is also an erroneous belief among many people that as a result of the low humid weather and colder temperatures in winter, the air is clean enough and doesn’t require a purifier.

This is a very wrong notion that often results in frequent allergic attacks during winter.

In an attempt to preserve heat during cold winters, people often shut their windows and other systems of ventilation allowing these allergens to circulate and cause you harm. The dryness that comes with winter is also a great climate for allergens to thrive.

Precaution to use air purifiers in the winter

During winter seasons when the temperature is at its lowest, we go the extra mile to ensure we are properly sealed indoors by locking our windows and doors.

We also try to compensate for the cold temperatures by burning logs in fireplaces which release particles and smoke into the air.

While we depend on air purifiers to filter the air, there are a few things we must do. Proper and consistent maintenance and cleaning should be carried out on the filters of the air purifiers.

You must ensure that the filters are not clogged with debris. If they are, use a brush to wipe them off and wash in warm water and soap where possible.

You must also ensure that you utilize quality air purifiers that are suitable for the size of your room. If it is not, the air in your room will not be properly filtered, and will still contain some pollutants.

Recommendation: Effective Air Purifier in Winter

We recommend you use the Coway AirMega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1500 sq. ft during winter for best results.

This is due to its effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience.

Final Words:

Air purifiers need enough space to be able to provide you with maximum protection. When you decide on the perfect air purifier, it is important to place it in spacious areas where its function won’t be hindered by obstacles.

Spacious environments around the purifier allow for a high amount of unobstructed flow of unpurified air into the purifier for filtering.

Air purifiers can single-handedly be the difference between a polluted home characterized by several health complications, and home with high-quality air. Using your air purifier properly in the right conditions can promote your health and that of your family.

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