How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last? [Tips To Extend The Lifespan]

How long do electric fireplaces last

Electric fireplaces may just be the ultimate ace in the hole against low-temperature climates. This piece of technological breakthrough has not only improved on the shortcomings of traditional fireplaces but have also provided users with the much-needed convenience in the process.

The only question is; do these electric fireplaces trump their traditional counterparts when it comes to their lifespans? How long can these appliances last? This is the uncertainty we hope to demystify in this post.

How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last?

Many experts put electric fireplace lifespan at 10 to 20 years. Electric fireplaces can sometimes come at a steep price, especially those manufactured by top brands.

As a buyer, you may be concerned whether this steep price is a one-time deal, or whether you may need to change the appliance every few years.

Generally, electric fireplaces can last a long time. This is one way in which they offer value for their steep price tags.

On average, an electric fireplace can last for about 15 years, provided they are well maintained and are not overworked.

Most electric fireplace manufacturers offer anywhere from 12 months to about 120 months warranty for damage to the appliance. Of Course, this depends largely on the brand and model of the appliance.

Top 3 Long Lasting Electric Fireplaces

Factors That Affect the Lifespan Of Electric Fireplace

We cannot deny the many benefits of a standard electric fireplace, especially for those living in very cold climates. Their usefulness is unparalleled.

As much as we may want them to last forever, there are some factors that might either hinder them from lasting very long or cause them to last longer than expected. These include;

1. Environment

The environment where this appliance is used will determine if its lifespan will be cut short or extended.

From the nature of the climate to the room where it is placed, the location can determine how frequently and how well this appliance will run, which determines how long you will be able to use it optimally.

2. Maintenance

It is impossible to overstate how important maintaining your appliance is. You can prevent little malfunctions just by simply cleaning and replacing different defective parts of the appliance.

If you do not have any knowledge on how to maintain your fireplace, ensure you consult an instructional manual or employ the services of a professional.

3. Frequency of use

When it comes to the longevity of any appliance, the logic is simple; the less load you impose on your appliance the longer it will last.

You should not leave your fireplace on overnight or for extremely long hours, so as to prevent overheating and any damage it might cause.

4. Durability

Fireplaces made from quality materials will last longer and still maintain a relatively new look even after many years.

If you purchase an appliance made from inferior materials, its individual parts will begin deteriorating after only a few years before the entire unit is destroyed.

5. Installation and Insulation

Unfortunately, some fireplaces are not properly insulated, causing drafts or intrusion of rain and other elements. These can cause a strain on your unit or even damage some of its components.

If you want your electric fireplace to last long, ensure it is properly installed and insulated.

6. Design

Many experts believe how you design an electric fireplace determines if it will serve you for long. Fireplaces with superior designs are less prone to accidents and damage and as such have longer lifespans.

Top 3 Electric Fireplaces with Best Lifespan

1. Rintuf Electric Fireplace 26” Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Best Price

This modern, classy fireplace is just what your home needs to have that exquisite look you have always wanted. Coupled with its top-tier design, this appliance offers you durability like no other.

Its sturdy frame is made up of hardwood that can withstand almost any environment. For its design, the manufacturers used brown wood grain and oak leather also on its outer frame.

At 26 inches, this freestanding fireplace can cater to spaces up to 435 Square feet with wattage reaching 1,500W. The uni also comes with 7 flame intensity settings to suit your needs.

To finally seal the deal for its claim to a long lifespan, the manufacturers included an anti-overheating feature that protects the unit and ensures you have it with you for years to come.


  • No need to assemble any part.
  • TV stand included.
  • Elegant, classy design.
  • Quiet.
  • Durable.


  • Transportation has to be done delicately to avoid damage to any part.

2. Wonlink Portable Electric Fireplace Heater

Best Features

By simply plugging this unit into a 110V-120V outlet, you’re providing just the right heating for your home. This product can cover as much as 323 square feet.

Being warm and comfortable is not the only benefit of this electric fireplace. After all, what’s the benefit of being warm and cozy if you can’t have it for a long time?

The design of this fireplace is a guarantee of longevity. It is designed with materials like gold, tempered glass and metal.

You do not have to worry about any of its parts wearing out as they are sourced from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to serve you for a long time.

Additionally, the maintenance of this appliance is very minimal. Only a few of its parts may require any replacement in the long run.

Apart from its superior design, this appliance is also equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures to prevent damage to its electrical components.

These include a thermal cutoff feature that prevents the unit from overheating, varying heating modes and complete insulation of its electrical parts.


  • Portable.
  • Suitable to be used around little children.
  • Noiseless, does not hinder sleep.
  • Properly insulated.


  • May have problems with distribution of heat in large rooms.

3. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace

Value for Money

This electric fireplace stove is a powerful infrared heating device with the power to warm up spaces up to 1,000 Square feet, enough for small homes.

The bright cinnamon finishes the adjustable flame intensity levels are just a few of its many amazing features. We particularly love the authentic finish that gives it the pleasant look of durability and homeliness.

There are many benefits this powerful appliance can offer you. From its aesthetic value to the superior quality of materials used in its design, everything about this appliance screams longevity.

The manufacturers boast of this appliance’s ability to withstand the harshest of climates and still provide heat optimally. The maintenance of this device is very easy and can be done without any need for professional assistance.

For its routine maintenance, all that is required is for you to clean the fan and the exterior structure and periodically change its light bulb.


  • Safe for homes with pets.
  • Added aesthetic value.
  • Durable.
  • Superior design.


  • Not energy efficient.

Important Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Electric Fireplaces

Although electric fireplaces already have a pretty long lifespan, there are a few ways you can further extend their lifespan, or ensure their lifespan is not reduced.

These tips largely fall under the maintenance of the electric fireplace. If you must use it for a long time and at optimal capacity, you cannot compromise on its maintenance.

Also, you shouldn’t be worried about the task of maintaining your appliance being herculean as one of the major advantages electric fireplaces have over traditional ones is the little maintenance it requires to function properly compared to a conventional fireplace.

Before you begin anything, you must ensure that the appliance is safely disconnected from any source of power in order to avoid any accidents that might occur.

Then proceed to inspect all the electrical parts of the fireplace, like the plugs and wires to ensure they are not worn and still properly insulated. After taking all protective measures, you may then do the following;

1. Replace Any Defective Light Bulb

Luckily, there aren’t a lot of parts in the electric fireplace you should be worried about while carrying out your routine maintenance. Of the few there are, the light bulb is one of the most important.

Ensure you replace the light bulb in your appliance every two years or when it becomes damaged in any way. Ensure the bulbs have been allowed to cool down before proceeding to replace them.

When you change any bulb, ensure it is properly fastened and kept in place with any external screw, if any.

2. Clean the fireplace’s fan

When it comes to the provision and the distribution of supplementary heat, there’s no part quite as important as the fan.

For most of these appliances, the fans come properly lubricated and assembled and may not require your attention till the lifespan of the appliance is over.

But for those that do, you must proceed to clean the fan carefully with a brush and a cleaning vacuum that has an attached nozzle.

To know the difference between which fans require cleaning and which ones do not, you must study the rotation of the fan and check to see if you will notice any hesitation in its spinning pattern.

3. Maintain exterior parts

The outer parts of your electric fireplace do not require a professional to maintain. It is pretty easy to do. First, you will need to start with cleaning the fireplace’s glass display as this will ensure you maintain its aesthetic quality for a very long time.

You need to then carefully clean and inspect other exterior parts of the fireplace to ensure you are not at risk of damage caused by water, dust or other particles.

Final Comments:

The process of ensuring that your electric fireplace lasts for a long time is very simple and easy to do considering the benefits.

Consistent maintenance will leave your appliance looking fresh and performing as well as when you first purchased it. Follow the steps listed above and then sit back and enjoy the constant warmth and ambiance it provides in your home.

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