Danby Vs Keystone Dehumidifiers [Comparison & Recommendations]

Danby vs Keystone Dehumidifiers

Health is wealth, and it is hard to understand that phrase until one actually falls sick. More often, illnesses and diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria, especially those ones floating freely in the air that we choose to ignore.

This is why ensuring your air is not habitable to such microorganisms is really important. As excess air moisture tends to provide the perfect breeding ground for most harmful microorganisms, it is crucial to keep indoor humidity at a healthy level, using a dehumidifier.

Oftentimes, the problem is picking the right product that produces results. In this post, we consider two brands; the Canadian brand Danby which has been around since the late 1940s and Keystone, a brand introduced much later in 1969.

But, how exactly do both brands rank when compared with each other? How can you tell which brand to pick when faced with both options? These are just a few of the questions this post aims to answer.

Keystone Vs Danby Dehumidifiers [Comparison Summary]

3Controls & FunctionsDanby
5Coverage AreaDanby
6Ease of UseTie
8User ReviewsKeystone

Danby Vs Keystone Dehumidifiers [Detail Comparison of Important Features]

1. Dehumidifier Filters

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby dehumidifiers often come with a washable, reusable filter that helps to prevent particles affecting the internal components of the unit or going back into the room.  

Filters are also very easy to remove as they are often the outermost component of the unit. Cleaning is done with gentle-flowing, warm water every two weeks to prevent clogging by debris or dust.
Keystone dehumidifiers, just like Danby, are reusable and washable. These also help to keep the recycled air clean and healthy to prevent irritation and illness.  

Filters can be removed easily without the need to go under or take out the water tank. Just like Danby, the units produced by Keystone have filters that can be cleaned with warm water, but not as frequently as Danby’s.

These two brands have a lot in common in terms of filtration. Their units are equipped with filters that last a pretty long time and are considered quite effective by users.

There’s really no way to break the tie here, even though Danby seems to have easier to remove filters in their units.  Both Danby and Keystone have very impressive filtration technology in the dehumidifiers.

Winner: Tie

Danby Dehumidifier with Best Filter: Danby DDR30B3WP Premiere Dehumidifier

Keystone Dehumidifier with Best Filter: Keystone 35 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

2. Durability [Which Dehumidifier Lasts Long – Danby or Keystone?]

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby is a highly-rated brand as far as dehumidifier durability is concerned. On average, their units have a 4.1 star out of 5 rating for durability across all units. They are not the strongest, but they certainly can stand their ground for a number of years.  

Usually, Danby dehumidifier units last for 5-10 years on average.   These units come with a warranty of 1-2 years, depending on the model you purchase.  

Its filters are also quite durable and often last a lifetime in some cases. Some others may require replacement after 24 months
This may surprise some folks because of Keystone’s poor fame, but the brand is equally quite durable. It has an outage protection feature progress saver which keeps your unit running effectively. The units have a durability rating of 4.0 to 4.4 stars.  

They have a similar lifespan between 5 and 10 years.   Keystone, on the other hand, comes with 1-year warranty on parts and labor and 5 years on the sealed unit.  

Filters are also pretty durable, with many of them lasting in excess of 18 months and beyond. Some may also be used for the unit’s entire lifetime.

Again, we see two powerful brands face off in a test of their strength. Buying a product from any of them will guarantee real value for money and at least 5 years of usage if used properly and maintained as frequently as required.

Both brands deserve commendation for durability and are both highly recommended.

Winner: Tie

Most Durable Danby Dehumidifier: Danby DDR020BJWDB 22 Pint Dehumidifier

Most Durable Keystone Dehumidifier: Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls, KSTAD504D

3. Controls and Functions

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby dehumidifier controls are electronic in design and feature LED Display that promotes the aesthetic value and enhanced visibility. They have touch buttons to implement simple commands.

Some units are enabled for Wi-Fi app control. They do not use remote control devices, except when a smartphone is connected via WiFi. Pre-settings are available.
Also comes with electronic controls, which consist of buttons and LED Display. They pretty much cover all settings. Keystone dehumidifiers, on the other hand, do not come with app control features as units cannot be connected to phones via WiFi.  

No remote control. Users have to use the physical buttons on the body of the units.   Pre-settings are also available.

When we talk about control for appliances like dehumidifiers, it is important that users are able to manipulate and maneuver their units in a way that offers them the best value and convenience.

Also, ease is a major factor and this is why remote and smart-app controls are very important. For this reason, our winner for this category is Danby.

Winner: Danby

Danby Dehumidifier with Best Controls: Danby DDR020BJWDB 22 Pint Dehumidifier

4.    PPD [What is the Pint Capacity of Danby & Keystone Dehumidifiers?]

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby Dehumidifiers are quite stabbed in the offerings, with units’ capacities ranging from 20 pints to 70 pints per day, depending on the model. This is pretty-much residential unit standard.  

You can deploy them in different room sizes and humidity situations within your homes, home offices and indoor workspaces, but they do not have commercial units.
For Keystone, we could only find units with capacities ranging from 20 pints to 50 pints. If they ever produced larger units, it is likely those units have been discontinued by the brand.  

Their available units are also suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dorm rooms, kitchens, and other residential or small office spaces.

While Danby is clearly a big brand on the dehumidifier market, parading several models and units of the appliance, we cannot say the same for Keystone.

We were only able to find a handful of models and units online, with some of them discontinued. Clearly, this category goes to Danby for having a wider range of PPD capacity.

Winner: Danby

Danby Dehumidifier with Good Pint Capacity:  Danby Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

5. Coverage Area

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby Dehumidifiers are also quite adequate when we talk about coverage. Their units have a capacity for areas between 1,000 and 6,000 sq. ft. They are suitable for large rooms, extra-large rooms and even whole-home dehumidification.On the other hand, Keystone dehumidifiers do not have units that can cover up to 6,000 sq. ft. Their current coverage range is 1,500-4,500 sq. ft. Still, they can be deployed in very large rooms and interior spaces within the home or office.

When it comes to coverage, Danby expectedly takes the win. With larger units, it’s only normal that they cover more space than Keystone units.

However, both brands can be used for whole-house dehumidification and in very large rooms and offices too, still, we have to give this category to Danby.

Winner: Danby

Danby Dehumidifier with Best Coverage: Danby DDR060BMPWDB Dehumidifier

6. Ease of Use [Which Dehumidifier is Easy to Use – Keystone or Danby?]

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby dehumidifiers are really very easy to use. They have clear and easy-to-use buttons accompanied by LED Display. Some also have WiFi control.  

Assembly and installation are also very easy and you only need to pull out the tank at the base in most cases to remove it for emptying.  

Their units have easy adjustment settings and an auto-humidity control in most units which ensures moisture is detected and the unit reacts accordingly.
Just like Danby, Keystone dehumidifiers are also designed to be easy for users. Their buttons and LED Display are very user-friendly and functional.  

Also, they are easy to assemble and install and, in most cases, you wouldn’t need an HVAC expert or electrician to get things started.  

Auto Humidity is also available here to trigger the unit whenever necessary. This, added to other functionalities, also make Keystone dehumidifiers easy to use.

For this category, we’ll give it to both brands. Although Danby has the extra remote control edge with WiFi connectivity, it would be wrong to ignore Keystone’s extra features that make their units truly convenient and loved by many.

Winner: Tie

Easy to Use Danby Dehumidifier:  Danby DDR050BJPWDB Dehumidifier

Easy to Use Keystone Dehumidifier: Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

7. Price [What is the cheapest Dehumidifier – Danby or Keystone?]

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby is what you can call a mid-level brand in terms of price. Depending on model and size, their dehumidifiers go for around $100 to $400. As for filters, you’ll get those for an average $15 to $30 and you’ll need to replace them at least once every 24-48 months.  

The electricity cost to run Danby Dehumidifiers currently stands at between $25 to $250 annually depending on the unit (if run for 12 hours daily).
Keystone dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are quite cheaper than Danby overall. You’ll get their units for between $100 and $250.    

Filters for Keystone dehumidifiers may be slightly more expensive, though, often going for between $25 and $40 for good ones. Meanwhile, Keystone dehumidifiers will cost between $200 and $320 to run (12 hours daily) for the same period, which is higher than what Danby units consume.

The initial cost of Danby units is slightly higher than those of Keystone. However, Danby dehumidifiers are cost-saving in the long run with cheaper filters and energy efficiency.

Most of their units are energy-star rated and that explains the lower energy cost over time. Considering the lower entry price, Keystone has the edge over Danby in this category. 

Winner: Keystone

Cheapest Keystone Dehumidifier: Keystone 22 Pint Dehumidifier

8. User Reviews

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby Dehumidifiers have gathered thousands of reviews across online stores like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, and Walmart. On amazon, there are just a few hundred such reviews. The brand has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.Keystone dehumidifiers, on the other hand, have about 5,000 reviews on amazon alone. This shows some level of popularity and customer base.  The units have an average rating of about 4.4 stars out of 5.

Keystone dehumidifiers have more reviews and a better rating on amazon, and we’ll give them the trophy here. They seem to have elicited much better testimonies through superior user satisfaction.

Winner: Keystone

Top Keystone Dehumidifier with Best User Reviews: Keystone 35 Pint Dehumidifier

9. Customer Service and Support

Danby DehumidifiersKeystone Dehumidifiers
Danby’s customer service is quite an industry envy. From the point of purchase to several years after, you still have a team of customer-friendly experts watching your back.    

Their units have an average warranty of 2 years on average and do their best to redeem them. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on most units.  

Also, there is an exclusive Support Page on the website for resources like Product Registration, Product Support and Manuals, Extended Warranty Purchase, and so on.   Danby has a Web form, information on service depots, phone numbers and email addresses for complaints and concerns.
As for Keystone, it gets quite tricky here. Not much is known about the manufacturers. But if you check the manual of any of its units, you’ll see “Midea Customer Services” clearly stated.  

This seems to suggest they are either manufactured or distributed by Midea. It is not clear, however, but we want to believe they have very good customer service and support, based on the reviews and ratings we see.

There’s a 1-year warranty on its products’ parts and up to 5 years on sealed products.

Clearly, Danby’s transparency and easily traceable ownership and structure make them the winner here. The company has also put a lot of systems in place to ensure customer concerns and complaints and well attended to.

Other Comparative Features of Danby and Keystone Dehumidifiers

Auto Timer24-hour timer24-hour timer
Water Tank AlertYesYes
Fan SettingsYesYes
Auto RestartYesYes
Auto DefrostYesYes
Filter Clean AlertYesYes

Final Words:

This is a comparative analysis that would’ve appeared unfair in the beginning, but we’ve seen that these units are actually a match for each other.

However, we’ve also revealed some areas where they differ and that presents an opportunity for you to make a choice based on unique comparative advantage.

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