Air Duster Uses | Can You Use Air Duster On PC, Xbox, iPhone, PS4 & PS5?

Can You Use Air Duster On PC, Xbox, iPhone, PS4 & PS5?

For many years, people sought a convenient way to clean electronics and gadgets, and to knock off the dirt from hard-to-reach places.

We all know that electronics and water hardly ever go together, so getting dirt off your camera lenses, computer keyboards, etc, required a handy, portable device that doesn’t use water-air dusters.

You must’ve come across air dusters at some point, or maybe you know them by their other name “dusting gas”, “compressed air”, or “canned air”, the point is they have become quite the popular choice for such sensitive cleaning.

Perhaps, you’re skeptical about how useful air dusters are or maybe you’ve managed to use your paintbrush all these years and you’re wondering if air dusters are worth it.

Well, despite its apparent abuse by many as an inhalant for ‘huffing’, air dusters are known to be quite effective, releasing a controlled blast of air that blows away loose dirt within the crevices of lines of your electronics, as well as dust that hides in corners.

But what exactly can you use air dusters to clean? How safe is it for cleaning? And just how effective is it?  We’ll find out shortly as we move along.

Why Use an Air Duster?

The simple answer is that an air duster is a preferred solution for cleaning items that can’t be cleaned with water and areas where regular cleaning cloth or brush can’t reach.

Air dusters come in cans, hence the name canned air. These cans are portable and hand-held and can be easily manipulated. Also, air dusters release air with a lot of force, capable of blowing away trapped dust and dirt.

This is one of the reasons an air duster is effective. Coupled with the convenience of mobility and maneuverability, there are quite a number of reasons an air duster is preferred by many.

An air duster can be used for many devices, gadgets, electronics, and objects that do not do well with water. It provides pressurized air that can get dirt out easily and conveniently.

Are Air Dusters Safe for Computers?

Are Air Dusters Safe for Computers?

Yes, they are. Air dusters are primarily designed for cleaning electronics, including computers. However, this also largely depends on how you use it and the type you purchase.

When you shake air dusters during use or angle it in certain directions, you’re likely to release refrigerant liquid, which can damage some sensitive components of your computer because of its cold nature.

There are also some cheap retail dusters that should be avoided because of their bitterant content. This is added to distort the taste and make it unpleasant so that minors do not abuse and huff the duster.

However, this bitterant also distorts the natural texture of the duster which can cause some trouble. You’ll find that such air dusters often leave unwanted residues around the corners of your computer.

You should avoid this as much as possible because it can ultimately lead to rust and damage the device in the long term.

Can You Use an Air Duster on a ps5 and Xbox?

Can You Use an Air Duster on a ps5 and Xbox?

Yes, you can. In fact, the usage of an air duster is the recommended way to remove the dust from PS5 or Xbox. Your gaming console, whether ps5 or Xbox, will be properly cleaned because an air duster works well in removing dirt deposits on the device. There is a  simple step to follow.

  • Ensure you turn off the ps5 or Xbox, and unplug it from the source.
  • Take off the faceplates; you won’t find any screws, so you can easily take off the covers.
  • Use your air duster to blast away dust deposits without contact. Run it through for best results.
  • If you find some dirt that has refused to budge, use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning brush to wipe off whatever is left.
  • Place the faceplates back on the console once complete.

Can You Use an Air Duster to Remove Warts?

Can You Use an Air Duster to Remove Warts?

Again, you can. In fact, the cool thing about using this method is that you’d be removing warts almost like a pro; similar to the way a doctor would, but with a different approach.

Liquid from air duster cans has a temperature of between -25 and -160F; perfect for wart removal. You also need a plastic hollow Q-tip, fondly called cotton bud and a pair of scissors.

You can also improvise with an air duster straw and squared toilet paper. Cut off an end of the Q-tip, leaving much of the tube and attach it to the air duster’s nozzle.

You’d need to do some practice to be sure of how the liquid would come out. Practice the angle repeatedly as you pull the trigger to be sure it evaporates before dripping out.

Clean the Q-tip and the wart area with rubbing alcohol before you apply the gas. Next is to release the liquid at a slow rate until you’re sure you’ve got it right.

The Q-tip’s end should be placed on the wart as you release the liquid. Leave it on the spot for about 30 seconds until the wart freezes and turns white. Expect the wart to scab up after a few days and naturally fall off.

Can I Use an Air Duster on My iPhone?

Can I Use an Air Duster on My Iphone?

Your iPhone is one thing you should NOT clean with an air duster. In fact, the Apple Support team specifically advises against doing so. No kind of compressed air, aerosol, liquid or gas should be used on your iPhone.

The best way to get dust or dirt off your iPhone is to use a “soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth”. Make sure you do not use any wet material when you clean an exposed internal component.

Also, be sure to turn off the phone and unplug all cables before you begin in order to avoid circuit damage or damage to any other part of the device. Although there are some blogs that say it’s okay to use an air duster, despite apple’s warning.

While it is possible, it is largely impossible to prevent moisture from getting into certain parts of the phone. This is why we advise you not to consider it unless you’re ready to bear whatever consequence may come up.

Final Words:

An air duster is a really useful item, as this post has shown. Your electronics like a computer, gaming console, etc will benefit a lot if you clean them with this canned air.

However, not all electronics or devices can handle the liquid gas that air dusters release so you need to be careful and ask the right questions before you use it.

Another important factor is to ensure you get the right product, especially one that doesn’t contain bitterant and ensure you use it the right way to avoid freezing off sensitive parts or leaving residue. Finally, air dusters are toxic, so avoid huffing them as inhalants.

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