Why Are Air Dusters So Expensive? Cost of Air Dusters [Electric & Cordless]

Why are air dusters so expensive? Are Air Dusters Worth It?

A lot has been said about air dusters and how they can help to keep your computer and other electronics in good shape. Leaving dust to pile up on your electronics can have some damaging effects over time so you need to deal with it as quickly as possible.

With an air duster, what you get is a blast of air that blows away dust and dirt in hidden corners and crevices to help maintain the integrity of your devices. An air duster is also an important cleansing agent for devices like ps5, Xbox, and other consoles.

Some homeowners use it to clean the frame lines of a window and for several other applications. However, it is important to be conscious of how you use an air duster because you wouldn’t want to waste it on things that can be easily cleaned with other stuff like a piece of cloth, brushes, etc.

Talking about waste, you must’ve asked at some point why air dusters are expensive. How much are they? Why do they cost so much? Are they worth it? These are some of the questions we’ll attempt to find answers to in this post.

Why Is Air Duster So Expensive?

You’re probably wondering why an air duster is expensive. After all, it’s just air, isn’t it? Well, it is not just air. An air duster is a combination of liquified gases that need to be bought.

Also, compressing air is such an expensive process, almost eight times more expensive than regular electricity. Many gas dusters contain HFC-134a, which is also known as tetrafluoroethane.

This is a refrigerant and propellant, which can be quite expensive. These are some of the factors that influence the price of air dusters.

It is important to emphasize that gas dusters are not mere air compressed into a bottle. They contain liquified gases like HFC-134a mentioned earlier, as well as difluoroethane and trifluoroethane.

These are compressed into a can and a long nozzle is attached to help with delivering the blast of air that does the job. These things cost money and it explains why you won’t get the product for the price you expect.

Even though recent manufacturers have begun to switch from hydrocarbons like butane to fluorocarbons to erase flammability, the cost has remained quite high.

How Much Are Air Dusters?

Most air dusters cost between $10 and $15. You’d find a pack of two cans for around $21 to $25. If you need to get an air duster every month, that would be about $120 every year.

These prices are for canned air. There are also electric air dusters on the market that cost between $45 and $100, depending on the size and capacity. Let’s take a look at some brands and their prices.

Dust-off disposable air duster$11 to $16 per can10 Oz
Dorobeen electric air duster$55 to $65 per unit33,000 RPM
ATEngeus electric air duster$55 to $65 per unit33,000 RPM
Koonie electric air duster$55 to $65 per unit33,000 RPM
Beichen electric air duster$45 to $60 per unit45,000 RPM

As we said earlier, disposable air dusters can be bought for around $10 to $15 while the electric versions are more expensive and would go for $45 and above.

Are Air Dusters Worth It?

Yes, air dusters are certainly worth it. They have many uses and applications, especially as it concerns cleaning computer keyboards and electronics. Air dusters are also used in DIY Elimination of warts, as well as for freezing bugs.

They are handy, lightweight, easy to use, and long-lasting. The only concern is possible to abuse by minors, so you’d need to watch out. On the other hand are electric models. This saves you the stress of countless replacements, as you can use one unit for several years.

Besides, manufacturers have recently been working out ways to prevent abuse of air dusters, making them more valuable for the purpose they’re designed.

To have a better understanding of the worth of air dusters, you need to consider the damage that can happen to your electronics if you do not clean them with an air duster. That will cost you way more money than you would spend on air dusters, so it’s best you use them.

Are Cordless Air Dusters Worth It? How Much Do They Cost?

Are Cordless Air Dusters Worth It?

Yes, cordless air dusters are worth it, especially because they offer you versatility, comfort, and ease. Cordless air dusters, such as the REESIBI Cordless Electric Air Duster, are electrical in nature but do not need to be plugged to an outlet to work.

Instead, they use rechargeable batteries, often ranging between 6,000 and 20,000 mAh. This makes it easy to move around with the unit, use it in your car, take it to your office, or even use it outdoors as long as the batteries are properly charged.

Cordless air dusters are also very portable and won’t cause any stress.

An average cordless air duster costs around $60 to $85. If you consider how long it’ll last and the fact that you can use it repeatedly, multiple times, by simply recharging when the battery goes flat, you’ll find that it’s a truly worthwhile option.

Are Electric Air Dusters Worth It? How Much Do They Cost?

Are Electric Air Dusters Worth It?

As we mentioned earlier, electric air dusters are worth it. One electric duster, like the ATEngeus Compressed Air Duster is likely to give you the same value as multiple canned air dusters if you consider that you’d need to always replace the cans when they go empty.

This is not the case with an electric air duster; as long as you use it properly and prevent damage due to several factors like a surge, you should use it for a long time. On average, an electric air duster costs between $45 and $75, depending on the brand and capacity.

One other factor that many people talk about is the cost of running the unit because of electricity use, as against cans that are ready to use. On average, an electric air duster runs on about 400 to 800 watts per hour.

Using the US average for electricity which is $0.13 per kW-hour, we can calculate the energy cost of running a unit. Let’s assume it’s a 550-watt unit.

The first step would be to convert the wattage to kilowatts= 550 divided by 1,000, which equals 0.55 kW.

Therefore, to get the energy cost of using an electric air duster for an hour, you need to multiply the National average by the unit’s wattage;

0.13 x 0.55 = $0.0715 per hour.

You’re not likely to use the unit for more than 1 hour every other week. On average, you may use the device weekly, which would result to four uses every week.

0.0715 x 4 = $0.286

In a year, that would be 0.0715 x 52 weeks = $3.718.

Compared to the cost of can replacements, you’d probably be spending less than $4 annually running your electric air duster, except you’re someone who uses the device to clean just about anything.

Final words:

We’ve been able to establish why air dusters can be quite expensive, mainly due to their components and ingredients. Other options like electric air dusters use powerful motors that can be quite expensive too.

Overall, you need to know that air dusters are worth every penny because they can save your electronics from damage that dirt accumulation can cause.

Just be sure to make the right choice when you need to buy an air duster so that you can get the best value at the most reasonable price point.

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