How Long Do Ozone Plates Last? How To Improve Ozone Plates Lifespan?

How long do ozone plates last?

If you constantly deal with indoor air pollution, there’s a real chance you’ve used an air purifier at one time or another.

In case you haven’t, air purifiers are appliances deployed to clean up indoor air and get rid of airborne contamination and pollutants, such as dust, allergen, pollen, smoke and even viruses and bacteria.

While most air purifiers use particulate filters and carbon (charcoal) filters, there are some that are built as ozone generators that break oxygen molecules into bits of atoms that attach to airborne oxygen.

This, manufacturers say, causes a reaction that changes the chemical composition of certain substances in the air- from harmful pollutants to mere substances that drop or just disappear as gases.

This ozone is released from plates installed in ozone generators deployed to homes. Ozone has a pretty pungent smell which can be harmful when inhaled into the lungs.

So, you’d know when the output decreases. But, when does this happen? Just how long do ozone plates last? Can you use them forever? Let’s get started on these questions and we’ll provide answers as we go on.

How Long Do Ozone Plates Last?

Ozone plates generally last as long as 2 to 7 years. This highly depends on how often the appliance is used and what it is used for. The frequency of, and reason for, use will determine how often it needs to be cleaned, usually between 4 and 12 weeks.

You’d need to clean it more often, probably every 30 days if you use it for pollutants like smoke or in environments where smoking is done.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are very important to enhance the lifespan of ozone plates, but even with those, you can’t use them for more than 7 years.

So, do ozone plates go bad? Yes, they certainly do. They wear out with time and become less effective after a while. On average, we can estimate the lifespan of ozone plates at around 4 years.

When To Replace Ozone Plates?

Although some plates can retain their integrity for up to 5 years or more, it is best to replace your ozone plates at least once every 3 years. On the other hand, the back filter should be replaced at least once every 12 years.

As soon as you notice a decrease in output or an abnormal sound, or the plate arching, that’s a sign that you need to change them. Unless you perceive the smell, it is hard to tell that the unit is still releasing ozone gas because it is clear and invisible.

However, you can tell that your ozone plates need replacing by one or more of the following signs:

  • The green, orange or red switch indicator doesn’t come on.
  • The unit begins to make an abnormal sound.
  • Ozone output decreases significantly.

How Frequently Do You Need to Clean Ozone Plates?

Cleaning your ozone plates should be done every 1-3 months, depending on what you use them for. In areas with excess smoke from tobacco, you may need to clean the unit as frequently as once every 30 days.

But this activity can be done less frequently in less polluted environments. Note that this cleaning will only support the life of your unit, but will not necessarily make it last beyond 7 years at most.

How often you clean your unit and what you use are also important to the life of your Ozonator.

To clean your ozone plates, here’s a simple guide to follow:

How frequently do you need to clean ozone plates?
  • Remove the plates from card cage housing by pulling it by the edge closest to you straight.
  • Produce a 50-50 solution of ammonia and warm water (for best results).
  • Use a toothbrush or scrub sponge to scrub gently in order to avoid fractures.
  • Rinse the plate with warm water and leave it to dry completely.
  • Do not reinstall without leaving it to dry out completely. You can use a hair dryer if you are in a hurry.
  • Gently reinstall the plate and ensure it comes in contact with the electrical tabs. Turn unit on to be sure the plate is properly installed.
  • If the unit produces ozone, it is properly placed. If it doesnt, you need to adjust it.

Tips To Improve the Lifespan of Ozone Plates

Ozone generators are touted to be quite effective against mold, smoke, odors and even bacteria. But it can be pretty upsetting to see your plates give off after only a year or two.

If used maximally, an ozone plate should last up to 7 years. But this depends on you and how well you maintain it.

Here are a few tips to improve the lifespan of ozone plates;

1. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is one way to ensure your ozone plates last long. Know the schedule that works for you based on how you use your unit. Once you notice a decrease in ozone generation, it may be time to clean it. If cleaning is required every 2 months, be sure to keep to the schedule.

2. Use warm water and ammonia

Rather than water at room temperature with soap, it is best to use ammonia for adequate cleaning. Be careful to avoid contact with the ammonia though.

3. Adopt alternative measures

Rather than leave your ozone generator on all the time, you can turn it off for a few hours. If you need to eliminate smoking pollution in your home and your unit has been running for more than 16 hours, you can turn it off and open the windows and door to let the smoke go out.

Final Comments:

If you own an ozone generator, we advise you to leave the room whenever you turn it ON to avoid excess inhalation which may harm your lungs, as per EPA warnings.

Your ozone plate should last between 2 and 7 years, depending on factors like the quality of the product, the extent of use, type of pollution and maintenance. As long as you follow the tips provided in this post, you shouldn’t have any troubles.

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