Dyson Fan Vs Air Conditioner [Is Dyson Cooling Fan Worth It?]

Dyson Fan vs Air Conditioner

Conditioning your air is certainly a necessity, especially if you live in areas with harsh climatic conditions. In the summer, you need an air conditioner, fan or air cooler. When winter comes by, a humidifier or heater becomes very necessary.

While there are so many options out there, there has been a recent surge in the use of Dyson Fans in many households around the world. You may have heard about it, but you’re wondering if it is truly worth the try or if it performs as well or even better than your air conditioner.

So many questions often surface whenever the subject is raised. We’ll look into all those details as we move on. But first, let’s establish a background.

What is A Dyson Fan?

Ever seen a fan without blades? Sounds impossible right? But that is exactly what the Dyson fan is called; bladeless.

Rather than depend on external blades to blow out air, the Dyson fan has a visible ring that blows air out and into your room.

Truth is, it is not that the Dyson fan doesn’t have blades at all, they’re simply hidden within the appliance. The section that houses the fan is the pedestal stand, and that is where more than 5 gallons of air is drawn in each second.

There’s also a pedestal motor that controls the internal blades and pushes up the fast-flowing air into the ring, from where it is dispersed.

The air that comes out of the Dyson fan flows smoothly, and the device is also called an air multiplier.

The mechanism and technology behind the design are supported by the laws of entrainment and inducement which help to draw in surrounding air around the fan.

This continuous push and pull is what leads to a constant, quiet and even flow of cool air in your home. While the design is futuristic and truly elegant, it often begs the question of performance.

For instance, when compared to an air conditioner, how well does the Dyson fan perform? Does it even cool the air at all?

Does the Dyson fan actually cool the air?

The claim that airflow output from the device increases 15 times more than what the pedestal motor takes in is what is driving its popularity. This is why it is called an air multiplier, but does it actually cool the air?

In terms of actual cooling, Dyson fans may cool the air as a result of its air multiplier technology. Air is drawn in, multiplied by force and released back into the room in a steady and constant manner.

This combines with its air purifier function, advanced features and stylish design to give you value for money.

However, if what you want is an appliance that will give as much cooling effect as an air conditioner, the Dyson fan does not offer that. In fact, there are indications that you could get a budget fan or air cooler that will cool the air better than a Dyson fan.

Is a Dyson fan better than an air conditioner?

This question is relative. To better understand it, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of a typical Dyson fan, compared to an air conditioner.

Benefits of Dyson FanBenefits of Air Conditioner
Dyson fans have smart features and functionality.  Effective at cooling air
They have air purifying qualities.Very durable
They are easy to control and manipulate.Portable, affordable options are available.
They are convenient. 
They are easily moveable and very portable. 
They do not require any technical installation. 
Luxurious, stylish and smart look. 
Drawbacks in Dyson FanDrawbacks in Air conditioner
They’re quite expensiveRequires technical installation.
Poor value in terms of cooling and heating.High maintenance cost.
Low air processing powerThey do not have air purifying qualities.

Which one cools better? Dyson Fan or Air Conditioner?

Between a Dyson fan and an air conditioner, the verdict certainly favors air conditioners when it comes to cooling performance.

An air conditioner cools better, even the small portable ones tend to provide more cooling effect than a Dyson fan.

So, if cooling and heating are what you need in an appliance, we would advise you purchase an air conditioner instead of a Dyson fan.

However, if you want a fan that also functions as a Purifier and adds some class to your home or office, a Dyson fan is a great addition.

Is the Dyson cooling fan worth it?

An average Dyson fan can cost anywhere between $400 and $600. That’s quite an investment for an air cooling device. Comparatively, a regular pedestal fan can be purchased anywhere from $20 to less than $100.

This can make you wonder if the Dyson cooling fan is worth the price. Based on our assessments and analyses, we found that there’s not much difference between the cooling power of a Dyson fan and that of a pedestal fan.

So, except you like the fancy looks and extra perks, it may not be necessary to spend that much.

Another reason why you may consider the Dyson fan is that it also functions as an air purifier.

This is because the device draws air in through the base and passes the air through internal filters before they are released back up and into the room, with several times more volume and pressure.

So, what you get is a fan and an air Purifier all fused into one appliance. This is a very strong advantage that is lacking in air conditioners or pedestal fans, and it makes Dyson a valuable product on the market.

What is the best Dyson fan for cooling?

We brought you the top 3 Dyson fan recommendations, please check out the details and select as per your priority.

1.  Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan [Value for Money]

Quality? Check. Durability? Check. Performance? Check. All these and so much more are what this Dyson Pure Cool fan offers.

The iconic design breaks a whole lot of barriers, offering you state-of-the-art futuristic technology for your satisfaction.

The remote control is not just sleek and classy, but also technologically advanced. It has magnetic storage just on top of it.

The oscillation occurs up to 350° to ensure purified air touches every part of the room. Air quality reports can also be seen live on the LCD display.

But that is not all, with auto modes, sensors and night-time mode, you get so much value for money. There’s also Smart Phone Compatibility, so you can connect with Alexa and operate it with Voice Commands.

2. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, HP01 HEPA Air Purifier, Space Heater & Fan [Best Features]

For multifunctionality, the high air volume and advanced features, this Hot and Cool Fan is your best bet.

With 350° oscillation for air direction, backward airflow mode, 10 Air Speed settings, enhanced particle detection ability, sleep timer and auto shut off, there are several amazing features that will make the product worth your while.

What’s more, the efficient air multiplier technology guarantees massive airflow delivery, up to 77 gallons. It is allergy-friendly and is known for quiet operations.

This device also works pretty well as an air purifier, eliminating air pollutants like dust, particles and VOCs and ensuring that only clean air is released back into your room.

3. Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier [Best Price]

Our third product has a sturdy build that gives it balance and strength.

It is also one of the most budget-friendly Dyson fans (in its category) you’ll find on the market.

One amazing feature of Dyson fans is the presence of air-purifying functionality.

This is even more enhanced in this Link Desk fan and air Purifier.

So, apart from having some cool breeze blowing into the room, this appliance can eliminate 99.9% of all pollutants and allergens, even as little as 0.3 microns. It also features LED display dims as well as night-time auto mode to ease operation.

Filters can also be easily replaced once every year without any hassles. The airflow from the fan is smooth and long-range. Also, amazon echo can be enabled by linking the device to the Dyson app to give you more control.

Final Words:

Dyson fans surfaced in the market and are sweeping across as a valuable addition to your home and office. This may not give you all the cooling effect you desire in the hot summer, but it will certainly provide some refreshing cool breeze to ease your discomfort.

The air purifying function is also a plus for clean, healthy air to prevent allergies that air conditioners may not be able to eliminate. Dyson fans do not come cheap though, as a typical product will cost about $500. However, it may just be the addition you need in your home.

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