Can You Sleep with A Dehumidifier On? Is It Safe to Leave it All Night?

Can you sleep with a dehumidifier on

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? It’s the most practical time of your day when you can really kick back, relax, refuel and re-energize yourself for the next day. This is why we strive for good, quality sleep, at all costs.

The quality of air in our bedroom plays a huge role in determining the quality of sleep we get.

It could be the difference between having a pleasant, rejuvenating night sleep, or waking at intervals throughout the night, and seeing overly musty bedding the next morning.

Apart from being very uncomfortable, excess moisture in the atmosphere can also promote the growth of harmful bacteria or mold in your bedroom.

Reducing the level of moisture in the air in your bedroom using a dehumidifier is the best way to increase your comfort at night, but not all dehumidifiers are suitable for overnight use.

Is it safe to leave the dehumidifier on all night?

The short answer is Yes. For a room with high levels of humid air, leaving your dehumidifier to run all through the night seems like the way to go.

Safety is paramount, and you must ensure you avoid using devices or appliances that may hinder your safety in any way.

Running your dehumidifier all through the night is absolutely safe and it does not put you at risk in any way, as long as the unit is properly maintained, is in perfect condition and is properly drained.

Putting off your dehumidifier in a highly humid room may actually be an unsafe option. You will be at risk of developing breathing problems, severe allergy attacks and extreme discomfort.

Utilizing your dehumidifier throughout the night to reduce humidity will actually improve the quality of your sleep significantly. It will help you sleep throughout the night without needing to wake up all hot, sweaty and breathing erratically.

Can you sleep with a dehumidifier on?

In order to enjoy its benefits while sleeping, you may want to leave it on while you go to bed, and you’re probably unsure if this has any adverse effect on your sleep, or your health in general.

Well, not exactly. You can sleep with a dehumidifier on as long as the conditions are perfect and the unit doesn’t make a disturbing noise. But there are also situations that do not support running your unit for very long hours.

Leaving your dehumidifier on for a very long time can cause the air in your bedroom to be extremely dry if moisture content wasn’t that much, to begin with.

If you stay in an area that is already dry, such as high-altitude regions, you need to ensure that you stay constantly hydrated. You may need to keep water in a can just beside your bed to prevent your throat from being overly dry and coarse.

What type of dehumidifiers are best to use overnight?

Now we have established that it is possible to utilize dehumidifiers all through the night, you may be wondering, are all dehumidifiers suitable for overnight use? Unfortunately not.

While there may be no negative effects on your health sleeping with a dehumidifier on, there may be a few features that your dehumidifier needs to possess to make it more suitable for overnight use.

1. Low Noise

You can attest to the fact that the sound of appliances running while you sleep can be frustrating. Dehumidifiers are no different.

The sound of the compressor running, or the noise from the wind as the dehumidifier takes in humid air and expels dehumidified air can disturb your sleep.

It is important to opt for dehumidifiers that have low noise levels and do not allow for unnecessary disturbances during sleep.

2. Capacity of dehumidifier tank

Apart from disturbances from noise, your sleep can still be interrupted if the dehumidifier you’re using overnight has a very small tank capacity.

You may regularly need to wake up to drain the tank when it gets full throughout the night to avoid water spillage on the floor, which we’re guessing you don’t want to do.

There are two efficient ways to avoid this, either you buy a dehumidifier with sufficient tank capacity or attach a drain pipe that will save you the stress of waking up.

3. Auto shutoff

To enjoy a peaceful sleep for about 7 to 9 hours, you must opt for dehumidifiers that include auto on and off switch and can be programmed to let the dehumidifier run for specific periods, such as throughout the night.

These automated switches will shut the dehumidifier down after it has eliminated enough moisture, and put it on to ensure that a particular level of moisture content is maintained.

Top 3 Dehumidifiers for Overnight Use

1. Yaufey Dehumidifiers for Home and Basements [Value for Money]

Most dehumidifiers on the market today lack the much-needed simplistic approach when it comes to engineering.

This may be the cause of so many errors during operation. That isn’t the case with this dehumidifier.

Yaufey 1750 sq. ft. dehumidifier also includes a control panel with a light touch, which helps you see the control panel easily, especially at night- in the dark.

Apart from its ease of operation, this dehumidifier is built to run for 24 hours, and throughout the entire night. It has a tank capacity of 1.8L, and can accommodate enough moisture over long periods of time without any spillage.

What happens when the tank is eventually full? It has an auto switch that will turn off the device to prevent it from absorbing any more moisture.

It also includes a drainage hose, so you can say goodbye to manual drainage. This is a very important feature for dehumidifiers that are suitable for overnight use.

Also, its portability and easy installation is another added advantage. This highly efficient dehumidifier also includes ultra-quiet technology that will not hinder your peaceful sleep.

2. Waykar Dehumidifier for Home and Basements [Best Features]

If you’re worried about dehumidifiers taking up space in your bedroom, and you want one that is easily movable or doesn’t take up much space, then this is the device for you.

Just looking at this dehumidifier, the first thing you’ll notice is its sleek, modern design.

Waykar Dehumidifier is equipped with rotatable wheels that can move 360 degrees, sturdy handles that enable the device to be lifted easily and a durable, sturdy frame.

Just looking at this dehumidifier, the first thing you’ll notice is its sleek, modern design. The quiet fan motor of this dehumidifier makes it more suitable for sleeping. You can also manually set the fan speed to suit your air quality needs.

This dehumidifier also comes with an intelligent control feature that helps you set your desired humidity level in your room, and the device maintains that level throughout the night.

With this auto control feature, you can enjoy your sleep undisturbed throughout the night without needing to manually control your device.

And what about draining? Its fully automated drain system has a “full tank” indicator that will alert you when the drain is at its limit, and then proceed to put off the entire device to prevent the accumulated moisture from spilling.

3. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home [Best Price]

Ever heard the phrase ‘small yet mighty’? That perfectly describes this dehumidifier. Although it is smaller in size, its effectiveness is on par with bigger dehumidifiers in its category.

It can serve a room of over 2200 sq. ft. eliminating moisture from the air, releasing dry, breathable air, and making your bedroom more comfortable for sleeping.

Its size is also a big advantage for those who do not want bulky devices in their small bedroom.

Are you worried about loud compressors or motors? Not with this dehumidifier. It comes with a factory-fitted thermoelectric cooling technology that runs noiselessly.

It is so noiseless that its manufacturers boast that you would even forget it is running. It also has an auto control feature that makes it suitable for overnight use.

This device is super easy to use and master. You can also easily change its position and move it from one room to another or one position to another in the same room.

Apart from saving your health, this portable dehumidifier also saves you energy costs. It consumes about 0.23kW of electricity throughout the entire day, and you can now enjoy faster and more efficient dehumidification with less energy bills.

Final Comments:

Ideally, homes in very humid areas need dehumidifiers to help improve air quality and maintain optimum health. During sleep, we are at our most vulnerable, so it makes sense that we ensure we are protected all night long. You should ensure that the dehumidifier you buy has the unique features needed for overnight use.

Dehumidifiers generally cause the air around you to be dry, and so if you notice that prolonged use of dehumidifiers causes you to experience specific side effects, it is advisable you discontinue its use overnight while you contact your doctor.

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