Baseboard Heater Vs Space Heater [Which is Better to Use and Where?]

Baseboard heater vs Space heater

Winter season is always a tough time of the year. Keeping the chill away can be a tough one, and while a central heating system is a great asset to keep you and your loved ones warm, they are sometimes too much, and other times, not enough.

There are smaller heating alternatives you can use in your home, such as a baseboard heater and a space heater.

But when it comes down to making a choice between the two, you need to be armed with all the information there is about what each of them does and what situation requires which one.

There are several factors to consider if you need to make choice, but we’ll begin by explaining what each of them really is.

What is a Baseboard Heater?

While this is familiar to many people, an electric baseboard heater may be new to you. They are quite popular with very impressive reviews as well.

An electric baseboard heater is a long, narrow device placed horizontally at the base of walls, with a metal heating element within.

It is powered by electricity which energizes the element to produce heat. The element also has fans which help to disperse the heat to all parts of the room.

A thermostat is attached to some units, while others have stand-alone control thermostats mounted on the wall.

You’ll often find baseboard heaters placed just below the window of a room to ensure they catch up with cold air coming into the room.

Unlike central heating systems, a baseboard heater is designed specifically for a zone. That is, each room should have its own unit with a separate thermostat to adjust the temperature independently.

You can use a baseboard heater as a stand-alone heater in not-so-cold regions or where winter is often mild, or as a supplementary heater where the main heating system is unable to give the same result in every part of the house.

This device can provide the extra heating you need at reduced energy costs. Two different types exist; a convection heater and the hydronic, both of which use the convection method.

Space Heater

Unlike the long, narrow baseboard heater attached to the base of walls, Space heaters are box-like and often placed on the ground.

They are great for closed spaces and serve as good supplementary heaters to keep chills away. As a device, it is used for heating single, small areas and cannot go beyond a room. Sometimes, it can only heat up a specific spot in the room.

Space heaters can be electrical and can also be powered by gas or propane. While some space heaters use the convection heating method, others use the radiation method.

Convection heating is aided by natural airflow in the room to heat the surrounding air in the room. Radiant heaters, on the other hand, heat nearby humans and objects. Some of them are equipped with fans to help spread heat in the room.

Although not suitable for large rooms, this device is very effective in small spaces like an office, a small bedroom, etc.

Baseboard Heater Vs Space Heater [Key Differences]

Let’s consider a few points to address the differences between a baseboard heater and a space heater.

1. Space/Coverage

An electric baseboard heater is designed to heat up larger spaces than a space heater. While a baseboard unit can be deployed for an entire room and larger ones for connecting rooms, a space heater is more precise.

The latter is only more suited for specific areas within a room (like around the bed) or an entire room.

2. Temperature Adjustability

With the electric baseboard heater, each has its own separate thermostat, which means you can adjust the temperature in each room to suit the needs of the rooms.

Also, you can reduce the temperature of the central heating system and supplement it with the baseboard heater. On the other hand, a space heater lacks this kind of adjustability or flexibility.

3. Frequency of Use

An electric baseboard heater can be used more frequently than a space heater.

With a space heater, the frequency of use is lesser because it is only often deployed as a supplementary heater on occasions where the central heater isn’t adequate or can’t get as much heat as need in a particular area of the house.

4. Portability/Mobility

A Space heater is more portable and can be moved around at any time. It doesn’t require any form of installation. This is an advantage because it can be placed anywhere and moved whenever it is needed in another room.

A baseboard heater, on the other hand, is installed horizontally at the bottom of the wall and cannot be easily moved whenever.

Which is better among baseboard heaters and space heaters?

A baseboard heater is better for coverage because it can heat a wider area. Also, it disperses heat into the surrounding air by convection and is great as a supplementary heater.

But if what you want is a more dedicated heater for a specific part of your room, a space heater is the better option.

Also, a baseboard heater can be used as the main heater in your home (even though it will result in huge energy charges), but a space heater would never be adequate as the main heater.

In terms of cost, a space heater is cheaper and more affordable than a baseboard heater. A typical device can go for between $20 and $120, compared to a baseboard heater that costs about $50 to $300 per unit.

Top 3 Baseboard Heaters [Best Price, Value for Money & Best Features]

1. Fahrenheat PLF504 BASEBOARD HEATERS [Value for Money]

The PLF504 is a truly functional convection heater that provides just the extra heat you need during the winter.

It is equipped with hydronic technology, which means there is no exhaust fan or blower and you won’t have to deal with dust or allergen circulating in your room.

This 28-inch long device is a hard-wired unit at 4.2 amps, 500 watts and 240 volts. But that’s not all.

Do you know how traditional baseboard models make constant popping and pinging sounds when it starts and stops? Well, you won’t have to deal with that using this product.

Also, the thermostat is field-installed for added convenience. You can chain several units together and connect the power from either side.

With a built-in cable clamp and dual knockouts, this device offers worry-free warmth with an overheat protection feature that prevents continued running even with an air intake blockade.

2. Heat Wave 1,000 Watt Convector Baseboard Heater [Best Price]

If you’re on a budget and you need a baseboard heater for only a small area like a portion of a room or the whole of a really small room, then this Heat Wave heating device is a good choice.

This baseboard heater is an 8.3 amp device at 120 volts.

With two heat settings, 500 watts for low level and 1,000 watts for high level, this may not serve as the main heater for your room during the heavy winter season but is sure to provide considerate levels of heating for small areas, up to 400 square feet.

There are several protective features like a thermal auto cut-off during an overheat, as well as a tip-over safety feature. For maximum comfort, you can always adjust the thermostat control.

3. Comfort Zone 1500 Watt CZ650B Digital Baseboard Heater [Best Features]

This is a 1,500-watt convection heater that is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

The baseboard heater has dent-proof end panels to keep them looking sharp even after multiple uses.

It is a powerful device with high-end features, such as a digital adjustable thermostat, temperature display, two heat settings, quiet operation, a tip-over safety switch feature, an overheat protection sensor and a stay-cool body sensor.

Like most other supplementary heaters, this unit is sure to help you save energy costs while keeping you as warm as you should be.

Top 3 Space Heaters [Best Price, Value for Money & Best Features]

1. Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater [Best Price]

Small, portable and efficient. Those are three words to describe this product.

It is one of the most budget-friendly space heaters on the market, as well as one of the best-selling products for supplementary heating.

Any 200 square footer- a room or office- will benefit a lot from this heater, especially if the device is focused on a part of the room.

It is an electric space heater with a built-in thermostat and two heat settings at 750 watts and 1,500 watts respectively. The heater fan is also quiet, so you can have a peaceful night’s rest after a hard day’s work.

2. Geek Heat Portable Electric Space Heater [Best Features]

There’s a super reason this product is unique. It is much more than just a heater, but functions as a humidifier as well.

Most regular space heaters heat the room and cause a bit of dryness.

With the Geek heat device, the air maintains a level of humidity.

It is a fast-heating device with widespread oscillation, ensuring a good spread of heat around the room. The device is quite portable and can sit comfortably on a desk or even under the desk also. All it needs is three seconds to heat up the air around.

Asides from the regular tip-over protection feature, this device also has an auto shut-off function (to shut down the device after 8 hours of continuous running) and an overheat protection feature.

3. Aikoper Space Heater [Value for Money]

Having the right solution to a problem can be a really good feeling.

Think about it; it’s wintertime and your central heating system is just not providing the amount of heating you need in your bedroom, you can simply get the Aikoper Space Heater to provide that extra heat you require.

The fan-and-forced-air heating method gives it added efficiency and vigor. The ceramic technology combines with a strong fan to heat up your room in as little as a few seconds.

The device comes with 3 heat settings for convenience, giving you the freedom to adjust the unit just as you want it. Whether it’s your office or home, you can now enjoy great supplementary heating with safety and comfort.

Final words:

As you have seen, a baseboard heater and a space heater perform the same function; the difference is in their mode of operation, scope, coverage and resilience.

However, you can be sure of significant heating when you use either of them to supplement the heat from your central heater or you can use a baseboard unit as a stand-alone if you need minimal heating.

Whatever you decide, you can pick from the list reviewed above for a truly premium quality heating device for you and your loved ones.

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