Are Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Good? Where To Buy Pro Breeze Dehumidifier?

is pro breeze a good brand for dehumidifiers?

Keeping your indoor air safe and clean can be a tough task, especially with the ever-changing climate. It is not just enough to have clean air, but it must also have the right amount of humidity; otherwise, you may just be exposing yourself to a whole range of reactions and health conditions.

When humidity drops below 30%, the indoor air becomes too dry causing skin breakout, soreness in parts of your body, and several allergies as a result of dust mites and other pollutants. However, too much humidity can cause even worse health conditions.

This is why dehumidifiers are deployed to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses in the air, which may cause respiratory diseases and so on.

Brands like Pro Breeze have continued to tout their dehumidifiers as the best option for reducing excess humidity and keeping it at manageable levels.

But, just how well do Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers work? Do they really reduce humidity? While it claims its units deliver top-quality results in record time, we put many of them to the test, and this post contains what we found out.

Operating from its headquarters in London with several warehouses and centers in the UK, North America and Mainland Europe, Pro Breeze is fast establishing itself as an easily identifiable brand. For them, it is all about design and function.

Where Are Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Made? [Evolution Of Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers]

Pro Breeze is a UK brand and is today one of the leading makers of household and personal care products. Founded in 2013, the brand is a part of One Retail Group.

One Retail Group is an international group that owns and runs a plethora of home appliance and personal care brands.

In 2019, the company ranked 31st in the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Since its inception in 2013, Pro Breeze has sold almost 380,000 units of appliances to users across the globe.

As a UK brand, one can only expect the strictest quality standards that meet stipulated guidelines in the region and across Europe.

This is, perhaps, why the brand has garnered a lot of followers across the world, with consumers that continue to give glowing reviews. One of such well-loved products is the dehumidifier.

Pro Breeze has designed, manufactured and sold market-leading dehumidifiers to thousands of homeowners globally. Riding on its powerful compressors and high water-removal capacity, the brand’s dehumidifiers have made a name for themselves.

Best Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers and Suitability [Considering All Pro Breeze Humidifier Reviews]

Dehumidifier ModelBest Suitable For
Pro Breeze Electric MiniCaravan, basement, kitchen, office and garage. Small rooms not exceeding 250 sq. ft.
Portable Mini DehumidifierAlso great for small rooms, such as dorm rooms, basements, bedrooms, trailers and RVs.
Pro Breeze 50-Pint DehumidifierExtremely ideal for basements and garages. Will also perform well in bedrooms and living rooms.
Small Premium Electric DehumidifierHomes, RVs, basements, Caravans, etc. Great for serious damp issues.
Pro Breeze Wireless MiniVery small spaces like wardrobes, gun safes, cars, closets, etc.

Are Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Good? Is Pro Breeze a Good Brand?

First things first, Pro Breeze is a trusted UK brand, and that alone is very satisfactory information.

As a brand, it is not as big as some of the most popular names we see around, but Pro Breeze has continued to grow in popularity and patronage with innovative technology and disruptive engineering.

Also, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers come with a 12-month warranty, at least. This gives full coverage of material defects arising from normal use, as well as workmanship.

Another factor that is worthy of note is the aesthetic value of Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers. They put a lot of effort into ensuring the units have the perfect look and complement your home’s interior decor.

This goes beyond function and performance to include style and elegance, making it an appealing piece of interior decor in your home or office.

It doesn’t matter what you need it for, there’s certainly a unit for you among the many models available. And even if you need a unit for flood reclamation, there are several Pro Breeze units for the job.

1. Drain Hose

Continuous drainage is one of the most important features of Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers. This is as a result of the included drainage hose that ensures water collected from the air is not just collected in the water tank, but also drained.

This hose may be directed outside or to the sink. This helps to prevent interruption and saves you the stress of emptying the storage bucket all the time.

2. Water Tank

There is also a water tank. This is where the collected moisture is stored before it is drained out. You may also decide you don’t want to connect the drain hose.

Here, the bucket would need to be emptied frequently. Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers usually have water tanks as large as 1 to 6 liters. This means you have to empty the tank at least every 6 hours in highly humid areas.

3. 24-Hour Timer

The timer attached to Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers is for both Auto ON and Auto OFF functions. You can simply set your unit to go OFF at a certain time (within a period of 24 hours) and come back ON after a while. This eases the operation of your unit significantly.

4. Multiple Modes

Many Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have three operating modes of Auto, Continuous and Sleep. With these three modes, you can customize your unit’s operation to suit the situation.

Sleep mode, for instance, will significantly reduce the fan speed and noise level to ensure you have a sound sleep for a more productive tomorrow.

5. Auto Humidity Sensor and Display

With this feature, you can tell how much humidity is left in your room and how much more needs to be removed. The feature comes with a display that shows you in simple figures.

But that’s not all; for some units, this is also an automatic trigger that sets the dehumidifier to respond to what the sensor detects and automatically sets the unit to take care of the situation.

6. Quiet Mark Certification

The Quiet Mark is an internationally renowned award given to the quietest products on the market. This is why many Pro Breeze units are best for night-time use, and perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

7. Digital LED Display

If you need to be hands-on with your dehumidifier, it’s best you get a unit that has a digital LED Display to show you the workings of your appliance at every moment. You’ll be able to see the humidity level, temperature, fan speed, and mode on the display.

8. Castor Wheels

For larger units, Pro Breeze has made it easier to move their units around or from one room to the other with durable castor wheels. You can simply roll them through without the need to lift them up.

Issues Reported in Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Reviews

  • The Water Tank can be bigger in most units, but Pro Breeze has used the continuous drain feature to solve that problem already.
  • Not the cheapest brand out there.

How Does Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Work Effectively? [Where To Put It?]

Due to their effectiveness and high performance, many medium to large Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers come to be deployed in very humid and damp areas, such as garages, basements, bathrooms and kitchens.

Also, if your house gets flooded and you’re looking for a way to reduce the humidity and dry up wet surfaces and furniture, a Pro Breeze dehumidifier is one of the many things you can use. You can combine a number of units for a speedy recovery.

Generally, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers are best suited for indoor use as they are mostly domestic in nature. If you need dehumidifiers for outdoor use or for industrial purposes, you’ll have to look out for other brands.

Highlights of Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Specifications

1. Adjustable fan speeds

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have fans with adjustable speeds to enable you to set the unit as needed. If thorough dehumidification is required, you should set it on high. If you only need to maintain a certain level, you can simply set the fan on low to prevent a rise in humidity.

2. Dual Drain Option

Draining your unit is easier when you use Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers. This is aided by the presence of a storage bucket or tank and a drain hose. You can do whatever suits you, but we bet you’d love the continuous drain option.

3. Coverage

Pro Breeze has dehumidifiers for spaces as small as a dorm room to those as large as living rooms, offices and even garages.

As a range, their units cover between 100 sq. ft and as much as 800 sq. ft. An example is the 30 Liter Smart Dehumidifier which covers an area of 624 to 785 sq. ft.

4. Power Source

Simply put, Pro Breeze units are powered by electricity. Wattage and voltage defer based on the unit’s compressor power and operational capacity. All units have a cord for connecting to a power source.

5. Air Flow Rate

Your unit’s power is another very crucial factor to consider when dealing with dehumidifiers. The airflow rate determines how much air is collected, dried up and released back into the room every minute or hour.

The units made by Pro Breeze have an airflow rate of between 60 cubic meters per hour.

6. Operating Temperature

It is also important to consider whether your unit can function in severe weather conditions. Too hot and too cold temperatures may prevent some dehumidifiers from working, so you need to be sure of this vital information before you make a purchase.

Pro Breeze’s largest units have a working temperature of 3°C to 32°C.

7. Noise Level

Can you sleep comfortably with a dehumidifier on? That’s a question you need to answer. With Pro Breeze, you get dehumidifiers with noise levels at 40 dB to 50 dB, on average.

8. Moisture Removal Rate

There are small car, RV, and dorm room dehumidifiers in the Pro Breeze product line that can only remove as much as 0.25 to 0.5 liters per day. On the other hand, there are very large units with the capacity to remove 25 to 30 liters of moisture from the air daily.

9. Wattage

As for wattage, you’ll find Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers running on between 20 watts and 0.75 kWs per hour. The latter is for the largest units which can remove as much as 30 liters of moisture per day.

How Much Space Do Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Cover? [Coverage]

Pro Breeze has a unit for everyone. It is this coverage flexibility that makes it a truly popular brand. There are units for spaces as small as a vehicle and those for spaces like basements and garages.

On average, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have a coverage of 100 sq. ft to 785 sq. ft. Below listed are some of the popular units.

How Long Do Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers Last?

You won’t find information on how long Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers last on the pack or the manufacturer’s or seller’s website. However, it is easy to deduce based on what we’ve observed.

Dehumidifiers generally last between 5 and 10 years, and as one of the most durable brands out there, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years for some units, while the smaller ones will last at least 5 to 8 years.

This impressive lifespan is occasioned by superior technology and durable materials.

Furthermore, there is a 1-year warranty on its dehumidifiers and an additional 3-year product protection plan that buyers can subscribe to.

Pro Breeze Customer Service and Support

Post-sale customer service is one of the greatest advantages of purchasing  Pro Breeze dehumidifiers.

If you don’t live close to its head office in London or any of its sales center abroad, it makes a lot of sense to simply write to them via their email, which is currently

You can also fill the form on their contact us page, along with details of your product and/or order number.

A Help Center is also available online with links to FAQs, Product Advice, and a community where you can get useful resources.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Price

If after everything we’ve said you cannot afford any of the brand’s units or your budget falls short, then you probably haven’t found this post very useful.

The truth is, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have units for people looking to spend below $100 as well as for those who can afford $150, $200 and above and even $300 and so on.

There’s even a unit you can get under $50, but that’s probably only good enough for a vehicle or small space. On the other hand, there are larger units recommended for damp issues and flood damage reclamation.

On average, Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers cost between $15 and $350, depending on the unit.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Running Cost

To calculate the running cost of a Pro Breeze dehumidifier, you need to consider factors that you spend money on on a consistent basis or those that may arise occasionally.

The obvious ones are electricity, maintenance and filter replacement. Most Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers have a filter to clean up the air that passes through the unit.

Typically, these filters last between 6 and 12 months, so you’d need to change your unit’s filter at least once every year, at the current market price of between $15 and $70, depending on the type you’re buying.

As for maintenance, you never know when you’d need an actual HVAC professional to fix a few things. It is impossible to evaluate this cost as it may or may never come up in the lifetime of the dehumidifier.

The next factor is electricity, and this is where your unit costs you money on an hourly basis. Let’s put the U.S. electricity tariff average at $0.13 per kW-hour and calculate the cost of running the Pro Breeze 0.24-kilowatt dehumidifier.

0.13 x 0.24 = $0.0312 per hour.

That amounts to at least $0.37 daily if you use your unit for 12 hours every day; $11.2 per month, and $134.8 annually.

Where To Buy Pro Breeze Dehumidifier?

You can buy Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers through any of the below options:

  • One option is to buy Pro Breeze dehumidifiers directly from their website
  • You can also purchase Pro Breeze dehumidifiers from the popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Homedepot, eBay etc.,

Considering all the Pro Breeze Dehumidifier reviews and ratings, we selected the popular dehumidifiers for your convenience.

Top Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers with Excellent Reviews

Final Words

If you ever had doubts about the effectiveness and performance of Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers, we hope this post has broken down all the technicalities and shown you why Pro Breeze is a market favorite among many homeowners.

Their units are strong in performance and sleek in design, giving you all-round satisfaction. So, if excess humidity is a big problem in your home, here’s one brand that truly deserves a try.

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