Best Space Heater for Continuous Use [Top 5 Picks & Comparison]

Best Space Heaters for continuous use

Space heaters offer a budget-friendly solution in the absence or lack of central heating. However, most space heaters are not made to run continuously for long. Space heaters present potential fire hazards. Although space heater manufacturers are making sure that they stay safe, not all of them are still suitable for continuous running.

There have been many incidences in which space heaters have caused fire hazards. In most cases, the main culprit of fire hazards is an unattended space heater.

To address this, heater manufacturers have incorporated features such as tip-over protection and overheating switch. Tip-over protection shuts the heater down when it is unstable.

Overheat protection stops the space heater from working when it becomes overheated. It means that while the space heaters are safe for use, they cannot run continuously for a very long time. 

However, if you are still looking for a space heater for continuous heating, read on as we have listed five space heaters for continuous use. 

Top 5 Space Heaters for Continuous Use

Where Do You Need Continuous Heating Space Heaters?

Winters can be very chilly. If you love a cold climate, you will need some type of heating system during winters. In the absence or lack of central heating systems, space heaters become your number one choice.

1. Living room 

The living room is the place where most of the family members spend most of their time. It is a place where you have conversations with your family members and chill out with them.

Most people would like to keep their living room comfortable at all times. So, in the absence of a central heating system, a space heater becomes the only choice. 

2. Shops

If your shop lacks a central heating system, you will most definitely be using a space heater. A shop owner typically spends 10 to 12 hours in the shop. It requires the space heater to work continuously for long hours. 

3. Workshops

Just like shops, people who work in workshops require their heaters to run for hours in the end. In the absence of a central heating system, a space heater becomes their only option.

4. Offices

Some offices may lack central heating. People also spend a considerable amount of time in their offices. So, in the absence of a central heating system, a space heater becomes their only choice. 

5. Hospitals/Schools

Some hospitals and clinics lack central heating systems. It is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in hospitals for the wellbeing of patients. So, a space heater becomes the only choice. 

Why Oil Filled Heaters are Preferred for Continuous Use?

We have already mentioned that most space heaters become a fire hazard when they are used for a long continuous time. However, oil-filled space heaters are one particular type of space heaters that can work safely for 24 hours.

Oil-filled space heaters do not get heated and so can function for a long time. It is because Oil has a very high boiling point and heat capacity. Heat capacity refers to the ability of the material to absorb heat without raising its temperature.

You might think that oil-based heaters are unhealthy because they may emit exhaust fumes.

Exhaust fumes are given off only when there is a combustion reaction. Oil heaters are designed in such a way that no combustion reaction takes place, and hence no exhaust fume is emitted. 

Oil-filled space heaters are sometimes also known as radiators. It is because they essentially are radiators and work on the radiation principle. This means that they are also super quiet and can be used in places such as offices and hospitals

Top 5 Best Space Heaters for Continuous Use 

1. Aikoper Space heater

Best for the Living Room

The Aikoper space heater is 1500 watts oil-filled radiator heater that can cover a 200 square feet area. It also comes with a 24-hour timer. So, you can keep it running for the whole day.

The heater can easily cover more than 200 square feet of area. Its large coverage makes it the most suitable option for the living room. The heater also looks good. 

Like most oil-filled space heaters, this heater comes with four tires attached at the bottom of the chassis. We would not classify this as a portable heater, but you can easily move it around in your house.

This heater has 4 modes: 1500 Watts, 900 Watts 600 Watts, and eco-friendly mode. The eco mode decides the power usage based on the external temperature and consumes electricity efficiently. 

The best thing about this heater is that the longer it is turned on, the more energy efficient it becomes. It makes it the perfect heater for continuous usage. Like all oil-filled heaters, this heater takes some time to heat up the room.

However, it keeps the room warm consistently without taking the moisture away from the air. The heater comes with a remote and a very bright LCD that displays all the important information.

The heater comes with tip-over protection. So, you can be at ease while handling the heater. 


  • Lets you save energy bills with Eco-mode
  • Tip-over protection Keeps you at ease while handling 


  • No Auto Shut-off

2. Dreo Radiator heater

Best for Noisy Places

When it comes to space heaters, Dreo is one of our favorites. Dreo radiator heater is an oil-filled heater that can work continuously for days. It is the most suitable option for hospitals and other places where noise can be an issue.

The heater is also safe to use indoors. It comes with tip-over protection that shuts it down as soon as it is on an uneven surface. 

The heater also comes with a thermostat. It lets you decide the temperature and maintains it constantly. The heater is very powerful. It uses 1500 watts of power to efficiently heat a 300 square foot area.

So, it is suitable for most rooms as they fall under this size range. The heater runs continuously and does not get hot to touch. Since it is a radiation-based heater, it does not dry the air up. and hence keeps it safe and healthy.

Most oil-based heaters provide uniform heat, but they take considerable time to make the room hot. Dreo heater, on the other hand, heats the room speedily. It is achieved because of its spindle-shaped openings that are 55% larger than other oil-based heaters. 

The manufacturers have emphasized the safety features of the heater. It is made up of flame retardant materials. So, in the case of overheating (which is very rare), the heater will not catch fire and be a source of hazard.

The heater is also very energy efficient. It has three distinct modes. You can operate the heater in 1500, 900, and 600 watts mode as per your requirements.

Like the previous heater that we reviewed, this heater also has an Eco mode. Eco-mode allows the heater to provide the most efficient heating based on the temperature of the room.


  • Saves energy bills with Eco-mode
  • Fire retardant materials prevent any potential fire hazard
  • Fast heating


  • Slightly expensive

3. Delonghi Trd40615E

Best for Garages

The Delonghi is a remarkable healer. We recommend it for Garages because of its sturdy built. The heater costs a little extra compared to others in the market. However, the extra bucks that you are paying give you superior build and material.

Garages are often places of rough use. There may also be a considerable amount of dust in the garage. The heater is durable and maintenance-free. It is made up of patented high-quality steel that does not wear and tear from corrosion and dust.

The heater produces 1500 watts of power. The heater can heat a room of up to 250 square feet. Most garages and workshops are within this area range so it should easily heat it. 

This heater combines some convection and radiation to heat the room. It is designed to offer 25% more surface area for radiation. The heater’s design feature also includes a thermal chimney.

The thermal chimney releases even more heat to the room while making sure that the heater stays cool. The thermal chimney has two distinct advantages.

The first advantage is that the heater stays cool even after hours of operation. The second advantage is that it dissipates additional heat that making it more efficient.

The heater comes with a fancy-looking LCD screen that displays all the important information. The heater comes with overheating protection that cuts down the function of the heater when it starts overheating. 

The only con with this heater is that it does not come with tip-over protection. Although it is highly unlikely that it will ever become too hot, you can never be too sure.


  • Very durable and lasts long
  • Overheat protection keeps you at ease regarding fire hazard


  • No tip-over protection so you will have to be careful handling it while it is turned on.

4. Kop Beau Oil filled radiator 

Value for money

The cop Beau oil-filled radiator offers the best value for money. Since this is an oil-filled radiator, you can keep it running continuously without any worries. The heater comes with a 24 hours timer and so you can keep it running all day long.

The heater also features multi heating modes. These modes are 1500 watts, 900 watts, 600 watts, and Eco mode. Eco mode lets you set a certain temperature and brings the room to that temperature in the most efficient way.

This space heater can cover a 200 square feet area. The heater has a big built control panel. It consists of well-made digital keys that allow you to control the heating. The front of the heater also has a nice LCD that displays all the important information. 

The heater also comes packed with all the safety features. It has tipped over and overheats protection. The heater provides even heating and does not affect the moisture in the room.

The best thing about the heater is that it comes with remote control. It is very difficult to find all of these features in a heater that comes at its price point. The only downside to the heater is that it is not made with the best quality materials.


  • Multi heating modes let you chose the perfect setting for your comfort
  • Save energy bills with eco mode
  • Safety features such as overheat protection keep you at ease regarding a fire hazard


  • Moderate lifespan

5. Home leader 1500W Oil Heater

Best Price

When it comes to oil-filled heaters, you will not find more budget-friendly options. You may find cheaper options but they are not up to the mark. This heater comes with an LED display screen and 24 hours timer.

The cherry on the top is the remote control that accompanies the heater. The heater has a 24-hour timer so it can run for long hours without interruption. 

Like most of the heaters in this list, this heater also offers four modes. As usual, the three power settings are 1500, 900, and 600 watts. The fourth mode is an adjustable mode where you adjust the temperature instead of the power.

This lets the heater decide for itself the most efficient way of heating the room. The heater can cover a 200 square feet area. The heater also comes packed with safety features such as tip-over protection and overheating protection. 

The compromise here is on built quality. The built quality of the Home Leader 1500 W oil heater is not good. It does not feel like it may not be able to survive for long but user reviews tell us that the heater is durable. We perceive that it is durable but not as much as the others in this list.


  • Affordable price
  • 4 modes let you configure it for your comfort


  • The beeping is very loud when press the button
  • Not clear instructions provided in the manual

Comparison of Above Listed Space Heaters for Continuous Use

Tip-over protectionOverheat protectionDimensions (Inches)Heating MethodWeight
Aikoper Space heaterYesYes15.39 x 6.38 x 26.06Radiant, Forced Air19.71 pounds
Dreo Radiator heaterYesYes7.5 x 19 x 26 Radiant, Convection22.22 lbs      
De’Longhi TRD 40615ENoYes16.4 x 10.3 x 26.1Radiant26.6 pounds
KopBeau 1500 wattsYesYes26 x 15.3 x 6.4Forced Air19.81 pounds
Homeleader 1500 watts Oil heaterYesyes14 x 6 x 25 Radiant, Forced Air21 pounds

Final Words:

When it comes to space heaters for continuous use, Oil-filled heaters are your only option. All other heaters can be dangerous if they are used continuously. Oil-filled heaters are safe and maintain a constant temperature throughout the room. 

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