Ionizer vs Dehumidifier | Do Ionizers Work with Dehumidifiers?

Ionizer vs Dehumidifier

There really isn’t an acceptable replacement for quality air in your home. The air in your home should be crisp, clean and healthy in order to live a quality life.

Depending on where exactly you live, you might face one of two struggles relating to the air in your home; either it is uncomfortable to breathe in or it is unhealthy to breathe. This is why we install appliances that purify and dehumidify air in our homes.

In this post, we won’t bore you with long unnecessary talk that you may have probably heard a million times concerning the need for an ionizer and a dehumidifier.

Instead, we will go straight to comparing the effect of these two home appliances on the air in your home, and determine if they could be used interchangeably, or if they could be used together. Let’s get straight into it!

Does An Ionizer Dehumidify?

The answer is No. Ionizers do not dehumidify. To enjoy the comfort of your home, and maintain healthy living, you must ensure you maintain a certain level of humidity in your home.

Unfortunately, this is non-negotiable especially for people living in high humid regions. This is why it is necessary to utilize the service of appliances that can reduce excess humidity in your home.

Now, back to the question. Ionizers are generally not known for their air dehumidification properties. They work to improve the quality of air in the room by using negative ions in eliminating dangerous particles in the air.

Unlike many air purifiers that use a HEPA filter, ionizers employ the use of charged negative ions in purifying the air. Dehumidification, however, is a different ball game and is not part of an ionizer’s product description.

Ionizer Vs Dehumidifier

The major difference between these appliances is their main function, and how they carry it out.

While a dehumidifier reduces the humidity level in your home by drying out the air to a certain degree, ionizers or ion generators use electricity to create and release a cloud of negative ions which then attracts airborne particles polluting the air and gathers it on a collector plate placed nearby, or a filter.

Listed below are several differences between a dehumidifier and an ionizer based on different parameters.

FunctionAir PurificationReduction of air humidity
FilterMay be presentPresent
Power ConsumptionHighModerate
ApplicationBest for people with allergiesGood for everyone
PurposePurifies the air by trapping smoke particles, dust and other allergensReduce the moisture levels in the air to enhance comfort
SizeSmallerSignificantly larger

Which Is Better; Dehumidifier or Ionizer?

Both of these appliances are very crucial to ensuring you feel right as rain in the comfort of your own home. Determining which appliance is better is solely dependent on the current need in your immediate environment.

If you live in an area with high humid levels to the point where mold and dust mites begin to form, then an ionizer might not do you much good.

You would require a dehumidifier that would eliminate a large percentage of the moisture causing the mold in the room.

The main focus of an ionizer is to reduce particles and impurities that have contaminated the air you breathe in your home.

This contamination could lead to diseases or could lead to the steady deterioration of health over time. Luckily, ionizers are efficient in preventing this from happening, and so should be the preferred option over a dehumidifier.

If this is the situation in your home, then an ionizer would be a better option than a dehumidifier.

Do Ionizers Work with Dehumidifiers?

The simple answer is Yes.

These appliances could sometimes be combined in one unit, and perform both the function of purification and moisture reduction in your home.

In the case where they are in separate units, combining these two appliances in separate units will not impede the work they are purchased to do.

In fact, using these two appliances together will ensure the air in your home is dry, breathable, healthy, and free of dust, odors and bacteria, etc.

Top 3 Ionizers

1. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator-Air Ionizer Machine [Value for Money]

There’s no denying this product deserves a spot in the list of best ionizers on the market.

This ionizer is best for homes with smaller rooms and confined spaces.

It’s effective in purifying and ridding the air in your room of impurities that may be present as a result of pets, dust, particles, etc.

With an ozone output of about 5000mg/h, this appliance is efficient in purifying rooms as large as 1000 sq. ft.

You can also set the timer on the ionizer for 120 minutes, and if you want it to remain functional even after the timer goes off, you can utilize the Hold mode option, which will keep your appliance running till you decide to turn it off.

And if you just newly applied paint to the walls of your home, and you’re worried about the lasting smell, this ionizer can also neutralize the smell of the paint, giving you less suffocating air to breathe. This product is highly energy efficient with a power consumption of 50W only.

2. Enerzen High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator Air Ionizer [Best Price]

There’s a reason thousands of homeowners around the world trust this ionizer to provide clean and purified air in their homes.

With an ozone output of 20,000mg/h, you can be guaranteed quick cleaning of the air in your home.

This ionizer includes a stainless steel washable air filter that does not require any replacement, and so you can reduce overall cost and save money that would otherwise have been spent on a replacement.

During the purification process, this appliance does not require constant attention as it is equipped with a timer that can regulate how long your device works for up to 180 minutes.

Its modern and classy design model includes an aluminum outer covering that is powder-coated to offer you the durability you can trust.

You also do not have to worry about its operation interfering with your other activities as it has an impressively noiseless feature. Its airflow is about 100 CFM and is efficient in the cleaning of rooms that are 2250 sq ft large.

3. Ivation Ozone Generator – Air Ionizer Machine [Best Features]

When you search for a brand that is currently leading the way in innovation and technology with regards to air purifiers and ionizers, chances are you are bound to come across the Ivation brand.

This ionizer is one of the brand’s many flagship appliances that are not only effective in carrying out its primary duty, but also cost-effective.

It possesses a quieter fan that gives it its overall noiseless operation, the better quality of the ions it generates, and significantly stronger output than most other brands in its price range.

Overall, it is a 2-in-1 appliance that not only produces negatively charged oxygen ions aimed at attacking harmful particles that are airborne in your home, but also generates about 360mg/h of ozone to eliminate bad odor, mold, smoke particles, and the awful smell of fresh paint; leaving you with fresh, clean air that you can breathe in seamlessly.

Much like other ionizer brands, this appliance comes with a built-in timer of 2 hours that lets your machine continue running in order to produce more safe ions.

In addition to this, you get 2 distinct light indicators that will help you know when the machine is running on just ozone generation or ion generation. With its cherrywood outer design, your home will have an extra touch of class and beauty.

It also has a stainless-steel cabinet that increases its overall durability and the longevity of the appliance.

Some additional features include a fan controlling knob that helps you control the speed of air circulating in the room, as well as an ozone controlling knob that helps you determine the flow of ozone in your home.

Final Words:

It is no secret now that in order to get the quality of air in your home up by a substantial degree, you require both an ionizer and a dehumidifier.

The job of removing moisture is an important one carried out by dehumidifiers and a few other appliances like air conditioners. On the other hand are ionizers designed to free your home of contaminants and pollutants.

You should know mindful though of the kind of ions and ozone that such appliances may release. The ones reviewed here produce only safe amounts and won’t have any negative effects on you or your loved ones.

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