Is a Heat Pump a Dehumidifier? [Heat Pump Vs Dehumidifier]

Is a heat pump a dehumidifier

Generally, we can say the heat pump is a dehumidifier, but it’s way more than that. In tackling excess humidity, especially, in the heat of the summer, we’re often faced with a number of options.

Ideally, we go for appliances that are cost-effective, multi-functional, and efficient. This is why heat pumps are a very popular appliance in many homes across the world.

It is not just for their cooling and heating properties, but also for their dehumidifying benefits.

A heat pump is an appliance that cools your home in the summer and heats it up in the winter. However, a heat pump also functions as a dehumidifier in some way.

This is similar to the type of dehumidifier known as the heat pump.

While the heat pump dehumidifier is actually a dehumidifier that works with a fan, a heat pump and several heat exchange coils, the heat pump works like an air conditioner with heating, cooling and dehumidifying properties.

By cooling the air during the summer, it dehumidifies your home quite significantly. There are also indications that heat pumps can reduce humidity in some way when heating a room, which brings us to our next question…

Does a heat pump dehumidify when heating?

The simple answer is Yes. This has nothing to do with a special part or component in the appliance.

It is simply the result of it’s heating operation.

By pumping warm air into the room, a heat pump is able to dehumidify the air by some degree.

This is a simple natural effect of its heating process. In fact, there are now newer models equipped with a “dry mode”.

Once you have achieved the desired temperature, you can simply set it on dry mode for dehumidification.

Heat Pump vs Dehumidifier

A heat pump, just as we earlier said, is an appliance that provides heating and cooling in the room, depending on weather.

On the other hand, a dehumidifier helps to reduce excess humidity in the air. While there are a few similarities between the two, several differences can be easily spotted.

Heat Pump Dehumidifier
1Can provide heating during winterNot a heating appliance
2Also, a great cooling applianceDoes not necessarily cool the air but can give a cooling effect by reducing humidity
3May not reduce humidity as quickly or as much as neededGreat at reducing humidity as that is what it is designed for
4Heat Pumps do not tamper with the natural air in the roomDehumidifiers collect air in the room, heats it up, and releases it back into the room
5Heat Pumps are cost-effective as they offer 3-in-1 benefitsA dehumidifier is merely for dehumidification, except for some combos on the market.

Do you need dehumidifier even if you have heat pump already?

The answer is Yes and No. If you live in an area where humidity doesn’t rise too high (remaining in the 45% to 60% range), you may not need a dehumidifier.

Your heat pump may just be able to keep humidity levels in check by taking off around 10% daily.

However, if you have high humidity levels and you really want an appliance that can reduce the relative humidity in the region of 20% to 30% daily, you should get a dehumidifier and a very good one too.

Bottom line is, you can have a heat pump and a dehumidifier if you need to influence indoor temperature and humidity significantly. Otherwise, having just a heat pump will do the trick.

Top 3 Best Heat Pumps that Effectively Dehumidify

1. Rosewill Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump & Dehumidifier [Value for Money]

This portable appliance is a multi-functional unit that helps to condition the air regardless of weather and season.

In the summer, the unit cools the room because it acts as an air conditioner.

When winter comes, you can also use this appliance as a heater.

There is also a fan mode that you can use when required. But that’s not all, the Rosewill Portable unit also acts as a dehumidifier, helping to reduce the moisture content in your home.

So, when humidity exceeds manageable levels, you can be sure to get it within range using this appliance.

Its portability gives it a mobility edge, allowing you to move it from one point to another. Also, this unit is self-evaporating, meaning you don’t have to worry about draining or emptying a drain bucket all the time.

This heat pump has a clear LED thermostat for easy control, along with other control buttons for temperature, fan speed, timer, swing control, sleep mode and so on. The unit also comes with a functional remote control for convenience.

2. Ukoke USPC01W Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump [Best Price]

This is another 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner unit with the capacity to cool, heat, dry and dehumidify your room whenever you desire.

It is an affordable air conditioner that is great for winter, summer and also to reduce the moisture content in the room.

Its dehumidification capacity is top notch and that is why it takes a prominent spot on our list of dehumidifying heat pumps.

This appliance is able to cover 400 square feet despite its size. If you want a heat pump that truly works on a budget, this is the right product for you.

Whether it’s summer or winter, extremes can make things really uncomfortable and having the right appliance is a no-brainer.

This Ukoke product has multiple options for control, such as the manual digital LED control panel and the conventional remote control.

Added to these are the WiFi connectivity and the voice control feature that works with Alexa for switch ON/OFF and temperature control.

The product is certified for quality and safety by Intertek, with great customer service and 1-year customer parts replacement warranty.

3. Senville LETO Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump [Best Features]

This wall split unit is a powerful air conditioner heat pump that combines a number of functions to give you the comfort you deserve regardless of the weather or season.

Senville is a big brand when it comes to air conditioning appliances, and with this heat pump, they’re offering 9,000 BTU of cooling and heating.

This unit also offers significant dehumidification whether it is during heating or cooling, making it a truly functional unit. In fact, except in extreme cases, you may not need to purchase a separate dehumidifier.

It can be used within living rooms, bedrooms, commercial spaces and garages- thanks to its big capacity. Despite this power, it is extremely quiet and great for bedtime utilization.

Its whisper-quiet operation at 25db is a market top choice. The unit comes fully loaded with installation kits, remote control and several other components that make the unit a delightful addition to your home.

Final Words:

Many times, seasons present situations that are not just uncomfortable, but also very disturbing. Getting an appliance that can take care of most of your discomfort will truly help you live comfortably.

This post has provided three options for you. The three products here are split and Portable heat pump units with very impressive features to help cool your home during the summer heat, heat up your home in the winter and also dehumidify your air when moisture level rises above the recommended range.

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